The Fort Worth Weekly, comment forums as honey pots, and the death of journalism: Gary Webb and the Dark alliance got it right

I want to start off by saying that Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb, who famously wrote “Dark Alliance” chronicling the CIA’s domestic operations distributing cocaine in American ghettos, was gang stalked, no doubt about it.The EVIDENCE says as much, so let’s look at a few typical claims made by “targeted individuals,” and compare them to Gary’s story:

1- The gang stalkers will slander you, here, here, here, and here

2- the gang stalkers will walk on your roof, here, and here

3-the gang stalkers will ruin your career, destroy your marriage, and worse. Poor Gary.

As such, ROGS, the author you are reading, offers a $1000 reward for “proof of gang stalking” to journalists who cover this beat on a regular basis, and eradicate the design flaw* of tribal sectarian (Cathlio-Episcopo-Protestantoctopus-o-ADL/AIPAC/hard-right/Freemason type) narratives from your reportage.

Gang stalking targets come from all races and classes, and cross all religious and other sectarian lines, because primarily, gang stalkers target “influencers” in the dialectic. For one example, examine the narrative of Anne Marie Brady, who put together an “open letter” signed by academics, politicians, human rights activists and others to “fight gang stalking,” allegedly by the Communist Party of China.

Though Ms, Brady presented little evidence that such stalking wasactually happening (no films, photos or other courtroom worthy evidence), she was able to unite a bunch of Jewish-christian slaves of Jesus to her cause, as did Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, the author of one of the most crackpot studies on that topic ever, and that “internet poll” published and advocated by the failing New York Times; and whose other “collaborations” with like minded fools like Heng Choon Chan‘s failed bid to coordinate with Hong Kong’s failed rebels, who faced a similar failed fate.

A great example of other cross-dialectic meddling and actual murder after stalking, is the Ferguson, MO activist Darren Seals, who was murdered by “unknown” people shortly after he Tweeted that ” ten guys dressed in black stopped my car and told me that I chose the wrong friends” and so on.

Not in-coincidentally, he had also criticized the Gay Mafia and their butt-boy DeRay McKesson, working through the eugenicist Ford Foundation, shortly before his demise/murder. One can only imagine that a Nazi’s or Zionists wet dream come true is having a gay black man like Darren Walker front their cause against black male lineage, but who knows? Maybe I am over-thinking it, or into some “anti-homosexual, deep state conspiracy theory,” right? Yeah, even I get that feeling sometimes. lol/s.

Anyways,Seals was just one of seven primarily heterosexual males who have died by prominent, mysterious homicides, and alleged suicide covered in the MSMs; that, t he modern lynching perhaps

You can refer to this post here to see how these murderers roll, or, maybe email ex-communicated journalist Michael Hastings in hell (like me, he also probably liked hot spice, and consorting with Satan while wearing Baphomet horns on his head while raping children’s minds by playing Barney tapes over and over, or even Rocket Hamster’s theme songs all day long).

Anyways: after followiing the Fort Worth Weekly’s coverage of Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals, by Teri Webster, I was reminded of how the US Fusion Center operatives target, trace, and then, attack commenters online, often using mobs of police no different than those who stormed the Capitol to attack online speakers. This is a well known Israeli Squad 8200 tactic of suppressing dissent, and targeting dissenters, which has been covered in most reputable media (NOT the New York Times).

The basic attacks that they use start with what are called “timing attacks.” These types of “electronic harassment” start by watching blog and forum comment sections (most of the counter-terrorism initiatives target “pure speech”.)

So, what is a “timing attack? It goes, like, this….(to be continued)

Here is my last attempt to comment on Fort Worth Weekly’s highly targeted and entrapped forum:

Hi, Edward…did Teri get disappeared, lol, and thanks for that. Please look above, and note all of the disparagement…

That said…

In these cases, a journalistic imperative is that we follow the evidence and the facts. The New York Times is on record with a few shrinks from Curtin University and other places, disparaging “all” targeted individuals as “delusional.” Others clearly fill up every online space with electronics gibberish, sans evidence.

Such a widespread, major media “disparagement” of actual TI’s deserves refutation, condemnation, and yes, some disparagement too.And USA info-operatives also deserve some well deserved “sunlight as disinfectant” too.

Based on my clipped/censored/spambot-caught comments alone, I suspect there is a bit more to your disclaimer–ask your IT guys– as I did none of what you said, yet my comments were eaten by the (Texas Fusion Center/JRIC/etAlphabet*)….er….spamcatcher, right?

Have another look, because right now, in the comment just above your own, Tiffany is indeed disparaging an individual, and is actively part of that individuals targeting, right here in your forum. Whatever happened to “due process” and second chances in the “freedom luvin’ USA”??

I mean, she is freakishly and bizarrely targeting a low level piece of hanging fruit who apparently got caught up in an inter-agency porn entrapment scheme–a person quoted in this very article.

All of that said, I tried to send a link to a well known case of gang stalking in New Zealand, where 300 academics, journalists, politicians and more signed an open letter to address/indict the CCP for allegedly”gang stalking” Anne Marie Brady, and targeting academics who criticized them.

I tried to respond to Mr. Lankford, to vindicate his own self-vindication. Disappeared!

Is that disparagement too?

I mean–why even post such agency-toolish stuff if your goal is not to inform the public, in the public’s interest?**

*where’s my strike-through widget when I need it here? Techdirt, and a few other well known journalist honey traps at least has that feature

** saving this for posterity

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