Everton Brown update: look at how a black man gets framed by Democrat AND Republican media operatives, and #fakeblack people

Everton Brown was what was once honorably called ” and old school dude,” The kind of guy who likely remembered that the US Army Intelligence, in coordination with the FBI, and many other racist organization like the Anti-Defamation League were responsible for targeting black men, and anyone else who challenged the alternative racist narrative of the FBI-ADL.

This type of racist assault on “individual narrative” is so common that we see time and time again, that homosexuals and other bizarre forms of sexuality related stalkers from the Ford Foundation, and the ADL and their affilliated organizations target heterosexual African American men. This is what is called “slow kill genocide” in the online blogs, videos and other “linguistic litter” of the gang stalking dialectic.

Black males are indeed targeted by these internationally subversive race supremacists, no different than Nazi’s target outspoken individuals. See the Ferguson activists for examples.

Then, he meets the neo-racists of the modern Democrat party, who, for all practical purposes yammer on about diversity, when in fact all roads lead to AIPAC funded NGO’s headed by Jewish neocons.

The ADL and its spawn are merely the Israeli Mossad, working inside the USA, and , working with the other Israeli”deep state” players, like these retired Mossad agents who develop “security” products in Silicon Valley.

Working from within troll farms in Silicon Valley, and from front groups called NGO’s, these all work to co-opt personal narrratives and experiences of of “blackness,” and then targeted activists with “PSYOP.” All of that, courtesy of well known racial supremacists in the Anti Defamation League, and its octopus of world wide racial operatives. So, when families need to sue government for these events, they need to look more deeply at the FBI’s “love” of the ADL, and seek records accordingly.

Imagine a gay/pederast/bestialist/christian/Nazi socialist/Stalinist heading up the rabid, race supremacist organization, the Anti Defamation League (ADL) and “advocating” for the cause of Jews. Oh wait–they had one similar–meet Frank Collin, ADL darling of an earlier era. In Jewish “mind control operations, ” things are EXACTLY that weird. I know this, because I grew up in Frank Collins city, and watched his charade play out on the nightly news, and in magazine reports. But his chicanery never made it into the history books–for some reason.

Or, imagine that exact, same person heading up the various christian organizations, and advocating for “religious freedom” and you can just barely begin to envision the great anger of black men whose organizations and political causes have been taken over by people like Rachel Dolezal, who is a product of Jewish-christian “mind control” via her training in the US college system. Its exactly like how horsehair worms invade crickets heads, causing them to commit suicide, as those who introduced the worm to the cricket walk free. Mind control indeed!

I will be a fan of the ADL as soon as a non-Jew/non-Zionist heads that organization, similar to how the same ADL has co-opted the NAACP, and similar organizations–like the United Negro College Fund, where one of Brown’s targets, Sagar Ghimire just happened to have some affiliations.

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Yeah, black men who were “identity raped” and used by drug cartels, and incarcerated in a form of Slavery By Another Name in the great Hillary Clinton/Rhodes Scholar/Democrat identity politics era are a bit mad about that. Imagine white women parading around and claiming oppression, like the sock puppets of other peoples pain? That entire era saw exactly that as the internet spread “rape meme’s” echoing that of the women whose rape anxiety smothered the voices trying to speak for prison abolition, and choked out the voices of the actual pain of men incarcerated, and actually raped.

Occasionally, a darling of Eastern Star Freemasonry like Keith Ellison in Minnesota, with the Derek Chavin trial makes “change” but that, mediated by one or another cultic/sectarian/tribal/religious “belief system.” And THAT, filtered through politics. WE see minor victories in things like the trial of Derek Chauvin and his three accomplices, but no real police reform. And worse, gang stalking is no longer the extra-jucicial third party punishment meted out by the Protestant Ku Klux Klan, but in fact, their or more “diverse gangs” of stalkers due to this corrupt system.

The one thing that stands out the most about the bizarre Everton Brown even is this: in the Peruvian Press, they are calling it an incident motivated by the racism of Everton Brown, when in fact, it is the racism of others who act as gangs of “diverse” stalkers who were who he targeted, and Ghimire had political aspirations in the Democrat party, while the other two –his direct neighbors–did EXACTLY what gang stalkers say they will do: they will have parties, and bang on the walls of the targeted individuals.

My question is this: as we watch black man after black man going on job related, or unemployment benefit related shooting rampages (see here and here too)–exactly when do reparations kick in and guarantee that the systemic racism directed specifically at black males by these other “race and gender” affiliated mobs, and by the false hearted, racist and divisive rhetoric of the ADL get seen for what it is?

Freedom, so free, in ‘Merica!

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