An Open Letter to Scott Crow, Activist, or…?

Hi. I write as a matter of concern for something you have written, to whit, your article on your website about organized gang stalking.

And before I get into substance, I would like you to take note of the following cases before the courts:

-the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, by a “gang of stalkers” that included current and former police, prosecutors, and their relatives and associates. They also tried to Taser him with an “electronic weapon” several years before they murdered him–and they stalked him for many years.

-the recent case of the DoJ prosecuting the “eBay gang of stalkers,” whose bizarre activity included electronic harassment in the form of wiretaps and cyber-stalking. They also issued veiled death threats, and mailed a bloody pig mask to the house of their targets; and even plotted to break in and install listening devices too.

-0ther recent lawsuits against the Pasco County sheriff and his “intelligence led predictive policing” program, that stalked “targeted persons” around the clock, including stalking their friends and associates without pretext or warrants. One of the lawsuits is a bunch of his deputies and he even claimed he would euthanize their K9 dog.

Mr. Crow, there is indeed a HUGE dis/mis-information component to this, and most of that rubbish online is placed their by current an former police, military and intelligence agents and their relatives and associates. I have demonstrated that fact repeatedly, and had my own blogs repeatedly hacked, knocked offline and de-platformed after I named a literal “gang” of cyber and offline stalkers, all of who are cops, and other agency agents. In fact, OSINT analysis revealed that they all lived at the same address in Los Angeles.

Mr. Crow, there are several “do nothing” groups who are always threatening lawsuits and filing useless petitions about this issue; and all of THOSE types breathlessly mention “electronic harassment! directed energy weapons!! aliens!!! flat earth and lizard people!!!! in nearly the first paragraphs of their phony lawsuits and petitions. These people are NOT real targeted individuals in any way.

So, I do not write on their behalf, and debunk them at every opportunity. However, what I DO write about is cases like Ahmaud Arbery, and others who have been gang stalked by local police and their gangs of “community policing” associates, and other bizarre, harassing and dangerous flying monkey’s who pollute the internet with garbage conspiracy theories AS THEY STALK others online and off using “electronic computer implants, Taser’s, wiretaps and listening equipment” and more– I document real cases of gang stalking by the authorities.

As a scholar, I hope that you can revisit this issue, and perhaps write a more responsible analysis of gang stalking, based in the scientific method, and examine the facts and evidence in cases I highlighted above. Many of us out here are aware of your case, and the years of harassment by the FBI, etc.

But in my eyes, and the eyes of others looking in on this, you have the ability to turn this around. In my last writing about you, I wrote that I suspect you could be an informant, as a large percentage of people who write about this topic online in negative terms, or who outright deny the existence of this heinous practice,  are in fact police or agency informants. I have extensive evidence of that.

And, before I write about your case again, I ask you for comment, and I ask you to view the evidence, and engage with the topic in academic terms, not merely some dismissive type of “look, aren’t I the cat’s pajama’s, because the FBI spied on me? And oh, yeah, like, gang stalking is total bullshit!”

You are not the only FBI/other agency target in this discussion, as there are many of us long before you, and I hope that you can dialogue about it responsibly. Are you willing to have that discussion?

I will post this email in one week, and I hope you can find time to respond. I will title this article “An Open Letter to Scott Crow, Activist, or…?”

Best regards,

UPDATE: Scott Crow would not reply for a request for interview, despite his website claiming that he “answers all emails”.

I previously wrote about Scott Crow, Animal Rights activist here in this post, and the story was all over the net back in 2018 too, including second tier exposure at outlets like Democracy Now!, where Crow appeared with former FBI agent Mike German! It is my opinion that he is either a federal informant or an informant for some other organization, And, animal rights groups are part of the “antifa” mobs who are themselves gangs of stalkers, documented all over the news and on the web.

Regardless, despite his classic “leftist” perspective and its biases, what he describes is in fact “organized gang stalking,” despite his attempt to distance himself from the right wing religious gangs of stalkers. The confusion comes because so many right wing military, police and other operatives fill the internet with bogus claims about lizard people UFOs and electronic weapons, all of which can also be described by proper language: computer “implants” that act as spyware, electronic wiretaps, “lizard people” are hidden operators online ranging from Infragard agents at the internet switch, to Fusion Center operatives trained in psychological warfare (PSYOP); “UFO’s” are frequently drones or other flying devices used in the new surveillance state.

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