Friends in “high places”: Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco flaunted access to power, highlighting the problem of “the Jesus” and sheriffs department gang stalking

In the Tampa Bay Times series “Targeted” we get a glimpse of how sheriffs departments are using gang stalking to “harass targeted individuals until they move away or sue.” These departments are all over the USA and they act with brutal impunity–until now.

This has been enabled across the country because Jewish-christian’s –or those who have co-opted that label–do not believe in law, or civil rights, or due process. Using a system called “intelligence led predictive policing” these people have placed CIA and other intelligence agency designed and engineered technology at every internet switch, and every street camera.

A system which is so nefarious, invasive and bizarre that only window ledge slobbering voyeuristic deviants could have designed it. And now, they have invaded the public schools, and are in fact, using these technologies to track our children. What kind of deviants target and harass children? The same great minds that distribute child pornography to every corner of the globe with an urgency that belies ullterior motives. We must ask ” why–and WHO is doing such dirty deeds in order yto achieve WHAT purpose? The Multi-Alphabet agencies and their Hydra’s and Medusa’s of psychological operators in the FVEYs scheme are doing it, with little doubt, that’s who.

So, when we examine who targets children–and why they do it–we discover entire hidden industries that exploit children inn a variety of sickly, creative ways. There was the Kids For Cash scandal, and the movie that documented it; and every day across western nations we see this kind of child exploitation, which causes any rational observer to wonder : why do naked kids on film produce more outrage than ” sliced, and diced and medicated, and deliberately made-dyysfunctional kids, who have been used and abused by international medical mafias?”

Well, lets peek at the hypocrisy in the wizards of spin, in an otherworldly Oz, for one example of a “gang stalking lawsuit” from Pasco County Florida, USA. These people are exploiting children at the most vulnerable level–in their own homes:

The man behind the machine

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco built a controversial data-driven approach to policing. He also built a wide circle of powerful friends who don’t question his tactics.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco was once asked under oath how he had landed two high-level posts in state government.

“It was the connections that I had made,” he said bluntly.

“I mean, you didn’t have to like go and interview along with a hundred other people to get the job or anything?” an attorney pressed.

“No, ma’am,” he said.

Later that month, he told a reporter: “I’m very blessed to have friends that are in high offices.”

Keith LaBella Esq. was the first to suggest applying the RICO act to “organized gang stalking.” Now, a trend in which we see the Pasco County lawsuits invoking RICO, and a host of other constitutional violations

Keith La Bella Esq., writes over at www.gangstalkingismurder,, and he was the first person to ask that we apply “RICO” statutes to gang stalking cases. Unlike “do-nothing”ultra-right organizations–and likely stalkers– like, LaBella’s efforts are now paying off. The statute designed to police “mobsters”, “mafia’s” an other “gangs” is now applicable to “police gangs” who use intelligence led, predictive policing to harass people.

Keith La Bella is well known amongst genuine targeted individuals, because he is one himself, unlike these liars and frauds listed here, and here, who ramble on incessantly about “directed energy weapons, cell phone tower brain zappers!! aliens, and ghosts!!!” and who threaten lawsuits like Targeted Justice, but never sue anyone. These frauds all share the commonality of being retired spies, cops, and others associated with those fields, and manage to squash all that electronic brain zapper crap into the first paragraph of every so-called lawsuit they file, guaranteeing that they will not be taken seriously by any court anywhere. These groups are an offshoot in every way of President Ronald Reagan’s morality crusades–the war on drugs, the war on porn, etc.

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But here below is one of the first lawsuits targeting sheriff’s departments and others who targeted children, brought forward by the Institute for Justice. These lawsuits invoke the RICO Act statutes, and a handful of other civil rights violations , and, none of these actual gang stalking lawsuits mention brain eating aliens, or mind reading locusts–go figure.ANd none of these lawsuits have yet targeted these other forms of child abuse, but those are coming soon.

From the Tampa Bay Times, the series Targeted chronicles these first of their kind lawsuits:The U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into whether the Pasco school district broke federal law by sharing student data with the Sheriff’s Office. [April 19, 2021]

While these are the first of their kind to reach main stream news coverage, many have come before them, and LaBella’s lawsuit was the first to discuss these abuses and invoke RICO statutes. Here is the docket filing from 2011 for his lawsuit against the FBI, and here is a bit more about his request, and its results, and LaBella himself writes here. Note that his Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI and other organizations netted an interesting result: of the cases of stalking reported, some 13% included three or more perpetrators, a statistic that is substantial, and widely circulated in the TI community.

My problem is documenting “gangs of police, and their affiliated stalkers,” not merely sorting out the garbage blogs and videos from the real cases of gang stalking. If ever we saw how democracy is undermined, it is BY these retired police, and their agencies. So, because organizations like Targeted Justice are big budget, their form of gibberish gets higher rankings in Google, et al.

They even feature the same ultra-right wing “mind control” psychobabbling suspects such as failed James Randi JREF Dr. Colin Ross who claims he can shoot laser beams out of his eye, and Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA. It is these crackpots with agency connections that have stopped any progress on this issue since the height of the Satanic Panic era of the Moral Majority.

The FBI created Infragard, a secret and secretive group of over 80.000 people who work in strategic positions like IT, and corporate leadership management, etc, spying on citizens, and creating secret dossiers which they pass around, in order to skirt the rule of law. This type of activity is routine in nations that have foregone the rule of law, and to have this secretive group doing this at the bidding of the FBI reveals that no one in that organization believe in the rule of law, due process, or civil liberty, no different that so called totalitarian police states or”communist nations.”

So, we see that police in the west are in fact, no better than communists by practice, and definition, and we see that clams of democratic rule of law are hollow, having been gutted and cooked by these same persons. But it isn’t communists that did this in the west–it is religious fascists whose apparently incredibly insecure and not-quite-all-knowing God demands a police and surveillance state. Faith indeed.

Even communist nations abide by the rule of law. And that is a significant statement, considering that western governments have co-opted the meaning of freedom as “religious freedom” while destroying every right and civil liberty enshrined in western constitutions. They have enshrined hatred of communism as their catalyst for world domination, which has now been turned inwards on their own people. The FVEYs spy apparatus, augmented by constant threat narrative PSYOP (and its black operations) is what underlies all of these claims, and the fake TI’s who endlessly spew disinformation surrounding them are just layers of fat.

Its time to cut it out.

Also read Where’s the Intelligence at the CIA,” as torture pornography produced during for the global elite’s 1% war in Iraq is dubiously shuffled around between agencies, hiding the ball from Congressional oversight.

The tale of the C.I.A.’s torture tapes grows longer, more twisted and interlaced. The list of question grows apace, too.

What part did members of Congress play? When were these tapes showing C.I.A. agents inflicting pain on their captives destroyed? Who destroyed them? On whose orders? What were the motives for doing so? Or is this yet one more C.I.A. ruse? We are dealing here with an institution of habitual mendacity.

Gang Stalking “conspiracy theory”: it does in fact involve conspiracies and collusion at many levels, as we saw in the eBay Cockroach Cult–and Ramola D.

One of the problems that I bumped into as I began changing the narrative of gang stalking was that many mainstream journalists that I talk to would say “oh, that’s a conspiracy theory!” And total shitbags like Glenn Greenwald’s former law partner Mona Hollande would always point to the RationalWiki listing for conspiracy theory too. This was enabled because many crackpot’s online, such as Ramola D., Karen Melton Stewart, Catherine Horton, and the general Targeted Justice crowd pollute the internet with gibberish on this topic.

But in order to properly frame this issue, I was forced to reveal personal details about myself to other journalists who would otherwise scoff it away, and in doing so, established a baseline credibility that gang stalkers could not destroy. Part of my story involves someone else’s story. and the fact that I knew a young teen mother, who claimed she was “being stalked by ” a gang” and that everywhere she went, they knew where she was.”

That young woman had a child, and had run from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, seeking to flee these mysterious gangs of people. At the time, I thought it was a nutty claim, but then one day she called me to meet her, because an old couple was trying to buy her baby. There, in a McDonald’s restaurant by El Centro Mercado, I observed the conversation where creepy old white people were trying to convince her that she was not a good mother (and she really wasn’t TBH) and so, she should just sell her baby Jennifer to them.

Of course, I intervened, and she did not sell her baby. But my eyes were opened in that very moment to how brutal the world is, and how gang stalkers are indeed real. I saw them with my own eyes. Creepy, religiously affiliated, wealthy and connected old white people trying to buy a single mothers baby. The very tip of the iceberg. And I have seen it ever since. Gang stalkers are very real, and most of it starts in family courts, divorce courts, and any of the many other kangaroo courts where ultra-conservatives and their helpers in neocon pseudo feminism have established a due process free anti-constitutional “legal system.”

As I say repeatedly: ALL gang stalkers are current and former police, military, and their associates, ranging from social workers to EMTs to hospital workers, forensic psychologists, etc. And those people are propped up by any of the many pseudo-feminist, neocon and religious groups that mask their presence in “leadership development” and “human resources,” capacities too.

But even they could not do what they do without the efforts of the fake targeted individuals that litter the internet with gibberish about electronic weapons, and other evidence free claims. Lets take a short dive into some of the “electronic harassment and lizard people” cesspools that pollute the internet, and specifically, Ramola D., Karen Stewart, Catherine Horton, Geral Sosbee, and others.

A well known “fake TI advocate” Ramola D, is the equivalent of an Alex Jones, and part of the online PSYOP crowd, having co-opted my narrative of Mona Hollande, which I started at the Intercepts own forum many years ago. Ramola D. is a neocon, and part of the crowd that harasses people who have been caught up in the family courts, or other kangaroo courts that have replaced jury trials in the USA. A lot of the psychobabble is a cover operation for women who are themselves gang stalkers.

Mona Hollande’s usual response to people claiming that they are TI’s on the Intercept forums was to casually and mockingly dismiss their claims–and rightfully so, most of the time, because as we see with “Ramola D.” she is a total liar and a crackpot. Here is her fake testimonial about that below:

Also ignored by so-called “adversarial journalists” as Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and the entire Intercept operation–whose moderated community boards have been egregiously adversarial to “Targeted Individuals” including a targeted Time & Atlanta Journal journalist who reports cavalier responses there from Greenwald’s lawyer Mona Holland who has not merely been scathingly rude to being-physically-irradiated-and-neuro-tortured-TIs but who has set up a False-Reality-Construct page on Wikipedia or Rational Wiki abusively decrying, mocking, and ridiculing those reporting targeting–as delusional and paranoid– including myself, by name–a rare recognition indeed of Ramola D, but one made primarily for public denigration.

Now I ask my readers to compare that with the story of the eBay Cockroach cult, now being prosecuted by the Department of Justice, and also, have a look at the case of “targeted individuals” suing the Pasco County Sheriff (also here, and here too).

When we sort out the garbage online from the actual lawsuits starting to come forwards, we see that indeed these people target children, and that they litter the internet with garbage speech, designed to bury actual targets complaints.

Taking on “the narrative” at its root: How the CIA and other agencies use early recruitment of children to “manage perception.” Gang stalking case studies in eutrapilia

A simple fact: most targets of intelligence agency, police oriented recruitment and other forms of gang stalking have no idea that they are being tracked. A case study in narrative formation, and early media recruitment: The curious smearing of comedian Gavin McInnes, on National Public Radio. He is being smeared as a”white supremacist,” but the man who created Vice magazine says otherwise. My guess is he didn’t kowtow to other well known racists.

How Extremists Weaponize Irony to Spread Hate, via NPR

When approaching main stream media narratives, as the public, we are clueless as to how and why the talking heads are chosen–but they are indeed chosen. We have some vague idea that the media has a liberal and a conservative side, but that’s about it. Only those who have worked in journalism though, know how infiltrated it is by various political, sectarian, tribal and religious operatives, many of who have “deep state” intelligence agency ties. This is what the deep state is.

And, sometimes these talking heads and journalists are tossed aside after they are expended as useful idiots– long after they have been used in media as pundits. Most strikingly, in media studies of the fringes and the outliers, in these cases we see early recruitment of “narrators,” who can be used to carry certain messages that corporations, government and other powerful agencies then manipulate as the “person on the ground” narrative.

Have a look at how close media personnel and “official source narrative” control agents are to events and people who make the headlines in bizarre ways:

  • Then have a look at how close fake-bomber Cesar Sayoc was to media narrative too. He is alleged to have sent 13 fake bombs to 13 people, and who was also involved in crafting media narratives. Keep an eye on “the thirteens” in these whacky stories too
  • and look especially at how close to the narrative was Seddique Mir Mateen, the father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen. So close in fact that he was an FBI informant, as so many of these cases now reveal. And, Omar Mateen was the target of two FBI “threat assessments,” in the lead up to the shooting. Read more about the brutal tactics of those assessments and recruitment schemes.
  • and also the curious case of reporter Anna Conkey, who had grown severely aware that media trolls and hard right christian church trolls had infiltrated her real life, as the headlines blare “Woman Waves Gun Around Church, Holding Baby!!” Video here.

So, let’s take a look at a part of the “official narrative” around “white supremacy,” and how it is in fact a carefully crafted and definitely CIA and other intelligence agency involved narrative. In doing so, I will provide tenuous links to that agency via an ordinary person who won a spelling bee in the USA.

As I writer, I am fortunate that I am irreligious, non-sectarian and apolitical, a rationalist by trade and teaching, and well aware of the racists and religionists in and outside of media who are on each and every curve of the political horseshoe. I especially note how white supremacist women like these in the Women’s KKK, and Jewish supremacists from groups like the Anti Defamation League have worked together over the last century to spread a different, but powerful form of hate; and a hate that slides from one side to the other of the horseshoe nearly un-noticed.

Weaponized humor wasn’t invented yesterday. Have a look at what democratic laughter is, via John Lombardini’s analysis of Aristotle, and why certain non-democratic, anti-democratic, and fascist elements of our society fear humor in discourse, or deploy it as a one way weapon, while decrying the use of it by others. Read it here: Civic Laughter Aristotle and the Political Virtue of Humor

With that in mind, there is no evidence that Gavin McInnes is a racist, but there is evidence that he is being smeared by racists, whose basis is in primitive books known as the Torah, and the Bible. Indeed, there is so much racism in those books that Jewish-christians have taken up that issue and littered the internet with links pre-emptively disputing it. If you search “examples of racism in the bible” you are redirected into 22, 000 proselytizing sites that seek to dismiss the claim, rather than answer the question, in typical christian fashion, aka “psychobabble.”

But from the tree, goes the fruit, and predictably, we find a similar “misinformation” campaign about racism in the Torah, which is the Jewish book. A search for the terms “examples of racism in the torah” returns a slightly different result: there are nearly 13 million sites attempting to do the same thing as the christian sites! Let me know if you start seeing patterns with propaganda operations and disinformation, and hey–can anyone help me with the math on that? Its like 1/591 christian ‘splainers to Jewish ‘splainers, right? Food for thought….

SO read this, about racism enshrined as law in Israel, much like Jim Crow laws in the USA. To so-called* brown, yellow, red, and black people, who have been systematically genocided over the centuries, it must seem absurd to watch these wealthy white Jewish-christians bickering across the centuries, much less arguing about the term genocide.

Well, enough about all of that, what’s important here is the story that NPR ran, and I will skip the part about the smear on McInnes, and go right to the point. I will look at who NPR chooses as a “source” in their story about weaponized irony, and that source carefully handled in media narratives for many years BEFORE this story ran.

Note that the story veers from humor and political speech, straight into a cloaked narrative, using a deliberately race-neutral speaker as “local narrator” of an event that could be called “contrived,” that of the Capitol Hill riot:

Concern on campus

In early 2020, Oona Flood started getting more and more worried about a classmate at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The classmate, a 22-year-old named Christian Secor, was already well-known for his self-proclaimed “love” of guns. Around that time, he was also posting racist and antisemitic memes and tweets, attacking immigrants online and publicly supporting Fuentes. Often, Secor adopted the kind of “trolling” style that’s prevalent on the internet.

When one student called Secor out for a tweet that the student found offensive, Secor responded that he was using “post irony.”

“It’s called a joke and the fact that you think that these posts are anything more than that is telling,” added Secor.

Flood, who is Japanese American, said they wanted to speak up.

“I definitely felt that sense of threat,” Flood told NPR recently. “And, like, I really hate to say, [because] it sounds so much like, overblown, ‘snowflake,’ that we’re just overreacting, you know?””

The average observer in the general public is never made aware that these narrators are “handled” for long periods of time before they ever become sources, or pundits, but we see their presence in the media, and they are especially traceable and identifiable after mass shooting events, as I chronicled above and elsewhere. In this narrative, we also see “politcal policing” that starts by targeting and monitoring a white male in a college setting, and a few other points from ROGS Analysis too.

So, like we see in this story, where a diaspora refugee” was handled for many years by named groups, deep political operatives are used in these politicized, and racial narratives by other racists. Their survival, they have come to believe, depends on this complicity with certain portions of racist narrative, while rejecting other portions of racist narrrative, usually out of sheer ignorance, or due to media messaging known as “influence operations”.

So, lets go on an internet journey, and take a look at the narrator above, Oona Flood, whose name suggest Scotch Irish or Irish heritage and possibly East Asian or Japanese heritage–but who knows for sure, right? I write what I write below, because she has made herself a public figure.

Here is Oona Mary Nikko Flood as the Vc of Student Affairs at UC San Diego

Here is Oona Flood many years ago, competing the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and here she is winning it’s 46th incarnation.

And here is Oona stating that she wants to one day work for the CIA: “Oona may be a speller today, but she hopes in the future to put her interest in language and politics to work by becoming an agent for the CIA

And here is the email I wrote to Ms. Flood asking for comment:

Hi. I am writing an article about the NPR piece where you were quoted as a source. You made comments about a fellow student, Christian Secor, who eventually attended the Capitol Riot.

I read what is available online about you, and I take note that won a major spelling bee, and that you wish to be a CIA agent.

Do you have experience as a spy, or other “intelligence” gathering related groups and organizations? Do you come from a military or police family?

In your experience at school, were you in an official capacity to keep tabs on the Capitol Hill rioter, on behalf of any school related groups or institutions, or was that just your personal choice to follow him online?

Would you care to comment?

Best Regards, and thanks in advance–

I will update this post if she responds, stay tuned.

*Malcolm X perfected a way of saying “so-called” in a deliberate drawl that signified to any listener that he knew what kind of racist, or other cloaked wordplay was in action. I use that drawl a lot myself;)

A note about the illustrator Thomas Nast, and the fear of “the other” perpetuated by Jewish-christians: trust me, if “the other” took over the whole world, it would be a good thing–because you suck.

There are so many crackpot sites online about gang stalking that it hurts my head just trying to explain them. You can look here, at actual lawsuits targeting gang stalkers ( and here, and here, and here, and here, and here) and then, look at the religion tainted psychobabblers that ramble on about “psychotronic weapons, mind reading lizard people, and reverse speech!.”

For my part, if the world were rid of the latter people, I think the world would be a better place, no doubt about it. So, who can help me make that happen–any volunteers?

Well, Thomas Nast grappled with this exact problem, a hundred and seventy years ago, and still no solution in sight. My idea is this: we get the western psychobabbling Jew-christians out of the way (hoever “we” need to do that, and then, forma new world with them as our lapdogs and belly dancers. Sound good?

Talk about historical context….Look! here we see how the “evil Chinese” are “tricking” poor illustrator Thomas Nast to do opium.

I mean–the British spent over one hndred years trying to subdue China with drugs, until China kicked them the fuck out of there, but….the “residue” remains in the pipe as we see in Hong Kong, and the Mi6 and CIA trolls running ramshod over true democracy by spiking the brew with cloaked Jewish-chiristian psychobabble about “democracy.” That democracy of course, guided by graft, corruption, and western “morality” expressed as “religion.” What a farce.

I mean…really. Check your own shit at the door, before WE have to. It makes for a safer world.But have a look here about some weird Catholic psychobabble. Trust me: Baptists, and Protestants are equally bizarre, and the gang stalking dialectic is full of their types, proselytizing the Jesus garbage. Just look at this chili spiced fruitcake for one example.

So: many Catholics are themselves gang stalkers ( The Pauline Sisters, and Opus Dei, etc. are likely behind several mass shootings, rape hoaxes, incel movement garbage as to defy logic or law enforcement) that we even saw the last president harboring criminals like Mike Pompeo (also and Opus Dei member) and the president before him harboring a child pornography distributing FBI chief, James Comey….I mean: at what point does law enforcement become law enFARCEment with these people?

Yup. Its one and the same with them, tossing “man’s laws” out the window as they leer into your bedroom over the windowsill, while calling YOU a pervert. Weird, junk science, predicted by the types of people who do these “gang stalking” things, as we see in this example of a “fruitcake.” Reverse speech indeed–right back o the dark ages, if these cunts get their way.

These real life trolls seek to put “Christ in culture, ” ala Reinhold Niehbur. They seek to undermine democracy at every access point, by distributing ” jihadist beheading videos,” and ” dog porn with legless Bosnian women.”

A sick game indeed, but very and sadly what they do. Because “Jesus loves you, “etcetera.

Look! Jesus Loves Cambodians Too! Just like National Endowment for Democracy hard right fanatics do too. They nearly loved Cambodia to death.

Cambodia is one of the most heavily land mined countries in human history. Even today, people stumble upon US military “ordinance” and get blown to bits. Jewish-christian, theological neocons and western military forces did that.

And Jews do it too. Have a look here at one of the now indicted “useful idiots” and a darling of diversity having been trained as a gang stalker by Jewish political groups, and now, indicted as a stalker by the feds. Its a good thing–because exploiting and terrorizing children is a really bad thing, unless you are a racist kabbalists and a Torah “believers,” that book itself noting that all races except Jews are unclean heathens; and condoning genocide, among other atrocities, as long as they are committed against “The Other.”

So–ANYTHING GOES! when targeting teenagers. What a bunch of scum, the whole lot of them. Because their “ancient religions” are little more than homicides and other mayhem, backed up by ” the Lord,” whoever the hell that is.

Women as stalkers: indeed they do form gangs.

I for one hate rapists, of any kind. But you know what? Democracies everywhere depend from jury trials, not some drunk, unaccountable and a minefield of gender strewn biased, wholly unaccountable narrative in the “rape claimants” testimony.

I also hate those who do not follow the rule of law, or who disregard civil rights just a little bit more than I hate rapists, because these should know better. The “rape survivors” of that era– all women, handed the ball to the police state, and for worse, it has festered and grown into an anti-democratic “hate” movement. And the roots of that are in the porn wars era of 1970-80’s white women’s feminism, using the tactics of the Ku Klux Klan Kamelias.

And so what we see happening in the gang stalking dialectic is that neocons and other ultra-right forces manipulate the left and center, and these same have created the biggest “privacy rape” machine in history, the NSA FVEYs program ( also known as the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes spying program, which is an unimaginably HUGE world wide wiretap.)

It wasn’t a bunch of rape victims who did that, but instead, powerful women from Jewish-christian cultures who want to return our societies to the era of feudalism, as the west devolves into full blown police and surveillance states. Indeed one of the main narratives driving that privacy rape was the anti-pornography crusader Catherine MacKinnon, whose father George MacKinnon, was instrumental in setting up the US secret court system and the FISA court.

Nikki Craft co-founded the Kitty Genovese Women’s Project when they posed as sociology students under the pretense of doing “statistical study on violent crimes” and compiled, pre-computerization, on index cards, the names of every indicted sex offender in Dallas County from 1959 to 1975. A year later 25,000 copies of a newspaper listing all 2,100 indictments, 1700 of which were multiple offenders, was distributed throughout Dallas. On March 8, International Women’s Day, the group read the names over local community radio KCHU for 13 hours. The same year she wrote and recorded the Rape Song about Inez Garcia and Joan Little.

There is nothing short of skullduggery involved in the narrative of anyone who coopts the voice of rape victims, in order to set up a total surveillance state.

Gang stalking lawsuits: The US Attorney AND the FBI are starting to take gang stalking seriously. Comes now the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, indicted progressive political operative

As I have documented repeatedly for over five years, much gang stalking flies under law enforcement radar because it is organized gangs of female stalkers doing it, and we see evidence of that everywhere. There are “gangs” of women at all levels of institutions, and the story below gives us a glimpse of a refugee, cum disapora survivor, cum now -indicted felon. ROGS predicts that the “un-named associate” is Demirovic’s daughter.

“Writing about me may not be the best idea. People love happy and cheerful stories, and mine is sad.”

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, quoted in “OVAKAV KAKAV JE – DOBOJ VISE NIJE MOJ GRAD” a story about her life as a refugee from Madeline Albright’s “women’s war” in the former Yugoslavia

At all levels of narrative, we see the woman below used by media, and used by profiteers in the various “disapora community” narrative, and at ALL levels of the pseudo-feminism of “women’s empowerment.” But we also see her climbing the precarious ladder of the American political scene, carefully “handled” by political operatives.

UPDATE 6/”13″/2021: I have added to my thoughts about this case and you can read that here. Demirovics is part of what I call the Internet Movie Data Base Gang of Stalkers, and many of those that I encountered in my research are indeed listed in the IMDB, These bizarre stalkings included former Playboy bunnies, and Filipina “single mothers. Read the update for more information.

And now, Demirovic’s is probably going to jail because of that training by very wealthy, deep state affilliated political operatives, and the associated sense of entitlement, immunity, and impunity. Gang stalking is a predatory, multi-level marketing scheme, and women like Demirovic are both its products, and its services.

Related Story: Getting in on the booming industry of Diaspora! Now, thanks to Mother Courage and her Wagon, you can find a Diaspora APP on Google! Look in the “forever war” section, and ignore the spyware inherent in such a diabolical scheme, and ask yourself: who would be stupicd enough to use these APPs? Yup….immigrants who do not know any better….

That Pattern Repeats Itself In Nearly All Gang Stalking Cases: the politics of gang stalking, a primer

Quite famously in the Virginia Tech shooting, and in the Ten Thousand Oaks shooting, we saw both Democratic AND Republican political operatives on the scene or near it; the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting had this guy from Australia “move in next door” to the alleged shooter, or the Scott Bierele (R) and the Talahassee Hot yoga shooting where he blasted some caps in his stalkers (D), and in many more cases that this is so.

And, women abound in these cases and in the pre-and post-ballistics of mass shootings–see the DeWayne Craddock-Virginaia Beach case for one excellent example– and other odd events, but also, we only notice these events, because they are extreme outliers, when in fact, women’s violence rules our society, and men just don’t speak up about it–women like Demirovic barely know what hit her as she was used by political operatives, and probably didn’t think she hit anyone either, because she was merely “stalking, cyber-stalking, and trying to destroy some young boys lives.” No violence there, right ladies?.

But hit her they did, and hit her they should, across several continents, for several decades, whoever “they” are.

US Attorney’s are starting to take these cases seriously, because these stalkers are dangerous, organized, and fly under the radar-most of the time, and it is often women doing the online cyber-stalking and tasking other community resources to the offline real world stalking, led by one or another “intelligence led predictive policing” for profit scheme, most prevalent in the stories where a “the shooter was accused of domestic violence !!!!”narrative….accused, but NEVER CONVICTED….why is that exactly? Yup. Kangaroo courts and their counter-constitutional basis have a lot to do with it.

In the case below, note how the indicted female stalkers stated goal is to ruin a boy’s life, by lies, coercion, manipulation, and deception, because he had dated, and rejected someones daughter. Geez….I can’t imagine why anyone would reject such good fruit, from such good trees, lol.

Comes now the case of indicted stalker Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, soon to be convicted stalker, or plea-copper, and her “associate.” And look at the claims made in the indictment, as we see indeed that everything you read about in the claims of stalking victims are mirrored to the letter, which I will highlight in bold type below:

‘Permanently damaged’: 46-year-old San Francisco woman allegedly cyberbullied three boys for years

Joshua Bote, SFGATE

Documents filed in California federal court allege that Demirovic told the boy that she would “rip [his] f—ing heart out.”  The boy had dated a girl connected to Demirovic for a few days in February that year. 

Nearly five years later, Demirovic, who now lives in Brentwood, was charged in federal court Monday for two counts of conspiracy and cyberstalking in an effort to “sabotage the personal relationships, social reputation, academic life, and work prospects of the teenage victims,” per the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California. She was arrested last Friday.

The charges were announced Monday in a statement from Acting United States Attorney Stephanie Hinds and FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig Fair.

Soon after the initial incident, court documents allege Demirovic began targeting another boy who her “co-conspirator” dated for about two months. In August 2016, she allegedly sent a barrage of text messages, calling him an “awful human being” and telling him that she would file a false restraining order against him in an effort to affect his college applications.Months later, Demirovic and the teen girl reportedly called the boy’s employer and school principal to falsely report claims of physical abuse, drug use and alcoholism. The principal prohibited Demirovic from entering the campus following the suspicious contact.

Women’s stalking in western societies traps boys in cycles of abuse that destroy their lives, and echo the worst practices of primitive societies, because this simply does not exist in more evolved societies where educational opportunity, and social equality are the norm, not the exception. Women in Jewish-christian-Islamic societies serve the purpose of being on one hand, gatekeepers of social narrative, and hence the highly gendered narratives of domestic violence; and on the other, operate AS gangs, exactly as we see above in every podunk town across America.

So, high numbers of females involved in prosecuted cases of “gangs of stalkers,” is the norm, not the exception, as saw in this recent case that received media attention.

In the past, white women’s groups ranging from the altRight neofeminist stalkers of the Nikki Craft crowd*, and Melissa Farley, to the poison squads of the Ku lux Klan Kamelias frequently worked their poisonous trade with the help and encouragement of law enforcement agents, retired police, military, and even deep state and actual intelligence agency assistance. Here’s more on these toxic, gangs of stalking women from Maggie McNeill.

But gangs of women now occupy multiple levels of society and its institutions, and indeed, form gangs. In the story above fr

Its as if the entirety of white female power and privilege have vested their resources in one thing, and one thing only: making sure that when a gang stalking case–or any other sordid crime– DOES make news, it is always brown, black, and other women whose names are attached to the headlines. But that’s a start.

What makes this indictment so tasty though, is the stalker herself, and her credentials. A short bio includes that she got her training at Jewish Community Centers, was educated in Indiana, University of Bloomington…. into “political science and international business, and spent a few years working for institutions like the World Affairs Council, where I was in the function of organizer of honorary and donor functions….I was in a position to organize meetings with many ambassadors, consuls, and businessmen from all over the world…..I started working at San Francisco State University as director of marketing….I was….employed in a large environmental campaign that was funded by the governor of California….” etc., including a Master’s degree in Modern European History…finishing a PhD. in Holocaust studies…”

Lots and lots of “etcetera” in these cases indeed. And, ROGS Analysis predicts that too. Gang stalkers think they are immune to prosecution, because of their political ties and other associations, but they are not.

Its about time that agencies started looking closer at these cases to notice patterns, and develop new profiles. While this indictment looks like a one-off, it’s not: the political history of this “diasporess”is riddled with missing links, and political alliances that for now, remain hidden, but complicit.

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic indictment:

*I have admiration and a lot in common with many feminist icons, but for some reason I cannot identify with their hatred of men, and their gender biases, extreme narratives, and flaunting of their privilege–that they merely forego allegiance to one group of patriarchs in favor of another group of patriarchs, as Horseshoe Theory predicts. I think that is because they are all affiliated with the ADL, a toxic, racist group of very mean Jews, who act as shepherds to their various tribal/herds after these women have foresaken their own bloodlines, and male lineage,;and that most of them are merely golden cows, or something like that.

The crossfire dialectic of organized gang stalking: its a name game

Gang stalking lawsuits are indeed a thing now.

So, over here, I wrote about a lawsuit where a corporate gang that included lots of retired police, and high percentages of women called “the eBay Cockroach Cult”, stalked, cyberstalked, and harassed a few writers.

Then, over here, and here I wrote about a journalist who had begun to bring a few cockroaches into the light after writing about a similar “gang” comprised of the usual suspects: current and retired police, military and intelligence operatives.And that journalist even used the “proper language” and called it what it is “Gangstalking” although it is two words not one, that’s a good start.

I had commented at that site forum, the Fort Worth Weekly, because I have been driving a narrative for several years that gang stalking is comprised of two types of people: actual victims of police, military, and intelligence related spying and harassment, and then, the well known “fake TI’s” that litter the internet with garbage about psychotronics weapons and satellite brain manipulation.

Related Story: World renowned champion of civil liberty and freedom, Stanley Cohen Esq. is indeed a true and verifiable “targeted individual.” In the time I have known and corresponded with Stan, he never once mentioned “electronic weapons” other than what they are: various forms of computer and cell phone wiretaps and other similar “microwave weapons,” other than cell phones and other electronics, all of which use radio frequencies, and so on, all of which are entrapped by the “Five Eyes wiretap,” which you can glimpse here.

As it turns out, there is in fact, some gray area, because even as I sought to enable dialogue, made a prediction about how forum comments sections are weaponized by ultra-right and left-wing pundits and papers, and here’s what happened:

  • I predicted that the article itself was yet another example of how certain chains of newspapers in the west are very friendly to this form of manipulation by these trolls, and wholly unnaccountable for the results (Particularly the “Bee” chain of papers, Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee, etc.)
  • one of my blogs immediately came under attack by a “botnet,” which is an automated process. That one actovely sought to hack into my log-in pages, and used various bad passwords (I also use my blogs as honeytraps, too.)
  • I watched how certain elements from internet connected across “time and space” by watching their relationships to electronic cables, particularly a very leaky cable in the Pacific Ocean that spans several Asian regions including Australia, and South America
  • I then encountered “catfishing and social engineering attacks,” from a few FVEYs nations and their remote proselytes, one of which included someone who used a similar email address as the Fort Worth journalist. When I asked that journalist if she had set up a new email, her reply was ” But the real question is “Who are You!?” I found that informative indeed as I was literally being targeted with hacking attempts, one of which used her name. She did not provide a response
  • I wrote to the sex offender mentioned in her article, Richard Moore, and did an article about that lawsuit which you can read here. While he is relatively a congenial guy, he was more concerned about my identity than he was about discussing his lawsuit, and he made it clear that he “has the names of around one hundred gang stalkers,” but also, that his most important criterion is that he wants to unmask my private identity, which indicates a new twist in the dialectic: privacy rape is indeed a thing in both sides of the dialectic.

SO, that’s all I have for now, readers, more to come soon. Check back in after the Cambodians invade my secret lair.

Gang Stalking and hard right christianity: the western governments are forever seeking sneaky ways to get their religion up your ass. Good Morning CAMBODIAAAA!

This blog got four hits from Cambodia for the first time ever today, after I wrote about how a targeted individual, Richard Moore, had filed a lawsuit against some gang stalkers, most of whom are hard-right christian religionists, and many of those, affiliated directly with the CIA or other intelligence agencies.

On the surface, it might not appear that the gang stalking dialectic is a CIA and other agency creation. Such claims are impossible to prove with scientific certainty, most of the time. But what can be shown, by pattern analysis, is that gang stalking IS indeed a bizarre form of religion based social engineering scheme, and that actual spies are at the center of the dialectic spaces. Very easy, in fact, because all of their narratives are pure junk science based, by definition–none of it holds up to scientific scrutiny.

Have a look here (and also here) at how the old CIA derived garbage “science” of “reverse speech analysis” appears as a “concerned citizen” and actual gang stalker targets a so-called sex offender. The sex offender, it might be observed, is the by-product of Jewish-christian voyeurism: people who peek into other peoples windows then declare someone to be a deviant. Imagine that–perverted voyeurs, declaring others to be perverts. It baffles the mind and shocks the conscience of any rational observer. But that’s what gang stalkers DO.

SO, Good Morning Cambodia! How are all of those cute little land mines that the “good Jewish- christian people of America” left in your back yard some 60 years ago?

Look! Jesus LOVES YOU! What a great gift–look, my grandma had her leg blown off by a US bomb! Thanks for all that “love.” Hugs and kisses, y’all!

Love, American Style

SO, anyways: I know who the enemy is, and its you there, reading this post right now from that special office there in Phnom Penh. And, my friends are aware what you are doing too. SO, keep your mind on that, while I send my wordpress stats to them. And, I welcome you to come. Code word ” You, your criminal agency, and Gary are GARBAGE.”

Rotten christian spies, hiding behind the term “justice” and leering into the windows of others–what a bunch of ugly sick perverts you are. See you at the cable! But we have your number, and its on speed dial now. And for some reason, it always defaults to voice mail which says ” Jesus loves you,” which, in reverse speech analyis says ” The USA and its spying is not legal, ethical, or tolr=erable, so, find better allies to combat their religious and racist lockup on narrative.”

Weird, I Know, but that’s what it says.

See you soon! I guarantee, our meeting will put bucks in my bank And you will “prove” to the world “who are the gang stalkers.” Your game has gone bust here, I promise you.