What happens to “targeted individuals” of gang stalking?

There are multiple levels and multiple different types of gang stalking, so every target experiences different actual “disruptions” in their personal and professional lives. But what is constant, across the different types of disruptions is that there are predictable features and events that occur in nearly all cases. See this page that documents some of the “euphimistic para-language” of the gang stalking dialectic for a few examples.

So, to preface this analysis, it is important to distinguish the different types of victims of this practice, and to distinguisg the levels of targeting that they might get, so here are the categories of targeted individuals, by no means exhaustive, as this practice is increasing every year. As you might guess, there is a a lot of blur and crossover in these cases, as CVE disruption becomes employment disruption, becomes neighborhood didruption.

And what disruption it is! And all of it against the constitutional democracy structures of western nations. Its the religious-sectarian-tribal narrative at the root of it all, whether its the womens KKK, “empowered women”; rabid zionists, or christians; foreign NGO v CIA sponsored NGO activity, the patterns are similar, or the same.

Counter-terrorism suspects/targets/disruptions/political assassinations: The framework of Countering Violent Extremism programs has been noted by MANY researcher to create terrorism, which many in the press call “manufactured terrorism,” due to the nature of the tactics of so-called counterintelligence operations, which range from the brutal and invasive, to an even more bizarre and twisted levels, which we have seen in the middle east for many generations

.The case of Mohammed al-Shamrani follows such a pattern, where we see an ultra-right wing zionist, Rita Katz,and her anti-Muslim SITE Intelligence Group stalking a Saudi pilot, and harassing him with allegations about hid pornography use extrapolated into a training environment where the victim tries to claim his civil rights as a sexual harassment target. Then, finding only more harassment by those who seek to uphold gendered, ultra-right narrative, that guy goes ballistic, and the “victims” who he blasts into Valhalla are frequently actual gang stalkers who harasses them previous to that event, and then, the stalkers cry foul.–Victims! Why did he shoot the people who stalked and harassed him!?

Workplace bullying, workers compensation, state court assisted, and/or administrative law related targeting and harassment of targeted individuals: anyone who has ever worked in Human Resources is keenly aware of the interplay between company narratives of events, and the actual facts of those events, which are nearly always in conflict. Equally, all actors in official capacities participate in, or who are charged with getting rid of individuals in corporations, academic, and other institutional settings, such as the Accenture Signage mass shooting, where the shooter Andrew Engeldinger was most curiously featured in news reports and public relations promotions just before the shooting of his Israeli intelligence affiliated boss and a few others. In this link from Murderpedia, we see how targeted Engledinger was, as the press ran his photos as he was targeted with a camera in his face, by MSM and other propaganda elements BEFORE the shooting.The Virginia Beach mass shooting by Dwayne Craddock, and Milwaukee Coors Brewery shootings followed similar patterns. These curious patterns follow through in case after case, as does Anti Defamation League proaganda.

Small Town Terrorism: these are by far the most common cases of gang stalking, and all of these can be summed up by looking at the case of police/fire/ union related gang stalkings of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Hubbard Ohio, or Bob Deis in California, covered by the main stream news.

IN both cases, it was police, firefighters and their associates waging the stalking and harassment campaigns, which is a fact in nearly 100% of these cases. In each case, major media covered the bizarre events too. But only Rick and Cindy Krlich sued for relief, and obtained dozens of restraining orders against their stalkers, who they identified with photos, and license plate numbers. Some of those restraining orders were granted for five years or more, and one gang stalker named Dick Wittenkugle plead guilty to stealing money from the town’s till and calling in fake fires. What a guy! DON’T BE A DICKWITT!

Churches that use gang stalking: in my early research of gang stalking, I was quite happy to discover the Whistling and Whittling Clubs of Nauvoo, which is how Mormons (who are now cleverly “rebranding” themselves as The Church of Latter Day Saints) would slander, stalk, and harass outsiders who came into Mormon held territories in the western United States, including stalking tactics and “threat narratives and activity” that included brandishing knives in a constant threat based interaction. Most religious stalking follows similar domestic terrorist patterns.

Related Reading: Following the Gypsy Threat Narrative, a primer in the formation of narrative, where “good” insiders stalk and harass “bad” outsiders.

Many churches use gang stalking, and if you are researching your stalkers, start there. For Catholics, they will encounter endless harassment and psychobabble online from Opus Dei and the Pauline Sisters, and much of what you can read online is Catholics stalking others, which I experienced too, while for those who are stalked and harassed by Jews, they will get endless stalking and defamation from the Anti Defamation League and its slimy tentacles in media. (that organizations name is very ironic, and they are well documented stalkers.) This is known as the Hollywood Kosher Nostra, and many of their stalkers have profiles at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), as we see in a recent federal indictment of an actual stalker, who also has an IMDB listing.

I have found gang stalkers online from nearly every major religion, and one thing that can be said with certainty is that ALL conservative religions, and especially the Baptist sects, Pentacostals, and more extreme variants of every religion practice gang stalking in one form or another. They are insane, evil in the truest sense of the word, and need to be monitored, and even targeted with prosecution. I am not personally against arming yourself with knowledge, and following the laws about “self defense” and “standing your ground,” when it comes to these fanatical people.Film them, photograph them, and report them.

These types are also behind every hoax of the modern era ranging from the Satanic Panic, to today’s #MeToo movement, and their brand of gang stalking rhetoric is easily identified online, because they are the ones who claim “satellite harassment, mind reading aliens, end times prophecy, face orbs,” and worse. If these types are stalking you, they can be traced and tracked and sued, and keep in mind that they are often military and intelligence trained, current and retired cops, investigators and spies.

Federal, state, and local police departments in coordination with military intelligence: Have a look at a recent lawsuit against the Pasco County Sheriff ( also here and here too), in a conservative area of the country. That sheriff, Chris Nocco, had an actual gang stalking program in place designed to “harass people until they moved away” exactly as we see with the Mormon gang stalking brigades of two centuries ago, but now with “intelligence led predictive policing,” technology derived directly from the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Most of these types of stalking operations are run from Fusion Centers, and use the FBI’s Infragard agents in corporations and the community to monitor and then, to stalk and harass targets. Read the lawsuit–it is very telling, and describes the 14th Amendment and RICO Act related laws that these police and their enablers are violating. Each lawsuit validates the claims of targeted individuals, and tosses the psychobabble out the window.

The problem with these “bible believer’s,” and their zionist neocon Jewish operators and others is that they want the world to be like it was five thousand years ago. But they want that ancient world to apply only to their targets, not themselves. You can find evidence of their operations in case after case of mass shooters if you know where to look, and prosecute them. They are insane, but also, sloppy, and leave a lot of evidence trails, such as social media footprints, and dialectic litter online.

As we see on Twitter and other social media, mobbing and offline stalking are not limited to fanatical religious cults, but rather its widespread and the notorious “gay mafia” and other interests such as atheists, and the corporate sponsored Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter haveconsiderable online and offline clout too. They also gang stalk people ( I have names for anyone interested.)

Its For The Children! and Women’s Empowerment! oriented stalking: Religious conservative agenda litters the entire dialectic of gang stalking, and we see both fanatical right wing and left wing groups locked in a competitive quest for funds to essentially wage a public relations war using false narratives. The notorious TargetedJustice, and Ramola D., and other psychobabblers online are part of these efforts.

These and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all derive funding from various public and private sources as soon as they take up the mantra’s of privately funded, or federally funded crisis public relations campaigns. Whether it is the #Fakerape groups or the Domestic Violence industry, and especially the “prostitution is HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!” related narrative, many prominent gang stalking cases emanate from there.

The due process free and gender biased family courts, DV courts, college administrative hearings, and other kangaroo courts organized by campus rape centers, and so on are an industry unto themselves, full of political operatives. These are really just cleverly crafted smear campaigns, all of which seek to directly avoid court trials, where their false narratives will see the disinfecting light of a court room.

Have a read through this, and especially the footnote, where we see women literally raping themselves for profits. Its a sick sad industry, but worth billions of dollars per year.

Also in this category are the various violent vigilante groups that stalk alleged sex offenders, and these are all over the world, as we see with Mannegruppa Ottar in Norway, but there are literally thousands of these fanatical cults in the US alone, spurred by the insane, journalism ethics violating Chris Hansen (who now has a target on his face, as we see in his recent mugshot). The tentacles of international finance and its western religious basis reach ever deeper into the narrative….

FBI-ADL Gang Stalking: This has been covered above as “counter-terrorism+ related gang stalking, but this form of it is much more nuanced, because it is all narrative fictions and actual conspiracy driving these narratives; and occult symbols and symbolism are evident, as are the cultic and religious residues of the rhetoric about “hate speech,” “un-naming practices,” and numerological symbols too. Former head of the FBI and likely Opus Dei member James Comey even alluded to the fact that he was being blackmailed over a love affair with the ADL of some kind or other during his tenure too.

Freemasonry, and other cult societies are also affiliated in this category (but also many other categories too), and we even see specualtion that the murder of George Floyd followed the practices of Mason’ic rituals as pertains to “Hiram Abi ff” the great architect (see here and here for an interesting read).

As noted above, the Pensacola shooter (and hundreds of others) was stalked by all agencies, and then, a private wing of the Mossad in the form of Rita Katz and SITE Intelligence. These are their own category, because no laws protect the victims from the unrelenting stalking of this alliance.

Where to begin!?

All targeting utilizes gossip and slander from “official sources” as a first line of assault. Police wag a dossier’ of he said she said allegations derived from family courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, etc.in front of neighborhood watch persons and employers, and others; the FBI waves a dossier’ claiming that someone they want to recruit as an informant is in fact, a terrorist, while never informing their audience that in fact, the alleged terrorist is a targeted individual, like this example here. The tactics are the same, the results may vary. But gang stalking follows a pattern across typological profiles and targeting

Depending on the specific gang stalking case study that you might choose to examine, using ROGS Analysis, you will find similarities in all aspects of these cases. Even Glenn Greenwald, who brought Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing intio the limelight can verify such activity, having recently resigned from the Intercept, a newspaper that he established in order to tell such stories WIth little irony, we see how Anti Defamation League sponsorship (ADL) leads to censorship every time. These are indeed how the CIA uses front organizations called NGO’s. and how cause based racist organizations like ADL work with intelligence agencies to destroy the public’s insight into state crime.


*and many ask “how can anyone “create or manufacture”a terrorist outside of their own “free will“? I like to call that the “fallacy of the freewill fallacy,” as a response to those that maintain that “God, Gawd!, G-d, etc” has supreme will; and because those types of persons and groups are who gang stalkers are in western cultures, its important to counteract their narrative that individuals “act alone” in matters AFTER the fact of gang stalking.

The answer is what we saw in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the ties those men had to the CIA, where the various alphabet agencies in the USA targeted, tracked, trailed, and “disrupted” the normal lives of those men, and they did it by harassing them for well over a decade with gang stalking, and tactics like slander, and whisper campaigns waged in secret and much more; and those men who became actual bombers were at all times “on the FBI radar,” a common theme in these bizarre, due process free gang stalkings, with little irony in the use of the term “radar” to describe real world wiretaps and more.

These campaigns of highly targeted, state sponsored “disruption” which function as “third party punishment” are merely bizarre and illegal bullying (all of which have a deep western christian, Jewish and religious subtext) are called “bullying on stereoids” by those who do it.

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  1. This is point on however you’re missing the part where they stimulate the amygdala, frontal lobe and hypothalamus. They can induce fear, phobias, and amygdala hijack. The stimulation makes you feel the ultimate fear, they try to manipulate how you react, they plant triggers and then somehow try to expose you to it with someone standing by to record your reaction. The gang stalkers aren’t just looking at you, they’re carrying some kind of equipment that’s linked to you somehow. You must be exposed to this at all times for it to be effective. This is why they move into your community ect. Pay attention to cars cutting you off. They have hidden cameras close to their license plates. The cut off is just to record you.

    1. Well, yeah, and no.

      I would have to see evidence of the license plate thing–but generally, yeah, they appeal to the “lizard brain” as it were.

      The entire dialectic is based in fear, anxiety, threat narratives, and so on.

      Most transparent of those are the retired spooks, usually far right wing nuts like Richard Lighthouse, and so on.

      The constant paranois is a feature of nearly all psyops, ever.

    2. Well, yeah, and no.

      I would have to see evidence of the license plate thing–but generally, yeah, they appeal to the “lizard brain” as it were.

      The entire dialectic is based in fear, anxiety, threat narratives, and so on.

      Most transparent of those are the retired spooks, usually far right wing nuts like Richard Lighthouse, and so on.

      The constant paranoia is a feature of nearly all psyops, ever.

      Lastly, are you the same Tenille F. from the women’s empowerment drum circle and yoga club?

      Interesting that you would know this.

  2. They can induce depression, suicide ect. They are responsible for mass shooting, kidnappings, rape, suicide/homicide. They also don’t want TIs to have children so if you do that’s what they will target. You’re kids will scream!!!! Scream like they’re in pain! It’s to drive you mad.. have patience.. control your mind, don’t let them control you! If you’re a banker, they will tell your job that you are a thief, scammer ect. I’m a nurse, they told my job I was a danger to patients and I’m seeking drugs… I work in hospice… I can’t kill the dead and dying.

    1. Well, on the grand scale, yes, they do indeed target children.

      Social engineering families to have many children during the war years ( all those Irish Catholics having ten babies several deacdes ago; blacks, Latino’s, others today) is all just social engineering.

      Remember all those gold , and silver stars on the windows during the Viet Nam war? Most people don’t.. Every time a mother lost a son in the war she was “awarded” a star to hang in her window–seriously crooked stuff,

      Orthodox Jewish families had none of those stars in the windows, and piles of kids in Yeshiva schools.That is a real reminder of what is said about who greases the wheels.

      And today the LGBTQetc communities having no children, and spending hard earned money on feeding their dogs and cats…..and them, behind the antifa, etc.

      Buckle up, enjoy the ride! Organized religions are a great way to study evolutionary biology, and the power of memetic diseases.

    2. A clarification: I spoke above about the Orthodox Jewish families in western countries, specific to those regions social engineering schemes. In Israel, they frequently do military service, unlike here, but for them, it’s not “mandatory” and so, when we view the westernsocieties, we must view them through the exceptioalism of the “God delusion,” and the privileged place that Orthodox Jews have in that social order.

      From GlobalSecurity.org. we see this highlighted as the root of the God delusion–its the very central feature of gang stalking western societies:
      “Israel has long had a compulsory draft, with men serving in the military for nearly three years and women for two years. However, ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jews have traditionally been exempt from military service in the country. They insist that they have always served the society through prayer and study and helped to protect Jewish identity.”

      Hence all of those “hopes and prayers” meme’s in media after every mass shooting, as media refuses to look any deeper than the narrative that they are handed by these ultra-right religious sociopaths (both Jewish and christian religious nutters.)

      Regardless-yeah, they target children at many levels, as we saw in the case of little Christopher Bowen, whose mother worked with the medical mafia and the state got federal funds for participating in 13 totally unnecessary surgeries. He is just one of millions.

      That collusion is a western Jewish-christian form of “culture”

      Absolute predators, eating children alive.

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