Say Their Names! Contrasting the junk science of “notoriety seeking mass contagion shooters” with reality: most mass shooters have no desire for fame.

Everton Brown, one of the most recent mass shooters, wasn’t seeking fame–he was seeking an end to what he perceived as “gang stalking,” that had a real estate conflict at its center. He thought the FBI was harassing him, sued for information, and was rejected in his claims, when in fact it could have been any number of organizations and especially “community policing” elements of his local jurisdiction.

Related: The Cult of Intelligence: Fame seeking mass shooters are nearly a complete fabrication–the furhtest outliers in a handful of extreme outliers on the Bell Curve of mass shootings.Yet the strange science behind false claims that mass shooters “seek notoriety/fame” are easily debunked, and many acadmic’s who profit from writing such provably false claims are also participating in religious, cultic activity as demonstrated in the linked post.

Brown specifically indicted “the FBI, the military, and the community,” as stalkers, and indeed, in many cases we see that narrative validated, especially with black men. We saw that exact group of stalkers, plus the ADL, stalking Dr. Martin Luther King. I mean–the US Army Intelligence stalked the entire King family for over four generations, according to court testimony, and other sources.

The same is true of the Malcolm X family, too.

SO, while Mr. Brown’s claim that the FBI was stalking him is “likely true,” he did not have evidence, nor did he try to get any, because he was doing what many “lay persons” do when they are under threats that are complex, and hard to investigate: he blamed those who he had been indoctrinated to blame, the FBI. So, his claim was merely a naming error, but stands on the latter part of its face: he was indeed being “framed” as a crazy person for PROTESTING. And, he was framed by political operatives in the press, too

So, the pattern repeats: DeWayne Craddock was definitely NOT seeking fame–he was seeking two things: one, to be left-the -f*** alone, and two, he tried to document who it was that was messing with his car, and later, on his shooting spree at work that targeted specific people, we saw “survivors” discussing how his workplace was full of “pranksters” who coincidentally used Masonic symbolism in their “pranking” (search Dewayne Craddock masonic pranks).

He was also framed by some members of that gang as “violent” which is a claim that is open to factual interpretation of “who did what first, and to whom” but that is never a question when individuals are targeted with “high policing” that frames them as the “bad guy” long before any ballistics start popping. Like other bullshit profiles emanating from the last generations “empowered” white women’s FBI–among them one of my favorite’s “The Profile of the Mental Rapist“–its all junk science and ritualized defamation, no different than early COINTELPRO era stuff, but with more “diverse” faces attached. .

And, we see one or another bullshit FBI profile blast out in the press too after these events. In Craddocks case, he was, according to the FBI a “fixated shooter,” much like their other bogus profile of the comically named “hurt collector,” and other such junk science, which acts as cover for their organizations cultic, deep state operatives using “ritual defamation” as they target people. And as usual, keep your eyes out for the magic numbers 12 and 13 in these stories, as these shooters often target those who targeted them with psychobabble about “bad luck.” Craddock shot 12 people.

Andrew Engledinger, who went on a workplace mass shooting, was not by ANY accounts in media or otherwise, seeking fame. In fact, he lived by himself, like a mouse in a small house, until one day, a public relations company showed up at his workplace and blasted camera’s in his face, splashing him all over their “PR blasts as an employee of Accent Signage in Minneapolis. One must ask: who was seeking to “frame” Mr. Engledinger as a fame seeker indeed.

Later, media ran stories about his Israeli-intelligence agency affilliated boss, and noted that Reuven Rahamim did indeed SEEK SHITLOADS OF FAME, which Engledinger provided eventually. In fact, Rahamim was, like, a media whore, seeking fame constantly for his products, which “helped the disabled.” What a laugh. Google His Name! and see how often that guy SOUGHT NOTORIETY. But Engledinger? Not on record ANYWHERE, EVER seeking fame.

Cases like that sort of turns that ultra-orthodox-Mossad-FBI-zionazi-policing narrative of terrorism on its head, huh? Here is a “timeline” of events(.pdf) from the local news station KSTP, Tell me if you can spot a place on that timeline where Engledinger “seeks notoriety,” ok, kids?

And who could discuss mass shootings without mentioning the Molson Coors Milwaukee shooting, where a black man had a noose hung on his locker, long before he went “ballistic,” and shot up a few of his stalkers.

Clearly, few of these men are seeking notoriety–and yet, Molson Coors for example got tens of millions of dollars of “free advertising” after the fact, because in public relations campaigns “free placement”is EVERYTHING to corporations that use gang stalking to gain free placements online.

Well, as we see time and time again, people like Tom Teves and his occulted, FBI affiliated “brand agents” are total liars–totally full of shit. Mass shooters largely just seek to be left alone, in case after case after case.

No Notoriety, Don’t Name Them, and the junk science behind the “un-naming” movement: at first glance just crackpot junk science. At second glance, actual FBI narrative manipulation

When I first encountered the “No Notoriety” and ” Don’t Name Them” movements online, whose claim is that mass shooters seek “fame” in order to “inspire” or create “contagion effects,” I thought, gee, it is antithetical to democratic discourse to disguise, obscure, or deny insight into ” facts” in “democratic” media–directly against the very core of reporting, which asks the reporter to identify the sacred 6″Ws” of journalism when telling a story:

Who. What. When. Where. Why. And because journalists humor is often quite dry, we are instructed in J-school to include the word How, in “the Six W’s of Journalism,” probably just to confuse our editors. BUt anyone who is tasked with telling a story–such as PR persons and SEO marketers– and all investigators also use this method, though the name may differ.

My clever readers might have noticed that “Who” is the most important detail in that lineup–the very first question that gets asked or answered. So, I thought “what malignant bad actors, democratic posers, or fascist/Stalinist elements are behind such a dialogue?” And “how could any American believe that hiding facts from the public be in the interests of democratic discourse?” Much less the very first, most important detail of ANY and EVERY narrative.

I posited that maybe it was some interest group or political PAC type of public relations scumbag, targeting easy targets like the sad and angry parents of children who had died in mass shootings, and them, putting them under the sway of some evil public relations firm for easy clickbait or something. But who could have such a huge budget for that kind of “influence operation”–what kind of soulless, sociopathic, anti-democratic monsters would target the parents of dead children with an “influence operation?”

I began to hatch an admittedly cockamamie “theory” that it was far right religious fanatics, or maybe “the Russian’s” or “the Chinese”–even possibly “ISIS” or “ISIL” or any of those ever changing evil geniuses in the middle east who were seeking to undermine American freedom and democracy, by influencing journalists to forego their training in ethics, and reportage in the public interests to obscure important “facts,” like the names of mass shooters!

Then, I thought “maybe it’s just some mad scientists, and others whose claims were based on biased data, and junk science,” who were trying to make a name for themselves in academia by writing papers filled with bad evidence, and false claims, maybe because they needed attention, or some grant money or something; and then I decided to research the topic in earnest. I began my hypotheses thus:

Research questions:

  1. what kind of anti-democratic, anti-free press, shady operators would try to influence both academics, and the free press, to conceal/obscure/ hide important facts, against the public’s “right to know?”
  2. do mass shooters actually seek notoriety?
  3. In the history of journalism, what other types of governments/societies/cultures advocated for hiding facts from the public?

These three questions above guide my work below, which is just beginning. But I am happy to report that of the most surprising findings, answering the question “what kind of anti-democratic, shady operators….” the answer can be found in this story below about a guy from the FBI, working an “influence operation” aka a “mind control” PSYOP, on a few rubes in the American Southwest in 2014:

FBI to media: Don’t name mass shooters

‘Don’t Name Them’ campaign aims to diminish ‘contagion effect

Well, there you go for an answer to the question “what kind of shady, anti-democratic, fascist/Stalinist, scumbag,”, etc. would try to erase the most important detail of all journalism, ever, in stories about mass shootings. I mean–if you have nothing to hide, right guys?

But that wasn’t how the official story began by a long shot. No–that story arguably began much earlier, and in other era’s–a topic too big for this blog post.

Arguably, we see the beginnings of it in the school shootings of Kip Kinkle–who has remained silent, and definitely HAS NOT sought notoriety of any kind until recently, where he made a full apology for his heinous crime. THe narrative then was that he was insane.

And we see this theatrical influence operation aspect emerge in the case of the Columbine massacre–that same Columbine event where the son of an FBI agent* participated in filming a mock-up of the shooting itself, a year or two before the actual shooting happened; and that exact FBI agent participating in that exact investigation, much as we see with the curious positioning of the Manfredonia crime dynasty to the Newtown Ct, “Sandy Hook” shooting too.In the latter case, Manfredonia family members were present at the crime scene, and later, one of their own became a mass killer too.

Then, if anything began to be conatgious, aka “create social contagion and copycat” events, it was this exact fraudulent narrative. Let’s take a look at one analyses of the junk science that is used to cover the tracks of these dirty gang stalkers in various US military/intelligence/policing web of “mass shooting creators;” as the following study notes:

How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings: U.S. Rate is Lower than Global Average

34 Pages Posted: 28 Sep 2018

John R. Lott

Crime Prevention Research Center

Date Written: August 25, 2018


A paper on mass public shootings by Adam Lankford (2016) has received massive national and international media attention, getting coverage in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, plus hundreds of other news outlets spanning at least 35 different countries. Lankford’s claim was that over the 47 years from 1966 to 2012, an enormous amount of the world’s mass public shooters — 31% — occurred in the United States. Lankford attributed this to America’s gun ownership.

Lankford claims to have “complete” data on such shooters in 171 countries. However, because he has neither identified the cases nor their location nor even a complete description on how he put the cases together, it is impossible to replicate his findings.

It is particularly important that Lankford share his data because of the extreme difficulty in finding mass shooting cases in remote parts of the world going back to 1966. Lack of media coverage could easily lead to under-counting of foreign mass shootings, which would falsely lead to the conclusion that the U.S. has such a large share.

Lankford’s study reported that from 1966 to 2012, there were 90 public mass shooters in the United States and 202 in the rest of world. We find that Lankford’s data represent a gross undercount of foreign attacks. Our list contains 1,448 attacks and at least 3,081 shooters outside the United States over just the last 15 years of the period that Lankford examined.  We find at least fifteen times more mass public shooters than Lankford in less than a third the number of years.

Even when we use coding choices that are most charitable to Lankford, his 31 percent estimate of the US’s share of world mass public shooters is cut by over 95 percent.  By our count, the US makes up less than 1.43% of the mass public shooters, 2.11% of their murders, and 2.88% of their attacks. All these are much less than the US’s 4.6% share of the world population. Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than in other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.

Given the massive U.S. and international media attention Lankford’s work has received, and given the considerable impact his research has had on the debate, it is critical that this issue be resolved. His unwillingness to provide even the most basic information to other researchers raises real concerns about Lankford’s motives.

Keywords: mass public shootings, cross-country data, mass murder, terrorism,

JEL Classification: K14

Suggested Citation: Lott, John R., How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings: U.S. Rate is Lower than Global Average (August 25, 2018). Available at SSRN: or

When I realized that it was the FBI creating the false narrative, all bets were off that America is anything other than a secret police state, ruled by an opaque group of religious zealots who work from within intellegence and security apparatus.

Then I looked a little deeper, and guess what?

Yup: some people in America truly do want to have an eastern block styled press, rather than a free press. So SAY THEIR NAMES! And follow the leads where they take you, which WILL BE directly to these agencies, who are indeed part of an actual “plot,” as they say in any writing class.

….post in progress, check back later

Gangs of police and county coroners: when sheriff’s departments act as gang members, with the county coroner as the “coverup” artist.

Officials are quiet about the murder of former state Rep. Ashley Henley and sheriff Mark D. Fulco isn’t helping a bit, In fact he may be “obstructing.”I mean–just look at the guy, right?


Ashley Henley, 40, a former state representative from DeSoto County, was shot and killed June 13. Yalobusha County deputy sheriffs found her body around 10 p.m. outside a Patricia Drive address in the Water Valley Boat Landing area on the south side of Enid Lake.

According to reports, the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death, with the assistance of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the District 17 District Attorney’s office. Sheriff Mark D. Fulco has not responded to a request for information from the Daily Journal.

And the murder six months earlier at the same location is also curious, as her sister-in-law Kristina Michelle Jones toxicology report showed no smoke in her airway, indicating the fact that her body was placed in a burning trailer rather than that she died in a fire.

But what makes this a “state-sponsored”gang stalking event is this, below from Dan Abrams Law and Crime blog:

The Henleys believed Jones died as the result of foul play and have been critical of Yalobusha County authorities, especially Fulco and coroner Ronnie Stark. After months of remaining silent, both Brandon and Ashley Henley took to Facebook in April.

“My sister was murdered and her body was burned. We know she was dead before the fire and that the fire was arson,” Brandon Henley wrote in an April 6 post. “And we didn’t find out any of that information from the Sheriff’s department.”

The same day, Ashley Henley wrote on her Facebook page that two deputies tried to intimidate them while they were attaching flowers to a makeshift memorial erected on the Patricia Drive property, which is privately owned by the Henley family. The memorial is a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood featuring pictures of Jones with the words “I WAS MURDERED” in nearly one-foot-tall letters.

IN the majority of police gang stalking events in the news, we see police disarming citizens before they are murdered, or meet other fates.

disabling security camera’s

disabling automobiles

-undermining lawsuits against the police that seek to discover evidence of gang stalking

-trying to take away guns before they murder you, as we see in this case

-they try to say that the target is “crazy” as we see repeatedly when gray area policing, aka gang stalking takes place and in the recent Publix shooting too

“We demand answers. We will not be intimidated. We are not going away. We will not back down. We will not be silent any longer,” Ashley Henley wrote on April 6.

Hellooooo Hong Kong! And thanks for “following” ROGS. I hope that you can restore yourself to sanity, after reading this post.

As I mention repeatedly, I get trolls, most of whom operate from within the framework of ” current and former intelligence agents, police, military, and their related factions.” In other words, I am PLAGUED by spooks.

That said, a hearty ROGS welcome to “radiated247″ who seems to have a ” well you know, I was indoctrinated by CIA funded National Endowment for Democracy” spies problem.

Yeah–my heart goes out to you, lol. (Not really.)

Lets take a look at how the “democratic dialogues” have been co opted and stolen, and manipulated by highly placed USA/ FVEYs government officials, and then, we can talk later, ok?

You, there reading your own post, are named ” radiated247″ right? And your entire web presence aside from your useless garbage language strewn blog is this here, right? Yeah, I thought so. To any Occidental, or Oriental observer, you look like a moron. A complete amateur, doing “whatever it is” that you are doing, ok?

So, please “do this.”

Look at how black Americans who advocated for gun ownership are doing politically in America right now, ok? Yeah–speech must be backed by weaponry. Without weapons, speech itself is just, like, Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire.
Jia You!

SO, that in mind, let me tell you: Hong Kong–whether you like it or not, belongs to the Chinese Mainland National Governemt. ANd before you start on about how Britain made some kind of deal or other, and guaranteed some kind of “freedom” or other–keep in mind that the British were forcing people to become drug addicts, and manipulating their lives, long before 33 Jews showed up in Shanghai, and financed Mao.

Really–Hong Kongs strange version of ” free speech” begins and ends with ” are international NGOs affilliated with organized religions, and western occult societies (Freemasons, Opus Dei, CFR, Rothschilds,etc?)” and “foreign state powers?”

Um…yeah. And, maybe, get some solar blocking window film to keep light out of your apartment there in the eastern district of HK. And/or realize that the hey day of NED operations is long gone in Hong Kong.

WTF is wrong in Northern Mississippi? Former state Representative Ashley Henley gunned down in Yalobusha County, after questioning sheriffs departments sloppy investigation into her sisters homicide.

From the Mississippi Free Press:

,Former Rep. Ashley Henley ‘Murdered’ By Gunshot Outside Trailer Where Sister-In-Law Died, Officials Say

Authorities are investigating the murder of former Mississippi House Rep. Ashley Henley, seen here with husband Brandon Henley in 2019. Her body was found outside the remains of a trailer where her sister-in-law was found dead after a December fire. Photo credit: Ashley Henley/Facebook

Northern Mississippi is a hotbed of incestuous political ties, and “state-crime” syndicates, as we see in the case of Richard Moore, who runs the North Mississippi Anti-Gang Stalking Facebook, and his lawsuit against corrupt “high policing” which is gang activity at the state level.

And, Rep. Henley was gunned down shortly after police in that area had tried to take her lawfully owned and registered firearms.

Former GOP State Rep Who Once Said ‘People Disappear Down Here’ Found Shot and Killed at Same Home Where Sister-in-Law Died

sheriff’s deputies had “attempted to intimidate” and “threatened to arrest” her for carrying a concealed firearm when she visited the home to leave flowers at a memorial that she and Brandon had built.

“I know the law, and I also know how quick people disappear down here,” Henley said in a subsequent comment to the April 6 post. “I’ve known Michelle since she was 9 years old. She was truly like my little sister. I will not give up on her. We will find out who did this, with or without help from Yalobusha County. She’s not the first to die like this down there, but I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure she’s the last. Her death will not be in vain.”

On May 24, Henley posted what appeared to be a photo of a certificate listing the cause of Jones’ death as “unknown” and the manner of death “undetermined.”

“ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE,” Henley said in the post. “To those Granted #PublicTrust and Responsibility for Ensuring #Justice For All – You may think this is over and your job is done, but you are mistaken. This is only the beginning. I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth.”

From WREG:

Publix shooting, gang stalking, mental health, “they will turn your family against you,” as another DVIC mass shooting takes place in Florida

Hey, lady!

Sheriff Banal T. Banksterbux from Palm Beach Florida wants YOU to know that the recent Publix shooting was YOUR FAULT! Gang Stalk Harder!©

The Publix Shooting was a DVIC related shooting, a real estate related shooting, and a gang stalking event. Watch as the sheriff (that counties Chief Revenuer©–tries to blame the ex-wife of the shooter for not “gang stalking” hard enough, and trying to help him and his henchmen to frame the guy as “schizophrenic,” in “need” of even more “state and county services”–the EXACT same state and county services that had driven the guy into bankruptcy.

Hey, Sheriff–it seems Hey, Sheriff–it seems And a few questions for you: have you heard about the first amendment? It guarantees the right to free speech, as long as there is not an “imminent threat,” which there wasn’t. unless you count how you and thers monitor peoples social media as a way to harass and control what they say. that the gang stalking program in your county drives people a bit crazy. oAnd a few questions for you: have you heard about the first amendment? It guarantees the right to free speech, as long as there is not an “imminent threat,” which there wasn’t. unless you count how you and others monitor peoples social media as a way to harass and control what they say.

Ex-Wife Of Publix Shooter Timothy Wall Frustrated With PBSO Sheriff

Monica Wall’s statement, after Sheriff Banxsterbux accused her of not gang stalking hard enough: the statement takes exception with the sheriff’s comments, blaming her for not gang stalking hard enough, reading,

“Without knowledge of all the facts, the Sheriff specifically mentioned Mr. Wall’s Ex-Wife in a press conference and insinuated that she and her family should have done more to prevent this tragedy.”

Timothy Wall, pictured above, possibly targeted a gang stalking old lady. My guess is that the newspapers refuse to name his “victim” because she was a retired cop, social worker, or other DVIC operative. But we will never know, because the newspapers do not want to give gang stalkers “Notoriety”

Tim Wall, the Publix shooter in Palm Beach FL, lost everything he had to the divorce courts, and their octopus of “fees, services, assessments, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, and judges” and later he declared bankruptcy. But not before he gave his house away to his ex-wife. And even then, he still had to pay the mortgage for the house she lived in! Imagine that!

‘Merica so bizarrely “gendered,” that somehow, under the law, “men” have more “power” than “women” who are all hapless damsels in distress constantly in need of Sherif fGood Man to help her out. Except…apparently his ex-wife wasn’t asking him for help. Nor was Mr. Wall himself. The sheriff, then, as we see repeatedly in these cases, took it upon himself to push the envelope, inserting himself into this case, monitoring Mr. Wall’s speech on Facebook, and repeatedly trying to frame him as “mentally ill” as opposed to say “driven to bankruptcy by corrupt courts and pig-fat policing.

The Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and its anti-democratic, strangely and unequally gendered policing and judiciary, along with its kangaroo courts–family courts, domestic violence courts, drug courts parole and community custody, adjudicative law– are all in conflict with many of the protections enshrined in the US constitution, yet they do their “work” largely in darkness, because the court system is not affordable, or accessible to ordinary people. Imagine: paying taxes so that we have fair courts, and then, paying twice to access them!

The US isn’t a “free country” by any definition, anywhere.

And these courts, the “predatory policing” that they are responsible for,are the direct cause of events like the recent Publix shooting in Florida. ANd the sheriff blames the guy’s ex-wife for not participating in gang stalking.

Gang Stalk Harder© Ladies!!

The Florida sheriff be needin’ his revenues! Two tiered justice system indeed, reaching deeply into the pockets of the middle classes, with no end in sight, as the bankster-o-pus eats into the lives of families.

The DVIC apparatus is the offshoot of America’s slavery system, that many educated persons indict as a cause of many social ills, and its gender-biased laws and false narratives of domestic violence, and family are at the root of many of today’s mass shootings.

States are complicit in illicit activity that does indeed resemble “human trafficking*” as they all derive capital from a variety of sources that infringe upon individual rights. This–along with its medical mafia’s as we saw with the Sackler family creating the opioid crisis and a host of other social diseases like this boy, a victim of a child abuse ring--is organized crime at an international scale, working with the lending apparatus and stae accounting practices.

It is a war against men and families, a way to ruin lives, as we see in the millions of cases that have hit divorce and family courts throughout the last four decades, as the tentacles of state governments inter-twine with the tentacles of international banksters. If Mr. Wall was “crazy” you can bet these state practices were a huge part of his “mental illness.”

*human trafficking is a code word in the online gang stalking dialectic, one way that state operatives talk to each other online about how states do exactly what I describe above, and derive federal dollars from these practices of “driving people crazy.”

Christopher Sign: when white people first experience “gang stalking”by highly organized mobs of “cultural” stalkers and trolls–a WTF moment turns to “forced suicide,” and remembrance of the FBI’s target, Jean Seberg

When the white, Protestant/Mormon FBI and their helpers in the “Hollywood mafia* “stalked actress Jean Seberg to death, they did it across continents, and they did it with precise inter-agency, CIA informed malice.

A brief look at the case of Martin Luther King Jr. provides ample examples of what a “gang” of “stalkers” looks like, as we see that US Army intelligence stalked him–and his father, and his father before him. Imagine that: US Army intelligence, stalking activists outside of the scope of the legal due process and warranted “investigation.”

But the New York Times merely said that Seberg ” suffered a crack-up,” as if she had “lost her mind” when in fact she was targeted with the FBI-CIA derived COINTELPRO, because she ws a progressive, and backed the Black Panther Party..

Here is the NYT piece, “memorializing” her “crack-up,” and here below at All That’s Interesting, we see the other side of the coin, as the FBI hounding her to death is widely cited as the exact reason she killed herself:

How Iconic Movie Star And Activist Jean Seberg Was Driven To Suicide By A Covert FBI Program

The white, Mormon, Protestant (WASP) and Catholic FBI hounded Jean Seberg to death because she had “black friends.” The modern FBI is similar, but with different racial categories doing the “hounding.” So, the FBI–America’s political police– now has a dueling and bi-polar type of infighting going on, as we see with the case of Rakem Balogun.

From ATI:

After ascending to the heights of Hollywood, Seberg used her influence to promote progressive social reforms. Her support of the Black Panther Party, however, would be her undoing. The FBI smeared her legacy. Hollywood chewed her up. She was viciously harassed by her own government.

While large swaths of people likely do not know Seberg’s full story or even her name, they will soon be introduced to her by way of the upcoming film starring Kristen Stewart as the ill-fated actress.

So journalist Christopher Sign killed himself, after he was stalked by “trolls” according to the Sun. And he left behind a wife and three children too. I can’t imagine “whodunnit,” but I can indeed imagine the politics behind it.

Here, look at the case of Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X who were stalked by US Army intelligence agents for THREE GENERATIONS, under the ever watchful eyes of the FBI, and their racist enablers and assistants in the Anti Defamation League. IN order to understand how black/brown/other men were gang stalked, with FBI agents and their racist affiliates in the Ku Klux Klan, or ADL sending these guys hate mail, and telling them to kill themselves, stalking them across the country, and actually plotting to destroy them in many ways, compare that to what might have been going on behind the scenes in Mr. Sign’s life, in the days/weeks/months/years before he killed himself. And he was no Malcolm X, we know that with certainty.

It probably wasn’t a case where Hillary Clinton was sitting behind her crystal ball and sending flying monkey’s after Sign, but likely other political operatives working completely independently after Sign published his book. And many of those operatives exactly what are described as “gangs” of “stalkers,” comprised of current and former police, firefighters, intelligence agents, NGOs, community policing elements, Infragard agents, and others in their webs of influence, such as we see here, and here, and here.

You can also glimpse the mind of a cyber stalker here, as Ramajana Hidic Demirovic is indicted by the feds. She was a progressive-holocaust studies political operative who stalked young boys, threatening to “destroy their lives.” Gang stalkers are indeed politically motivated but ATEOTD are all merely useful idiots for the 1% (you can guess who “they” are.)

And I too have endured the kind of blackmail, harassment, and vicious trolling that he likely endured too. I mean–why would a guy just up and kill himself, only to be found at the hour his kids start school? What kind of pressure was he under? If you guessed ” the same kind as the rest of “us”,” you would be correct. He was likely stalked, blackmailed, harassed, and targeted by these psychopaths; and he was cornered into a Catch 22 situation, because otherwise, his life was pure roses–no indications that he had trouble until AFTER he began recieving death threats, and was forced to create code words so that his children knew what is real, and what isn’t–to identify the messengers of doom from the messengers of truth.

Because gang stalking is exactly that weird. WHile I do not often venture into “conspiracy theroy,” I will right here and now:

-he was being blackmailed due to porn/gay sex/or girlfriends

-he was being blackmailed via the internet and in real life

-he was being leveraged with information that could cast him in an ill light, or cause his wife to seek a divorce.

Because otherwise, his life–an Emmy Award winning journalist–was truly one that anyone would be proud of.

As they say, right? Only the “good” die young. And, it validates the oft-repeated phrase “the gang stalkers will try to get you to kill yourself,” and provides insight into the term of art expressed by these psychopaths in the gang stalking dialectic online “forced suicide.”

Because failing that? “They” will assassinate you.

Related Story: Former state legislator and college professor from MI, Ashley Henley brutally murdered, while trimming her lawn this week after police interactions that focused on taking away her guns. Who is murdering Republican’s in the USA?

*I encountered the “Hollywood Mafia” many times, in many ways over the last several decades, and they are a “real thing.” Search my posts about the IMDB gang of stalkers or “IMDB Gang” and note the Ramajana Demirovic case being prosecuted by the feds as I write this. Most notoriously, I encountered these CIA affiliated “stalkers” and their actual victims through a friend who was integral in opening the case of the “Wonderland Murders,” which involved a porn star. No small surprise that the IMDB has that listed, lol.

Welcome to my new “follower” AromaOfWanderlust! Can I ask you a simple question? Why are YOU following ME?

At my last blog,, I was de-platformed BY WordPress, , because I named a few police, FBI agents, and their associates who had “followed” me and many others over a period of several decades. Gang stalkers are nearly ALWAYS 100% current and former police, intelligence agents, spies, and others caught up in their “webs.” I have IP addresses and more over at, if anyone is interested in that data, to answer the question “who are the gang stalkers.”

And I traced them using what is colloquially called “honeytraps,” and other methods, including Social Media Monitoring (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT). You can see the results by clicking the latter-linked text above.

Well, anyways–a hearty ROGS welcome! to this person Aroma, whoever they/you are, and note the non-descript (devoid of personal information) blog format that indicates three things to any observer:

1-They travel a lot, which costs a lot of money

2- They deliberately do not disclose who “they” are. That seems important, eh?

3-their blog is also likely a honeytrap, waiting for people like me to click into it. This is an extremely common method of identifying stalkers, and others.

I had this problem at my last blog, when “” (Caitlin Lam who speaks both Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese, apparently) and her spawn were actively trying to use my blog to collect data ( Hi WordPress! You know that IC does this, right?)

Then her spawn, which included Marie Frye, Brody Gross, and a host of other fake-blogs with zero personal data included tried to use my blog to roost much like a squid would horn over a nest of shrimp eggs, a pack of wolves over a moose carcass, or leering apes hanging dolefully on their cage bars might do, staring out at “real people” and so on.

Needless to say, I called them out quite early, and later, was de-platformed for doing so.

Bad ROGS!! Exposing intel agency and their “community policing” assets! Anyways–WELCOME, Aroma, smell this!

UPDATE: jst after I wrote this piece above, yet another of these non-descript spook blogs signed on. You can observe that yourself, by looking at my “followers*”

Seriously, get a life. This blog has nothing to do with food, or travel, yet these types use it to roost. What a brood. I bet there will be thirteen of them, by the time this is done.;

Targeted reporters: Christopher Sign, Emmy Award winner who broke the Hillary Clinton secret email server story, dies by suicide at 45 years old

As a former journalist, I know that targeting and gang stalking is very real, and so do many other journalists who have been targeted. See this post about journalists who have sued for relief and won settlements and injunctions against these international mafia’s that stalk and harass us.

“My family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story,” he said.

“Credit cards hacked. My children, we have codewords, we have secret codewords that they know what to do.

Christopher Sign, quoted in the

Alabama news anchor Christopher Sign, who broke news of Clinton tarmac meeting dead from apparent suicide at 45

A TV reporter in Alabama who broke the story about the 2016 meeting between former President Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch was found dead from an apparent suicide Saturday morning.

He was 45.

Christopher Sign ….broke the news of Clinton and Lynch’s meeting, which came amid the investigation into then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Barely a week after the meeting, Lynch announced that the probe would be closed.

In 2019, Sign published a book about his scoop, “Secret on the Tarmac,” which he said made targets out of his family.

Targeted Individuals do indeed commit suicide sometimes. While psychologists question whether or nor gang stalking is real, or a delusion, and then seek to cast the issue as one of “mental health,” the reality is that it isn’t that simple.

SO, what happens to targeted individuals of gang stalking? Below I will describe just a few of the things that happened to me after I was the first person in the nation to publish a story about a manufactured terrorist*:

-my internet became a sort of pop-corn machine of results when I searched online. A simple search for “Palestinian’s murdered in Gaza” would return neo-Nazi websites, and pop-up spam; a search for “Somalia politics” would return jihadist pop-up spam

-Department of Homeland Security agents popped up in my classrooms

-while spending time with a friend, women with butch haircuts and huge telephoto lenses attached to their camera’s would pop up down the block leveling those huge (phallic) lenses at us. He himself became an FBI informant, and was a source on my story; and later, he became a published “Ethologist” who writes about women’s postures (of all the absurd fields to study)

-my dwellings were repeatedly broken into and my reporters notes stolen–and oddly, replaced many years later

-I was followed by people with “sniffer dogs” at times, deep into the forest, and the same dog handler and his dog popped up in multiple locations over a period of time spanning years

-many anonymous internet trolls seemed to have personal information about “me” and leveraged it, often with a tone of “blackmail”

And these things above are just a few of the “bizarre things” that happened, witnessed by others including the FBI informant above, and documented in various ways.

SO, yeah–targeting is very real, and very political. But tanks to the internet, is now seeing some exposure.

*that “manufactured terrorist” is Canadian citizen, librarian, English teacher and father Mohammed Warsame, a man that the FBI tried to coerce into fingering Zacarias Moussaoui as a 9/11 plotter in typical fabricated fashion.


Dear “the Chinese”: Please stop targeting Mr. Higgins!

Gang Stalking Fact: Organized gang stalking ALWAYS involves current and retired intelligence agents, military, police, and community “assets, and many of those highly placed in government, or intelligence fields, targeting individuals.

Meet the new gay mafia, at the threshold of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival/Mandalay Bay mass shooting, and a few retired senior level spooks–and China PuhLeeeeaaaase stop picking on poor Mr. Rich Higgins!!!*

A tale of two targets, as a gay, Australian, progressive political operative meets “The Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory,” by Politico online, and the story of “conspiracy theorist” Mr. Higgins.

Brad Johnson, a retired CIA officer, and Rich Higgins, a former Pentagon official who served for a few months in the White House as director of strategic planning for the National Security Council, meets a dweeb from Australia with dirt on “the Chinese” and all of that as the bullets fly in Las Vegas, and scapegoats are cast into hellish deserts, wearing red flags on their necks!

Targeted Individuals, and the “deep state” here, below, as high level former spooks target a guy associated with the “concert and event and promotions” dark side of gang stalking, which is scientifically linked to mass shootings:

Brian Hodge knows this all too well. He told me he has hired a lawyer to help him figure out a way forward, and that experts he has consulted have told him, “This is never going away.” He feels that the FBI hung him out to dry, and the whole ordeal has made him distrusting and fearful. “I look over my shoulders all the time now,” he says. He believes his phone is being tapped.

The paranoia that has overtaken him is, oddly enough, a trait I also detected in his two accusers. At one point during our lunch, Johnson said, “I get death threats all the time,” and talked about being “targeted by the Chinese.” Higgins likewise believes his phone is being monitored.

Spy v Spy indeed/s, as the “entertainment industry mafia” meets “retired spooks and spies.”

Related Reading: The New Indian Express covers the story of mystery man Brian Hodge, and how Las Vegas security is (cleverly and deliberately) absent, EXCEPT when they are targeting individuals, aka the old “mob shakedown racket, revamped with internet and Fusion Centers,” and the same armies of corrupt cops that Los Angeles is known for as Al Capone rides the rail out of LA.

*Rich, you know how to get ahold of me, via WC Wash DC