An Open Letter to Scott Crow, Activist, or…?

Hi. I write as a matter of concern for something you have written, to whit, your article on your website about organized gang stalking.

And before I get into substance, I would like you to take note of the following cases before the courts:

-the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, by a “gang of stalkers” that included current and former police, prosecutors, and their relatives and associates. They also tried to Taser him with an “electronic weapon” several years before they murdered him–and they stalked him for many years.

-the recent case of the DoJ prosecuting the “eBay gang of stalkers,” whose bizarre activity included electronic harassment in the form of wiretaps and cyber-stalking. They also issued veiled death threats, and mailed a bloody pig mask to the house of their targets; and even plotted to break in and install listening devices too.

-0ther recent lawsuits against the Pasco County sheriff and his “intelligence led predictive policing” program, that stalked “targeted persons” around the clock, including stalking their friends and associates without pretext or warrants. One of the lawsuits is a bunch of his deputies and he even claimed he would euthanize their K9 dog.

Mr. Crow, there is indeed a HUGE dis/mis-information component to this, and most of that rubbish online is placed their by current an former police, military and intelligence agents and their relatives and associates. I have demonstrated that fact repeatedly, and had my own blogs repeatedly hacked, knocked offline and de-platformed after I named a literal “gang” of cyber and offline stalkers, all of who are cops, and other agency agents. In fact, OSINT analysis revealed that they all lived at the same address in Los Angeles.

Mr. Crow, there are several “do nothing” groups who are always threatening lawsuits and filing useless petitions about this issue; and all of THOSE types breathlessly mention “electronic harassment! directed energy weapons!! aliens!!! flat earth and lizard people!!!! in nearly the first paragraphs of their phony lawsuits and petitions. These people are NOT real targeted individuals in any way.

So, I do not write on their behalf, and debunk them at every opportunity. However, what I DO write about is cases like Ahmaud Arbery, and others who have been gang stalked by local police and their gangs of “community policing” associates, and other bizarre, harassing and dangerous flying monkey’s who pollute the internet with garbage conspiracy theories AS THEY STALK others online and off using “electronic computer implants, Taser’s, wiretaps and listening equipment” and more– I document real cases of gang stalking by the authorities.

As a scholar, I hope that you can revisit this issue, and perhaps write a more responsible analysis of gang stalking, based in the scientific method, and examine the facts and evidence in cases I highlighted above. Many of us out here are aware of your case, and the years of harassment by the FBI, etc.

But in my eyes, and the eyes of others looking in on this, you have the ability to turn this around. In my last writing about you, I wrote that I suspect you could be an informant, as a large percentage of people who write about this topic online in negative terms, or who outright deny the existence of this heinous practice,  are in fact police or agency informants. I have extensive evidence of that.

And, before I write about your case again, I ask you for comment, and I ask you to view the evidence, and engage with the topic in academic terms, not merely some dismissive type of “look, aren’t I the cat’s pajama’s, because the FBI spied on me? And oh, yeah, like, gang stalking is total bullshit!”

You are not the only FBI/other agency target in this discussion, as there are many of us long before you, and I hope that you can dialogue about it responsibly. Are you willing to have that discussion?

I will post this email in one week, and I hope you can find time to respond. I will title this article “An Open Letter to Scott Crow, Activist, or…?”

Best regards,

UPDATE: Scott Crow would not reply for a request for interview, despite his website claiming that he “answers all emails”.

I previously wrote about Scott Crow, Animal Rights activist here in this post, and the story was all over the net back in 2018 too, including second tier exposure at outlets like Democracy Now!, where Crow appeared with former FBI agent Mike German! It is my opinion that he is either a federal informant or an informant for some other organization, And, animal rights groups are part of the “antifa” mobs who are themselves gangs of stalkers, documented all over the news and on the web.

Regardless, despite his classic “leftist” perspective and its biases, what he describes is in fact “organized gang stalking,” despite his attempt to distance himself from the right wing religious gangs of stalkers. The confusion comes because so many right wing military, police and other operatives fill the internet with bogus claims about lizard people UFOs and electronic weapons, all of which can also be described by proper language: computer “implants” that act as spyware, electronic wiretaps, “lizard people” are hidden operators online ranging from Infragard agents at the internet switch, to Fusion Center operatives trained in psychological warfare (PSYOP); “UFO’s” are frequently drones or other flying devices used in the new surveillance state.

Say Its Name: the Tulsa Massacre is the story of armed gangs of white people attacked and destroyed an entire black community. Now meet armed black people as black motorcycle club rides for truth

Black biker club rides for Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

Black biker club rides for Tulsa Race Massacre centennialPart of the Black Wall Street Legacy Festival, the parade is among the myriad of activities planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history.

‘We ride and we tell the story’: Black biker club turns out for Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

From Alabama to Arkansas and Missouri to Maryland, about 130 mostly African American motorcycle enthusiasts from across the country made the pilgrimage to Tulsa to cap Saturday’s Centennial Black Wall Street Heritage Parade.

‘A conspiracy of silence’: Tulsa Race Massacre was absent from schools for generations

The Black Wall Street Legacy Festival continues through Sunday in the Greenwood District. For more information, go to

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MALKIA CYRIL: Well, first of all, let’s be very clear: The history of gun control in this country is totally and completely focused on controlling the possession of weapons of black people, while allowing white people to run free shooting up the nation.

What happens in gang stalking? The game has changed but the players are the same: Meet Jennifer Dohrn, gang stalking victim

From Democracy Now, we see the targeting of a person who had committed no crime:

AMY GOODMAN: Just before we go to investigative journalist, David Wise, with Jennifer Dohrn still in our studio, I think there was one last story we wanted to hear from you, and that was a trophy that the burglars got when they broke into your apartment.

JENNIFER DOHRN: Right. Apparently on one of the break-ins, they took a pair of my underwear and put it in a glass case and gave it as a trophy gift to Mark Felt….This was discovered — it was actually leaked to me by someone in the press years later who had gone over my F.O.I.A. files.

Break-ins to her home, targeting bizarre items that have nothing to do with crime, constant surveillance by car and foot patrols, and a raft of other activities that sound bizarre to any onserver are standard in gang stalking cases.

COINTELPRO, which Mark Felt is responsible for really implementing was much wider than we ever have come to really understand.

-Jennifer Dohrn

This probably belongs in my “Hero’s and heroines”file, but I will get to that later. For now, meet Jennifer Dohrn, and read about how an FBI director, Mark Felt, kept a pair of her soiled underwear in a glass case as a trophy. So, when psychologists and others seek to discredit the bizarre tales that that targeted individuals have after these “disruption”campaigns waged by domestic terrorists that work in any of many organizations.

So–are gang stalking stories bizarre? You bet they are.

Keep this story in mind when you listen to those who have been gang stalked at any level: the FBI DIRECTOR STOLE A PAIR OF WOMENS UNDERWEAR,and kept them in a glass case. And it wasn’t the famous cross-dressing J. Edgar Hoover who did that: it was Ämerican Folk Hero” MARK FELT, less famous as the FBI Director, and more famous as “Deep Throat,”the guy who gave Woodward and Bernstein the scoop about Watergate,another “weird”break-in by government agents on President Richard M. Nixon’s watch as criminal in chief.

From Democracy Now, more about weird FBI break-ins, and perhaps the weirdest part is that the agency used former FBI agents to do the illegal activity, exactly as ROGS Analysis predicts:

JUAN GONZALEZ: It became clear, I guess in the early 1980s, the extent of this — of the illegal break-ins and illegal activities. Wesley Swearingen, a former F.B.I. agent, actually testified that he had conducted — he was basically a full-time burglar for many years.

JENNIFER DOHRN: Like 238, or at least, he recorded.

JUAN GONZALEZ: At least 238 burglaries in Chicago and Los Angeles, and that New York there was a special squad of the F.B.I., Squad 47

Do gang stalking programs target children? You bet they do.

JENNIFER DOHRN: I lived in New York primarily. I was based in New York. I was very, very active in the anti-war movement and in support of the Black Freedom Movement and the Puerto Rican liberation struggle, and I was followed night and day by the F.B.I. I had my apartments, several apartments, wiretapped. Apartments next to me were rented by F.B.I. agents who kept continuous 24-hour surveillance of every sound made in my apartment. I was followed up and down the streets. I would get a job, the F.B.I. would go in after me, and I would then be fired from the job. It was around-the-clock harassment.

AMY GOODMAN: Were you aware of it at the time?

JENNIFER DOHRN: I was aware of a lot of it. I was certainly aware of being followed a lot. I was —- assumed that perhaps my phones were tapped, and I had no idea of the level of extent under which I was being surveilled. I had no idea that break-ins were repeatedly happening into my apartments. I remember when I was pregnant with my first born feeling extremely vulnerable because I was being followed a great deal of the time, and then it was revealed when I received my Freedom of Information Act papers, over 200,000 documents, that there actually had been developed by Felt a plan to kidnap my son after I birthed in hopes of getting my sister to surrender. So, my imagination -—

AMY GOODMAN: The F.B.I. plans?


AMY GOODMAN: To kidnap your son?


At the level of “counterintelligence”gang stalking, apparently anything goes. SO, America is not now, nor it ever will be again an actual Democracy. It is in fact a police and intelligence state by definition, which is why I write things like this, about diaper peelers, which is a real thing with these insane people.

Good Morning IIIIIsrael! How’s all that “manufactured terrorism”with teh Hamas situation going for you? Its really working well in the USA!

So, many mass shootings in the USA can be traced directly to the Mossad, Israel’s “CIA -like”counterpart in the middle east, much as Manhattan worked this way for Jewish-banksters, working with alt-christians some 400 years ago. You might recognize those domestic terrorists as “Pilgrims,”but most rational people remember them as “domestic terrorists, at the vanguard of Jewish-christian supremacy.”

Related Story: Manhattan and Jews: a crazy superstitious belief system is in place above Manhattan, the former residence of displaced Native Americans called “Manhattoes”” as crazy orthodox Jews deploy “magic”and mysticism high in the sky, with a weird wire wrapped around the island, much as we see Israel’s use of the fake-terror Sky Dome that shoots down their fake opponents bottle rockets. This is who and what collonialist settlers ARE in every dialogue of predation and settlement–superstitious Jews and their soldiers, called “christians”” who carry out their dirty work, like genocide, and more.

Hamas is allegedly Israel’s “nemesis”in the middle east, but fortunately, rational people are able to sort out the facts from the garbage in the situation: Hamas is a nearly 100% Isreali creation, and like all of modern terrorism, Israeli fingerprints are all over the bombs too, as every time there is a mass shooting, bombing, terrorist event, the US and its allies give Israel EVEN MORE MONEY to do what they do: create terrorism.

Any sane or rational person can follow these simple dots, but somehow, western Jewish-christian-Zionists all fail to be able to connect the….oh wait (checking notes)…fail to STOP PERPETRATING TERRORISM. Its in their DNA, and the evidence of that can easily be found in their religious screeds called “the Torah”and “the Bible”in one or another form. These people are all terrorists.

SO, anyways, my two little sisters in Israel have been busy kvetching about how ROGS is a truth speaker–a journalist with a hard on for facts, but, as we see time and again, these types are “fact challenged”and “religious fanaticism heavy.

Its a bad combination.

Does the state have an interest in mass shootings? You bet they do–mass shootings are profitable, and real estate is at the center of many cases

Every time a state/province/locality has a mass shooting, states/provinces/localities get money from the federal/crown/other funding agentdirected to local governments, and also funding from a variety of “private donor” non-governmental organizations. In mass shootings, we indeed see how global syndicates operate with, and against local syndicates, in pseudo-legal framework, and with real estate as a goal.

Related Story: Meet the Manfredonia’s! of Newtown Connecticut, who were on the scene of a mass shooting as it happened (Chris Manfredonia)! And also part of a nationwide manhunt of a spree killer(Peter Manfredonia)! And wait there’s more! Another arrested for underage sex (Robert Manfredonia)! Read Rebecca Carne’s excellent town tattler “the Newtown Rooster,”to see that indeed, the Newtown mass homicide was a local black operation, that involved politics andreal estate at its very core.

So, many of the auxilliary programs that funnel cash into police black operations are “local and global bankster” affiliated. The banksters are who funds the various SWAT teams and bomb squads that are also at the center of these mass shootings in case after case.”–but also who work in local government and school systems too.

SWAT teams, private contractors, and “community policing”agents and all of the various “task forces” that populate modern due-process free policing are acting as vigilante’s in these cases, and are in fact a major part of what gang stalking is. And, that pseudo-legal framework has infected the courts too, as we see Canada’s famously corrupt Doug Ford easing the “legal Swat team” rhetoric into the courtrooms and the publics consciousness at large.

And, in case after case, we see another pattern: real estate at the center of the event, as one shooter after another torches their house after being gang stalked. This is becoming a common occurrence, because state investigators who use “intelligence led predictive policing” and its raft of other un-constitutional tactics and practices deploy military derived psychological operations on their targets. Indeed, Fusion Center’s in the USA, all go by different names, and these operations seek PSYOP trained personnel to head their literal “dark operations.

A large part of that “PSYOP” is to threaten targeted individuals constantly with “homelessness,” which is very well documented in the extant online discussion boards and video’s and other social media. And so–KA-BLOOOEY! No surprise people are burning down their houses as part of these state run dark operations.

Look at this entirely predictable headline:

Province buys former Portapique property of Nova Scotia mass shooter

The provincial government of Nova Scotia–whose tactical black ops fingerprints were all over that shooting event– was slobbering all over that real estate since long before the “event” just “happened.”

Attorney Robert Pineio is quoted on behalf of the “good people” of Nova Scotia saying “I understand from sources that I’ve interviewed that the purpose, the reason the province purchased them, was to avoid somebody purchasing them on the open market that might in some way exploit the mass murder situation and cause more hardship to the families than they’re already suffering.”

Righto, Robert! We certainly don’t want anyone exploiting that situation right? We don’t want anyone to profit by Saying Their Names! And certainly, we don’t want international mafia’s and their smugglers to become inhibited or infringed at the shores by local agents like Gabriel Wortman.

And hey–wasn’t that property incredibly under-valued, considering it is prime real estate overlooking the bay? I mean, we see real estate broker/city council member Tom Taggart slobbering all over this real estate transaction for several years before that event, and quoted in early reports as saying exactly that: the real estate is prime.

Then, after the sale to the provincial government, we hear that fat bucket of lard saying “I’d like to see that wharf torn out there, the stone fireplace gone, the stones removed and buried, and trees planted on it and any reminder of that character’s life removed from the face of the earth,” Taggart said.

Tom “Tubby”Taggart seems to have gotten fat with real estate. I wonder if he knows Canada’s famous “Bronfman klan”who were that regions most famous Jewish Mafia agents during the prohibition era?

But wait! There’s more! Here Tubby Taggart appears here in the photo to be a brand ambassador for, a wireless service provider! Who needs a warrant to wiretap peoples phones when in fact, governments work with people like Tubby to spy on citizens without due process?

OOOPS! My bad–Tubby is not the network spy in this case…. no, he is actually the brand ambassador for Blueflag Canada, which bills itself thus “Blue Flag is an award program for environmentally-friendly beaches, boats, and marinas….Canada is home to many world-class waterfront destinations. The Blue Flag program recognizes communities working hard to promote swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

OK, I am waving my Blueflag now. I surender! But please send me cash and investors, ok? Blueflag, blueflag, blueflag! Cash NOW! Ok?

It seems Taggart is deeply concerned about the waterfront real estate, which smugglers EVERYWHERE find valuable, and Gabriel Wortman’s property just happened to sit in his way. Poor GABRIEL WORTMAN! He met a bigger global gang than the local gang he was purported to be working for, as documented in McCleans online magazine which reveals how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police distribute cash to informants, and that Wortman likely worked for their gang at some level.

Righto Tubby Tom, your concerns were noted! WE certainly need to ün-name that man” don’t we? No Notoriety! We don’t want the public looking deeper into these cases, starting at the name and then, the circumstances surrounding mass shootings!

Related Story: Mystical black dogs from hell, prison ships that brutally brought men to death, and smugglers island’s which are still puking out the bones of their victims–Britains long history of double dealing and smuggling after the Rothschild influence, aka “piracy”explored as “Deadman’s Island”and other places across the globe, as the British mafia’s intersect with Rothschild mafia’s–a tall tale of globalist mafias meeting localist mafias indeed.

Surely “WE” don’t want our kids smirking in the face of the “good provincial/state/federal authorities” and their state mafias that act in every way as criminally as the people whose real estate they target with “gang stalking.”We want our kids to be free right? But this international v local mafia battle doesn’t care one single shit. They just want shorefront.

And BTW, Fat Tom, –is that your son running a private security company in that EXACT area? Seems to be that a Tom Taggart is a beneficiary of government funding–I wonder, does he get paid to gang stalk in that area, Tom?

Peeping Tom’s indeed! Hows all of that due process free spying up their in Canada working out for you? It seems to create mass shootings!

Now there was this weeks latest real estate related gang stalking gone wrong, where yet another guy burned down the house. And, Samuel Cassidy, the shooter, targeted people at a union meeting, which is no surprise, because union members are well known stalkers too, documented in blog after blog online.

From AP News:

Kirk Bertolet, 64, was just starting his shift when shots rang out. He said Thursday that Cassidy worked regularly with the victims. He called them “a good bunch of blue-collar people” but said Cassidy stuck out as a loner and outsider.

“I know some of those guys, they’ll keep joking with you and they’ll keep hammering you about stuff. And if you’re thin-skinned and you can’t take it … I see that is the main cause of what’s going on,” Bertolet said.

While there are laws in place that can be enforced, gang stalking is difficult because of its breadth ad scope–it really is organized, and hard to pin down in only one lawsuit, because indeed these are civil conspiracies at every level of state and local power Less difficult to pin down is the fact that gang stalking aka “colliding parallel investigations,”aka “”intelligence led predictive policing,”aka “the ownership society” and its accompanying mob rule envisioned by George Bush Jr. back in his war against the constitution era is a massive land grab, and we see that as so many of these cases involve shooters giving up property rights.

Everton Brown update: look at how a black man gets framed by Democrat AND Republican media operatives, and #fakeblack people

Everton Brown was what was once honorably called ” and old school dude,” The kind of guy who likely remembered that the US Army Intelligence, in coordination with the FBI, and many other racist organization like the Anti-Defamation League were responsible for targeting black men, and anyone else who challenged the alternative racist narrative of the FBI-ADL.

This type of racist assault on “individual narrative” is so common that we see time and time again, that homosexuals and other bizarre forms of sexuality related stalkers from the Ford Foundation, and the ADL and their affilliated organizations target heterosexual African American men. This is what is called “slow kill genocide” in the online blogs, videos and other “linguistic litter” of the gang stalking dialectic.

Black males are indeed targeted by these internationally subversive race supremacists, no different than Nazi’s target outspoken individuals. See the Ferguson activists for examples.

Then, he meets the neo-racists of the modern Democrat party, who, for all practical purposes yammer on about diversity, when in fact all roads lead to AIPAC funded NGO’s headed by Jewish neocons.

The ADL and its spawn are merely the Israeli Mossad, working inside the USA, and , working with the other Israeli”deep state” players, like these retired Mossad agents who develop “security” products in Silicon Valley.

Working from within troll farms in Silicon Valley, and from front groups called NGO’s, these all work to co-opt personal narrratives and experiences of of “blackness,” and then targeted activists with “PSYOP.” All of that, courtesy of well known racial supremacists in the Anti Defamation League, and its octopus of world wide racial operatives. So, when families need to sue government for these events, they need to look more deeply at the FBI’s “love” of the ADL, and seek records accordingly.

Imagine a gay/pederast/bestialist/christian/Nazi socialist/Stalinist heading up the rabid, race supremacist organization, the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and “advocating” for the cause of Jews. Oh wait–they had one similar–meet Frank Collin, ADL darling of an earlier era. In Jewish “mind control operations, ” things are EXACTLY that weird. I know this, because I grew up in Frank Collins city, and watched his charade play out on the nightly news, and in magazine reports. But his chicanery never made it into the history books–for some reason.

Or, imagine that exact, same person heading up the various christian organizations, and advocating for “religious freedom” and you can just barely begin to envision the great anger of black men whose organizations and political causes have been taken over by people like Rachel Dolezal, who is a product of Jewish-christian “mind control” via her training in the US college system. Its exactly like how horsehair worms invade crickets heads, causing them to commit suicide, as those who introduced the worm to the cricket walk free. Mind control indeed!

I will be a fan of the ADL as soon as a non-Jew/non-Zionist heads that organization, similar to how the same ADL has co-opted the NAACP, and similar organizations–like the United Negro College Fund, where one of Brown’s targets, Sagar Ghimire just happened to have some affiliations.

Related Story: How Israel created Hamas, and Hezbollah as controlled opposition.

Yeah, black men who were “identity raped” and used by drug cartels, and incarcerated in a form of Slavery By Another Name in the great Hillary Clinton/Rhodes Scholar/Democrat identity politics era are a bit mad about that. Imagine white women parading around and claiming oppression, like the sock puppets of other peoples pain? That entire era saw exactly that as the internet spread “rape meme’s” echoing that of the women whose rape anxiety smothered the voices trying to speak for prison abolition, and choked out the voices of the actual pain of men incarcerated, and actually raped.

Occasionally, a darling of Eastern Star Freemasonry like Keith Ellison in Minnesota, with the Derek Chavin trial makes “change” but that, mediated by one or another cultic/sectarian/tribal/religious “belief system.” And THAT, filtered through politics. WE see minor victories in things like the trial of Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices, but no real police reform. And worse, gang stalking is no longer the extra-jucicial third party punishment meted out by the Protestant Ku Klux Klan, but in fact, their or more “diverse gangs” of stalkers due to this corrupt system.

The one thing that stands out the most about the bizarre Everton Brown even is this: in the Peruvian Press, they are calling it an incident motivated by the racism of Everton Brown, when in fact, it is the racism of others who act as gangs of “diverse” stalkers who were who he targeted, and Ghimire had political aspirations in the Democrat party, while the other two –his direct neighbors–did EXACTLY what gang stalkers say they will do: they will have parties, and bang on the walls of the targeted individuals.

My question is this: as we watch black man after black man going on job related, or unemployment benefit related shooting rampages (see here and here too)–exactly when do reparations kick in and guarantee that the systemic racism directed specifically at black males by these other “race and gender” affiliated mobs, and by the false hearted, racist and divisive rhetoric of the ADL get seen for what it is?

Freedom, so free, in ‘Merica!

….Post in progress, check back later

Caselaw on gangstalking the elements behind it: its an emerging field of law

Gang stalking lawsuits are starting to happen. That’s a good thing. See here, where a Florida county sheriff is being sued by a national public interest group, the Institute for Justice. Here’s more about the elements of stalking, in one US state, and here is advice from the Crown Prosecution Service. As you can imagine, a “gang” of stalkers will be a similar set of procedures for establishing the elements of your case.

But why should personal injury attorney’s, criminal defense attorney’s, civil liberties groups, and other parties sue in these cases–what’s “in it” for you? I will tell you: these cases are the future of democracy, and yes, due to the way that we can trace these cases to HUGE parties who are liable, there is money to be made. But I hope that is not your only motivator for searching the internet for “Caselaw on gangstalking the elements behind it.”

Indeed, I can show you about two hundred more valuable search terms, use my contact feature and send an email. I have researched this for over 15 years, and have deployed ROGS Analysis in many cases, some of which are now in court rooms.

And the parties that can be sued range from local and state governments, to community organizations, townhome associations, police departments, corporations–as you see, these cases those who “do” the gang stalking are a wide range of groups, and often work together in these horrific events. But even federal prosecutors are willing to take up these cases if the injured party provides a baseline of proof, as we saw with the eBay gang of stalkers, that includes upper level executives, and many former police.

Yet most of these current cases fail, due to lack of evidence, and especially improper citation; and also that judges likely roll their eyes when they encounter the sort of gibberish online about these cases that is intentionally put there to Google bomb the results with bizarre claims of “aliens! directed energy weapons!! MKULTRA!!! FLAT EARTH!!! LIZARD PEOPLE!!!!”

That gibberish is littering the internet due to people like these, and the many other well funded organizations and individuals like Targeted Justice, or Dr. Tomo Shibata that use donor funds to perpetrate hoaxes. Their cases are designed to look foolish, and are frequently tied to one or another federal money pot, like “it’s for the children!” and “domestic vioence (highly gendered narratives)” and especially “human trafficking!!” which is just the same old anti-prostitution gang in modern context–these people do not give a single shit about Guatemalan/Ecuadoran/Peruvian/Columbian dish washers, toilet scrubbers, roofers, and ditch diggers who rode “north” in a tanker truck fuel tank, because many of them utilize those men as labor.

SO: where to look for case law, and decisions regarding gang stalking? Its best of you first know where NOT to look. DON’T search for cases where “gang stalking” is the claim, because these cases are almost ALWAYS found in “conspiracy of deprivation of civil rights” or “neighborhood disputes” or”deprivation under color of law,” or in civil settlements about dead men, like Eric Gardner, who was the first black man who famously uttered “I can’t breathe” as a police gang murdered him in cold blood as cameras rolled; and that which kicked off the riots and protests around the USA,about various forms of “torture” as used by modern policing.

These new forms of torture, and police brutality are informed by intelligence agency derived tactics, including psychological operations, and much of it is outsourced to “private contractors” like private investigators and other non-police groups (the Anti Defamation League, for example, is responsible for much of the mayhem that masquerades online as “fighting hate speech” but when litigated–if such can be proven–is in fact simple cyber stalking.)

SO, gang stalking lawsuits are that: framed differently within the known parameters of cases and court filings centered around case law of police brutality, because the dirty work is out sourced to others, who masquerade as “private interests” despite their very public, very government funded functions.

Look here, where Ahmaud Arbery’s mother sued a gang comprised of “police and prosecutors, retired police, his son, and a neighbor” for “conspiracy” to deprive her son of his rights, and eventually, his life. In all, they had stalked Arbery for several years, and at one point tried to brutalize him by shooting him with a Taser, totally unprovoked, and that, caught on film. Its tough to watch, as these cowards target an unarmed man with his hands in the air, but seasoned attorney’s will know exactly what this is. Watch the video, and see “gang stalking” in action, and that, before the courts now as a “conspiracy of deprivation” lawsuit.

And here, where a man named Everton Brown attempted–and failed–to sue the FBI for vague violations of his civil liberty. That case failed predictably, because while the FBI and its “Infragard” agents in the “community policing” schemes are indeed part of it, that is a hard sell to most judges. But: gang stalking litigation opens newdoors for discovery, and that is where the hard road to building caselaw begins.

Brown sued the wrong party in his initial pro se filing, because he should have sued his townhome association for records, and then sued the city to enforce noise ordinances, and worked up from there, but his initial claims were pretty absurd on their face, though not at all a false portrayal of what gang stalking is. Sadly, he went on a rampage, instead of collecting evidence, such as films, photo’s and other data.

Keep in mind, that sheriffs departments, local police, and others who are gang stalking citizens say that they will harass the individuals until the “sue or move away.” Justice is seldom possible in these cases because of the prohibitive cost of suing the state, and gangs of state stalkers know this, and use it to their advantage. They also target individuals who cannot show “loss” in these cases, as many individuals for example cannot claim they have lost income, because by the time they discover this mad scheme, they have been stalked out of a job, and in many cases, locked up under 5150/Baker Act/false psychological holds, as we saw in the case of police whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft.

Read It: So, Who’s Crazy Now? The story of Adrian Schoolcraft, who settled for a gang stalking incident, and never took it to trial, leaving other victims without evidence of how gangs of police stalkers work their subterfuge.

Keith LaBella, Esq. writes, and was perhaps the first legitimate complainant to suggest that Federal RICO statutes be applied to these cases, and we now see prosecutors and other attorney’s doing exactly that too, in the Pasco County cases mentioned above, or the case of the eBay Gang of Stalkers; or the recent Department of Justice filing against Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, a Democrat party operative who was stalking three teenage boys for many years.

But case law on this topic is scarce, because most gang stalking lawsuits are filed by relatives of the people murdered in these cases, or by parties like myself, who decided to settle a lawsuit, instead of proceed* because the stalking is exactly that intense, and destabilizing. I sued a security company that was working with the local vice squad and several other parties in what is called a “colliding parallel investigation,” aka “gang stalking.” Five others also sued that company and we put it out of business.

SO, gang stalking lawsuits are not called “gang stalking lawsuits,” because the victims of this sordid practice are merely using the terms of the stalkers themselves–as “gang stalking” is the term of the stalkers, which they flaunt online in bizarre ways. In the law, however, there are other names for it, and we see these cases more clearly.

One case to look at as a sort of primitive template that attempted to outline the elements of the various crimes that happen during gang stalking is the failed Jeffrey Kantor lawsuit, which, like many of these lawsuits, is stymied when it comes to using proper language and citing evidence. The claims Kantor made ring true to any targeted individual, but taken as a whole comes across any judges bench looking incomplete, and vague, in need of more proof and so on.

Another good example is how Rick and Cindy Krlich sued a gang of stalkers in Hubbard Ohio, in a case called “Small Town Terrorism” and obtained restraining orders against many, many local shitbags, one of which, Dick Wittenkugle, turned out to be a fraudster who was milking the town till, and calling in fake fires. Apparently, hero’s double dip AND steal from the town till. Don’t Be a Dick! Don’t Be a Dickwitt!

Now, a word of caution: the tribal-sectarian Southern Poverty Law Center has rolled out the the “PASCO” (People Against Surveillance of Children and Overpolicing) Coalition, and provides one narrowly tailored and reedy measure of legal remedy for gang stalking, but as almost anything that the SPLC is known for , its a bit late in the game, as they are known for race pandering, and punting on most difficult social matters, and even then, their effort panders to the lowest denominator by taking up the case “for the children” when in fact these programs mostly target adults.

Apparently the SPLC is “OK with that,” because they themselves have been implicated by some as political gang stalkers, as noted almost as early as the case where that organizations founder was alleged to have unethical relations with his step daughter or something–and then, like a cricket with a worm in its head, they went full zionist/racist/fake-justice crusader after that. In my dealings with that group, I seem to remember Morris Dee’s as a grand standing do-nothing, who had a HUGE political budget, but took NO real cases of merit.

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Horsehoe Theory for morons: The Kyle Rittenhouse photos

From the perspective of world citizens, what has been happening in America over the last couple of decades is pure lunacy, and Horseshoe Theory has accurately described the climate of the modern, post-constitutional America.

We can get a sense of that lunacy by examining horseshoe theory, which posits that the right and the left are essentially the same ideology, and there is truth to that.

For example, see the photo below:

Kyle Rittenhouse is the guy on the left of this picture, but he is actually from America’s far right. He is pro-police, no matter what. Blue Lives Matter! Guns! Free Speech means the second amendment for white people and cops! The first amendment is a threat to national security!! Everyone who doesn’t share those buhliefs is a terrorist!

The guys in the middle and on the right of this image are “leftists.” Free government cheese for all! White christians are all domestic terrorists! Words have consequences–fuck the first amendment!!

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, were both killed by gunfire and Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the arm as they were attacking Kyle Rittenhouse and bashing him on the head with a skateboard, and kicking him in the face. When the guy in the middle pulled out a pistol, and Mr. Rittenhouse shot him. The leftist position is “guys with guns are terrorists, unless they are us, using guns in a sneaky way while ganging up on other guys with guns!

Did you follow that? Yeah, me neither. That’s horseshoe theory for you in a true “nutshell”.

Above image courtesy of Sgtreport. Below images courtesy of varied.

Here’s a better shot of the guy holding the pistol, in case anyone doubts it. Never bring a pistol to a machine gun fight, kids!

Everton Brown Update: Say His Name, and the complexity of analyzing targeted black men is compounded by “othering” and typical racism in policing, augmented by “the other white people” from the Anti Defamation League.

When we as “the public” ask ourselves “why did Everton Brown go on a shooting rampage, after trying to use “normal channels of complaint”for 20 years–all of which failed him–we must also ask, then, who EXACTLY was Everton Brown?

As in all these cases, the media paints the picture of a “crazy person” on a rampage–and then they scrub these guys off of the internet, so that no one can ask important questions like: WHO EXACTLY WAS EVERTON BROWN, and why do some elements of media hang a white sheet over these guys heads after the event?

Related Story: The “Kamelia’s” of the Ku Klux Klan Women’s Auxilliary’ waged often fatal whisper campaigns to destroy peoples lives

We have a few other models of black men who were stalked and harassed until they went ballistic. Good examples to work from to gain insight into the “profile” of black men who were harassed in their workplace, for example, Anthony Ferrill the Molson Coors shooting, where a black man who was clearly “gang stalked” by that states workers comp investigators, and who had a noose hung in his locker shot up his toxic workplace, and stalkers within it, targeting those who had likely targeted him, including–unsurprisingly–a Ukrainian Jew, and also a military vet with a degree in –of all things–political science.

In fact, Mr. Ferrill mentioned to a neighbor how voracious state investigators were indeed stalking him and surveilling him at his home before he went ballistic. Read through his case for evidence. He had weird “Masonic” harassment in his workplace, which was described as “office pranks” by the perpetrator when interviewed in media.

So, its very important to “Say Their Names*,” in these cases, and view other evidence in order to understand why these events keep happening, and no one can seem to explain it. Its a no brainer for me–if organized groups of “community” members stalk, harass, and threaten people long enough, and THEN make their workplace toxic, wage a slander campaign, and mobilize the resources of a community against a person– well, yeah, the outliers might target their stalkers eventually.

I mean, a fact check: Molson-Coors has had a long history with racial tension, racially charges union disputes ( the majority of workplace shootings involve union harassment)and its brand is affiliated with many far right causes. Coors is in fact the beer of many far right wing extremists too.

Related Story: Is Molson-Coors a “Nazi owned company?”

And then, there was the case of DeWayne Antonio Craddock, who was watched closely by lesbian-like women who seemed to know everything about his personal life–including that he had camera’s watching his car; and they even “moved in next door” and gave interviews to the media after the shooting too. Yeah–gang stalking is really that bizarre.

Here is more about Mr. Craddocks case, from the New York Times, and notice the blurb at the end of the article. Here is the quote, with my emphasis added:

“news releases issued by the city this year about road closings because of utility work listed the suspect’s name as the contact person for further information. He was the man who took residents’ questions, whose name was a public point of reference.

But on Saturday, after identifying him once as the man who plunged the city into grief, officials said they would never again utter his name in public.

Not saying the name of a mass shooter has little to do with “social contagion” and everything to do with white supremacist, religious, or other fanatical groups who hide their presence in slick public relations campaigns. And we see that Mr. Craddock was an integral part of the narrative of a city.

These cases are eerily prescient and point us to an as yet named “war” on information, case after case. See the case of “No Notoriety” for evidence of that. This far right fringe movement seeks to influence media, and like so many “pseudo-science” or “police science” based claims, they use phony data that claim mass shooters seek notoriety, when in fact–and as we see in the Craddock case, and many others, he lived alone, and lived quietly as his life was infiltrated by these secret stalkers.

From Heavy, we see this: Craddock was “defined by what he didn’t have: No apparent criminal history, no obvious Facebook or other social media accounts, no manifesto or publicly stated ideology.

And this:Before the shooting, co-workers thought he was quiet, polite and a “nice guy” with no warning signs, according to the Associated Press. The creepiest detail to emerge about the suspect: Photos showing he’d erected cameras in the window of his condo.

Image below of the “creepy” camera’s in Craddock’s condo, from What kind of sane person could possibly find home security “creepy?” Yup–people who might get caught on film doing bad shit.

I dunno….

….one persons version of creepy is another persons multi-million dollar industry, as we see with Jeff Bezo’s Amazon Ring camera’s everywhere you look these days, and even those camera’s themselves hacking into peoples homes!

There is usually a reason people put camera’s up in their neighborhoods. I knew a Pakistani engineer who did that, and his camera’s were routinely destroyed by these neighborhood mobs in the early War on Terror era, as were my own when I tried to combat neighborhood gang stalkers/corporate spies/police/other agency shitbags, who I caught on film repeatedly..

Craddock wasn’t seeking anyone’s attentionhe wanted to be left alone, much like Andrew Engledinger, who instead, got camera’s pointed in his face and his mage blasted across PR newsletters before his rampage at Accent Signs in Minneapolis.

Indeed we see that this idea of people who are targeted and harassed are seeking notoriety is patently false in most of these cases, yet that their campaign works in some media outlets like the New York Times, long allied with racist causes.

And it cannot be missed that religious organizations ALWAYS manage to get “product placement” in these narratives after the fact. Here, below, we see white Lutherans put out in the press as “saviours” after the shooting. The “thank g-d” narrative is also a staple in these cases, in nearly every single news story.

Listen, people: the arguably mythical Jesus was NOT a stalker, and would not condone your stalking activity, even if he were real. In fact, your “savior’s” story is itself a story about stalking, as whacko religious fanatics–the Jewish sect called the Pharisees–had stalked him to death. In that light, your “Devil/Shatan/Satan” makes you “believers” look like bigger “demons,” or just frauds.

From the Milwaukee Molson-Coors case:

A group of Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs visited the nearby Story Elementary School, where students went on lockdown during the shooting, and will remain in Milwaukee until next week, the charities said.

Comfort DOGS. Awwww, how cute. Has anyone except me noticed how these stalkers signal to each other at gang stalking blogs full of “#fakeTI’s?” Yup–many of them are heavily involved with animal rescue, and “comfort dogs.” That’s a separate essay entirely.

Apparently, the Germanic-Lutheran sects want to give murder victims families “dogs” for comfort. Imagine the irony, for “othered” peoples who find dogs repulsive (they walk in shit, eat shit, and lick these people, for example. How a=cute!)

THAT’s what is the topic here: how Germanic/Teutonic/Anglican/Lutheran/Baptist and Catholic/Orthodox societies form a narrative: in case none of them know, dogs are repulsive to most Islamic people, some Jews, and others–and one of the supreme insults to anyone from these cultures is to call them dogs, or to say that they sleep with dogs, as many western people actually DO.

Political PACs, NGO’s, church groups, and freemasonry styled organizations are all involved in stalking scenarios, like how the Knights of Columbus was spotted in the Sandy Hook/Newtown CT case: watch as one Manfredonia after another Manfredonia is arrested for some bizarre crime or another. Keep in mind that it was Chris Manfredonia who was arrested at Sandy Hook as Adam Lanza went inside and targeted his school psychologist, and that the grand-sire of this literal gang stalking clan, William Manfredonia, was the principal of Newtown’s High school too(read through that link for evidence of “who are the gang stalkers”). No theory there, but an actual conspiracy of some kind or other indeed.

Without any doubt,these religious groups, identifiable gang stalking families and their associates in government and policing, and the affilliated NGO’s and “community assets”–all of them are major gang stalkers in the mold of the “Whistling and Whittling Brigades of Nauvoo“, because they derive federal and private donations and other funds for gang stalking. This is what “community policing” is, and we can see it reflected in the tribal sectarianism of these events, with the debate about Democrat or Republican shooters online.

Related: Watch the tribal-sectarian narrative unfold in the recent shooting in Massachusetts, where a “normal guy” Nathan Allen,with zero mental health issues and zero criminal record suddenly flips a 180, and decides to steal a plumbing truck, and go on a shooting/crashing rampage, killing two people who fit the profile of gang stalkers: one retired state trooper, David Green, and one retired military IT person, Ramona Cooper. Anyone wanna guess why those two people–who fit the profile of gang stalkers were the ones targeted? And–hacking, anyone? I won’t hold my breath for an answer to my question: what were those two people doing at that spot, at that time–why were they there? Coincidence indeed.

Gang stalking, aka “community policing,” “targeted individual programs,” “colliding parallel investigations,” “intelligence led predictive policing,” that is now being litigated in court–call these programs whatever you like, but it’s an indisputable, and well documented fact that these hidden, obscured, and definitely occulted law “enfarcement” practices precede mass homicides and workplace shootings. Ask me for even more documentation, if you are a serious researcher that religion centered groups and their NGO’s derive federal funding for gang stalking programs.

Another case in point is the narrative of the newsroom influencer Anna Conkey, who was nearly herself framed as a mass shooter, after some weird online interactions between herself and her church:

And, we see the numbers 12 or 13 appearing too, in nearly every mass shooting, including Gabriel Wortman at Portapique, Nova Scotia, as in the cases described above.IN Wortman’s case, they ran that number very early in the press. Use your search engine to find the original articles that claimed he shot 13 people, such as this one at Scallywag and Vagabond, which was later changed to 18, and kept moving upwards.

If you want another eye opener, search Bing for the search result “Gail Watts 777.” She was one of the neighbors who said “Everton Brown was aggressive towards women.” Did you do the search? Intereting job title, um-hnhuh?

And you can see my recent fan-mail from some Nazi-other-insane-sociopathic person, which demonstrates the value of that number to these types of people. Note that persons opinion is that it is “me” ROGS who is a “psycho” because I document their activities, very publicly, and for the sake of others–not a trait of a psychopath in any sense. So, Freudian projection combined with constant attempts at “narcissistic injury” and PSYOP is ALL OVER THE PLACE in their narrative, and I ask researchers to investigate that link, which I have.

These are cultic, cloistered, and insane bullies–psychopaths, sociopaths, and criminals by definition. Numerology and mysticism such as the cult practice of “un-naming” a man, for them is power, and they use it to abuse their victims–who sometimes bully them in return, which are what these mass homicides are. All over online are people called “fake TIs” talking about gang stalking, utilizing “gematria,” psychobabble, and other occulted gibberish–and targeting real individuals.

So, asking the important questions in these cases is in fact the type of journalism is “in the public’s interest” already, we are an educated public, meaning that we approach media narrative with healthy skepticism and an awareness that media is a political tool of the political elite, and those who do their bidding in secret. WHO EXACTLY WAS EVERTON BROWN ?!

First and foremost–regardless of how he was “framed” in media narratives–Everton Brown was an activist against “community policing.”

He sued (perhaps) the wrong party to his stalking and harassment, as nearly all other claimants to this sort of harassment sue their town home association, or at least spend the time to research their stalkers. As ROGS Analysis states, case after case of claims of gang stalking nearly ALWAYS involve current and former military, police, intelligence agents, and others in their sphere of influence, such as psychologists, social workers, behavioral analysts, cold case investigators AS gang stalkers, and so on.

And, Brown had signs on his car, which were well within first amendment rights and protections–not an indicator of mental illness in ANY SENSE, but rather a mere type 1 or two error. As he blew up his own house, and shot his noisy, politically aspirational neighbors, two of whom shared a wall with his townhouse– and blasted kaoraoke EVERY SATURDAY; and he died next to his car, which had signs stating:

Black People Are the Tool Used to Maintain Racism,”


“For 3 Years the FBI has violated my home, vehicle, and manipulated my life———–Please no more!”

In journalism, skepticism is the most basic, foundational premise, even though modern journalists mostly forego the practice of “second sourcing”in its true form, opting instead to run “opinions” from interested parties. Why is that? It’s because other outside agencies and interests have co opted journalism itself, which is well documented. It’s not likely the FBI at all, but if you scratch that fools gold of a narrative, you WILL find state police and workers from the state system, and likely a slobbering real estate agent too, as we saw with Tom Taggart’s role in the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

Have a look at the story of Michael Hastings, too, whose car was blown up after his reporting on a powerful US Army general. Then have a look at the unrelated case of Martin Luther King being stalked by US Army intelligence agents who worked with the FBI, the Anti Defamation League, and the Ku Klux Klan too, who had also stalked his father, and HIS father before him.

This IS what gang stalking IS.

Its not a delusion in any way–it is what gang stalking IS. Talk about “strange bedfellows! The ADL and the Klan working together (!) and targeting a civil rights activist! It really doesn’t get more bizarre than that–two versions of racist haters, targeting a black family for three generations!! And not just one, but tens of thousands, including Malcolm X, and two generations of his lineage before him; one generation of his lineage after him, and one hundred percent in line with sociopathic Pharisees.

Surely, the definition of “white supremacy”takes on a new meaning when we see the Jews and the Protestants operating under an FBI framework to target a “black” man. These two groups, despite an apparent “race gap” are undoubtedly one and the same, as “horseshoe theory” predicts.When being confronted by a Jewish-christian narrative, every other narrative must necessarily utilize this theorem, becasue ATEoD, they really are the same. Jews are inseparable from christians, as they perpetuate Jewish-christian ideology across the world.A classic example of how their horseshoe works is the case of Howard Unruh, and America;s first “mass shooting”*

Comes now the case of Everton Brown, not the last case of a mass shooting by far, as just last night, yet another one in San Jose–predictably, that shooter targeted union members, who are well in the historical records acting as “organized crime.”.

*America had many mass shootings BEFORE Howard Unruh shot up his noisy neighbors, but because those mass shootings were state agents or mafia’s perpetrating genocide and homicide, we do not call them “mass shootings.” The Washita massacre, the Little Bighorn–and even the planned and calculated assault on a few sheep farmers by cowardly gunslingers at the O.K. Coral set a trend in the psychological makeup of gang stalkers in America.

Gang stalking case study: Everton Brown, WOODLAWN, Md mass shooting, neighborhood disputes: how police use the community, black ops, and racism to target activists

Everton Brown was first and foremost, an activist, regardless of how later news reports covered the story of his burning and shooting rampage. Even as he was shot by police, he was standing next to his own vehicle which had a sign on it, reading

“Black people are the tool used to maintain racism.

Everton Brown

That is an extremely profound insight, considering that it was likely a black cop who shot him to death, that cop completely aware of Mr. Browns history with that police department, because modern policing utilizes CIA derived technology and methodology to target people in the “domestic” theater, this technological assault called “predictive policing“when approaching events.

These cases do NOT happen randomly, or without prior police interactions, sometimes spanning decades, as we saw for Mr. Browns many “calls for help” alongside his activism about police brutality coincide with many police interactions where they followed him, stopped him, detained him, over e thirty year period. The question is: why did they stop Mr. Brown over a period of 30 years–but NEVER charged him with any crime? This is what “state stalking” is–endless “investigations” and stops, designed to cause the target to consider moving away, just as we saw stated in the Pasco County cases..

So, they turned Mr. Brown into a “permanent suspect” of some kind, despite having no criminal record. His calls to police for many years ABOUT his neighbors finally resulted in his neighbors obtaining “peace orders” against HIM, despite the fact that he had been very vocal about being targeted long before his neighbors complained–a complete inversion of one man’s personal narrative.

But the press surely didn’t miss a beat with the slander campaign, as they ran footage of him excercising his first amendment right in protest against state sponsored spying and stalking, for which he eventually sued. Here’s one video.

Update: This post is wildly popular. So maybe read the latest update, or these companion pieces, here, and here, and here, or use search feature “Everton Brown.”.

IN these cases, here is what happens: the police work with “community policing” assets, including their police cadets–who are frequently implicated as gang stalkers–and when they are called by the target, they consult an “intelligence dossier,”and basically decide of they like you or not; if your records at their department are “friendly” towards police; if you have any “run-ins” with them in the past, and especially if you have asserted your rights, or challenged any of the many unconstitutional policing methods in use today in all jurisdictions, and kangaroo courts ranging from any of the hydra of family court, child support court, drug court, etc that carefully eradicate due process and civil rights issues.

Then the responding officers take sides. It doesn’t matter if you have ever been found guilty of any crime, what matters in “intelligence led predictive policing” is whether or not you are on board with police agenda’s, many of which are anti-constitutional. Any challenge to those bankster funded police agendas that defy constitutional due process is noted in those records.

Then, they push the envelope, and wage a whisper campaign about your mental health, your “history” as it exists in endemically flawed and biased police databases, etc. They turn neighbors against neighbors.Then, they sit back ad munch popcorn as the fireworks begin.

“Oh this guy is bad news! He was accused of being a criminal/ prostitute/tax dodger/drug dealer/wife beater/pedophile,” etc.They spread that around the community until they have completely toxified an individuals life. And, they do indeed use their police cadets, and recruits to do things like break into peoples homes too.

Further, we see how the African American police officers are merely what was called “uncle Tom’s” in earlier rhetoric of black power, and in fact their methods merely mirror those used by white supremacist policing of earlier era’s. Even the case of George Floyd revealed this flaw in policing ideology–his murderers were two “white” guys, and two “ethnic” profiles, one Hmong, one sort of racially ambiguous black/brown man. All of whom acted as a gang and killed a guy, and their “ethnic” makeup cannot be missed as the entire thing was caught on film.

Indeed, we see this in case after case of mass shootings and other bizarre policing activity like the Houston No-Knock raid that saw two white people murdered in their home by a now indicted “gang” of police led by a black man, Gerald Goines, operating closely with Hispanics. Eventually six more “ethnic” cops were indicted in that case alone Racism as THE hot potato being tossed around between police and institutional forces, and the targeting of their victims.

SO, the Everton Brown case then, becomes a war on narrative–another “black operation” for who gets to tell the truth, and decide the facts, and explain the circumstances, and so far, we see in nearly 75% of these cases, the ADL running the media narratives. It is not a coincidence that a guy from Nepal–who coincidentally had mad computer skills, and who was a member of the “United Negro College Fund” was killed, because “fundies” are all over the place in mass shootings and other mayhem, because NGO’s are weaponized.Use my search feature and search “NGOs and gang stalking.”

This conflict of interest–a race supremacist group like the ADL running media narratives about mass shootings–is directly equivalent to how the FBI worked with the Ku Klux Klan to run narratives of lynchings–and how the women’s auxilliary of the KKK waged whisper campaigns. The faces and the races have changed, but the old masonic KKK order utilized in policing is still in place.

As a “buzzword,” the word racism has long legs, as we see Peruvians activating along those lines too, and the story was even featured in the Kabul Times. So what we see in fact, is an international effort to frame America’s race problem as a world problem–which it is–but also that it denies black males agency as agents of change. How many black men have died here so that other brown, yellow, and “othered” men can immigrate? That is the real issue behind this narrative.

Related Story: The “mysterious deaths” of Ferguson Activists, all of whom were heterosexual, black males get a “makeover” after “woke females” attached to media interact with the narrative.

And, much like the Portapique killings where Gabriel Wortman murdered a few folks after his common law wife was in contact with US agents and spies, and a hornets nest of “domestic violence advocates” while Wortman was suspiciously and likely working with the RCMP; or the first mass shooting in modern history, by a half Jewish man, Howard Unruh, who was also involved in a dispute with his noisy Jewish neighbors*, we see the police and their well known, toxic spies at all times central to these narratives, in covert roles.

We see this come to light in the famous 1998 lawsuit that proved Martin Luther King was the target of multiple agencies–oddly including Army intelligence which had spied domestically on his family for three generations(WTF!!!), and exactly as we saw with the Malcolm X story; and using race to exploit vulnerabilities in the communities that they “serve,”as they perpetuate a “good black people v bad black people” narrative. And certainly Sagar Ghimire, a victim of the shooting, affiliated with the United Negro College Fund too–was a “good negroe,” to be sure, as Brown played the role of the “bad negroe” to the music of that toxic organizations tune.

Keep in mind that since the so-called War on Terror is at its heart a western jihad or holy war, the goal of which is to “cleanse” the world–and the guiding narrative of the world–so that it is a Jewish-christian-zionist safe haven, and other narratives that contradict that version of reality are being trampled at furious rates, as we see in the murders/deaths/strange suicide of primarily heterosexual male activists, and especially black men.

Related Story: Who is the international “archaeological mafia” and why do they work so hard to suppress evidence that contradicts Torah teaching and biblical narratives? Read about the explosive facts of an “underground city” that made the news and then disappeared when the evidence found contradicted all of modern western religious teachings: the hidden chambers of the Annunaki underneath the Sphinx of Giza, meeting a “gatekeeper” named Zahi Hawass.

So, Brown’s case is a case of that–narrative control, and he definitely implicated the “FBI, the US military, and the community” in his gang stalking lawsuit, and only then after many years of exasperating isolation in his calls for help. That virtually describes “community policing” to the letter.

But who can possibly name all of the stalkers by name in a lawsuit where actual spies are actually spying on citizens? In the US, besides the 17 agencies that are tasked with illegal spying, there are thousands of “private contractors,” who target individuals, and few laws reign these groups in, or enforce prosecuting these spies either. Then, there is the most likely suspects: the townhome association that wanted him gone. Real estate and gang stalking are linked repeatedly all across the country.

Have a read through the post below to understand the “hidden forces”that were organized against one individual black man, who for all intents and purposes was indeed paranoid, and with good reason, as mobs of actual spies and harassers from many named organizations marauded through his life as he tried to simply campaign for his civil rights and the rights of others. Then, compare it to the case at hand.

In the earlier incarnation of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, we saw similar things, but today’s incarnation of that program uses tracking by cell phones, and internet too, a confusingly powerful weapon against individuals who do not conform to the “profiles” that are being imposed upon our Jewish-christian society by international powers.This, augmented with PSYOP run from Fusion Centers (all of which go by different names) makes suing gangs of institutionally sanctioned stalkers nearly impossible–by design.

Yes, sometimes, even “the paranoids” are right, and doubly so in the case of black men who do not back down while trying to enforce their simple civil liberties. Everton Brown was indeed a case of that, and his victims, were victims of illegal “community policing” programs where racist change agents manipulate one race against another to form a social narrative. And while they may have participated in the types of activities that Mr. Brown complained about, they did so with the complete and tacit encouragement of law enforcement in the “community policing” scheme.

The case below outlines the sordid business of “parallel colluding investigations” of Martin Luther King, for reference:

*There is an entire sub-story of non-conforming Jewish men being targeted in CIA operations stemming from the MKULTRA era. Most famously, the half-Jewish J.D. Salinger, and his book Catcher in the Rye, popped up in many assasinations ranging from John F. Kennedy to actress Rebecca Schaefer, to Ronald Reagan, to John Lennon’s murder, a calling card of some sort, much as we see the number 13 in these cases too. Also commedian Lenny Bruce quite famously was stalked relentlessly by the FBI and its flying monkey’s in the ADL and other “community assets”until he died.

… in progress, check back later.