Does the state have an interest in mass shootings? You bet they do–mass shootings are profitable, and real estate is at the center of many cases

Every time a state/province/locality has a mass shooting, states/provinces/localities get money from the federal/crown/other funding agentdirected to local governments, and also funding from a variety of “private donor” non-governmental organizations. In mass shootings, we indeed see how global syndicates operate with, and against local syndicates, in pseudo-legal framework, and with real estate as a goal.

Related Story: Meet the Manfredonia’s! of Newtown Connecticut, who were on the scene of a mass shooting as it happened (Chris Manfredonia)! And also part of a nationwide manhunt of a spree killer(Peter Manfredonia)! And wait there’s more! Another arrested for underage sex (Robert Manfredonia)! Read Rebecca Carne’s excellent town tattler “the Newtown Rooster,”to see that indeed, the Newtown mass homicide was a local black operation, that involved politics andreal estate at its very core.

So, many of the auxilliary programs that funnel cash into police black operations are “local and global bankster” affiliated. The banksters are who funds the various SWAT teams and bomb squads that are also at the center of these mass shootings in case after case.”–but also who work in local government and school systems too.

SWAT teams, private contractors, and “community policing”agents and all of the various “task forces” that populate modern due-process free policing are acting as vigilante’s in these cases, and are in fact a major part of what gang stalking is. And, that pseudo-legal framework has infected the courts too, as we see Canada’s famously corrupt Doug Ford easing the “legal Swat team” rhetoric into the courtrooms and the publics consciousness at large.

And, in case after case, we see another pattern: real estate at the center of the event, as one shooter after another torches their house after being gang stalked. This is becoming a common occurrence, because state investigators who use “intelligence led predictive policing” and its raft of other un-constitutional tactics and practices deploy military derived psychological operations on their targets. Indeed, Fusion Center’s in the USA, all go by different names, and these operations seek PSYOP trained personnel to head their literal “dark operations.

A large part of that “PSYOP” is to threaten targeted individuals constantly with “homelessness,” which is very well documented in the extant online discussion boards and video’s and other social media. And so–KA-BLOOOEY! No surprise people are burning down their houses as part of these state run dark operations.

Look at this entirely predictable headline:

Province buys former Portapique property of Nova Scotia mass shooter

The provincial government of Nova Scotia–whose tactical black ops fingerprints were all over that shooting event– was slobbering all over that real estate since long before the “event” just “happened.”

Attorney Robert Pineio is quoted on behalf of the “good people” of Nova Scotia saying “I understand from sources that I’ve interviewed that the purpose, the reason the province purchased them, was to avoid somebody purchasing them on the open market that might in some way exploit the mass murder situation and cause more hardship to the families than they’re already suffering.”

Righto, Robert! We certainly don’t want anyone exploiting that situation right? We don’t want anyone to profit by Saying Their Names! And certainly, we don’t want international mafia’s and their smugglers to become inhibited or infringed at the shores by local agents like Gabriel Wortman.

And hey–wasn’t that property incredibly under-valued, considering it is prime real estate overlooking the bay? I mean, we see real estate broker/city council member Tom Taggart slobbering all over this real estate transaction for several years before that event, and quoted in early reports as saying exactly that: the real estate is prime.

Then, after the sale to the provincial government, we hear that fat bucket of lard saying “I’d like to see that wharf torn out there, the stone fireplace gone, the stones removed and buried, and trees planted on it and any reminder of that character’s life removed from the face of the earth,” Taggart said.

Tom “Tubby”Taggart seems to have gotten fat with real estate. I wonder if he knows Canada’s famous “Bronfman klan”who were that regions most famous Jewish Mafia agents during the prohibition era?

But wait! There’s more! Here Tubby Taggart appears here in the photo to be a brand ambassador for, a wireless service provider! Who needs a warrant to wiretap peoples phones when in fact, governments work with people like Tubby to spy on citizens without due process?

OOOPS! My bad–Tubby is not the network spy in this case…. no, he is actually the brand ambassador for Blueflag Canada, which bills itself thus “Blue Flag is an award program for environmentally-friendly beaches, boats, and marinas….Canada is home to many world-class waterfront destinations. The Blue Flag program recognizes communities working hard to promote swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

OK, I am waving my Blueflag now. I surender! But please send me cash and investors, ok? Blueflag, blueflag, blueflag! Cash NOW! Ok?

It seems Taggart is deeply concerned about the waterfront real estate, which smugglers EVERYWHERE find valuable, and Gabriel Wortman’s property just happened to sit in his way. Poor GABRIEL WORTMAN! He met a bigger global gang than the local gang he was purported to be working for, as documented in McCleans online magazine which reveals how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police distribute cash to informants, and that Wortman likely worked for their gang at some level.

Righto Tubby Tom, your concerns were noted! WE certainly need to ün-name that man” don’t we? No Notoriety! We don’t want the public looking deeper into these cases, starting at the name and then, the circumstances surrounding mass shootings!

Related Story: Mystical black dogs from hell, prison ships that brutally brought men to death, and smugglers island’s which are still puking out the bones of their victims–Britains long history of double dealing and smuggling after the Rothschild influence, aka “piracy”explored as “Deadman’s Island”and other places across the globe, as the British mafia’s intersect with Rothschild mafia’s–a tall tale of globalist mafias meeting localist mafias indeed.

Surely “WE” don’t want our kids smirking in the face of the “good provincial/state/federal authorities” and their state mafias that act in every way as criminally as the people whose real estate they target with “gang stalking.”We want our kids to be free right? But this international v local mafia battle doesn’t care one single shit. They just want shorefront.

And BTW, Fat Tom, –is that your son running a private security company in that EXACT area? Seems to be that a Tom Taggart is a beneficiary of government funding–I wonder, does he get paid to gang stalk in that area, Tom?

Peeping Tom’s indeed! Hows all of that due process free spying up their in Canada working out for you? It seems to create mass shootings!

Now there was this weeks latest real estate related gang stalking gone wrong, where yet another guy burned down the house. And, Samuel Cassidy, the shooter, targeted people at a union meeting, which is no surprise, because union members are well known stalkers too, documented in blog after blog online.

From AP News:

Kirk Bertolet, 64, was just starting his shift when shots rang out. He said Thursday that Cassidy worked regularly with the victims. He called them “a good bunch of blue-collar people” but said Cassidy stuck out as a loner and outsider.

“I know some of those guys, they’ll keep joking with you and they’ll keep hammering you about stuff. And if you’re thin-skinned and you can’t take it … I see that is the main cause of what’s going on,” Bertolet said.

While there are laws in place that can be enforced, gang stalking is difficult because of its breadth ad scope–it really is organized, and hard to pin down in only one lawsuit, because indeed these are civil conspiracies at every level of state and local power Less difficult to pin down is the fact that gang stalking aka “colliding parallel investigations,”aka “”intelligence led predictive policing,”aka “the ownership society” and its accompanying mob rule envisioned by George Bush Jr. back in his war against the constitution era is a massive land grab, and we see that as so many of these cases involve shooters giving up property rights.

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