Union County, Mississippi: You better get ready, I am on the case now. The importance of naming names.

As covered here and elsewhere, Richard Moore is suing some gang stalkers in Mississippi. But before he sued them, he used social media analysis (SOCMINT) open source intelligence (OSINT) and “contact chaining”relationships of people on Facebook who had joined his page.

In other words, he used the EXACT same methods that police, private investigators, journalists, and the entire hidden cyber infrastructure of the US military intelligence networks use to investigate or spy on people.

So the Lee County sheriff arrested him for naming names of people who he connected as associates of gang stalkers- and those stalkers having enjoined hid Facebook page.

You can read more about his case here at his tumblr,.

Latest update Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, Brian Laundrie: media attempting to counter “battered boyfriend syndrome” narrative

As the FBI searches the home of Brian Laundrie,  I reported that this homicide was likely initiated by “battered boyfriend syndrome,”- and a few “mystery people,” were interestingly close to, and even filming the couple, if not actually following them—the counter-narrative emerges that Laundrie initiated the violence that police documented in Moab, UT, on body cam, as police contemplated locking Gabby Petito in jail for domestic violence.

Here’s that counter-narrative, that some random caller saw Laundrie “slapping” Petito.

Related Story: Meet Alana Boltwood, the lesbian who founded the “Incel Terrorist Movement.” Why isn’t this woman in jail? For starters, she has some powerful cronies on the board of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and they are historic pill pushers too.

Its important to point out that ONLY that caller described HIM hitting HER. In fact Laundrie himself, two police officers, police reports, and even Ms. Petito herself acknowledged being the aggressor, and that, as she acknowledged an obsessive compulsive mental disorder!

Guys: when you find yourself in such situations LOCK HER UP IF YOU CAN. Get it into the legal record that she “started it.” GET HER THE HELP SHE NEEDS, though it’s not your responsibility to do that-and these chronically immature types of women will seldom if ever see themselves as the problem anyways, because western society rewards them for being this way.

And, get active bringing these facts to light, before women’s structural and institutional violence escalates, because privileged, gendered, western Jewish-Christian herds are ALL defective this exact way.

And, get the message out there that women who initiate domestic violence seldom get the help they need, because western society depends upon them to rack up male bodies in heaps, getting privilege points along the way.

My goal is not to relegislate the highly suspect, racist, ethnocentric Violence Against Women Act, (VAWA) or to minimize the impact of murders of people who die in DV related incidents, but to simply once again ask: when will men and the courts start taking female initiated violence seriously?

As we see since 1993 when the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) was foisted into the lives of the second tier of the western justice system, one thing remains fairly constant: this multi-billion dollar industry has replaced a normal economy where goods are bought, sold, and traded, with an economy where opinions, narratives, “assessments” and opinions are traded instead, in a unusual form of barter-and it is a quite profitable industry.

The other constant is this: in heterosexual relationships, women initiate most violence, and men seldom report the abuse, but are often blamed as the initiators of that violence- that men are saddled with the responsibility for women’s violence!

Such is the power of propaganda, as we see in this case too,

Here is the science behind this, which has only been validated, and revalidated one decade after the next, after the next- that women initiate violence more often, with often bad results.

And yet somehow, it is written into policy that men should just “ UCB up and take it like a man” which has eerie overtones of the Abrahamic Trifecta of bad religions—it is the very origin story of Adam, and his Eve, and it’s written into policy- not law.And it gets people hurt, and worse.

Guest post from Richard Moore, cousin of famed civil rights photographer Charles Lee Moore

Targeted individuals are often intergenerational targets. I sketched that out in a post about Dr. Martin Luther King, who was targeted by all of the major alphabet agencies, far-right Jewish groups like the ADL, and even US Army intelligence agents.

Many of us with ties to that era can say with certainty that targeting is very real- one of my own relatives was himself an unwitting participant nine CIA programs, and not in-coincidently perhaps, helped organize the Chicago garbage strikes of 1968- and assisted in founding Chicago’s first black owned garbage company too.

Such are the stories of actual targeted individuals.

And the story below demonstrates this very clearly. A welcome to Richard Moore, from the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, as he reveals a new historical fact that requires scrutiny, verification, and validation after that.

I give you over now to Richard Moore:

Never before told. Facts from my cousin, famed Photographer Charles Lee Moore

In a few days it will be 18 years that I have sat on this fact the world must know about. My cousin Charles Lee Moore New York Times best seller, Powerful Days. Charles Lee and I had many conversations about his work during the civil rights movement in the 60’s. He was a photo journalist for Time Magazine and it was his Photography that open the world’s eyes to the struggles in the dirty South.

This is a faded fax I received from Charles the day of this important and long telephone conversation. I had many conversations with him, this one was a ” family secret” until now.

I didn’t know that there was a name for what I was going through. I now know it’s organized gang Stalking. I asked Charles Lee what was going on in or family. He explained in detail. Several of those Several are not in recorded history. I am a victim of law enforcement ran gang stalking

I have been drugged, raped, and left for dead more than once. Law Enforcement has never investigated a single complaint and that continues even today.

Charles told me to turn to the page in his book to this image. The ” police ” dogs used by the Birmingham Alabama police department were not the Birmingham police departments dogs. All German shepherds look alike and no one ever questioned why the dogs were so vicious only to black people. This is” wasn’t in the book” Charles Lee said for obvious reasons. He said the dogs were borrowed from my great uncle Fred Moore Jr. a high ranking Klansman in Bessemer Alabama. My dad was named after him as well as my brother, his name Fred Wallace Moore Jr. Then Governor George C. Wallace was a distance kin, his name carried over to my dad and brother. Bull Connor was best friends with uncle Fred.

Bull Connor in preparation for the peaceful protest in Birmingham wanted to make sure that he could make a point! Uncle Fred’s dogs were trained to attack black people. I rember as a child seeing the dogs at uncle Fred and aunt Clair’s house and I was terrified of them. I rember Uncle Fred boasting about his ” nigger killers” when speaking about the dogs. I was 4 or 5 years old.

It was the Journalist work of Charles Lee that split our family into. At one of my aunt’s funerals Fred Jr. Made a big scene because Charles Lee and his family were there as well. Fred Jr. Said they were nothing but sorry nigger lovers and he didn’t want to be under the same roof with them.

My dad pictured above confirmed the story. My dad nor Mother ever utterd a racist word. This was never talked about growing up.

In 1982 my brother was picked up by the Muscle Shoals Alabama police department. They claimed he was passed out drunk inside a telephone booth at Arnold’s truck stop. He was 18 I had been with him all day that day and neither one of us were drinking or even thinking about it. I loved my big brother, my only brother. It was the best day of my life, I’ll never forget it. The next day we got the news. My brother was found dead in his cell from apparently hanging himself with my best short I had let him borrow. I was still sleeping and I could here my daddy wailing and crying. I’d never seen my dad shed a tear. He played 5 years of college football and 5 for the Chargers and had to retire due to a back injury. He was as tuff ass any man comes and no one ever dare cross him. I knew from what I heard that something horrible had happened. My bedroom door opened and I immediately covered my head with my pillow, I didn’t want to hear what I was about to hear. My dad sat down on my bed and put his big hand on me barley able to speak he said ” Wally is gone” . Everyone’s life changed that very moment. My mother was remarried and working with a church group building a church in Virginia. God bless her soul she had to make that long drive back to bury her son, my big brother.

Muscle Shoals Police department lied and it would have been impossible for him to have hung himself. He was 6’4″ tall the top of the cell bar was 6″. There are many other disturbing details of my brothers death, I won’t go into right now.

Birmingham police department never wanted this story to be told. And since my birth I was marked and everything has been done to keep the work of Charles Lee, going. Law Enforcement targeted my brother thinking he would be next in line, maybe he was but it all fell on me.

It’s my blood line that represents Hate as well as Love and Justice. As for me, I fall on the Love and Just side, which makes me a very bad person apparently!

I can speak on gang stalking with absolute authority. I can speak on racism with authority. I saw it all with my own eyes!

This by far has been the most emotional and heat wrenching thing I’ve ever talked about. As I write this, Im soaked with my own tears I’m soaked with my brothers tears and I’m soaked with the tears of so many that had no voice and we’re killed for being the wrong color. I can’t right all the wrongs. But I can fight and fight I shall!

Organized tax payer funded Community policing has made me unemployable. They have all but destroyed my life. I struggle to provide for myself, yet I fight as if money is no object. Birmingham Alabama Police department and Muscle Shoals Alabama Police department and Now Law enforcement in North Mississippi. This is your legacy of hate and murder! You never wanted the real story but by God you got it now, so live with it!

The attack dogs of the Ku Klux Klan: unique stories abide in targeted individuals. The intersection of TI Richard Moore and famed civil rights era photographer Charles Lee Moore is such a story

NOTICE: This blog that you are reading has a mirror site at http://www.gangstalkingresearch.wordpress.com and a sister site at http://www.researcchorganizedgangstalking.org

Story below.

One of the prominent features of targeted individuals psychological make-up is that they are sitting on stories–we actual TI’s are essentially targeted for “what and who we know,” as external groups and social “forces”attempt to co-opt or outright steal our narratives, while causing actual harm. And many of those stories that we share are about conflict, in the western conflict based, forever war model of society, otherwise know as the Scam of the Trifecta of Abrahamic Religion, which is covered quite brilliantly by the authors of PostFlavania.

Related Story: The famed civil rights era photographer Charles Lee Moore, inspires gang stalking targets to take up photography, and photograph their stalkers–and a link to organized gang stalking

And those stories are also kept in the battered safe-houses of those of us who become targeted with this form of hidden brutality, and as we saw in the many hacking attempts at my old blog, and the other strange shenanigans perpetrated by these people, it is a constant attack.

Only through finding each other can we seek to overcome this hidden practice of gang stalking–which it is well known mirrors the EXACT methods of the Ku Klux Klan–but also the methods of Nazi’s, and STASI, and Fascists, and the Israeli IDF, all in one breath.


Bull Connor in preparation for the peaceful protest in Birmingham wanted to make sure that he could make a point! Uncle Fred’s dogs were trained to attack black people. I remember as a child seeing the dogs at uncle Fred and aunt Clair’s house and I was terrified of them. I remember Uncle Fred boasting about his ” nigger killers” when speaking about the dogs.


Richard Moore, Union County MS, 2021

Richard Moore, who I have written about variously, is suing the Union County Mississippi sheriffs department for gang stalking (deprivation of rights) and yet he has exactly that kind of story–sitting on the fact that his uncle trained the attack dogs of the Birmingham police department, as his cousin photographed the civil rights movement. Indeed–polar opposite narratives collide within families–and also right outside his front door as these stalkers stage rallies at the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department.

Not a good look for those gang stalking cockroaches, when cast into the light of worldwide attention, ay? Maybe call and write to these “volunteers” and let them know what you think about their KKK volunteer organization. Here’s their number and address below, and here is their website.

Mailing Address. Alpine Volunteer Fire Department. 1888 County RD 171. Blue Springs , MS 38828.

Phone: (662) 869-0779.

Its worth following along as Mr. Moore struggles through issues of identity, and his link to that dark past where a highly placed Ku Kluxian relative–Fred Moore, Jr. is the man who provided German shepherd attack dogs to the Birmingham police during the civil rights struggles of the sixties, as he and other members of the family were called “nigger lover’s”–such is the split in families.

Moore provides documentation of his link to both Charles Lee Moore, and then to his own father, a San Diego Chargers pro footballer. Indeed-gang stalking targets stories are unique, and strangely peopled. If only we targeted individuals could just go along with the racism programs handed down by the international bankster mafia’s*, the B’nai Brith and their soldiers and enablers in the Ku Klux Klan and elsewhere, everything might just get better…..

But let’s have Richard Moore tell it:

Charles told me to turn to the page in his book to this image. The ” police ” dogs used by the Birmingham Alabama police department were not the Birmingham police departments dogs. All German shepherds look alike and no one ever questioned why the dogs were so vicious only to black people. This is” wasn’t in the book” Charles Lee said for obvious reasons. He said the dogs were borrowed from my great uncle Fred Moore Jr. a high ranking Klansman in Bessemer Alabama. My dad was named after him as well as my brother, his name Fred Wallace Moore Jr. Then Governor George C. Wallace was a distance kin, his name carried over to my dad and brother. Bull Connor was best friends with uncle Fred.

Bull Connor in preparation for the peaceful protest in Birmingham wanted to make sure that he could make a point! Uncle Fred’s dogs were trained to attack black people. I remember as a child seeing the dogs at uncle Fred and aunt Clair’s house and I was terrified of them. I remember Uncle Fred boasting about his ” nigger killers” when speaking about the dogs. I was 4 or 5 years old.

It was the Journalist work of Charles Lee that split our family in two. At one of my aunt’s funerals Fred Jr. Made a big scene because Charles Lee and his family were there as well. Fred Jr. Said they were nothing but sorry nigger lovers and he didn’t want to be under the same roof with them.

Richard Moore, Union County Mississippi, 2021

Inter-generational targeting is a very real thing, and those who target us come from a surprising array of stalkers, as we see in the case of Martin Luther King, targeted by the B’nai Brith’s propaganda and domestic spying organization the ADL–alongside the Ku Klux Klan and its “empowered” Women’s Auxilliary waging slander and poison pen campaigs, the FBI, the CIA and stunningly, US Army intelligence. Politics make strange bedfellows—but white Jewish-christian racists always manage to work together, one generation after the next.

*international bankster mafia’s is a trigger word for many Jews and others who have that blood on their hands, but these oligarchies are not strictly Jewish run and controlled operations, as all of the christian churches, and their operatives in corporations share the label of “international banksters.”

It is also important to distinguish standard law enforcement practice from gang stalking–there are indeed very dangerous people out there, and actual gangs. Here is a story where a detective lost his life stalking a dangerous gang. Compare that to the stories above, and you will easily see the difference.

Gang stalking cases and lawsuits: start here

Gang stalking cases and lawsuits are not generally called “gang stalking lawsuits,” because they go by different names. You can read more about that here, or by using my search feature.

As these cases go, generally the authorities do everything they can to stop these cases going forwards, and they can be difficult cases to wage.

So, here are a few actual cases that I think have some merit, and could use a hand. I ask that my readers take a look, and maybe donate to the cause. Richard Moore v Union County  Mississippi here and here.

You can make a donation via his Gofundme pagethat was set up for him by a friend.

The man himself is a distant relative of the famed photographer of the civil rights era, Charles Lee Moore.



How to document gang stalking by the CIA/DHS/FBI and its NGO funded community assets*, using “wireless internet screen captures”

Look at this.

Electronic harassment, “electronic implants,” no touch torture and more, as a computer comes under attack from a gang of stalkers. Follow along, ok?

Its from a gang stalking in Pasadena California, where various NGO’s used their “fundies” and police agencies to stalk a guy. Of the documented participants in that area are: the local police from various departments, paramedics, firefighters, and NGO groups ranging from various “its for the women and children” NGO’s like CASA, to various “women’s shelter” advocates, and state aid or welfare recipients from the surrounding areas.

This claim is notable, because a large part of gang stalking is tied to the family courts, and the religion infused narratives that emanate from within them, notably the hyperbolic claims of child abuse, Satanism, and gendered narratives of domestic violence.

Related: Read as a Hollywood writer is gang stalked and slandered online by absolutely toxic people, as he attempts to save his children from a crazed, liar and incestuous woman who cannot fathom “scientific evidence” that her claims are total b.s. A lot of gang stalking takes place because religious fanatics make false claims in family courts–and even as we watch the charade of “Targeted Justice” we must keep in mind that they are also utilizing far-right gendered narrative.

So: what is active versus passive reconnaissance, and wireless SSID captures. Here, below, is how to track, and trace, and later, use these types of “screen captures” in subpoena’s, and “evidence discovery.”

Lets sit down for a slice of pizza together, and examine how these agents and agencies actively stalk people, and hack their internet at “open wifi” locations. They have been doing this type of stuff since 2003, and myself and others have been documenting it for decades.

Related: As an American, I was and still am appalled at how lawless my country has become–how the two tiered justice system is a cancer upon our society. SO, I began to document it in various ways, such as this article that you are reading, but also by studying what others were doing. Read this about how the FBI and its “conspicuous surveillance” was foiled by Russian spies. The oddity is that while Russian spies indeed should be monitored, the FBIetAlphabet, and sheriffs departments, local police, military contractors are in fact using “targeted individuals” for “target practice” as they train their goon squads–and all of that against due process, civil rights and the “spirit of the law,” in general; and against the constitution in every way, hence the claim that they/DHS/etalphabet are a modern “Stasi.”

Watch below how the wireless internet signals “devolve” over a short period of time, resulting in the internet being crashed, forcing the target to log in again, and again, each time exposing data that can be exploited by “gang stalkers” who seek that data for further “exploitation”. Extra points for that one journalist out there who can connect the dots to the “Asian FBI” and their associates in the San Gabriel Valley whose sloppy, illegal tactics result in a lot of bad convictions, many of which are reversed or tossed on their face. The Brandeis Institute asks “Catching, or Creating Terrorists?” in these cases:




Let me know when we see the “gotcha” moment in these screen captures, as a “gang” of “stalkers” war drives an internet connection.

But most importantly, notice the AP’s and SSID’s in these screen captures–those are the actual “internet addresses” of the stalkers electronic devices. Very valuable information, if you are armed with an evidence discovery subpoena, or other legal tool. Because internet addresses, and computer “chip” identification data is what modern gag stalking lawsuits do, and must seek.

Especially note “huangfu” and “FBI ZONE,” appearing, just before the “freewifi router” is hacked and crashed. All over the USA, and the west in general, secret police agencies are waging war against activists and dissidents. Arm yourself with the right weapons to fight back–and sue them for discovery evidence–invade their own electronic devices with “implants” if you can.

The tool is a simple, freeware tool called “Channelyzer,” and you can read about it here at Metageek. If you are being gang stalked, there are thousands of free tools online to document these types of events, and collect evidence against your stalkers.

Best tool of all? The 100% free Kali Linux, which can give these scumbags–and their relatives, children, wives and others which you can also trace and track using free internet tools, a few well earned headaches. Nine times out of ten, they are using that tool and others against you–so learn it, use it, and especially, target it at those who target you.

Lastly, I make note that the various “profiles” of targeted individuals all sprang from illegal activity of various agencies post-911, and these profiles include many false claims by the authorities. So, for an example, these agencies and their profiles are merely “ritual defamations” of their actual victims, some of whom form “reaction formations” to the abuse.

A couple of my favorite profiles are:

  • “the profile of the mental rapist” which is an FBI profile of a “mind fucker,” probably breathed to life by uber-lesbian Agent Starling. The irony of that cannot be missed as we see that agency and other shitbags in the “threat assessment industry” stalking and harassing men all over the world, deploying military grade “psychological operations” on unsuspecting victims, and attempting to incite violence, and even infiltrating family courts, and manipulating men’s lives behind the scenes. Mind fuckers indeed
  • the “hurt collector” goes by various names online and off and behavioral psychology trips all over itself to deny the reality of the pain caused by gang stalkers at all levels of society, and generally lumps this onto mass shooters who respond to being gang stalked, notoriously any and every mass shooter who has been demonstrably bullied by “gangs” of stalkers, such as Eliot Roger, or Seung Ho Choi.

I note these profiles, because they fit the profile of the types of bullying and harassment that the agencies themselves are performing all across America, as evidenced by how nearly every single mass shooter EVER was “on the FBI/other police radar” before, during and after their mass casualty events.

*CIA-etalphabet hides their domestic presence behind various “non governmental organizations,” and these are weaponized social change agents that actively stalk and target people in order to “create the change you want to see in the world” not least of which is the religious organizations that target antifa/Black Lives Matter, or the alt-Right Blue Lives Matter, and the crackpot “No Notoriety” groups that target them.

And, as usual, I only provide my readers with the tip of the iceberg–never the whole altered climate of “democratic subversion by US agencies.” Indeed–the CIA’s war on democracy never ends. You should ask me for the video’s that accompany this piece……

RIP John McAfee: we have loved you, hated your namesake software; and noticed you indeed had a “gang stalking ” problem. I will write more about it, see you in hell, bro–keep a cool one on tap for me, ok?!

The guy who invented anti-virus for computers is dead, at the ripe old age of 75.

John McAfee, a man who described himself as a “gang stalking target” was a true a folk hero who was harassed by multiple bankster entities and their various secret police agencies and their anti-democratic tactics (gang stalking), The agents and agencies ‘be-a-hatin on those of us who are–in the words of one of my own gang stalers “ahead of the curve.”

John has apparently committed suicide in Spain after being stalked by “the fed” and maybe the Belize intelligence services (all of whom are on the CIA payroll anyways.)

John McAfee, the eccentric founder of the antivirus software company bearing his name, was found dead inside a jail cell Wednesday shortly after Spain’s National Court approved his extradition to the U.S., according to Spanish government officials.

The 75-year-old cybersecurity pioneer, who faced federal charges of tax evasion and cryptocurrency-related crimes, appears to have died by suicide while being held at a penitentiary near Barcelona, Madrid-based newspaper El País reported. The regional Catalan government confirmed to The Associated Press that a U.S. citizen died at the facility, but it did not mention his name or a possible cause of death.

The shocking development came just hours after Spanish authorities ruled in favor of sending him back to the U.S.

I am very proud to note that my blog(s) were visited from Spain, just before his death, seeking information about “forced suicide” and other topics. And as the US agencies and their allies in “black operations” from Belize gang stalked him previously, my blogs were also visited from the locations in which he resided.

‘Nuff said about gang stalking.

Like Julian Assange an others, McAfee was a target for may years, a target of the FVEYs and their spy operations, and also George Soros and his deviant, murderous, Jewish-globalist anti-libertarian outreach, all documented in the press.

He himself noted that, as he ran for president as a libertarian. Soros murders libertarians, and has infiltrated the Libertarian party.

Thank you John McAfee, for your efforts fighting the global syndicates, and local mafias that spy on us, using “malware”!

And I will have a beer with you in hell, with Shatan himself when I get there. Keep a cool IPA on the bar for me, ok?

How to catch a gang of stalkers: start with this story about a prisoner who died in a 109 degree cell, and add “coincidence in gang stalking” and its a ROGS Bingo

No one likes bad guys, who do bad things, but you know what? When those bad guys are some fundie prison guards who murder a guy? Yup. They are worse than any bad guy walking the streets, because what the bad guys do is bad. What fundie rison guards who murder people do is evil. See the difference?

And most gang stalkers are fundies of one kind or another–people on the payroll of NGOs, or other entities who enlist them to do illegal things.

So: who wants to trace a gang of stalkers, and possibly push for a prosecution? Let’s start by first, naming the bad, dead guy.

Man serving life for 1993 Jefferson County double murder dies in prison

A 44-year-old state inmate serving a life sentence for the deaths of two people in Jefferson County has died in prison.

Tommy Lee Rutledge, 44, was found unresponsive inside his private cell at William Donaldson Correctional Facility. The discovery was made at 8 p.m. Tuesday, and Rutledge was pronounced dead at 9:13 p.m., according to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office.

Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates said an autopsy was performed Wednesday but the cause of death has not yet been determined. There is no evidence of foul play.

Meh. Another bad guy that we the taxpayers don’t have to feed, right? I mean-just look at this guy!

Tommy Lee Rutledge was roasted alive by prison guards.Look at this guy! And…look at the inhumane conditions of his prison cell. See any books in there? Anything at all that resembles life sustaining matter? Image from the Freethought Project


What causes a man to live the life that man lived? We will never know, right? Black, male, in the shithole state of Alabama….meh.

But what is significant is the sheriffs statement: No evidence of fould [sic] play….until….coincidence which is much discussed between gang stalkers online. Mr. Rutledge died in a fire, so to speak. And…so did his two victims.:

It was about 5 a.m. when another man there said he was awakened by the sound of gunshots. He testified he saw Rutledge standing over Edwards and Whitman with a gun in his hand. That man testified that Rutledge put the gun to his head and ordered him to search Edwards’s body. Rutledge also forced him to help him drag the bodies into the kitchen, where Rutledge shot them each again in the head and dumped trash over them.

Rutledge then set fire to the trash on the bodies and to the couch. Several Christmas presents from inside the home were stolen. The witness was then tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut, but he managed to escape after several hours and call police.

Let’s move past that county sheriffs statement that ‘there was no foul play,’ and read forwards a few months later:

Alabama Man Dies in Overheated Prison Cell


An Alabama prison cell Tommy Lee Rutledge, 44, died of hyperthermia on December 7 when his core body temperature rose to 109 degrees after his cell at Donaldson Prison in Bessemer, Alabama, overheated to more than 100 degrees.

Yup. Gangs of stalkers can be tracked and traced, using simple SOCMINT and OSINT. Who wants to go hunting with me? Let’s start with the guards on duty that night, and work upwards to that sheriff. Regardless, note the following:

  • coincidence in the gang stalking dialectic
  • electronic weapons in the form of a heating controller
  • claims that “they are roasting me alive!” in the gang stalking dialectic
  • no touch torture in the gang stalking dialectic

Like the cases of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others, these new police/security firm/prison guard tactics are indeed “no touch torture,” and there are thousands of ways to enact them. While none of them do anything at all to make our societies safer, or better, or more crime free, they do allow sick, demented sadists on the state’s dollar to enact torture, and pop their rocks while on some power trip based in “morality.”

Because this is what gag stalking is, and these are the people who stalk gangs. And like most claims, there is a dual meaning, as noted above.

Religion, sexual dysfunction, pedophile slander in family courts (and elsewhere); costly, brutal custody disputes: the case of the Hollywood writer, a lying, Borderline Personality type of Mother, and online character assassination, courtesy of the DVIC

Gang Stalking Fast Fact: parental alienation is a major part of the online dialectic of “child kidnapping and human trafficking,” and sociopaths who work in the family court system are often “who the gang stalkers are.”Forensic psychologists, behavioral analysts, court mandated reporters, guardian’s ad litem, etc.

I have noted that I have been stalked by members of the Internet Movie Database Gang, and extraordinary claims do indeed require extraordinary evidence, which I have done for many years, including photo’s of many of them, and even their home addresses(if anyone is interested). I have traced their “gangs” using simple OSINT and SOCMINT research.

So, it helps to provide some background: everywhere you find a writer, you will also find hidden gangs of people who seek to control or influence the writer’s narrative. In my case, I wrote what might well have been the nations first story about a manufactured terrorist in 2003, long before others started writing about that topic; and had long fought the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) in words, and in the press.

A writer by the name of Christopher Ambrose (his extensive writing credits here at the IMDB) was brutally targeted by his ex-wife, and an online army of semi-anonymous trolls who waged a “pedophile” smear campaign against him. I was ready to hate the guy for various reasons–our online hate-fixing is, like, a real thing.

But Ambrose was/is targeted by rabid occultists, all of whom used lies and fabrications to smear him as a homosexual, a pedophile, a child porn distributor, a child abuser, and so on. All of that because he wasn’t having sex with his wife–or as one of the crackpot psychopaths put it “he never consummated his marriage” to his incestuous wife. After seeing what these people are capable of, I would bet my last dollar that no sane man will ever have sex with her again, except maybe her cousin (true story.)

When I first encountered his narrative, it was at a hate site called FamilyCourt Circus, which interested me because family courts are where a lot of gang stalking begins as states and predatory state-policing practices reach ever deeper into families to bleed them dry of funds, as we saw in the Publix shooting, the gendered narrative of helpless women needing “support” simply drives men to drink or the brink. These are indeed child kidnapping rings of a sort.

These courts are also where we see the confluence of organized religion’s and particularly Catholic’s and Jew-others battling it out for real estate, dialectic space, media sound bytes and so on. The case started in Connecticut, in a highly Catholic area.

The story started thus:

Another story of a madman, his lawyer and too much money. Meet Christopher Ambrose, a demented narcissist, self-denying homosexual, with less than high school level of maturity, masquerading as a father of three, special needs, adopted children, whom he enjoys torturing with the aid of his expensive lawyer, and doting GAL, in the perverted family court of Connecticut, before Judge Jane Grossman.

That writer–who writes anonymously because otherwise they would be sued into hell for libel– writes about Connecticut family courts. They had me interested immediately, because family courts are indeed anti-democratic, due process free shitholes, generally, and worse in some sectors of the different states.

But then “Oi vey, the jews are so obvious at being jewish” caused me to stumble, because family courts across the land are ALSO full of other religious trolls hiding behind court authority depending on the location, and concentration of religious affiliates in that area. And “God Knows” that the Catholics–and others– have run orphanages for profit since forever, waging wars on the heathens, and stealing teir children, most famously the “Indian schools” across the US and Canada, many of which did not even record the deaths of the children who died in their “care.”

So, that authors points about the courts are quite valid, but hard to read because of the hyperbole. While correct on substance, many religious fanatics and actual anti-semites seem to gloss over how other religions/ethnicities and their are involved in this form of “child trafficking.”

To whit:

Of course the drama was initiated by the $400/hr GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, who claimed to the court there was an urgent matter regarding the ‘safety’ of the children. See how the jew game is played? If children are ‘unsafe’, the matter is for the executive branch of government under state police powers, which is handled by Child Protective Services.

I have highlighted the part where we see how states exploit the many due process loopholes in the law, and against the constitution, which is what the DVIC is–family courts, domestic violence courts, drug courts, etc., all are just extensions of the slavery system and baseline peonage; the two tiered justice system where people are viewed as chattel property of the states they reside in.

Unsurprisingly, the case takes place not far from the famous Guilford police war on gang stalking fliers (the Guilford police actually warned residents of the dangers of raising awareness about gang stalking. No shit.); and eerily close to the former Sandy Hook Elementary where members of the the Manfredonia family popped up at the site of the shooting.

Chris Manfredonia, the man seen ‘running through the woods as Adam Lanza was allegedly inside Sandy Hook shooting the school psychologist and others, and former US Marine William Manfredonia who ran the Newtown High School, and also, unsurprisingly one of the clan, Peter Manfredonia became a mass killer less than a decade later. His mother teaches at those schools too. The Connecticut state police presence in that event before during and after the shooting is stunning.

I won’t go too deep down that rabbit hole of family connections in that area yet, but its all connected with facts and evidence. You can connect the dots yourself by following the Manfredonia’s of that area, over at Researchorganizedgangstalking.org, where I documented this linkage, or at Rebeccah Carnes wonderful blog that also documents these plainly “weird” associations. Sadly, Ms. Carnes has informed me that she was not writing anymore, and did not know when she will write again. And this, shortly after some strange intelligence agency stalker started cyber-stalking her.

SO: lots of pedofication, slanders, court room libel, phony police calls, and a shitload of money spent on forensic sychologists, and other court ordered tomfoolery that caused the family to sell of all of its assets later, a Hollywood writer is vindicated by–of all things–a psychological assessment that validated his wife’s sociopathic tendencies.

I started down that rabbit hole because I wanted to feed my family court hate boner some hate-Viagra. But I was also eager and willing to despise the “Hollywood mafia” and so on, but the deeper the rabbit hole went, the more I found myself siding with the man who was being pedofied I did a total 180, and found that Christoper Ambrose is likely a good man, who was put through “hell” by some sociopaths and a few actual psychopaths from the Catholic folds.

And, I reached out to one particularly vile woman, Jill Jones-Soderman a social worker from the Satanic Panic era, who runs something called the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court Systems (FCVFCS) and she had spread lies about Mr. Ambrose being a “homosexual pedophile” and she repeats those lies to this day, despite he having taken all applicable psychological tests available in such situations indicating otherwise. She has yet to comment, and Mr. Ambrose has yet to sue her for libel and defamation, likely because he is a good parent who does not want his kids to suffer anymore than they have already.

Christopher Ambrose-Karen Riordan psychological evaluations

But without surprise, the internet has Jones-Soderman listed variously as a fraud, misrepresenting herself in various matters, or having lost her license to practice social work, and more. And, like Targeted Justice, she is a fake whistleblower, and speaks in the same hyperbolic tones, and repeats lies that have been proven to be lies. Here she is as a fake whistle blower. These people deserve jail time, IMHO.

Its a long read if you are interested in these things, and especially informative if you are thinking about filing a gang stalking lawsuit; or if you are a journalist, writer, or psychologist who wants an eye opening parental alienation case to follow. Here is the final custody assessment, including the psychological profiles of each individual. Especially not how the woman is a proven liar, according to her own hired guns.

The DVIC began in the 1980’s era of the Moral Majority, and during the “war on families” and the “war on pornography” and of course the “Equal Rights Era” of women’s empowerment. As with most genuine movements, all of those had good cause, but all causes were lost, due to co-option by the deep state, and hidden religion. Famously, the far-right Jerry Falwell was quoted by the Associated Press saying “We want to infiltrate the culture with men and women of God who are skilled in the legal profession. We’ll be as far to the right as Harvard is to the left.”

Whether Harvard is actually on the left has yet to be seen, but the point that Falwell made became the policy of nearly all right wing religious organizations, most famously echoed by the former head of the FBI, James Comey using the Twitter handle “Rienhold Niehbuhr” who advocated the exact theology of Falwell by “hiding Christ in culture,”; but also the fact that America’s press, academic institutions, agencies and certainly the family courts have these sociopaths within them too, backed by the spying of Fusion Centers share this practice of infliltration–the Jesus people are everywhere, and especially so in gang stalking.

So, the DVIC and its hidden agenda of religious proselytizating is a brutal throwback to the Inquistition of the Catholic church (which unsurprisingly was led by a converted Jew), but here we are, in modern times, and gang stalking is modern witch hunting that primarily targets men.

Family Court Circus is just one of the many blogs online that despise the family courts (with good reason) but that blogger mistakenly blames the Jews for all of the mayhem in those lawless court rooms that do in fact serve as “child trafficking” facilities, the tip of the iceberg of America’s actual child trafficking networks. Blaming Jews exclusively for the travesty of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex misses the point of how deeply involved Catholics and other religion tainted people are in this enterprise, as we saw in the Kids for Ca$h scandal, where one or two judges were trafficking children, some 3000 or more in fact.

If you have the time, you can research this case: https://thefamilycourtcircus.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Ambrose-Custody-Eval.pdf

But without any doubt, these courts are a new form of the Inquisition, and reading through the lies and slanders and libels of thee people–who hide behind the children–are indeed a form of torture.

Image:“The Inquisition in Spain” Tortures of the Inquisition including “waterboarding” at right. Vintage Woodcut Illustration from: “Book of Martyrs; or a History of the Lives Sufferings and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs from the Commencement Of Christianity to the Latest Periods of Pagan an Popish Persecution” by Rev. John Fox pub 1832. aquired 2001 Tortures carried out in the name of religion. Image courtesy of David M. Doody

While De Torquemada’s lash/wheel/penile plethismograph* is not as evident in these cases, gang stalking, and the related “silent eugenics,” accompanied by “poison squad whisper campaigns” waged by churches, “community policing” groups, police departments and women’s groups is everywhere you look.

A man in the dock, undergoing penile plethysmography. Image courtesy of Dxline.info

And another favorite topic of gang stalkers is Rape! which crisis PR agents have made into a hot topic in the western hemisphere, because western “crisis public relations” industries have crafted a narrative that rape is EVERYWHERE!!! you look. Of particular note is above as the narrative of “human trafficking” falsely inserts a mans sexuality into systems and equates sexual experience with sexual exploitation–its as if western religion tainted women cannot figure out how to perpetuate their line, and so, must resort to getting a guy in the dock because he grabbed her ass or something. Oh no! The scars! The TRAUMA!!!

And even worse for men like Ambrose, whose documented medical condition prevents him from sexual activity, being heinously smeared as a homosexual, child grooming pedophile.

All sex is rape, according to the last generations “fourth wave” of (religion tainted) feminists, and it is reflected in these bizarre DVIC court room battles, and policies, few of which abide by due process of law, or court trials, but rather, bloody, brutal he said/she said “whisper campaigns” that carefully skirt the law and constitutional protections. I can just see The Jesus running around and stalking people at their jobs, or at their child’s school, whispering in peoples ears “that guy is a bad guy!” But hidden religion is what is behind these cases.

And of the cases I have studied recently, few stand out more vividly that the case of yet another Karen–Karen Riordan, to be specific, stalking her husband with a whisper campaign that he is a pedophile, making and distributing child porn–that his computer, which she stole and had forensically analyzed–had ZERO evidence of any porn use whatsoever on it. If ever there was a good case for a woman who could use a good kick in the cunt, this would be it. BUt don’t stop at just one.

*The penile plethysmograph is yet another “junk science” related tool in the arsenal of America’s deviant law enforcement personnel, a tool that is used primarily by prison psychiatric personnel to gauge male sexual responses. It is used on child molesters, and rapists. In order to understand how deeply flawed, but carefully crafted the western narrative is, note that Wikipedia uses a photo of a female using such a device, rather than a male. Females being subjected to such humiliating procedures are an anomaly–it nearly never happens, yet men are subjected to this all over the west.

#SayHisName movement analysis, with commentary on gangs of white police stalkers (trust me, they are not all white)

SO, the #SayHisName and #SayEveryName movement was inevitable in the face of CIA/FBI/ADL-organized religion informed cult practices of “unnaming” men, and particularly heterosexual males, like #DarrenSeals of the Ferguson MO protests, who was found murdered, and burned to death in a car with one bullet in his head. Most strikingly, many, many Ferguson activists were murdered after that, and still no arrests, because this is what gang stalking IS. The police and their “black ops” allies are doing it.

Darren Seals and many other black activists also protested the co-option of their movement by international corporations and non-governmental organizations, all of which are run by white females and others similarly privileged, most notably, the Ford Foundation, run by a gay black billionaire, Darren Walker*. The linkage between the hatred of heterosexual black and white males is most clear in that case.

It was Seals who put forward the idea that “Black Death is a Business Model,” and he couldn’t have been more correct. Sarah Kendzior wrote about it thus:

Seals excoriated what he saw as the hijacking of Ferguson, and the complicity that lies in silence. “BLACK DEATH IS A BUSINESS,” he wrote.

View Darren’s full Twitter post from May 24, 2015 here.

“Millions and millions flowing through the hands of these organizations in the name of Mike Brown yet we don’t see any of it coming into our community or being used to help our youth. I’ve been calling out this shit for months […]

People see this as an opportunity to not only build a name but make bank at the expense of the lives of people like me.”

This is why you should know Darren Seals, if you didn’t. He was among few writers to clearly call out the division between the activists of the St. Louis region and the broader Black Lives Matter movement. In St. Louis, this division is talked about on the ground but rarely publicly. In the white-dominated mainstream media, where Ferguson is primarily spoken of as a symbol rather than a place where actual people live and suffer and fight, the fractiousness between local and national black movements has gone largely uncovered.

Having abandoned Ferguson as a place while embracing it as a brand, the national media largely focuses on the camera-friendly Black Lives Matter movement, which is how Seals ended up falsely being labeled Read more about the disgraceful coverage of Darren’s murder in this article at Contemptor a member of Black Lives Matter after he was killed.

White pseudo-feminists worked very hard over the last several decades to infiltrate the agencies with pro-white memetics, such as “men this and men that,” or “misogyny!!!”and then, the co-option of black male voices by the LGBT movement is also notable(except for perhaps, Ru Paul, lol); but the reality is still the same today as it ever was: men, and “othered” men are the primary targets of these kinds of women, the political alliances they forge, and the violence they stir up–against men.

And such violence should indeed be met with a violent response, which is why carefully crafted social engineering legislation like the VAWA and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex(DVIC) was created–to protect the privilege of primarily white women and their sexist allies who believe that their forms of violence are “socially acceptable,” and for the greater good–which they are not. Hidden religion and it’s “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” memetic and social programming winswith covert infiltration such as this, one generation after the next.

It has been this way since the early days of white women’s organizing efforts, as we see the rise of women in politics backed by the Ku Klux Klan itself, and the Women’s Auxilliary of the KKK waging “poison squad” campaigns against their targets. The #MeToo movement also has deep roots in this exact form of organizing–around white female privilege. And indeed, the public relations are all run by them, or for them; and the “medical mafia” has essentially herded these women as cows since the very beginning of time.

Related Story: A ring of child abusers operated in plain sight for many years, literally cutting a young boy wide open, and sewing him up again and again, as if he were a human zombie doll. By the time they were caught, only one person went to jail: the boy’s mother. How did the others elude capture? Read to find out.

Keeping in mind that this author is well aware of how others have been affected historically, also note that I am well aware of how others allow themselves to be used historically by corporate, religious, and tribal-sectarian interests, and non-governmental organizations. And so, no surprise that some resent the fact that black people, and particularly black men–this historically targeted group has had to build their own “media presence” amidst an actual onslaught of police violence directed at them.

The original shiftless do-nothing was the Irish Immigrant, demonized by the British aristocracy as “monkey’s of a lower race,” who were prone to mob violence (against that same aristocracy).Frederick Douglass compared their condition to slavery, and noted that perhaps it was worse than slavery.
You can see who the monkey’s are in the crowd above, without much effort. You can also see that the “good-white” police force is eternally under threats of some kind or other
The narrative of police under constant threat is curiously allied with police in unions and in other “deep state” positions creating threats, as we see with the mass shooters, and manufactured terrorists.

So, into the subject at hand:

#SayHisName Trends After Media Refuse To Report On Murder Of 5-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant

To the mainstream media figures who jump through hoops daily to defend and heroize thugs, rioters, looters, armed robbers and even mass-murdering terrorists, it’s as if deceased 5-year-old North Carolina boy Cannon Hinnant never even existed.

Hinnant, who was white, died Sunday after a black neighbor known to his family shot him at point-blank range in front of his two sisters, ages 8 and 7.

The suspected gunman, 25-year-old Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, was taken into custody the following day and charged with first-degree murder.

As of Thursday, it’d been four days since Hinnant’s murder, yet not a word about him had been written by anyone in the mainstream press, save for those at Fox News.

Ahhh, a white kid gets shot by a black neighbor, and suddenly there should be a national movement to say that one kids name! I see–honor the random death caused by a black person, who had never had half the social opportunity that a five-year-old white child has, and ignore the social structure that makes it that way. The preschool to prison pipeline for example, where slavery was replaced by a Jewish-christian corporatocracy that exploits children as resources, right down to their bone marrow.

Related Story: How the Pasco County Sheriff and his dystopian social control model, aka “intelligence led predictive policing” secretly AND openly stalked and harassed children in school.

Brilliant! Ignore the systems in place, while complaining about systems that are being built–possibly every bit as racist and brutal as the last system, for the reasons stated above.

Then this, from the Daily Wire, and note the highlighted part:

“Say his name. 5 year old Cannon Hinnant was executed in cold blood while riding his bike,” posted Walsh. “The accused killer is Darius Sessoms. He allegedly walked up to the boy and shot him dead in front of his sisters.”

Reverse the races and this is the only thing anyone talks about for a month,” he argued.

Um, no. Because that kid was not killed by a cop, or other institutionally connected person with power. One random murder (no matter how despicable and heinous) does not a movement make, and in fact, white establishment power exists already as a social force–it is it’s own movement, as demonstrated by the white women who head it.

That poor kid was killed by a neighbor, for some reason or other. Try to guess what that might be….I will not speculate.

*I am not saying that this Darren Walker is directly stalking heterosexual male activists, but that with his clout, and massive billion dollar budget, he, like all NGO’s is doing the bidding of international banksters, the majority of which seek to eradicate any potential for “patriarchal dynasties” such as their own.

This is what is called the “silent holocaust,” and other terms in the online dialectic of gang stalking. Especially note how this one “holocaust scholar”Ramajana Hidic Demirovic targeted three pubescent boys with gang stalking for many years, seeking to destroy their lives.I think the feds are just hungry for an informant, because f they looked deeper, they will find an actual “gang” behind that stalking, not just Demirovic and her daughter.

Take a look at the front page of that organizations wesbsite–co-opted, public relations manipulated, and highly “organized” “blackness” is a real thing. ANd hence the curious burning and shooting rampage of Everton Brown–he was caught up in a “corporate war” waged by NGO’s like the Ford Foundation (assisted by the anti-black male venom of Oprah Winfrey, no doubt.)

….post in progress, check back later