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The list of questions just above this sentence are examples of search language that comes in to many of my blogs, and represents a shift in the way this topic was searched online since I started writing about this topic a decade ago.

Victims of this predatory local/state/provincial/federal abuse of power are frequently stymied to answer these basic questions. SO below, I will demonstrate a basic configuration of “gang stalkers,” so that the researcher, the criminal defense attorney, the psychologist, the journalist, and others can understand this topic.

I will put forwardseveral of thousands of possible scenarios where a similar gang of stalkers as described below will participate in gang stalking. But first, I will make note that gang stalking is MOST LIKELY in the following scenarios, and that before the internet, victims suffered in silence.

I will start with my own case.

Gang stalking scenarios:

-a man seeks to change his circumstances in life, and begins college at a late age. He becomes the editor-in-chief of the nations largest monthly college newspaper. He writes stories without bias, and challenges “the official narrative,”starting with crony capitalists who have a lockup on shoddy contracting at that college, coverage about the Clinton COPS program, criticism of the gendered narrative of domestic violence–the underpaid US soldiers who also were victims of government contracting schemes–and ending with the nations first story about a manufactured terrorist who attended that college. At all times, the college president (who attends synagogue with the local head of the FBI at the time) sends his hordes of flying monkey’s, spies and others into the newsroom, asking “why don’t you report about nice things!?” The gang stalking begins, in full.

-a worker who is not well liked at their workplace is targeted. Police, firefighter, military, intelligence agency whistle blowers are also targeted–by other police, firefighters, military intelligence and their flying monkeys, as we see online and off where the police fraternal and sororal organizations threaten, attack, and DoXX critics.

-a soldier who sees a friendly fire incident or torture is targeted to keep him silent. Such was the case with Walter Laak of Las Vegas, whose case was mentioned in mainstream news. He was one of the Iraq torture scandals fall guys, and eventually went to jail –for 18 years!–after he assaulted his agency informant pastor/handler–though the criminals who started that war did not see a single war crimes trial, and are torturing people to this day.

-a person under investigation by the police and other authorities in what is called a “parallel colliding investigation,” or like we see in the Pasco County FL cases in the courts today, sheriff’s department that use “intelligence led predictive policing” aka “gang stalkijng” targets people 24-7 based on an electronic database “profile”, because the cops case is thin, or non-existent. This also happens in workers compensation, whistle blowing, child custody situations, family court situations, probate related situations, etc. An endless list when it comes to any of the many kangaroo courts that are crafted to avoid jury trials, and the “community policing assets” such as NGO’s that carry out the stalking.

-political activists are highly targeted. There are too many cases to mention, including my own, but I like to point people to the case of Darren Seals, who was murdered, and his car set on fire after he criticized the co-option of the Ferguson protests by outsiders who sought to divide the movement, and create more racist and gendered venues with which to destroy the movement.

-ANYONE who engages with a challenge to “the official narrative” will be targeted. While many blame Jews for the corruption in media, that is simply scapegoating, as many Jews have trouble with these same “gatekeepers,” who ted to be religious fanatics from many religions. And, many odd events–especially mass shootings–can be traced to narratives and those who challenge them. There are simply too many cases where this is true–ranging from #fakebomber Cesar Sayok Altieri, Everton Brown, to Omar Mateen, to the San Bernardino shooter, who was harassed endlessly at work by a fanatical Messianic Jew. Indeed, I have documented many reporters and others who report gang stalking–“the narrative” is a battle zone. Here is more about the official narrative, from Wikispooks.

-The case of Martin Luther King is instructive–he and his father and grandfather before him were gang stalked and spied on for THREE GENERATIONS by US Army intelligence. Then, as he became more successful and active, the FBI and the Anti Defamation League and the Ku Klux Klan all united to target him. Strange bedfellows, ay?

Above are just a few scenarios where I have found gang stalking and its objective evidence to be factual and true, and replicable in the result, according to the scientific method.

Now: who are the gang stalkers? First, see above, and then:

In most localities in the western world, gang stalkers are gangs of local, state, and federal government affiliated persons. The classic case that I like to point to is that of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Ohio, who were stalked for over ten years by firefighters, police, and those peoples friends, relatives and associates. Its a fairly “garden variety” gang stalking. An actual gang, and lots of stalking, by well connected insiders, their families and relatives, including the police and fire chief. All of these belong to one or another “community organization,” or secret society, aka Mason’s, Lions Club members, Rotary club members.

That is a basic “gang” of “stalkers,” by most definitions.

Krlich sued for relief in the form f protective/restraining orders, and gained many restraining orders against that gang, hich numbered into the teens. But his case was actually quite simple, a real estate related gang stalking, and the facts very straight forward, and concise. Most cases are not that simple.

So first, a case in the news: Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly-whoalso writes for the Dallas Morning News–describes another gang of stalkers who are affiliated with “narrative control” and how gangs of county coroners, forensic cold case investigators, behavioral analysts, current and former police, firefighters, intelligence agents and the like form online/offline gangs that target and harass people, leaving actual homicides, suicides, and other destruction in their wake.

While most are confused by the high numbers of “official’s” that are in the gang that she chronicled, it is a typical configuration. And, many women comprise these gangs, and we see that reflected in my most popular post to date, about Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, a holocaust scholar, and cyber-stalker indicted by the feds for preying on young teenage boys.

These are who gang stalkers ARE in most cases. They are criminal stalkers, with a cloak of legitimacy. They range from the far right christian cuts and sects, to the liberal Jewish and Jewish co-opted sects and tribes. A complete Horseshoe of stalkers. Indeed–no matter which side you choose, you are feeding the One Percent with your allegiance.

You can see another such “gang” of “stalkers” that includes television personalities too, as the famous case of whodunnit, the man alleged to be hijacker D.B. Cooper gets a visit from stalkers, as armchair detectives, retired police, intelligence persons, and a media figures who had something to gain target a grandfather. Exactly the same type of stalkers described in Webster’s piece above, and that is a nearly 100% explicable configuration in gang stalking.

SO, why complain about gangs of stalkers if they are the “good people,” right? Don’t we trust these people to “do their jobs,” and “get the bad guys?” IMHO, I never needed any of them, for anything, ever–and if ever there was the slightest appearance that I did, or might have? It’s because of problems that these types CAUSE in our societies.

I am on the side of the law, and the constitution. I believe in due process of law, civil liberty, and especially, prosecution of criminals no matter which social spaces they inhabit. The problem is these people have crafted a social narrative that exists completely outside of law and order, or due process and civil liberty.

So the question is: if these “good people” chase “bad people,” then what is a bad person, if the methods used are illegal, immoral, and often cause greater harm–exactly the kind of harm that we see in every single mass shooting across America today? Because “organized gang stalking” is illegal, its tactics are brutal, and its practitioners are indeed criminals. They are getting innocent people killed, all across the western spaces; and they run the largest for-profit penal system in human history.

In extreme cases that involve death threats to targeted individuals, we can look at this weeks headline about a COVID-19 scientist Marc Van Ranst, a Belgian virologist who is literally being “hunted” by a far right sniper as I write this. WIth zero doubt, we know with facts and evidence that gangs of stalkers form up behind these dangerous people.

Indeed, gang stalking stories are in the news every day, but are seldom called “gang stalking” stories because there are so many other ways that actual targets describe it. And of the gang stalking lawsuits that are starting to come forwards, none of them call it gang stalking either, because the term itself is a loaded term and a “plastic word or phrase” ;the term of art of actual gang stalkers, as opposed to their many, many victims.

But its not just right wing stalkers, armed with the power of the anti-democratic surveillance state, and it’s alliances by far, because other gangs of stalkers are less noticeable, and “fly under the radar” because they are the favorite sons and daughters of the globalist NGO mediated narrative. SO, while on one hand, we see the gang stalkers of the right as described above, there are also the gang stalkers of the left.

Let’s examine them from the paradigm that in fact, all of them are “controlled opposition” not a real left at all. We see this in how the Jewish Anti Defamation League and its many tentacled connections to other NGO’s spies on, stalks and manipulates all leftists and co-opts their causes, like a cricket with a hairworm in its head. And equally, how so-called social “movements” like #MeToo are little more than arch-conservatives, manipulating sexual choice, and gandering narrative; indeed #MeToo mirrors the EXACT tactics of the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK!

And as Horseshoe Theory predicts, there is no real right-left discourse, because the ADL and its many Jewish-christian spawn organizations controls all of the left discourse, and a major part of the right discourse too. Any genuine leftist would be appalled by the image below because it legitimizes Isreali apartheid, and equates the struggle of gay people with the struggle of Jews who generally despise gay people. These are not the same issue, nor the same struggle, yet somehow, the worm is always there to remind the cricket that its survival depends on it.

And, like the Black Lives Matter movement, it seems that these “movements” only succeeed after they “lay down their arms” in the form of heterosexual sex. Soft force eugenics indeed!

Among the most prominent left wing gangs of stalkers are indeed the gay/LGBTetc lobbyists from the “human rights” coalitions, and the affiliated “women’s empowerment,” and “domestic violence is torture!!!!” crowd. They pop up in many mass shootings and the official source narratives afterwards, most notably the Pulse Nightclub shooting by OMAR MATEEN, and the workplace related shootings of DeWayne Craddock, and Andrew Engledinger of Accent Signage in Minneapolis–a total ROGS Bingo of “synagogue’s and racist rabbi’s that use gang stalking to control social narratives related workplace mass shootings.

Frequently, gang stalking is perpetrated from within synagogues, and shooters sometimes target synagogues full of dual nationals, NGO members, and Mossad agents who targeted them first. Indeed–the Tree of Life shooting had some very interesting characters attached, including rabid racist and zionist Bari Weiss, who recently gave Central Park Karen access to “the narrative,” on her show–even AFTER she plead guilty to race crimes!

The “official narrative” is front and center in MOST non-garden variety gang stalking cases.

Read It: The many odd shootings at US synagogues, and why we must ask the question: who is targeting these shooters online and off BEFORE a mass shooting takes place–and why are these men’s social media accounts deleted after the events? I mean–evidence of agents provocateurs seems important to even the most casual observer. SAY THEIR NAMES!!

New York Times “opinion” journalist, and abject racist Bari Weiss was a constituent of the Pittsburgh synagogue. That newspaper covered that event thus. Narrative control and mass shootings has a nexus EXACTLY there.

The Poway synagogue shooting is exactly as weird and MSM narrated as the shotin above too.

And the unverified claims surrounding the Vienna synagogue shooting are similar, as are all of these events

Clearly, the hard right provocateurs and the fake-left provocateurs are in conflict in these events, but they all seem to agree that “un-naming” the men who do this stuff is OK with them!. Unnaming, it might be recalled, its a ritualistic cult practice, akin to bizarre rabbinical practices of “scapegoating.”

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