Gang Stalking Frauds and Other Time Wasters: how to easily separate gang stalking misinformation online, from cases of actual targeted individuals

The most notorious piece of disinformation online in the last decade was certainly the New York Times b-list article entitled “United States of Paranoia: they see gangs of stalkers,” and it ran during an election cycle, just four months before the 2016 election Not insignificantly, reports of gang stalking rise and fall with election cycles (1)and other major activity in the western political arena.

The article prominently featured a few sound bytes from some forensic psychologists who had interviewed “the internet,” and drew their conclusions that people who are targeted by the surveillance state are “delusional.” The article also stated the complete falsehood that one of its pundits, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, had completed the “only study” ever about gang stalking, which is demonstrably false based on decades of research into the topic by many groups and individuals, and website after website, and even her peers in fraud having studied it for decades in study after study discussing it long before Sheridan came along.

Not surprisingly, these psychologists and others are involved with, and employed in the prisons and pro-prosecution systems of western countries, and allied with anti-democratic, due process violating police and policy at every level. This is called “high policing” in police jargon, and it is illegal activity, BY police.

In gang stalking cases, psychologists like Sheridan are allied with cold case investigators, and other elements of law enforcement, and are integral to the narrative, and as such, have a vested interest in denying the existence of stalking and surveillance by “gangs” of security and police affiliated persons, whose illicit stalking activity, disguised as an investigation of some sort appears in nearly EVERY case of gang stalking, ever, as we saw with the eBay gang of stalkers which was documented by the SAME New York Times that denied such stalking exists.

Unsurprisingly, the theme is a recurring staple in the New York Times, which has also published articles that refute even their own commentary, such as the case of “electronic weapons” used on diplomats in Cuba and in China.

Not unexpectedly, the author of that New York Times article, Sarah Kershaw has a dual online presence as both a NYT reporter, “was found asphyxiated due to strangulation,” many years later. Gang stalking is exactly that “weird and bizarre,”whether Ms. Kershaw is still alive or not, because half of gang stalking journalism is “cause” based, and protected by a web of dark alliances that share military, intelligence, and information warfare circles.

SO, overall, and beyond contradiction, what we see is that very clever people and groups are exploiting the naivete of the public at large on this issue. As such, here below are a few similar cases of highly trained academics, psychologists, and others who are deliberately disguising the quasi-legal, quasi-investigative tactics and terminology of the gang stalking dialectic, and all of them have extremely high levels of education, but seem to fail at comprehension of the most basic tenets of the scientific method, oreven common sense:

1-Dr. Tomo Shibata: a classic and typical fraud and “gas lighter” who starts rallies to “help TI’s” which she fails to attend; and starts petitions laced with crackpot language that no one could ever take seriously. More about her can be found at this link, which documents her fraudulent discourse, and politics more extensively. Most of her work is along the alliance of the far right and “feminism” which historically has its roots in the Pornography Wars of the 1980’s if not earlier via white females who were and still are active in social engineering militaristic neo-conservativism, masked as “women’s empowerment”in the US and Britain.

Here is a link to that neocon-pornography-feminism alliance, and below is a bit from her bio and her site, and note that she is allied with Dr. Catherine McKinnon, a Catholic “female privilege” oriented academic who led the “Porn Wars” of the 1980’s; and unsurprisingly, it was McKinnons father, Admiral George McKinnon who orchestrated the due process free and super secret FISA courts:

Tomo Shibata graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arts and Sciences College, Cornell University, and received a doctorate with high distinction from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris, France (Catharine A. MacKinnon at the University of Michigan Law School served on her doctoral defense committee). Shibata made a number of oral statements at the United Nations Human Rights Commission (now called Council)

2-Dr. Robert Duncan: Duncan comes across as “controlled opposition” in many ways, and for that, he is not necessarily a total fraud. But he made claims that he can shoot laser beams out of his eyes, and these claims were debunked by James Randi, the famed debunker of junk science and fake news who offered a one million dollar award for anyone proving paranormal activity.

Duncan is also connected to the recent El Paso Walmart mass shooter, Patrick Crusius, having shared office space with that boys father, who has claimed to have had “visions of Jesus”. And, we also see the traces of “online psychological operations” all over the place in that particular shooting, where the shooters online presence was tampered with after he was in custody, and also, where we see an online stalker altering the spelling of the fathers name from “Crusius” to “Crasius” by an author named “Levine.”

Duncan also appears all over the map in gang stalking cases providing “insight” and commentary, and makes no secret of his association with actual CIA mind control experimentation, a “wizards apprentice ” of sorts, in civilian lives. And a total piece of shit for it.

3- Karen Stewart: a former National Security Agency employee who is part of the fraudulent Targeted Justice website. She was very likely gang stalked after she filed a complaint about the agency (gang stalking is a common complaint with whistle blowers), she somehow manages to ruins her own case and credibility each time she repeats all of the “electronic/psychotronic/directed energy weapons!” gibberish about gang stalking that is found online, repeated by the likes of Dr. Stella Immanuel, who we will visit below.

4- Dr. Stella Immanuel: she was a fifteen minutes of fame blip on the political radar when she supported President Donald Trumps claims that hydroxychloroquine was effective against COVID-19. Though she is not well known as a “targeted individual” she is listed here because she repeats the bizarre, evangelical religion based claims that “demons sleep with people,” and “electronic spiritual warfare” typical of the religious crackpots who pollute the internet with unscientific claims in the gang stalking dialectic.

….to be continued

1-I have tracked the search term gang stalking for well over a decade, and any observer can verify using Google Analytics, or any other deep web analysis tool.

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