Gang stalking lawsuits: The US Attorney AND the FBI are starting to take gang stalking seriously. Comes now the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, indicted progressive political operative

As I have documented repeatedly for over five years, much gang stalking flies under law enforcement radar because it is organized gangs of female stalkers doing it, and we see evidence of that everywhere. There are “gangs” of women at all levels of institutions, and the story below gives us a glimpse of a refugee, cum disapora survivor, cum now -indicted felon. ROGS predicts that the “un-named associate” is Demirovic’s daughter.

“Writing about me may not be the best idea. People love happy and cheerful stories, and mine is sad.”

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, quoted in “OVAKAV KAKAV JE – DOBOJ VISE NIJE MOJ GRAD” a story about her life as a refugee from Madeline Albright’s “women’s war” in the former Yugoslavia

At all levels of narrative, we see the woman below used by media, and used by profiteers in the various “disapora community” narrative, and at ALL levels of the pseudo-feminism of “women’s empowerment.” But we also see her climbing the precarious ladder of the American political scene, carefully “handled” by political operatives.

UPDATE 6/”13″/2021: I have added to my thoughts about this case and you can read that here. Demirovics is part of what I call the Internet Movie Data Base Gang of Stalkers, and many of those that I encountered in my research are indeed listed in the IMDB, These bizarre stalkings included former Playboy bunnies, and Filipina “single mothers. Read the update for more information.

And now, Demirovic’s is probably going to jail because of that training by very wealthy, deep state affilliated political operatives, and the associated sense of entitlement, immunity, and impunity. Gang stalking is a predatory, multi-level marketing scheme, and women like Demirovic are both its products, and its services.

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That Pattern Repeats Itself In Nearly All Gang Stalking Cases: the politics of gang stalking, a primer

Quite famously in the Virginia Tech shooting, and in the Ten Thousand Oaks shooting, we saw both Democratic AND Republican political operatives on the scene or near it; the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting had this guy from Australia “move in next door” to the alleged shooter, or the Scott Bierele (R) and the Talahassee Hot yoga shooting where he blasted some caps in his stalkers (D), and in many more cases that this is so.

And, women abound in these cases and in the pre-and post-ballistics of mass shootings–see the DeWayne Craddock-Virginaia Beach case for one excellent example– and other odd events, but also, we only notice these events, because they are extreme outliers, when in fact, women’s violence rules our society, and men just don’t speak up about it–women like Demirovic barely know what hit her as she was used by political operatives, and probably didn’t think she hit anyone either, because she was merely “stalking, cyber-stalking, and trying to destroy some young boys lives.” No violence there, right ladies?.

But hit her they did, and hit her they should, across several continents, for several decades, whoever “they” are.

US Attorney’s are starting to take these cases seriously, because these stalkers are dangerous, organized, and fly under the radar-most of the time, and it is often women doing the online cyber-stalking and tasking other community resources to the offline real world stalking, led by one or another “intelligence led predictive policing” for profit scheme, most prevalent in the stories where a “the shooter was accused of domestic violence !!!!”narrative….accused, but NEVER CONVICTED….why is that exactly? Yup. Kangaroo courts and their counter-constitutional basis have a lot to do with it.

In the case below, note how the indicted female stalkers stated goal is to ruin a boy’s life, by lies, coercion, manipulation, and deception, because he had dated, and rejected someones daughter. Geez….I can’t imagine why anyone would reject such good fruit, from such good trees, lol.

Comes now the case of indicted stalker Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, soon to be convicted stalker, or plea-copper, and her “associate.” And look at the claims made in the indictment, as we see indeed that everything you read about in the claims of stalking victims are mirrored to the letter, which I will highlight in bold type below:

‘Permanently damaged’: 46-year-old San Francisco woman allegedly cyberbullied three boys for years

Joshua Bote, SFGATE

Documents filed in California federal court allege that Demirovic told the boy that she would “rip [his] f—ing heart out.”  The boy had dated a girl connected to Demirovic for a few days in February that year. 

Nearly five years later, Demirovic, who now lives in Brentwood, was charged in federal court Monday for two counts of conspiracy and cyberstalking in an effort to “sabotage the personal relationships, social reputation, academic life, and work prospects of the teenage victims,” per the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California. She was arrested last Friday.

The charges were announced Monday in a statement from Acting United States Attorney Stephanie Hinds and FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig Fair.

Soon after the initial incident, court documents allege Demirovic began targeting another boy who her “co-conspirator” dated for about two months. In August 2016, she allegedly sent a barrage of text messages, calling him an “awful human being” and telling him that she would file a false restraining order against him in an effort to affect his college applications.Months later, Demirovic and the teen girl reportedly called the boy’s employer and school principal to falsely report claims of physical abuse, drug use and alcoholism. The principal prohibited Demirovic from entering the campus following the suspicious contact.

Women’s stalking in western societies traps boys in cycles of abuse that destroy their lives, and echo the worst practices of primitive societies, because this simply does not exist in more evolved societies where educational opportunity, and social equality are the norm, not the exception. Women in Jewish-christian-Islamic societies serve the purpose of being on one hand, gatekeepers of social narrative, and hence the highly gendered narratives of domestic violence; and on the other, operate AS gangs, exactly as we see above in every podunk town across America.

So, high numbers of females involved in prosecuted cases of “gangs of stalkers,” is the norm, not the exception, as saw in this recent case that received media attention.

In the past, white women’s groups ranging from the altRight neofeminist stalkers of the Nikki Craft crowd*, and Melissa Farley, to the poison squads of the Ku lux Klan Kamelias frequently worked their poisonous trade with the help and encouragement of law enforcement agents, retired police, military, and even deep state and actual intelligence agency assistance. Here’s more on these toxic, gangs of stalking women from Maggie McNeill.

But gangs of women now occupy multiple levels of society and its institutions, and indeed, form gangs. In the story above fr

Its as if the entirety of white female power and privilege have vested their resources in one thing, and one thing only: making sure that when a gang stalking case–or any other sordid crime– DOES make news, it is always brown, black, and other women whose names are attached to the headlines. But that’s a start.

What makes this indictment so tasty though, is the stalker herself, and her credentials. A short bio includes that she got her training at Jewish Community Centers, was educated in Indiana, University of Bloomington…. into “political science and international business, and spent a few years working for institutions like the World Affairs Council, where I was in the function of organizer of honorary and donor functions….I was in a position to organize meetings with many ambassadors, consuls, and businessmen from all over the world…..I started working at San Francisco State University as director of marketing….I was….employed in a large environmental campaign that was funded by the governor of California….” etc., including a Master’s degree in Modern European History…finishing a PhD. in Holocaust studies…”

Lots and lots of “etcetera” in these cases indeed. And, ROGS Analysis predicts that too. Gang stalkers think they are immune to prosecution, because of their political ties and other associations, but they are not.

Its about time that agencies started looking closer at these cases to notice patterns, and develop new profiles. While this indictment looks like a one-off, it’s not: the political history of this “diasporess”is riddled with missing links, and political alliances that for now, remain hidden, but complicit.

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic indictment:

*I have admiration and a lot in common with many feminist icons, but for some reason I cannot identify with their hatred of men, and their gender biases, extreme narratives, and flaunting of their privilege–that they merely forego allegiance to one group of patriarchs in favor of another group of patriarchs, as Horseshoe Theory predicts. I think that is because they are all affiliated with the ADL, a toxic, racist group of very mean Jews, who act as shepherds to their various tribal/herds after these women have foresaken their own bloodlines, and male lineage,;and that most of them are merely golden cows, or something like that.

0 thoughts on “Gang stalking lawsuits: The US Attorney AND the FBI are starting to take gang stalking seriously. Comes now the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, indicted progressive political operative

  1. Well i live in the middleeast and
    Kuwaity citizen but i live in another country area country famous for its monuments and history however I’ve been experimented on without my consent ,I’ve been gang stalked , slandered, robbed, false claims have been directedto me by officials in the a way of threats , abused , non lethal weapons that was either bought from. The US orChina have been experimented on me and my family , like psychotronic weapons and synthetic telepathy for years which causes bad health side effects that I’m suffering from , they also used black magic to kill me , my life has been threatened , they counterfieted a contract with a fake signature , they used me to profit from my triggers in sports by manipulating my thoughts and subconscious to their favor by using these weapons i do have proofs of such existing weapons because theyare removing any traces online for such weapons to continue their abuse and their greed ,i have reached out to everybody for help and to do it legally no one lifted finger to provide help or assistance and the ones that replied they rejected helping ,i decided to leave my family and relocate faraway from this shitty country to another continent however the threats and loud voices increased and probably wanting to find away to frame me and stop me from leaving ,for 20 years they stopped my progress in life, career wise , love wise, money wise ,putting me under their thumb to control me not to get away ,i have seen them arrange match making tactics to the guys i fell in love with so that they wudnt choose to be with me and choose others by emotionally manipulating them or offering money and other incentives to keep them away from me ,i feel like im an experiment not a human being that gidhas created to live in peace and harmony and freedom because of everybody’s greed but i wud rather kill myself if i can’t get away from them then continue with this abuse and deception I’ve reached my Witt’s end and staying in the status quo is no longer an option , I’m hoping and praying for a miracle .


      Is there a person that you love an trust in your life? Please tell them what you are feeling–don’t wait.

      I see the country that you are from is what we call a “real shithole” of repressed, religious fanatics, and bad government.

      Do you have any hobbies? If not–please consider taking up a hobby, andDO NOT KILL YOURSELF.

      I would like to hear more about your ife, if you care to share.

        1. That sounds fairly accurate according to known behaviors of gang stalkers.

          What support groups are you in? AA, NA. SA, etc. are 100% full of gang stalkers–and if you are in NA or SA they are looking for “dirt” that hey can prosecute you for.

          Be careful with that. And WTF would you tell strangers anything personal anyways, right?

          So: become your own best friend, and stay true to yourself while finding ways that you can give back to your community, volunteering, etc.

          Find real friends, not fundoes and 12-steppers.

          An interesting fact: Bill W. ran a a sex cult, and participated in the 1950’s LSD experiments. He recommended it to others.

          These programs are just one of the many ways that organized religion and the deep state keeps an eye on the “sheeple” who are not “believers.”

          Get away from all of that cult formation post haste!

        1. Simply Google “Suicide Hotline”–there are hundreds of them online, especially for women and LGBTQ people–but very very few resources anywhere for straight men.

          My blog is not geared for suicide prevention, its an investigative resource, and by your nym, I am guessing that you are of the former two categories. The world is full of resources for them/

      1. they’re convincing people stuff that’s not true about me to recruit them into participating in gang stalking. Like my neighbors, friends, and even family. I try not to entertain it but it gets so bad that people start fucking with my food. And doctors will mistreat me. They stole my cell phone while I was in the hospital once and tied me to the bed. It gets insane. They will torture me if I don’t answer their questions. It’s an extreme violation of the constitution in the worst ways possible. They might as well tie me to a chair and beat me. It’s that bad. I’ve stareted cutting myself since it’s been getting really bad.

        I’m in a drug diversion program. I stopped going to NA and AA because I get attacked there hardcore. The bigger the meeting, the worse. I was at SA, it was crazy bad, the government had to deploy rats to protect me because i was getting threats. But even the rats participated in the gang stalking, they just didn’t threaten me with violence like the rest of the beneficiaries were.

        1. Hi Ben–you said “in a drug diversion program”

          My advice on that is to stop doing drugs, if you can. You really do not need any program to get off of dope–but you do need a safe place to dry out.

          I do not give out any email, as all these creeps need is a an email address to then stalk me as Edward Snowden noted “all they need is an email” to stalk you everywhere on the web.

          I judge each case according to need. In your case, I might be willing to set up an email exchange, but I need to know more about your case–I don’t need any more trouble from these cowards.

          And right–stay out of those groups unless you are lonely, or unless its court mandated to be there–they are little more than cults, sponsored by state and NGO’s. aka the deep state.

        2. Ben, I want to “validate” your complaint, and tell you that what you wrote above is very true–I am suspecting that you might be a minor? In that case, they can legally torture you EXACTLY as you describe–this is not a new problem at all, and has been going on since the 1950’s if not earlier.

          Re: “it gets so bad that people start fucking with my food. And doctors will mistreat me. They stole my cell phone while I was in the hospital once and tied me to the bed. It gets insane. They will torture me if I don’t answer their questions. It’s an extreme violation of the constitution in the worst ways possible”

          I know other kids who have gone through this too, and it is torture. I have one piece on my blog about Eau Claire Academy, where this was quite common in the 1980-90s.

    2. i am dealing with the same thing. They are spreading lies saying i’ve been spreading hiv intentionally, when i’ve been tested 3 times now and even they have cut me to test me and it’s negative. Now they’re looking for stuff to frame me. They’re destroyed so many of my friendships and relationships. It’s like they are trying to convince me that I’m guilty of murder. when I’ve committed no such crimes. I’m being gank stalked everywhere and online. even some of my family are being employed by them.

      1. Hi, Ben–who is spreading the lies? Who SPECIFICALLY?

        If you can track that, you will be able to gain evidence for a “defamation and slander” lawsuit. If they are causing you to lose jobs, you can file for discrimination.

        And, if they have cut you–that right there is a criminal charge if you choose to file it.

        They spread the HIV rumor when they think someone is gay, or just to be malicious–and as weird as it sounds, to force you to chooses a “heterosexual ” relationship that leads to marriage. So many gay people have gone through these horrific stalkings in the last century that there should be a memorial for them–you are not alone.

        Yes, they will use your family against you.Yes, everything you say about framing, and so on is very real–these cowards hide at the internet switches knowing that it is nearly impossible to catch them, and prosecute them.

        Those who do this often believe they are “helping you” or that they are trying to force you onto the right path for your own good; but the reality is that they are all disgusting, law breaking, creepy cowards–and you have rights.

        Adults follow the law, respect boundaries, and have face to face talks–back-stalking cowards use gang stalking to affect you–just today alone this blog got two of these stalkers–who I have kicked off of here before–they are all passive aggressive cowards, and many of them have studied these exact psychological warfare techniques.

        But before we talk further, go to my contact page, and follow the instructions–because everything you say here is “public.” And, “they” can use that against you.

      2. BTW: which members of your family have they recruited? Ask yourself then: which family members can you still trust?

        Then, talk to them.

        But if your standard of trust is one that includes the idea that ” I trust them because we do drugs/drink/other negative activity together” well….maybe rethink how you trust people.

  2. I don’t know. I think it’s the major news networks. It’s like everyone can see it but me. They hide the sources from me. I get harassed in metaphor. Or people will pretend like they’re talking to someone else but they’re saying shit to me or about me. A lot of mocking. Sexual harassment like if i bend over they will fake cough. A shit load of people are doing this. even the counselors at my drug class. They hide the source and when i call them out they deny it. the old man I’m renting a room from is doing it like every day. I called him out for sexually harassing me and he tried to strangle me. The government knows about it. I’ve heard glimpses like they are getting leaks from the fbi. But I don’t have hiv i’ve been tested 3 times. 2 tests were lab tests straight from the vain from doctors. They could be lying trying to make me think it’s government. I’ve heard them say that people are running around gang stalking pretending to be government. To scare me further and make me feel guilty.

    1. Well, first: ” I called him out for sexually harassing me and he tried to strangle me”

      Ben–file a police report about that incident ASAP. Otherwise you are simply not protecting your rights.

      Again–they are pursuing you because they want to get to the bottom of the drug supply chain. And yes–fake cops and real cops often coordinate in these bizarre stalkings–but your job is to get well, ok? DO WHAT IT TAKES TO DO THAT, every day.

      Your case is typical of what many heroine/fentanyl/pills/etc. cases are–because these podunk jurisdictions get a shitload of money from outside sources to “fight drugs” etc.

      SO–the truth is no one gives a shit about you personally–fact. They only care if they can profit from you–its called the preschool to prison pipeline.

      And so, the cops and fake cops are all financed by the Feds, or various non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and health “care” providers, etc.Its a for-profit operation at every corner–except the one you are cornered in right now.

      So, as the target, they seek to exploit you in a variety of ways, which is complicated to explain here. But your job is to become “unexploitable,” if you can.

      SO a few questions: how old are you, are you charged with anything, and do you have ANYONE on your side right now?

      Answer me that, ok?

  3. there will be stuff in the news papers too. They use numbers a lot. like m1 for murder one. or they will say in the first like over and over on the news talking about regular weather or other news. but they make a point to say one or in the first. i start getting emails like ONE coupon offer. shit like this. youtube recommended videos will do the same thing with ONE or FIRST in the title. whatever number they want to push at the time.

    1. This is all done from Fusion Centers who are using people in social engineering experiments.

      GET OFF THE INTERNET for awhile.

      That said, yes, many common citizens are being used by Big Tech in ways that can drive you a bit crazy.

      There have even been a few mass shooters who reported similar things that you are reporting, and I have documented these claims with evidence; and turned that evidence over to journalists–some of whomare now winning Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on these programs.

    2. In the early days of the internet, the right wing militia’s would ally themselves with AM radio stations, and those stations would use their news vans in stalking convoys. Its a very real thing.

      These days, some journalists are in on it, some not. If you have read my story, you will see that I became a target after I refused to comply with pro-olice/pro-Alphabet agency/ pro-NGO b.s.

      So, yeah, I won’t call you “crazy” for reporting that. These people need to be punished, and more and more, others are aware of what they are doing–cases are starting to happen.

      These days, I forward the names of these people to “friends” in foreign countries, who find them to be very interesting “people” as much as one can call gang stalkers “human.”

  4. i have a picture my neighbors license plat he put on his boat it says 1em2086. Like me im born in 1986. and murder 1. but I do not have hiv im tested 3 times now. For sure I don’t have it. My roomate I think stole my 2nd hiv test document from me. He’s been saying in metaphor that he’s stealing from me. He said casually in conversation “haha oh the worst is if you put something really important to you somewhere… KISS IT GOODBYE” this is the way they’re harassing me.

    1. Yeah….the numerology thing is a real deal. They are cultists, so superstition, manipulation of your perception of reality, and numbers mean a lot to them.

      So: don’t let them live “rent free” in your head–make them pay the full fare for what they are doing.Target them back.

      Study that roommate closely, and begin a dossiere on them. Keep logs of their coming and going; document their relationships, and laugh in their face when they do this shit to you. Its a bit likethat childish “made you blink” game or a stare-down contest where they always cheat, and blow in your face–so don’t get caught up on that level.

      Instead–simply begin to build your personal files, and fill them with words, pictures, and other data about these people.

      Anyone who is messing with you, look them up on the internet, and write down what is significant about them: groups they belong to, clubs they are in, their home addresses, friends, relatives, etc.

      9 times out of 10 (no, I am not trying to f@ck with you) they are related to police, fire, state workers, even upper level agents in the DEA/ICE/FBI, etc.

      These people can be prosecuted if you can link it up the chain that far, and in the least, simply turn your findings over to those agencies–with evidence.

      More important than anything though, is that you gain friends and allies at this time, because they are attempting to isolate you, which is a dangerous spot to be in.

      Your job is to find those connections.

      In the middle east they have an expression: lie to a liar, and steal from a thief. And one other, which I think is very good: a friend of my friend is my friend; an enemy of my enemy is also my friend.

      There are variations on that theme, but generally-I would add that its OK to stalk stalkers, as long as you stay within the law–which begins in your own dwelling.

      Lastly: mind over matter-there is power in blocking them in your own mind. Get used to viewing them as “less than” you, and find people of quality to talk to or spend time with. Hell–join a book club, get out and socialize, and try to make yourself useful to others in some way.

      Now–this might interest you: since you began to comment, I have gained several “followers,” many of them clearly are stalkers themselves–and likely stalking you too.

      So, don’t feel alone.

    1. You yourself can use anonymous services online to send email.

      There are about ten good ones, including Guerillamail.

      And, you can use ciscorouter(dot)12@mail(dot)com if you choose to contact me–that email was compromised over a year ago, but its not monitored live.

      Those hackers were located in San Diego and Texas, and they staged it using the Phillipines and other hops along the trans-pacific cable.

      But if you know anything about how these shitbags work, they generally do not monitor you or your email 24-7, they only want you to think that they do.

  5. i got worried because my messages on here were being blocked, but some of them finally went through. it took a week. very odd considering what I’m going through. I have friends, but sometimes they seem like they are also participating in harassing me but acting nice to my face.. like honeypotting me. I think they are still thinking i have HIV and I believe they are being offered money to find out if it’s true, so they are probably money motivated. And that doesn’t surprise me about your followers. My google reviews get like 15,000 reviews… just for like “hey great show at this random bar…” I think they are money motivated and don’t want to find me innocent because that means they won’t get paid. it could be in the hundreds of thousands is my guess. I have some friends and family that I somewhat trust, but the trouble is that it seems like they are getting 3rd party information about me and i constantly have to try to repair the damage from what they’ve said about me. I got a dash cam and some of the car stalking has stopped.

    1. You got a dash cam! Good job-get one in the back of the car too. And don’t drive yourself crazy with reviewing the footage–just store it on a flash drive that you carry with you, and only document the ridiculous activity like
      -squad cars trying to run you off the road
      -the one headlight thing
      -rando weirdos flipping you off on the road

      Put those in a separate folder on the drive, and turn those over when you report it.

      I responded to almost all of your posts, so read through my responses.

      Now: thinking that your posts are getting honey-potted borders on the type of low-level paranoia that these gang stalkings induce. Its a normal suspicion. But its unfounded–because I don’t always answer immediately, even though I get them.

      Now: you are a performer of some kind–you play in bars or something? Tell me more about that–the Google reviews. As they say there’s no such thing as bad PR.

    2. Ben–also, forgive me for stereotyping, but your last name is possibly Jewish?

      If so, then there are a ton of organizations that can help you better than I can–contact organizations like the Jewish Federation, and the ADL, etc., who are well known sociopathic gang stalkers.

      They even murder people if they can get away with it–which, in the case of dead gang stalkers, is never a bad thing.

      I laugh every time the news has some story about some “poor little gang stalkers” who got killed in any of the many weird events that these people provoke.

      The Arvada Colorado shooting (and every weird shooting event in that state and elsewhere) was one of their most recent hilarious moments–the cops and their all-white police gangs in that area mercilessly stalk people, some of whom target them back.

      Most of the stalking gangs in that area are fundie-vangies, and there is great irony in them being major gang stalkers–as if their Super Jesus would have approved of that, lol.

      Hilarious! And, well deserved when they meet “heaven’s gate” via one of their victims buying the ticket for them. Use my search feature for more posts about that.

      Maybe that can help you if you get the other side of crazy involved..

  6. Hello ROGS,
    Exactly how long have you been blogging about TI(s)? And are you an actual TI or just researching about the lowlife scum so called gang stalkers? And if you are an actual TI, for how long have you been an TI or should I say realized you are? Sorry for my outspokenness, it’s one of my gifts passed down to me. Also, are you here on long Island as well? Cuz, definitely have to say there are a mass of those losers everywhere. I enjoy pissing them off. They make it too easy…all you have to do is exist.

    1. Start a blog of your own post it there. I do not allow inbound pics/links/etc. from people I do not know.

      The term TI has multiple meanings, so what are you asking exactly?

      Read my blogand you will see that there are two general categories: tribal-sectarian-religious crackpots who yammer on with unprovable claims about electronics and demon sex, versus their victims, who are frequently dissidents, activists, whistle-blowers, etc.

    2. Write to me here–the more you use the “contact” feature, the more likely you will seem to be a hacker–if you have pictures–stop sending pictures TO ME, and start your own blog, and upload those pictures there, so that I do not have the risk of further hacking, ok?

      I will look at what you have when you get your own website, ok?

  7. I have been blackballed, gang stalked, gaslighted…no bs with electronic body/brain technology stuff that I read about, just attacks by housings (including break ins), financial, physiological warfare crap and harassments’. Anyhow, I have came across bogus sites and tried to do my own many times then obviously something happens to my devices. My dog was attacked and now she has passed away on the 9th of this month. So, I know what is being done to me for sure. Thank you so much for your response and best wishes to you.

    1. Keep up the good fight–collect evidence that is court room worthy.

      And yes, this: “no bs with electronic body/brain technology stuff”

      About 40% of that is private detectives, contractors and others advertising their services, and another big batch are religious crackpots like Dr. Stella Immanuel, who blipped on the screen during Trumps term, talking about being electronically zapped and having demon sex –no kidding these far right evangelicals are a nutty crowd.

      One of the guys I traced online yammered on about being zapped, and targeted, and when I did basic SOCMINT, he turned out to be the owner of a huge helicopter leasing firm in Las Vegas that likely does business with the FBI.

      Separate even those two categories of people, and we see some are just religious nutters, while others are profiteering the fake terror and mass shooting events.

      As we see, this “targeted individual” is loaded in nuanced ways, and can have multiple meanings.

      But without fail, nearly 100% of the #fakeTI’s online are current and former military, police, intelligence agents and their associated flying monkeys; forensic psychologists, behavioral analysts, state workers state unionists, their friends an relatives–police department recruits, etc.

      It forms a huge pool of stalkers available at any time to bad actors in policing and law enforcement.

  8. Well, I have amazing 23 year old son that is the only one other then my mom that I trust. I’m a single mom and an independent. I have too much to talk about, too much to put into comments. However, yes I am saving all of the evidence that I have and most likely will end up on the street homeless soon. Guess I’m just reaching out to someone that is going through what I’m going through so to vent out at this point. My life has been threatened ever since I was born first by my father when twice he wanted to throw me out of the eighth story window in Brooklyn. Held my head under water at the age five at the community pool in Florida where I had cpr done on me by a stranger a man that saved my life. My father is in a cult. But, other then that this attack is no matter where I go including doctor’s, hospitals so on…I’m a good person that doesn’t bother no one. I’m not perfect but not a horrible person either.

    1. Wow, hang in there. It does get better. But I need to know more about your personal day to day world before I can comment substantially.

      You might do yourself well by studying the effects of trauma.

      Indeed, regardless of who has caused it, the symptoms are the same or similar, and you can get through this, ok?

      I don’t want to judge per se, but one must certainly admit that deciding to have a child in such a fragile social ecosytem is a strange choice, IMHO.

      Children need support, and community, but it looks like neither you nor your mother have provided much of that for your son. Three people is not a society–it takes much more to thrive.

      And so, I ask myself “why do women have children into such bad circumstances?” And then, I see that the other part of the problem–beyond your apparently POS dad–is your mother’s own choices to depend on a man, rather than earn skills that benefit herself, her daughter, and society BEFORE she had a child.

      The world is a hard place–I never understand why women do this to children, considering that abortion has always been an option for women, but not men. And now, the Supreme Court is likely to continue to chip away at women’s abortion rights, because most women do not choose that option, but rather, throw men to the lions(the courts, child support systems, prisons, etc.) by choosing to have a child in a society that preys upon men.

      SO, looking at your story reminds me that many men are enduring social death–and suffering horrific consequences after a woman decides to have a child, without thinking through the rest of life FIRST, rather than later.

      That said–I hope you are getting community support for your son, he will need it.

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