The crossfire dialectic of organized gang stalking: its a name game

Gang stalking lawsuits are indeed a thing now.

So, over here, I wrote about a lawsuit where a corporate gang that included lots of retired police, and high percentages of women called “the eBay Cockroach Cult”, stalked, cyberstalked, and harassed a few writers.

Then, over here, and here I wrote about a journalist who had begun to bring a few cockroaches into the light after writing about a similar “gang” comprised of the usual suspects: current and retired police, military and intelligence operatives.And that journalist even used the “proper language” and called it what it is “Gangstalking” although it is two words not one, that’s a good start.

I had commented at that site forum, the Fort Worth Weekly, because I have been driving a narrative for several years that gang stalking is comprised of two types of people: actual victims of police, military, and intelligence related spying and harassment, and then, the well known “fake TI’s” that litter the internet with garbage about psychotronics weapons and satellite brain manipulation.

Related Story: World renowned champion of civil liberty and freedom, Stanley Cohen Esq. is indeed a true and verifiable “targeted individual.” In the time I have known and corresponded with Stan, he never once mentioned “electronic weapons” other than what they are: various forms of computer and cell phone wiretaps and other similar “microwave weapons,” other than cell phones and other electronics, all of which use radio frequencies, and so on, all of which are entrapped by the “Five Eyes wiretap,” which you can glimpse here.

As it turns out, there is in fact, some gray area, because even as I sought to enable dialogue, made a prediction about how forum comments sections are weaponized by ultra-right and left-wing pundits and papers, and here’s what happened:

  • I predicted that the article itself was yet another example of how certain chains of newspapers in the west are very friendly to this form of manipulation by these trolls, and wholly unnaccountable for the results (Particularly the “Bee” chain of papers, Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee, etc.)
  • one of my blogs immediately came under attack by a “botnet,” which is an automated process. That one actovely sought to hack into my log-in pages, and used various bad passwords (I also use my blogs as honeytraps, too.)
  • I watched how certain elements from internet connected across “time and space” by watching their relationships to electronic cables, particularly a very leaky cable in the Pacific Ocean that spans several Asian regions including Australia, and South America
  • I then encountered “catfishing and social engineering attacks,” from a few FVEYs nations and their remote proselytes, one of which included someone who used a similar email address as the Fort Worth journalist. When I asked that journalist if she had set up a new email, her reply was ” But the real question is “Who are You!?” I found that informative indeed as I was literally being targeted with hacking attempts, one of which used her name. She did not provide a response
  • I wrote to the sex offender mentioned in her article, Richard Moore, and did an article about that lawsuit which you can read here. While he is relatively a congenial guy, he was more concerned about my identity than he was about discussing his lawsuit, and he made it clear that he “has the names of around one hundred gang stalkers,” but also, that his most important criterion is that he wants to unmask my private identity, which indicates a new twist in the dialectic: privacy rape is indeed a thing in both sides of the dialectic.

SO, that’s all I have for now, readers, more to come soon. Check back in after the Cambodians invade my secret lair.

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