Exploring “radicalization” as “security theater”: The case of Israel providing “material support” to “right wing NeoNazi’s,”and horseshoe theory

The Grayzone documents right wing activity in innovative ways, and like myself, occasionally gets a target painted on its journalism. Below, the case of existentiaism and :whiteness in Jewish-christian culture

Ukraine attacks journalists who reported Israeli weapons flow to its neo-Nazi militia

ukraine nazis israel weapons azov battalion

Ben Norton·July 10, 2018

Ukraine’s embassy in Israel attacked Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal by name, along with The Real News and Electronic Intifada, spreading false accusations after they reported on Ukrainian neo-Nazis using Israeli weapons.

By Ben Norton

Ukraine’s embassy in Israel has attacked Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal by name and indirectly implicated this writer, Grayzone contributor Ben Norton, for reporting on Israel’s arming of Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

While the Ukrainian government has falsely accused us of spreading “fake news,” it has ironically spread fake news itself, incorrectly alleging that Blumenthal has been writing under the pseudonym “John Brown” — based on a “quick search on the internet.”

I learned fairly early in life that Nazi’s and a certain sect of very wealthy Jews and their associates in corporations waged the Holocaust. The issue was seldom one of “well did Hitler just one day just decide to kill some Jews,” but rather “how shall societies solve problems of poverty v wealthy international conglomerates and corporations who are destroying our human rights.” And, that “problem” is not merely a “Jewish problem,” but rather, one of primitive religions that re-invent themselves one generation after the next by injecting, and manipulating race as a factor in social discourse.

So, when some discuss Jews as exclusively the problem of manufactured war, and manufactured racism, I am aware that primitive religions are the problem, because they identify along tribal-sectarian, patriarchal and/or matriachal lineages, carrying with that the exact “racism” that you might expect from such philosophies.

As such, I have always been aligned with the various blacklisted thinkers and targeted individuals of any generation. I count Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, and even Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer as radical writers who say and write things that need to be said and written, because as we see here in the case at hand (which is not by any means a one-off), the race delusion of some becomes a steady arms supply to others, generation after generation.

To understand this paradox–that targeted, banned, or otherwise marginalized writers from both radical left and right wing are necessary for a healthy intellectual diet, we must understand the blind spots–the “missing vitamins”–in their commentary.

Anglin, for example fails to note the complicity of all primitive religions and their modern spokespersons that derive their basis from Babylon mystery Judaism, in his commentary, as we see “cancel culture” is allied with the darkest most demonic forces of neoconservative ideologies across the board. Very little to say about Dick Cheney, an OPus Dei Catholic who nearly single handedly started the Iraq invasion which saw millions murdered.

Blumenthal, of the other hand, fails to attribute much of the mayhem that he writes about to Russian oligarchs, the majority of whom are in fact, the international Jewish mafia, aka the “Kosher Nostra.,” like Semion Mogilevitch, and the actual and documented criminal cabals that run the Ukraine.

Or, as one writer-who has called Blumenthal a racist has noted:

“Simplistically speaking, Horseshoe Theory challenges mainstream notions of Left-wing vs. Right-wing, by arguing that the far left and the far right are really much closer together, much like the tips of a horseshoe.”

I would argue its more like a hot potato, one side closer to fire one day, the other the next, and the same issue, generation after generation.

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