The Binary Problem in gang stalking discourse: it’s never black and white, but gangs of stalkers try to make it so.

Gang stalking fact: all gang stalking involves police, and political operatives, targeting individuals in a “spy v spy” type of narrative

One of my big eye openers in the organized gang stalking story was the Las Vegas shooting, where we saw left-wing black operations meet right wing operations at the site of a mass shooting.

Look at this political operative, Brian Hodges, from Australia, munching popcorn:

Of the massive press coverage from around that time, one of my favorite quotes was this:

Sources “have divulged that the FBI was present on the 32nd-floor prior to the shooting but such information has not yet been independently confirmed.”

And long before that event had occurred, I had been tracing a guy online who claims that he is a targeted individual, and that guy, the owner of a helicopter leasing company (not Mustang LLC). That guy is also affiliated with military contractors and others who routinely lease space, and equiptment to various US “deep state” agencies too.

Not long after that in Unix time, my blog was de-platformed by WordPress after I publicly contact-chained that connection to the notoriously corrupt Las Vegas FBI-Los Angeles nexus, and handed my data over to a few journalists, and a lawyer in Washington, D.C.And now, one of my blogs routinely gets attempted hacking from Turkey, which reminds me about a “secret” in Albaquerque New Mexico:

Well-kept Downtown secret getting out: the story of humble Turkish chef Mehmet Kokangul reminds me of another “chef” named Giorgio. Or Rahul*, etc.

All of this is simply to say that I am a pretty good spy catcher. And, not bad at foreign relations either, which is neither here nor there.

And in all of that narrative, what emerges is that we see two sides of America’s political divide causing mas shooting, because the “counterintelligence” model of policing is just spying by any other name–it has nothing to do with policing, and everything to do with spying, as one or the other or both sides of the political “horseshoe” collide at the site of extreme violence, and that violence CAUSED by this form of “policing.”

Post in progress. Check back later!

* or something similar, lol

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