Good Morning IIIIIsrael! How’s all that “manufactured terrorism”with teh Hamas situation going for you? Its really working well in the USA!

So, many mass shootings in the USA can be traced directly to the Mossad, Israel’s “CIA -like”counterpart in the middle east, much as Manhattan worked this way for Jewish-banksters, working with alt-christians some 400 years ago. You might recognize those domestic terrorists as “Pilgrims,”but most rational people remember them as “domestic terrorists, at the vanguard of Jewish-christian supremacy.”

Related Story: Manhattan and Jews: a crazy superstitious belief system is in place above Manhattan, the former residence of displaced Native Americans called “Manhattoes”” as crazy orthodox Jews deploy “magic”and mysticism high in the sky, with a weird wire wrapped around the island, much as we see Israel’s use of the fake-terror Sky Dome that shoots down their fake opponents bottle rockets. This is who and what collonialist settlers ARE in every dialogue of predation and settlement–superstitious Jews and their soldiers, called “christians”” who carry out their dirty work, like genocide, and more.

Hamas is allegedly Israel’s “nemesis”in the middle east, but fortunately, rational people are able to sort out the facts from the garbage in the situation: Hamas is a nearly 100% Isreali creation, and like all of modern terrorism, Israeli fingerprints are all over the bombs too, as every time there is a mass shooting, bombing, terrorist event, the US and its allies give Israel EVEN MORE MONEY to do what they do: create terrorism.

Any sane or rational person can follow these simple dots, but somehow, western Jewish-christian-Zionists all fail to be able to connect the….oh wait (checking notes)…fail to STOP PERPETRATING TERRORISM. Its in their DNA, and the evidence of that can easily be found in their religious screeds called “the Torah”and “the Bible”in one or another form. These people are all terrorists.

SO, anyways, my two little sisters in Israel have been busy kvetching about how ROGS is a truth speaker–a journalist with a hard on for facts, but, as we see time and again, these types are “fact challenged”and “religious fanaticism heavy.

Its a bad combination.

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