A note about “conspiracy” and “theory” and “gang stalking”: The blog you are reading is evidence based, with proven theories, using the scientific method.

In the early 20-teens, but starting in 2008, there was a huge push towards de-legitimizing research into gang stalking, as search results in major internet search engines recorded massive spikes in searches for gang stalking; and as Wikipedia consistently and flagrantly refused to allow pages about “gang stalking.”

Yet we see repeatedly now, cases of “gangs of police” and their associates who “stalk” people while doing “bizarre” things, are coming to light, and that the EXACT methods that legitimate targeted individuals claim are deployed against them are showing up in lawsuits now. There was the case of Rick Krlich, heroically documented in the main stream press, and the case of the eBay gang of stalkers, and the Pasco county cases which targeted children (and here, and here–use my search feature “Pasco County” or Pasco targeted individual program”) too.

So, very little theory, other than “case theory” which is standard practice in lawsuits, and a LOT of actual conspiracy on the part of those who actually run “targeted individual programs.”

Like all products of evil, these programs all go by different names–there is no unified naming practice for these unconstitutional programs. So, “intelligence led predictive policing,” aka “colliding parallel investigations,” aka”modern high policing,” –this naming tradition can also be seen by the fact that every Fusion Center across America goes by a different name–they are hard to find, and hard to access. As you can see, like the devil itself, they all go by different names, making the programs and their practitioners hard to pin down.

Then, there are the many non governmetal organizations that run teir own government affiliated versions of these programs too. In my research I have found the following active parties in gang stalking:

  • race based organizations like the Klan or the Anti Defamation League
  • women’s “empowerment” groups from both liberal and conservative sides
  • domestic violence and family court affiliated stalkers
  • anti-pornography and anti prostitution crusaders
  • the Internet Movie Database stalkers–the IMDB gang, aka one wing of the “Hollywood Mafia”
  • many, many, many police fraternal and sororal secret societies like the Professional Peace Officers Association, and the Fraternal Order of Police. These are the majority of gang stalkers across the world. These types of organizations were targeted by Anonymous with Doxx’ing campaigns, for good reason.

This is by no means a complete list, just a few of those that I found in my research. That research included social media monitoring, aka SOCMINT, and open source intelligence aka OSINT, and also, at several of my various blogs around the internet, I used them as honeytraps to gain a variety of information about who reads what at my blogs. From that data, I traced many of the above mentioned persons and groups.

SO, no conspiracy theory here, and lots of actual conspiracies, some of which are starting to see the disinfecting light of courtrooms and lawsuits. That’s where the legal case theory will begin to kick in, and I predict an avalanche of these lawsuits to come.