Say Its Name: the Tulsa Massacre is the story of armed gangs of white people attacked and destroyed an entire black community. Now meet armed black people as black motorcycle club rides for truth

Black biker club rides for Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

Black biker club rides for Tulsa Race Massacre centennialPart of the Black Wall Street Legacy Festival, the parade is among the myriad of activities planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history.

‘We ride and we tell the story’: Black biker club turns out for Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

From Alabama to Arkansas and Missouri to Maryland, about 130 mostly African American motorcycle enthusiasts from across the country made the pilgrimage to Tulsa to cap Saturday’s Centennial Black Wall Street Heritage Parade.

‘A conspiracy of silence’: Tulsa Race Massacre was absent from schools for generations

The Black Wall Street Legacy Festival continues through Sunday in the Greenwood District. For more information, go to

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MALKIA CYRIL: Well, first of all, let’s be very clear: The history of gun control in this country is totally and completely focused on controlling the possession of weapons of black people, while allowing white people to run free shooting up the nation.

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