Main Stream Journalists and gang stalking denialism: separating good journalism about gang stalking from disinformation: Ned Beauman, UK New Statesman

Throughout this blog, you will note that I, the author, am affiliated with, or frequently reference journalists who have won the coveted Pulitzer Prize. To whit, Carl Bernstein, the journalist who exposed President Nixon’s “black operations” has said that historically, the CIA has been quite active at every level of major media, gatekeeping and steering our perceptions. And certainly, by inference, we can extrapolate that many other spooks and agencies are active in this regard too.

But intelligence agencies are not the only major players infiltrating and manipulating willing puppets: let’s meet the psychiatric meta-narrative in gang stalking discourse, by contrasting one reputable journalist with several frauds and liars who work in main stream establishment journalism.

I like to call bullshit when I read it, and have followed this topic for over two decades. SO when the UK’s New Statesman went on record denying gang stalking in 2013, and mocking the claim that gang stalkers will “ruin peoples lives,”I was personally being stalked by named security contractors and others. So, as an early journalism casualty of the post-9/11 surveillance abuses, and as the western Five Eyes partners were being revealed in the press due to efforts of people like me; and just before whistle blower Edward Snowden exposed the deep state and fled to Russia, a “narrative” was being crafted in the press about gang stalking.

Related reading: The Coalition for Ethical Psychology(CEP) response to the American Psychological Association (APA) after that organization was complicit in mind control and torture during the Iraq war and at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, , ongoing. Aso see Dr. Seth Farber, Ph.D’s essay “The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals and the Deep State” on the discrediting of TIs using a pseudo scientific psychiatric narrative which dismisses all of them as non-compliant “psychotics, and egregiously asserts the innocence of the deep state..”

No one has ever come forward as a perpetrator. But large numbers of people have come forward as victims

Ned Beauman, The New Statesman, 23 May 2013

That criminals seldom come forward and admit to crimes like stalking and worse should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, except enablers like Beauman, and the criminals themselves. Admitting to being a gang stalker would open up new avenues of investigation and prosecution. We see this in the recent cases of gang stalking that have been revealed in the press–like the eBay gang of stalkers where eBay executives, former police, and their associates were indicted for gang stalking; or the case of Rose McGowan, who was gang stalked across continents by the Israeli spy firm Black Cube-we see why these people do not come forward and admit to what they do.

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One of the main tenets of the psychological meta-narrative that is on full display in the state sponsored “official source” narrated media around this topic, is that people who claim they are gang stalked are “delusional” and might feel that people are mocking them. So I want to be on record, mocking those who mock others in this way. To whit, Ned Beauman has written about gang stalking in exactly that mocking tone (and note Mr. Beauman’s own syntax and spelling errors in his piece), :

these bloggers are part of an online community centred on a phenomenon called gang stalking. Gang stalking, according to one website:

.” . is a covert investigation that is opened on an individual. The individual is then placed under overt and covert forms of surveillance. The person is followed around 24/7. Foot patrols and vehicle patrols are used to follow the individual around, as part of the monitoring process . . . The secondary goals seem to be to make the target homeless, jobless, give them a breakdown, and the primary goal seems to be to drive the target to forced suicide.

Gang stalking has been linked with, but doesn’t necessarily involve, remote mind control. No one has ever come forward as a perpetrator. But large numbers of people have come forward as victims.”

Beauman then goes on to repeat all of the bizarre, psychobabbling, unsubstantiated claims that most state-source bloggers and pundits frequently fill the internet with, and claims which few actual targeted individuals ever make themselves. These bizarre narratives act as cover for the actual surveillance state that has been built up around every citizen by Big Tech, working with governments around the world to actually target every individual who uses a communications device or computer online “24-7.”

Like most of the crackpots gang stalking denialists online, Beauman goes on to quote some poorly sourced gibberish as he spins his narrative, but also admits to having an “addiction” to reading gang stalking stories onlie, as if it is fan fiction. Such is the mindset of gang stalking denialists:

Reading about gang stalking online can be dispiriting, because one has the sense that someone such as Tausk really ought to be intervening. But I confess I also find it addictive. For instance, consider one blogger who believes even birds and animals are his enemies:

Birds, pigeons and crows, that can be controlled to fly (screaming) over me, to land in my garden when I walk into my kitchen and look outside, to crash into my kitchen window and car front window while driving. Birds, pigeons, that come sit, walk, on the roof of my house when I am upstairs having sex. Cats walking by like being programmed. Barking of dogs, flying away ducks etc, not by mind control but by beaming these animals with laser beams (directed energy weapons).

To working journalists and especially investigative journalists who cover any stories of merit, its no secret that the CIA/FBI/DHS et alphabet agencies control–or attempts to control–major narratives in nation wide and international media. Carl Bernstein wrote that “The CIA’s use of the American news media has been much more extensive than Agency officials have acknowledged publicly or in closed sessions with members of Congress

This claim, made in the 1970’s is as true today as it was then, but with even more media outlets to infiltrate and exploit. I myself was “handled” to a former CIA agent many years ago, as I studied the craft of writing for the theater. But I realized then what a farce journalism is if in fact, we all must become de facto agency rats, deceiving the public, rather than maintaining a balance between the public’s interest, and democratic processes.So lets take a look at how Bernstein grappled with the problem stated by Beauman above–that problem of “no gang stalkers have come forwards as a perpetrator.”

Bernstein said “The CIA’s use of the American news media has been much more extensive than Agency officials have acknowledged publicly or in closed sessions with members of Congress. The general outlines of what happened are indisputable; the specifics are harder to come by. CIA sources hint that a particular journalist was trafficking all over Eastern Europe for the Agency; the journalist says no, he just had lunch with the station chief. CIA sources say flatly that a well‑known ABC correspondent worked for the Agency through 1973; they refuse to identify him. A high‑level CIA official with a prodigious memory says that the New York Times provided cover for about ten CIA operatives between 1950 and 1966; he does not know who they were, or who in the newspaper’s management made the arrangements.”

So, Bernstein encountered exactly what any journo will encounter with these cases, that certain lack of credible sources, because in gang stalking, in contrast to international spying, these gangs of stalkers are indeed committing criminal acts, and unlike the CIA, they do not always have plausible deniability. And that is their weakness. Start there, and use these free investigative tools to trace the webs of gang stalkers in your own life, or in a story you are writing.

But do not accept as “credible” articles and the writers who write them, because, sometimes, police who stalk others as if they are “gang members” do in fact come forwards, as we see here below, and the indict the exact same agencies and actual conspiracies that every actual targeted individual indicts too:

Malcolm X’s family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death

The letter, written by a deceased police officer, stated that the New York Police Department and FBI were behind the 1965 killing of the famed Black activist.

The letter released at a news conference on Saturday was attributed to a former undercover NYPD officer named Raymond Wood. His cousin Reggie Wood joined some of Malcolm X’s daughters at the news conference at the site where the Audubon Ballroom once stood to make the letter public.

Raymond Wood’s letter stated that he had been pressured by his NYPD supervisors to lure two members of Malcolm X’s security detail into committing crimes that resulted in their arrest just days before the fatal shooting. Those arrests kept the two men from managing door security at the ballroom and was part of conspiracy between the NYPD and FBI to have Malcolm X killed

Military contractors: the ultimate “hide the ball” scheme of CIA/FBI/DHS/DoD/police gang stalking

How can we track, trace, and name gang stalkers (click this blue link)and do it ethically? The problem is, as journalists, we are simply out-gunned, because we practice with words, while they practice with weapons–and weaponized dialectic space intimidation tactics too.

We saw the head of the police union threatening those of us who called for an investigation into  the case of the Harding Street No-Knock raid in Houston where two people were murdered in their house by an actual “gang” of police, who are now under indictment. This intimidation is standard procedure in corrupt police departments everywhere.

Our investigation found these deputies are allegedly encouraged to shoot people as part of their initiation…. They operate as a gang. They commit crimes. They assault people.

Of those who I have previously identified as actual gang stalkers, who indeed had stalked me, many were from the “police class” in America, a separate class that exists above the law, in some states even, protected from the public’s right to know, such as California, which unsurprisingly has special laws that stop the public from knowing who there public servants are. And that is a problem, because police gang members are frequently who the “gang stalkers are.”

Week after week the MSM is now finding what targeted individuals have long known: that corrupt police form gangs, and act like gangs, and  harass and murder people. Here below, from the complicit MSM, we see the tip of a very large iceberg:


Deputies say gangs exist within Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Our investigation found these deputies are allegedly encouraged to shoot people as part of their initiation…. They operate as a gang. They commit crimes. They assault people.

Or Georgia, which passed an Anti Defamation League sponsored bill to give police extra rights that are nowhere in the US Constitution–and in fact the Constitution forbids such measures. And these are just two examples where we see state workers and police and intelligence agents as a “protected class,” within a class system.

So, ethically, we must see that one group of people pops up on both sides of the debate and who has created this conundrum of ethics in reporting on “gang stalking”: the toxic Anti Defamation League,  which has been spying on and harassing both left wing and right wing activists since their inception, and whose tactics often mirror a gang itself.

On one hand, that organization falsely claims to stand for fairness and pushes the various anti-hate ordinances, but on the other, backs the blue into the bizarre depths of organized brutality, and merely re-positions its own hate while stacking the deck in the police departments. Its a win win for them, but as we see historically, both right and left wing activists are targeted by this group.

Related Reading: Get it while its hot! Web repository at webshells, of criticism of the ADL, written by both right and left leaning media outlets

It is these “privacy for cops” and other public servants laws that have created a clear and distinct demarcation between classes of citizens: state workers, and police, etc on one side, and “common citizens” on the other. This is because well heeled lobbyists from police unions are active all over the states, using extensive funds to lobby for these laws. Here is Privacy for Cops, which is just one example.So, the two tiered society reveals itself in this way also.

Yet I was also stalked by military, military contractors, and actual intelligence agents (both current and former spooks–go here, and search “former USAF OSID, retired police, private contractors, Department of Defense, etc )who are affiliated with such organizations; and unsurprisingly, members of NGO’s. A large part of my gang stalking included regular phone calls from the police and firefighters groups, or their pet causes like animal rescue, Boys and Girls Clubs, Domestic Violence Industrial Complex affiliates, etc asking for donations.

From Privacy for Cops, below are states that have created a separate “class protection” for police and affiliated state workers.

State Codes

Weaponized dialectic spaces; weaponized women; weaponized social dissent, and weaponized non governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Anti Defamation League are real things. And its hard to compete with billion dollar dialectic spaces, when billionaires and their associates in media and especially in the NGOs disrupt us, aided by US intelligence and “FVEYs” budgets, and police on the ground. The game is to sell weapons, and I only have words.

Oh, my! But what words I have! ROGS Analysis of gang stalking has changed the entire online discourse in that area.

Exploring “radicalization” as “security theater”: The case of Israel providing “material support” to “right wing NeoNazi’s,”and horseshoe theory

The Grayzone documents right wing activity in innovative ways, and like myself, occasionally gets a target painted on its journalism. Below, the case of existentiaism and :whiteness in Jewish-christian culture

Ukraine attacks journalists who reported Israeli weapons flow to its neo-Nazi militia

ukraine nazis israel weapons azov battalion

Ben Norton·July 10, 2018

Ukraine’s embassy in Israel attacked Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal by name, along with The Real News and Electronic Intifada, spreading false accusations after they reported on Ukrainian neo-Nazis using Israeli weapons.

By Ben Norton

Ukraine’s embassy in Israel has attacked Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal by name and indirectly implicated this writer, Grayzone contributor Ben Norton, for reporting on Israel’s arming of Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

While the Ukrainian government has falsely accused us of spreading “fake news,” it has ironically spread fake news itself, incorrectly alleging that Blumenthal has been writing under the pseudonym “John Brown” — based on a “quick search on the internet.”

I learned fairly early in life that Nazi’s and a certain sect of very wealthy Jews and their associates in corporations waged the Holocaust. The issue was seldom one of “well did Hitler just one day just decide to kill some Jews,” but rather “how shall societies solve problems of poverty v wealthy international conglomerates and corporations who are destroying our human rights.” And, that “problem” is not merely a “Jewish problem,” but rather, one of primitive religions that re-invent themselves one generation after the next by injecting, and manipulating race as a factor in social discourse.

So, when some discuss Jews as exclusively the problem of manufactured war, and manufactured racism, I am aware that primitive religions are the problem, because they identify along tribal-sectarian, patriarchal and/or matriachal lineages, carrying with that the exact “racism” that you might expect from such philosophies.

As such, I have always been aligned with the various blacklisted thinkers and targeted individuals of any generation. I count Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, and even Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer as radical writers who say and write things that need to be said and written, because as we see here in the case at hand (which is not by any means a one-off), the race delusion of some becomes a steady arms supply to others, generation after generation.

To understand this paradox–that targeted, banned, or otherwise marginalized writers from both radical left and right wing are necessary for a healthy intellectual diet, we must understand the blind spots–the “missing vitamins”–in their commentary.

Anglin, for example fails to note the complicity of all primitive religions and their modern spokespersons that derive their basis from Babylon mystery Judaism, in his commentary, as we see “cancel culture” is allied with the darkest most demonic forces of neoconservative ideologies across the board. Very little to say about Dick Cheney, an OPus Dei Catholic who nearly single handedly started the Iraq invasion which saw millions murdered.

Blumenthal, of the other hand, fails to attribute much of the mayhem that he writes about to Russian oligarchs, the majority of whom are in fact, the international Jewish mafia, aka the “Kosher Nostra.,” like Semion Mogilevitch, and the actual and documented criminal cabals that run the Ukraine.

Or, as one writer-who has called Blumenthal a racist has noted:

“Simplistically speaking, Horseshoe Theory challenges mainstream notions of Left-wing vs. Right-wing, by arguing that the far left and the far right are really much closer together, much like the tips of a horseshoe.”

I would argue its more like a hot potato, one side closer to fire one day, the other the next, and the same issue, generation after generation.

What happens to “targeted individuals” of gang stalking?

There are multiple levels and multiple different types of gang stalking, so every target experiences different actual “disruptions” in their personal and professional lives. But what is constant, across the different types of disruptions is that there are predictable features and events that occur in nearly all cases. See this page that documents some of the “euphimistic para-language” of the gang stalking dialectic for a few examples.

So, to preface this analysis, it is important to distinguish the different types of victims of this practice, and to distinguisg the levels of targeting that they might get, so here are the categories of targeted individuals, by no means exhaustive, as this practice is increasing every year. As you might guess, there is a a lot of blur and crossover in these cases, as CVE disruption becomes employment disruption, becomes neighborhood didruption.

And what disruption it is! And all of it against the constitutional democracy structures of western nations. Its the religious-sectarian-tribal narrative at the root of it all, whether its the womens KKK, “empowered women”; rabid zionists, or christians; foreign NGO v CIA sponsored NGO activity, the patterns are similar, or the same.

Counter-terrorism suspects/targets/disruptions/political assassinations: The framework of Countering Violent Extremism programs has been noted by MANY researcher to create terrorism, which many in the press call “manufactured terrorism,” due to the nature of the tactics of so-called counterintelligence operations, which range from the brutal and invasive, to an even more bizarre and twisted levels, which we have seen in the middle east for many generations

.The case of Mohammed al-Shamrani follows such a pattern, where we see an ultra-right wing zionist, Rita Katz,and her anti-Muslim SITE Intelligence Group stalking a Saudi pilot, and harassing him with allegations about hid pornography use extrapolated into a training environment where the victim tries to claim his civil rights as a sexual harassment target. Then, finding only more harassment by those who seek to uphold gendered, ultra-right narrative, that guy goes ballistic, and the “victims” who he blasts into Valhalla are frequently actual gang stalkers who harasses them previous to that event, and then, the stalkers cry foul.–Victims! Why did he shoot the people who stalked and harassed him!?

Workplace bullying, workers compensation, state court assisted, and/or administrative law related targeting and harassment of targeted individuals: anyone who has ever worked in Human Resources is keenly aware of the interplay between company narratives of events, and the actual facts of those events, which are nearly always in conflict. Equally, all actors in official capacities participate in, or who are charged with getting rid of individuals in corporations, academic, and other institutional settings, such as the Accenture Signage mass shooting, where the shooter Andrew Engeldinger was most curiously featured in news reports and public relations promotions just before the shooting of his Israeli intelligence affiliated boss and a few others. In this link from Murderpedia, we see how targeted Engledinger was, as the press ran his photos as he was targeted with a camera in his face, by MSM and other propaganda elements BEFORE the shooting.The Virginia Beach mass shooting by Dwayne Craddock, and Milwaukee Coors Brewery shootings followed similar patterns. These curious patterns follow through in case after case, as does Anti Defamation League proaganda.

Small Town Terrorism: these are by far the most common cases of gang stalking, and all of these can be summed up by looking at the case of police/fire/ union related gang stalkings of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Hubbard Ohio, or Bob Deis in California, covered by the main stream news.

IN both cases, it was police, firefighters and their associates waging the stalking and harassment campaigns, which is a fact in nearly 100% of these cases. In each case, major media covered the bizarre events too. But only Rick and Cindy Krlich sued for relief, and obtained dozens of restraining orders against their stalkers, who they identified with photos, and license plate numbers. Some of those restraining orders were granted for five years or more, and one gang stalker named Dick Wittenkugle plead guilty to stealing money from the town’s till and calling in fake fires. What a guy! DON’T BE A DICKWITT!

Churches that use gang stalking: in my early research of gang stalking, I was quite happy to discover the Whistling and Whittling Clubs of Nauvoo, which is how Mormons (who are now cleverly “rebranding” themselves as The Church of Latter Day Saints) would slander, stalk, and harass outsiders who came into Mormon held territories in the western United States, including stalking tactics and “threat narratives and activity” that included brandishing knives in a constant threat based interaction. Most religious stalking follows similar domestic terrorist patterns.

Related Reading: Following the Gypsy Threat Narrative, a primer in the formation of narrative, where “good” insiders stalk and harass “bad” outsiders.

Many churches use gang stalking, and if you are researching your stalkers, start there. For Catholics, they will encounter endless harassment and psychobabble online from Opus Dei and the Pauline Sisters, and much of what you can read online is Catholics stalking others, which I experienced too, while for those who are stalked and harassed by Jews, they will get endless stalking and defamation from the Anti Defamation League and its slimy tentacles in media. (that organizations name is very ironic, and they are well documented stalkers.) This is known as the Hollywood Kosher Nostra, and many of their stalkers have profiles at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), as we see in a recent federal indictment of an actual stalker, who also has an IMDB listing.

I have found gang stalkers online from nearly every major religion, and one thing that can be said with certainty is that ALL conservative religions, and especially the Baptist sects, Pentacostals, and more extreme variants of every religion practice gang stalking in one form or another. They are insane, evil in the truest sense of the word, and need to be monitored, and even targeted with prosecution. I am not personally against arming yourself with knowledge, and following the laws about “self defense” and “standing your ground,” when it comes to these fanatical people.Film them, photograph them, and report them.

These types are also behind every hoax of the modern era ranging from the Satanic Panic, to today’s #MeToo movement, and their brand of gang stalking rhetoric is easily identified online, because they are the ones who claim “satellite harassment, mind reading aliens, end times prophecy, face orbs,” and worse. If these types are stalking you, they can be traced and tracked and sued, and keep in mind that they are often military and intelligence trained, current and retired cops, investigators and spies.

Federal, state, and local police departments in coordination with military intelligence: Have a look at a recent lawsuit against the Pasco County Sheriff ( also here and here too), in a conservative area of the country. That sheriff, Chris Nocco, had an actual gang stalking program in place designed to “harass people until they moved away” exactly as we see with the Mormon gang stalking brigades of two centuries ago, but now with “intelligence led predictive policing,” technology derived directly from the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Most of these types of stalking operations are run from Fusion Centers, and use the FBI’s Infragard agents in corporations and the community to monitor and then, to stalk and harass targets. Read the lawsuit–it is very telling, and describes the 14th Amendment and RICO Act related laws that these police and their enablers are violating. Each lawsuit validates the claims of targeted individuals, and tosses the psychobabble out the window.

The problem with these “bible believer’s,” and their zionist neocon Jewish operators and others is that they want the world to be like it was five thousand years ago. But they want that ancient world to apply only to their targets, not themselves. You can find evidence of their operations in case after case of mass shooters if you know where to look, and prosecute them. They are insane, but also, sloppy, and leave a lot of evidence trails, such as social media footprints, and dialectic litter online.

As we see on Twitter and other social media, mobbing and offline stalking are not limited to fanatical religious cults, but rather its widespread and the notorious “gay mafia” and other interests such as atheists, and the corporate sponsored Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter haveconsiderable online and offline clout too. They also gang stalk people ( I have names for anyone interested.)

Its For The Children! and Women’s Empowerment! oriented stalking: Religious conservative agenda litters the entire dialectic of gang stalking, and we see both fanatical right wing and left wing groups locked in a competitive quest for funds to essentially wage a public relations war using false narratives. The notorious TargetedJustice, and Ramola D., and other psychobabblers online are part of these efforts.

These and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all derive funding from various public and private sources as soon as they take up the mantra’s of privately funded, or federally funded crisis public relations campaigns. Whether it is the #Fakerape groups or the Domestic Violence industry, and especially the “prostitution is HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!” related narrative, many prominent gang stalking cases emanate from there.

The due process free and gender biased family courts, DV courts, college administrative hearings, and other kangaroo courts organized by campus rape centers, and so on are an industry unto themselves, full of political operatives. These are really just cleverly crafted smear campaigns, all of which seek to directly avoid court trials, where their false narratives will see the disinfecting light of a court room.

Have a read through this, and especially the footnote, where we see women literally raping themselves for profits. Its a sick sad industry, but worth billions of dollars per year.

Also in this category are the various violent vigilante groups that stalk alleged sex offenders, and these are all over the world, as we see with Mannegruppa Ottar in Norway, but there are literally thousands of these fanatical cults in the US alone, spurred by the insane, journalism ethics violating Chris Hansen (who now has a target on his face, as we see in his recent mugshot). The tentacles of international finance and its western religious basis reach ever deeper into the narrative….

FBI-ADL Gang Stalking: This has been covered above as “counter-terrorism+ related gang stalking, but this form of it is much more nuanced, because it is all narrative fictions and actual conspiracy driving these narratives; and occult symbols and symbolism are evident, as are the cultic and religious residues of the rhetoric about “hate speech,” “un-naming practices,” and numerological symbols too. Former head of the FBI and likely Opus Dei member James Comey even alluded to the fact that he was being blackmailed over a love affair with the ADL of some kind or other during his tenure too.

Freemasonry, and other cult societies are also affiliated in this category (but also many other categories too), and we even see specualtion that the murder of George Floyd followed the practices of Mason’ic rituals as pertains to “Hiram Abi ff” the great architect (see here and here for an interesting read).

As noted above, the Pensacola shooter (and hundreds of others) was stalked by all agencies, and then, a private wing of the Mossad in the form of Rita Katz and SITE Intelligence. These are their own category, because no laws protect the victims from the unrelenting stalking of this alliance.

Where to begin!?

All targeting utilizes gossip and slander from “official sources” as a first line of assault. Police wag a dossier’ of he said she said allegations derived from family courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, front of neighborhood watch persons and employers, and others; the FBI waves a dossier’ claiming that someone they want to recruit as an informant is in fact, a terrorist, while never informing their audience that in fact, the alleged terrorist is a targeted individual, like this example here. The tactics are the same, the results may vary. But gang stalking follows a pattern across typological profiles and targeting

Depending on the specific gang stalking case study that you might choose to examine, using ROGS Analysis, you will find similarities in all aspects of these cases. Even Glenn Greenwald, who brought Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing intio the limelight can verify such activity, having recently resigned from the Intercept, a newspaper that he established in order to tell such stories WIth little irony, we see how Anti Defamation League sponsorship (ADL) leads to censorship every time. These are indeed how the CIA uses front organizations called NGO’s. and how cause based racist organizations like ADL work with intelligence agencies to destroy the public’s insight into state crime.


*and many ask “how can anyone “create or manufacture”a terrorist outside of their own “free will“? I like to call that the “fallacy of the freewill fallacy,” as a response to those that maintain that “God, Gawd!, G-d, etc” has supreme will; and because those types of persons and groups are who gang stalkers are in western cultures, its important to counteract their narrative that individuals “act alone” in matters AFTER the fact of gang stalking.

The answer is what we saw in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the ties those men had to the CIA, where the various alphabet agencies in the USA targeted, tracked, trailed, and “disrupted” the normal lives of those men, and they did it by harassing them for well over a decade with gang stalking, and tactics like slander, and whisper campaigns waged in secret and much more; and those men who became actual bombers were at all times “on the FBI radar,” a common theme in these bizarre, due process free gang stalkings, with little irony in the use of the term “radar” to describe real world wiretaps and more.

These campaigns of highly targeted, state sponsored “disruption” which function as “third party punishment” are merely bizarre and illegal bullying (all of which have a deep western christian, Jewish and religious subtext) are called “bullying on stereoids” by those who do it.

How Women In The KKK Were Instrumental To Its Rise: past as present, as precedent

The origin of the “Karen” meme: The KKK’s “Kamelias” are female KKK members.

From Buzzfeed News’ Linda Gordon:

A “phenomenon that many progressive feminists found and still find anomalous — the existence not only of conservative feminism but even of bigoted feminism”

…women clamored to participate from the moment the second Klan reappeared. They contributed a new argument for the cause: that women’s emergence as active citizens would help purify the country. That claim may well have emerged only after the women’s suffrage amendment was ratified in 1920; before that, many Klanspeople of both sexes probably had doubts about the righteousness of women entering politics. Nevertheless, the claim that women might bring “family values” back into the nation’s governance — a claim made at the time in movements of all political hues — created a contradiction within conservative movements: Despite an ideological commitment to Victorian gender norms, including women’s domesticity, many conservative women enjoyed participating in politics. In fact, some Klanswomen interpreted political activism as a female responsibility. Then, once active, they often came to resent men’s attempts to control them and even challenged men’s power. Thus we meet a phenomenon that many progressive feminists found and still find anomalous — the existence not only of conservative feminism but even of bigoted feminism. Readers who have not already done so must rid themselves of notions that women’s politics are always kinder, gentler, and less racist than men’s.

Related Concepts in “gang stalking”

The #MeToo Movement is modeled on the Ku Klux Klan’s womens auxilliary, the Kamelia’s and their notorious “poison squads” waging “whisper campaigns.” Repeatedly, we find women as stalkers at many mass shootings, and the press carrying narratives that the men these gangs of women targeted were involvedhearsay presented as fact and derived in family courts, domestic violence, sexual harassment allegations, etc. Hot Yoga shooter Scott Bierele is perhaps the best example (search here, tags Scott Bierele, Ian Long, Thousand Oaks shooting, Matt Riehl, Butler News)

The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has also masked its racist goals behind morphing the definition of “foreign terrorist” into targeting men accused in these kangaroo courts, and participates in the “PSYOPs” behind targeting such men. Search here, tags ATAP, threat assessment, slander, pseudo-feminism, women’s gangs, women’s violence, women’s empowerment, etc.

What are the “Five Eyes” of spying, and what is “generational targeting” in the gang stalking dialectic?

The Five Eyes, a part of what the NSA calls internally its “global network” have their dirty fingerprints all over the latest spying scandal engulfing New Zealand, writes exiled Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson.

The media response has predictably walked the safest line – focusing on the egregiousness of the victimisation of the least politically involved targets such as earthquake insurance claimants and child abuse survivors, and honing in on the very bottom rungs of the culpability ladder. They are as yet failing to confront the international and geopolitical foundations that lie under the surface of outsourced state-sponsored spying in New Zealand.

The truth is that the roots of the issue go far deeper than subcontractors like Thompson and Clark. The chain of complicity and collusion leads far beyond the head of any department or agency, including the Head of the State Services Commission. It goes beyond even the Beehive, the New Zealand Parliament and the Office of the Prime Minister.

At its core, this scandal is a reflection of fundamental flaws in the very fabric of intelligence gathering practices in New Zealand, its infrastructure and network – where the collected data flows, whom the collection of that data serves and to which masters our intelligence services ultimately answer.

This was written in 2019, just as major media began to address the “Five Eyes” spy apparatus that targets journalists specifically, and with a vengeance. It is much related to this kind of activity here.

On one hand, a convenient foil is to claim that “the communists” and the “pedophiles” and the “terrorists” are everywhere in order to occlude intelligence agency abuses of our own citizens; but on the other, to cover over genuine abuse of dissenters/activists/atheists/etc. by our own agencies.

So, what is “generational targeting” in this context? Well, Julian Assange is one prominent example, but there are tens of thousands (growing into the millions) more.

I am old enough to recall the pre-internet and how agencies called “data basing individuals” it a conspiracy theory. And look, here we are, with all FVEYs nations outed as doing just that, across time and space, targeting our freedom of association, our opportunities and more, and all of that without due process of law, or civil liberties challenges anywhere of note. Not a theory at all, but definitely a conspiracy

Here is one man’s story, told in main stream media, a story of exactly that, targeting a child, grown into a man.

Pedophiles? Maybe.They tracked and traced a child from pre-puberty into adulthood and further.

Voyeurs? No doubt, by definition.

Perverts of due process and civil liberties. Most definitely. “They” traced, tracked, and data based New Zealand Green Party MP Keith Locke from the early age of 11.

The sordid tale of the phrase “pedophiles in the deep state,” and intelligence agencies. Welcome to the double talking para=language of spooks online in the gang stalking dialectic!

The revelation in 2009 that Green MP Keith Locke had been spied on since age 11 caused an uproar and prompted an inquiry into SIS surveillance. Now, he writes, the SIS has been forced to apologise for calling him ‘a threat’ in internal documents.


Blaming the Chinese/Russians/bad guy du jour for western democracies rampant surveillance state and security contractor corruption problem: Anne Marie Brady gets gang stalked in New Zealand

The Anne Marie Brady case in New Zealand in 2018 brought a lot of attention to how wealthy, well connected people in western democracies use gang stalking, aka security contractors and others, to target their critics, while gas lighting the public at large and allowing blame to fall on the Chinese.

When gang stalking hits the main stream news, it looks a lot like this:

Suspected sabotage of car belonging to burgled professor and China researcher Anne-Marie Brady

16 Nov, 2018 12:00 AM

 Anne-Marie Brady, professor at the University of Canterbury. Photo / Supplied
Anne Marie Brady, professor at Canterbury University

And, journalists who cover gang stalking cover it like this, from Suzi Dawson:

The Anne-Marie Brady case is the most high profile recent example of politically-motivated targeting in New Zealand. Brady’s claims are precisely in step with, and validate past claims myself and other New Zealanders have been making for years. Our experiences foreshadowed hers as if they were mirror images: vehicular sabotage, thefts of electronic equipment, home invasions, surveillance, harassment and other types of psychological targeting methods employed against us by these agencies and their subcontractors.
Dozens if not hundreds more victims would be found if anyone in the NZ media took the leap into the rabbit hole.
I applaud and am relieved for Brady that she has been able to create a bulwark of public support where many other targets are simply written off as crazy or met with a wall of disbelief and silence.

I got news for ya: it ain’t the Chinese, bro’s and sistah’s, its your own people doing it, and yes, the police, working at the behest of wealthy players are allowing it to happen to you, and indeed are complicit in it.

The history of western intelligence agencies breaking the law, is long and bloody, illegal and paranoid; and gang stalking is just a part of the whole shenanigans. Just a blink of the eye before our current crisis of privacy, we saw the NSA sabotaging Crypto AG in 1995 with all of the “bizarre” activity you might expect.

Fast forward to the lawless post-9/11 era, and western intelligence outfits and billion dollar “security contractors” have become–to paraphrase Viktor Frankl “everything they hate” about their purported enemies, and worse.

And here is what gang stalking looks like, and note the “electronic harassment” involved:

University of Canterbury professor Brady, who gained international profile over the past 18 months for her work exposing China’s influence campaigns – including in New Zealand – was subjected to a series of mysterious break-ins at her home and campus office in February.

These burglaries, apparently targeting electronic media including phones, computers and USB drives, sparked high-level interest with the Prime Minister expressing concern, and the Police began a nine-month – and still ongoing – investigation involving Interpol.

Look: maybe if western “democracies” had any real checks and balances protecting the weak from the powerful, or any shred of democracy protecing the marginalized, the dissident, or the activist from our own people’s religionist mob rule, and against the rampant abuse of those of us who use “words” instead of weapons to maintain democracy–maybe then the CCP’s soft force diplomacy, actual on the ground and very active daily capitalism, and ultimately safe society; and the Russian Oligarchy where Edward Snowden fled after becoming a whistle blower wouldn’t seem so “free” when compared to that western mess.

But clearly, what we are seeing in gang stalking is the western democracies crumbling due to their own lawlessness and mob rule, and established communist countries and policies widely appealing to those at the margins of the tribal-sectarian, anti-democratic crypto-theocracies–the pseudo-democracies of the west.

Feel free to shoot the messenger, but I have caught more than your shrapnel-and caught a few scummy spies, too. But the Chinese are not Ms. Brady’s problem. As Suzi Dawson clearly implicates the willingness of western FVEYs nations to allow their puppeteering oligarchs free reign to terrorize same-nation citizens:

What neither Mrs Brady nor her supporters seem aware of or willing to address, however, is that her work didn’t just shine a huge light on China. It focused directly on the same political network that was implicated in the Dirty Politics scandal of 2014. From Brady’s now-famous research paper:

John Key, Judith Collins, David Wong-Tung – these are very familiar names. Brady seems unable to acknowledge that by exposing many questionable connections between China and New Zealand, she is not just exposing the Chinese.
She is exposing New Zealanders. Very well connected New Zealanders.”

For my part, I remember a time when the Chinese were much loved in the FVEYs nations: remember that time when…

Rigggghhhht. Know your place, Chinaman! The “good people” of the west just love you when you know your place in “their” societies, can I get an Amen!?

Wheeeew. I’m glad that’s not my mess to deal with. But you can write to journalist Suzi Dawson if you are curious to follow this “gang stalking in the main stream news.”

Suzie Dawson

PGP: B877 2AD6 ED5F 7AE9 F9A9 644E 8612 93BD 3105 1CCD
Public Key:

The Fort Worth Weekly, comment forums as honey pots, and the death of journalism: Gary Webb and the Dark alliance got it right

I want to start off by saying that Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb, who famously wrote “Dark Alliance” chronicling the CIA’s domestic operations distributing cocaine in American ghettos, was gang stalked, no doubt about it.The EVIDENCE says as much, so let’s look at a few typical claims made by “targeted individuals,” and compare them to Gary’s story:

1- The gang stalkers will slander you, here, here, here, and here

2- the gang stalkers will walk on your roof, here, and here

3-the gang stalkers will ruin your career, destroy your marriage, and worse. Poor Gary.

As such, ROGS, the author you are reading, offers a $1000 reward for “proof of gang stalking” to journalists who cover this beat on a regular basis, and eradicate the design flaw* of tribal sectarian (Cathlio-Episcopo-Protestantoctopus-o-ADL/AIPAC/hard-right/Freemason type) narratives from your reportage.

Gang stalking targets come from all races and classes, and cross all religious and other sectarian lines, because primarily, gang stalkers target “influencers” in the dialectic. For one example, examine the narrative of Anne Marie Brady, who put together an “open letter” signed by academics, politicians, human rights activists and others to “fight gang stalking,” allegedly by the Communist Party of China.

Though Ms, Brady presented little evidence that such stalking wasactually happening (no films, photos or other courtroom worthy evidence), she was able to unite a bunch of Jewish-christian slaves of Jesus to her cause, as did Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, the author of one of the most crackpot studies on that topic ever, and that “internet poll” published and advocated by the failing New York Times; and whose other “collaborations” with like minded fools like Heng Choon Chan‘s failed bid to coordinate with Hong Kong’s failed rebels, who faced a similar failed fate.

A great example of other cross-dialectic meddling and actual murder after stalking, is the Ferguson, MO activist Darren Seals, who was murdered by “unknown” people shortly after he Tweeted that ” ten guys dressed in black stopped my car and told me that I chose the wrong friends” and so on.

Not in-coincidentally, he had also criticized the Gay Mafia and their butt-boy DeRay McKesson, working through the eugenicist Ford Foundation, shortly before his demise/murder. One can only imagine that a Nazi’s or Zionists wet dream come true is having a gay black man like Darren Walker front their cause against black male lineage, but who knows? Maybe I am over-thinking it, or into some “anti-homosexual, deep state conspiracy theory,” right? Yeah, even I get that feeling sometimes. lol/s.

Anyways,Seals was just one of seven primarily heterosexual males who have died by prominent, mysterious homicides, and alleged suicide covered in the MSMs; that, t he modern lynching perhaps

You can refer to this post here to see how these murderers roll, or, maybe email ex-communicated journalist Michael Hastings in hell (like me, he also probably liked hot spice, and consorting with Satan while wearing Baphomet horns on his head while raping children’s minds by playing Barney tapes over and over, or even Rocket Hamster’s theme songs all day long).

Anyways: after followiing the Fort Worth Weekly’s coverage of Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals, by Teri Webster, I was reminded of how the US Fusion Center operatives target, trace, and then, attack commenters online, often using mobs of police no different than those who stormed the Capitol to attack online speakers. This is a well known Israeli Squad 8200 tactic of suppressing dissent, and targeting dissenters, which has been covered in most reputable media (NOT the New York Times).

The basic attacks that they use start with what are called “timing attacks.” These types of “electronic harassment” start by watching blog and forum comment sections (most of the counter-terrorism initiatives target “pure speech”.)

So, what is a “timing attack? It goes, like, this….(to be continued)

Here is my last attempt to comment on Fort Worth Weekly’s highly targeted and entrapped forum:

Hi, Edward…did Teri get disappeared, lol, and thanks for that. Please look above, and note all of the disparagement…

That said…

In these cases, a journalistic imperative is that we follow the evidence and the facts. The New York Times is on record with a few shrinks from Curtin University and other places, disparaging “all” targeted individuals as “delusional.” Others clearly fill up every online space with electronics gibberish, sans evidence.

Such a widespread, major media “disparagement” of actual TI’s deserves refutation, condemnation, and yes, some disparagement too.And USA info-operatives also deserve some well deserved “sunlight as disinfectant” too.

Based on my clipped/censored/spambot-caught comments alone, I suspect there is a bit more to your disclaimer–ask your IT guys– as I did none of what you said, yet my comments were eaten by the (Texas Fusion Center/JRIC/etAlphabet*)….er….spamcatcher, right?

Have another look, because right now, in the comment just above your own, Tiffany is indeed disparaging an individual, and is actively part of that individuals targeting, right here in your forum. Whatever happened to “due process” and second chances in the “freedom luvin’ USA”??

I mean, she is freakishly and bizarrely targeting a low level piece of hanging fruit who apparently got caught up in an inter-agency porn entrapment scheme–a person quoted in this very article.

All of that said, I tried to send a link to a well known case of gang stalking in New Zealand, where 300 academics, journalists, politicians and more signed an open letter to address/indict the CCP for allegedly”gang stalking” Anne Marie Brady, and targeting academics who criticized them.

I tried to respond to Mr. Lankford, to vindicate his own self-vindication. Disappeared!

Is that disparagement too?

I mean–why even post such agency-toolish stuff if your goal is not to inform the public, in the public’s interest?**

*where’s my strike-through widget when I need it here? Techdirt, and a few other well known journalist honey traps at least has that feature

** saving this for posterity

A world of police informants, rats and snitches: a peek at the sordid practice of entrapment, harassment, and police/agency informants in the gang stalking dialectic

“Judas and the Black Messiah,” a story of rats, snitches, and FBI black ops tells the story of Fred Hampton, a black activists who was not only stalked, by “gangs of police” but murdered in outrageous circumstances. My own father saw the actual door where official narratives said Hampton was firing rounds out of that door, when in fact, my fathers testimony, and that of many others confirmed over the years that not a single bullet was being fired out of that door, and every bullet was going in to that door.

Talk about a great and actual “gang stalking” story, and this is it. Literally, we see the gangs of notoriously racist, corrupt Chicago cops, “bizarre” directed conversations, lots of stalking, and the FBI pulling strings and orchestrating actual assassinations( yeah, I know, tell me again how ‘my time is up’…).

Watching this film wouldn’t be complete without reading the incredible story “The Last Hours of William O’Neal,” from the Chicago Reader. Its the counter-narrative to many gang stalking stories, that of Bill O’Neal, who ratted out Black Panthers Fred Hampton’s and Mark Clark; a snitch on a “police string,” who spent his final hours in my hometown, the first integrated suburb of Chicago, contemplating his own suicide in a bathroom.

From that excellent piece, we can also trace the phony claims of mental illness in a “targeted individual” who had become entrapped between corrupt police on one hand, and a social movement on the other. And we see how the “bizzarre and constant Catch-22s of a targeted individuals life are often misconstrued as “mental illness” or “suicidal ideation,” and so on. We see also, the state patrol of that jurisdiction “coincidentally” right there on the scene as the snitch kills himself. They are never there when you need them, right?

Another Catch-22-by-design, or as CIA financed brain scrubber and doper Gregory Bateson would have us contemplate, maybe “targeted individuals” of “gang stalking” are just in a double bind, like a stupid dolphin. Learned helplessness, and despair, the combined impotence of a two tiered society; the ever-replicating lizard people-like victory of the corruption of American policing meeting CIA ideology at the starting gate of “justice” where everyone is an intelligence “asset” or worse, a disposable like Bill O’Neal.

This is how they do it, generation after generation.

Very few people in truly democratic societies are likely to say that cooperating with law enforcement is a bad thing. The problem is though, that western democracies bear little resemblance to democracies in any way whatsoever, and the “laws” that are “enforced” are not based in anything resembling constitutional due process, or civil rights. There’s lots of enforcing, and what is called “high policing,” and lots of “law,” but little of those rights are enforceable to or for the average person, which some scholars note has created a two tiered justice system in the “democratic” USA.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute noted this curious modern paradox in 2013, but it has been going on longer than that:

We now live in a two-tiered system of justice and governance. There are two sets of laws: one set for the government and the corporations, and another set for you and me.

The laws which apply to the majority of the population allow the government to do things like rectally probe you during a roadside stop, or listen in on your phone calls and read all of your email messages, or indefinitely detain you in a military holding cell. These are the laws which are executed every single day against a population which has up until now been blissfully ignorant of the radical shift taking place in American government.”

Calling modern western democracies either “liberal,” or “democratic” is a total misnomer in every way, which is all established fact, getting worse by the hour, and as such, there cannot be democracy in such a situation. Regardless of whether we decide to call the current system a Plutocracy, Oligarchy, a surveillance capitalist sytem, or a police state, regardless, it is a system designed solely to obstruct those who insist upon equality before the law, and constitutional democracy, yet who do not have social power or connection to enforce such a system.

Must Read on Background: Freemasonry and Black Nationalism, by Fred Milliken is a stunningly well documented examination of the roots of Black Nationalism, and the intellectual base of the earliest black freemasons who eventually established in modern Liberia “The United States is a dizzying kaleidoscope of religious belief and practice, a situation rooted in the country’s originsin part, anywayas a haven for religious dissidentsBut not all of these strangers arrived by choice. African slaves first arrived in Jamestown in 1607, the same year the colony was founded.”

In fact, western democracies appear to the outsider to be little more than localized gangs of police, working within a secret surveillance capitalist system, whose main tools of social engineering are exploiting religion, race, gender and privilege; who work at the behest of wealthy, privileged persons who are primarily of white, European and Jewish descent*; and whose funding derives from institutional and corporate power with the sole goal of vigorously policing the mutual protection societies of the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalized, and the immigrant.

This is such a “truism” that entire portions of our national narrative now regularly highlight these facts, and the re-establishment of one or another form of peonage, debt bondage, or slavery, regardless of what our constitution grants us, and as you yourself can watch in the PBS documentary “Slavery by Another Name.”

I recall learning firsthand that modern policing of the individual (which historically derives from the wealthy classes containing and policing peons and slaves, throughout all of history) begins when those individuals attempt to aid their communities outside the structures and purview of the “higher powers” such as state and local governments that have failed their people (which American blacks notoriously suffered from), and the various “charities” and related NGOs that do the bidding of eugenicists and other mayhem; that community aid given freely and deliberately without certificate or approval of the local community authorities is itself a threat to such societies.

That is what a “threat narrative” is in such societies-organized or self sufficient communities that do not take top down orders from the echelons of local power that takes its orders from hidden “high police” who have other agendas. And, that community organizing and self-policing is somehow a threat to institutional policing, because it subverts the anti-democratic nature of policing itself. The case of the missing and murdered Ferguson activists, and that some point the finger to the Ford Foundation (not-ironically founded by Henry Ford, a Nazi sympathizer; even less ironically headed by a gay black man who will never procreate) clearly demonstrates that this problem has not disappeared.

Image result for Black Panthers Food Drive. Size: 313 x 160. Source:

For example, the Black Panthers started policing their communities exactly as ghetto dwellers had done for centuries, because in fact, it was the police from outside their communities, coming into their communities who were waging racially charged cultural war on them, and targeting the little resources they had, starting the most basic civil rights, like freedom of association, and even the right to maintain basic family units. Then, extending to issues much larger, like food security.

Infamously, while the mainstream media fed my generation image after image of the BPP holding weapons as they policed their neighborhoods, and highlighted only the imagery of black people who had been gang stalked by the police and the Klan–it was something far more innocuous that the Panthers did, and became highly targeted for: they tried to feed people in those communities, highlighting the link between food security and self-sustenance as a “threat” to those who did not reside in those communities, but who policed them relentlessly.

But the BPP weren’t the first to be declared enemies of the state for trying to feed people in the US, which is now and has always been a bastion of anti-democratic forces that hide their pseudo-religion in leveraging food against freedom. The Great Depression revealed that America was under the influence of the forever war, which came to that shore in 1913, and by 1929 had busted its banking system wide open. At that time, the rally cry of “the communists are feeding people!” was deployed at every soup kitchen and work camp supper table. Indeed, communism was filling a need that capitalism was not in that era.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Pure capitalism has always failed at feeding the masses, much less allowing them to create their own food gardens in "public" spaces. And it is a failure– if for no other reason– than that its multi headed hydra of racialized, genderized peonage, oriented to guiding or coercing the masses towards one or another <em>mystery religion</em>, upheld by <em>mystery policing</em>, all of which stem from Freemason origins. This form of society deliberately refuses to allow the poor to exist outside of their peonage systems, believing as they do that its their sacred duty to chisel away at "ruffians" and unhewn stone in order to use persons as tools and as sustenance to feed its own sense of order–to hammer each person until they become a building block to be cemented somewhere.Pure capitalism has always failed at feeding the masses, much less allowing them to create their own food gardens in “public” spaces. And it is a failure– if for no other reason– than that its multi headed hydra of racialized, genderized peonage, oriented to guiding or coercing the masses towards one or another mystery religion, upheld by mystery policing, all of which stem from Freemason origins. This form of society deliberately refuses to allow the poor to exist outside of their peonage systems, believing as they do that its their sacred duty to chisel away at “ruffians” and unhewn stone in order to use persons as tools and as sustenance to feed its own sense of order–to hammer each person until they become a building block to be cemented somewhere.

While discussing Fremasonry in terms of gang stalking often invokes charges of “conspiracy theory” from the heathens and the ignorant (and unsurprisingly, lots of Freemasons), it is well established fact that this is what western social structures are built upon, though its difficult to explain to the uninitiated. Far more easy to understand this then, is to observe the modern sense of order that has arisen in the years since slavery, and to observe Freemasonry in action within other societies. LIberia is a good example of that, but there are many more.

Further Reading: Mind Controlled Black Assassins is one of my favorite blogs on these topics

*no unbiased, rational person, or evidence based historical narrative disputes or denies this, though we now see wealthy Asian and Middle Eastern power establishing itself in the US too.

Is the #MeToo movement just another expression of white female privilege, supremacy, and protected status? If not–why are so many of their targets white Jewish men?

When The Brennan Center for Justice and the Mises Institute agree on anything, I tend to listen in. And one of the things they agree on is this: The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its star chamber FISA court is totally broken. And little surprise, because it was created by a literal and actual cabal of anti-democratic people whose main goal was to “beat the commies!” at all costs.

And in doing so, they established a shadow government that is still just coming to light, and that, which has stopped democracy at the door with its secret police, secret courts, and “non-governmental organizations.” It seems that democracy is a strictly cloaked thing.

With little surprise, the “design flaw” of the secret FISA court, which is tribal sectarian bias, shrouded in “fear of the others” and lots of “extreme vetting” was assisted by none other than George MacKinnon and his cabal of anti-communists (more on Judge George here).

With even less surprise, we see that it was his own daughter, pseudo-feminist Catherine MacKinnon who helped lead us to the many other forms of anti-democratic policing in America, and the secret courts and secret processes that rule them. This form of white supremacy-white female privilege–deserves a deeper look, because if true progress in any form is to be achieved, it cannot be achieved with these legacy, white, female power brokers.

Image result for George MacKinnon fisa court
Papa George,commie hatin’ FISA court conspirator….
Description de cette image, également commentée ci-après
…and Catharine MacKinnon, his spawn, who acuatlly looks best when fully clothed. I sometimes enjoy mis-spelling their names.You can read about this international stooge, bigot and zealot in French, here.(good G-D is she dead yet?!)

When I met “the Progressives,” in real life, I was floored by how their ideals of “feminism” mirrored the ideals of the antibellum South, or Queen Victoria’s jolly old high collared England. And how many of them quoted from “Little Women” and other pathetic tome’s to poor downtrodden white female privilege! That somehow, equality meant that the necessary pedestalization of (primarily) white women (who, for the good of society or something) somehow made them morally superior or something. What a bunch of saggy nipples!

Pedestrianization would have done them much better, I assure you, because I have met their gangs of stalkers head on, and not a single callous was to be seen on any of their lily white palms. Not a single one. And don’t even get me started on how their “lesbian-esque” gangs of female stalkers are documented in mass shooting cases! That would be a very long list, ranging from the Hot Yoga shooter Scott Bierele( go here, search “Bierele”, to the Thousand Oaks shooter(go here, search “Ian Long” or “Thousand Oaks”), we see these men blasting all kinds of caps into the asses of the “warrior sistah’s” and the NGO sponsored private contractors who gang stalk them.

The fact is women around the world are nothing at all like these other creations, of the bipolar white/black narratives, which are themselves relics of slavery itself, and that’s a real fact. These gibbering legacy loons go on and on talking about equality, but have seldom lifted a shovel of any kind, ever, while women in Africa haul water for eight hours a day from source to village (though that is improving,) women in the South American countries dodge CIA and Mossad financed bullets; women in Russia and China drive dump trucks and dig ditches in red high heels (because it’s how they earn their living, regardless of whether or not it is sexy), and women in the middle east and especially in Gaza, watch their daughters become doctors, only so that some Israeli IDF soldier can murder them. I was stymied trying to understand these women with pedestals on their feet.

Related Story: Florida teacher and Reagan Republican Scott Bierele shot up a yoga studio as a now deceased Democrat official sat in a bar across the street. He had a “mysterious gang of stalkers” following him around, and slandering him with heinous smears about his sexuality. It is likely that he killed his stalkers.

Then, I watched these “progressives” conflating rape with every single form of heterosexual touch or advance, which was was somehow equitable, in the long term, they reassured me. On one hand claiming to be all of the same issues that real feminists struggled with (abortion rights, equal pay, etc.), and on the other, claiming that white female privilege over and over by default, as if I was somehow supposed to be charged with protecting their “honor” which does not in fact exist.

Much later I realized that many of these so-called feminists were in fact just fronts for the military industrial complex (MIC), or other powerful people and institutions that transfer power inter-generationally to their own spawn and their gangs of associates. Its a pattern I began to notice: the exact women who scream the loudest about abuse, and rape, and inequity have never experienced any of it–they only fear loss of power– and are in fact the “chosen few” of the actual “New World Order” That Judge George embodied.

The tip of my iceberg of realization was uber-manhater Dr. Catherine McKinnon, whose religious fervor and crusader mantra’s echoed the worst of the third rise of the Ku Klux Klan and its female “poison squad” members. Using imagery of beaten and abused women, she pushed for policies like the Violence Against Women Act, and famously crusaded against porn broker Ferris Alexander in Minneapolis.

She helped establish anti-family, anti-democracy, and anti-due process all over the map in family courts, domestic violence courts, and other courts which due not respect or adhere to due process or civil liberty as outlined in the constitution. Wearing the mask of “feminism” these types shrouded our open discourse, public policy, and jury trials, in favor of a religious neoconservative expressed through secret courts in the “freedom loving, democratic USA.”

Here’s a few more that follow in this mold, but there are thousands of others(list is in progress):

Liz Cheney-daughter of Dick, the guy who bombed over 500,00 Iraqi’s

Naming Names: who to target with research order to understand “legacy” white, Jewish-christian supremacy in the FISA court: