Gang Stalking and hard right christianity: the western governments are forever seeking sneaky ways to get their religion up your ass. Good Morning CAMBODIAAAA!

This blog got four hits from Cambodia for the first time ever today, after I wrote about how a targeted individual, Richard Moore, had filed a lawsuit against some gang stalkers, most of whom are hard-right christian religionists, and many of those, affiliated directly with the CIA or other intelligence agencies.

On the surface, it might not appear that the gang stalking dialectic is a CIA and other agency creation. Such claims are impossible to prove with scientific certainty, most of the time. But what can be shown, by pattern analysis, is that gang stalking IS indeed a bizarre form of religion based social engineering scheme, and that actual spies are at the center of the dialectic spaces. Very easy, in fact, because all of their narratives are pure junk science based, by definition–none of it holds up to scientific scrutiny.

Have a look here (and also here) at how the old CIA derived garbage “science” of “reverse speech analysis” appears as a “concerned citizen” and actual gang stalker targets a so-called sex offender. The sex offender, it might be observed, is the by-product of Jewish-christian voyeurism: people who peek into other peoples windows then declare someone to be a deviant. Imagine that–perverted voyeurs, declaring others to be perverts. It baffles the mind and shocks the conscience of any rational observer. But that’s what gang stalkers DO.

SO, Good Morning Cambodia! How are all of those cute little land mines that the “good Jewish- christian people of America” left in your back yard some 60 years ago?

Look! Jesus LOVES YOU! What a great gift–look, my grandma had her leg blown off by a US bomb! Thanks for all that “love.” Hugs and kisses, y’all!

Love, American Style

SO, anyways: I know who the enemy is, and its you there, reading this post right now from that special office there in Phnom Penh. And, my friends are aware what you are doing too. SO, keep your mind on that, while I send my wordpress stats to them. And, I welcome you to come. Code word ” You, your criminal agency, and Gary are GARBAGE.”

Rotten christian spies, hiding behind the term “justice” and leering into the windows of others–what a bunch of ugly sick perverts you are. See you at the cable! But we have your number, and its on speed dial now. And for some reason, it always defaults to voice mail which says ” Jesus loves you,” which, in reverse speech analyis says ” The USA and its spying is not legal, ethical, or tolr=erable, so, find better allies to combat their religious and racist lockup on narrative.”

Weird, I Know, but that’s what it says.

See you soon! I guarantee, our meeting will put bucks in my bank And you will “prove” to the world “who are the gang stalkers.” Your game has gone bust here, I promise you.

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