Say their names! The recent Baltimore triple homicide by Everton Brown took a future Democrat operative named Sagar Ghimire. Does his uncle Kaptan Ghimire know?

While my heart goes out to the families of the deceased in the recent Baltimore mass shooting by Everton Brown, I also have doubt that the gang stalkers deserve anything less than what they got, for having harassed an American black man for so long. After all: what goes around certainly does in fact come around. Or, as Malcolm X once said ” the chickens do indeedy come home to roost.”

Racism in America is very complicated, and we watch new immigrants struggle with who to point the finger at, as they try to outbid each other crying “racist!” But this confusion has a well known precedent: Anti Defamation League spying, and manipulation of race as a political tool. That organization infiltrated and manipulated every activist group in the early 1990’s, and like a horsehair worm in a crickets head, those organizations thus infiltrated became ineffective in their wider outreach.

So, no small surprise that Ghimire was affiliated with one of those exact infiltrated organizations, the United Negro College Fund, and that he also had political aspirations.To give you an idea how paradoxical this is, there are NO non Jews who head the boards of the ADL and its spawn, yet they managed to stack the deck of every black organization with people like Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who masqueraded as a black woman as she headed black organizations.

Related Story: the complicated trail of racism in America is not easy to sort out. See this, and this, and this. Even Martin Luther King was stalked by the FBI, the CIA, and the Jewish lobbyist group the toxic Anti Defamation League,–and US Army intelligence agents. They were even present on the day he was assassinated, and in a lawsuit much later, it was revealed that his own family stood behind the alleged shooter who was a “patsy.” This is who gang stalkers ARE exactly as Everton Brown described, and your relative was a victim of THEIR charade of social justice.

I wonder: do recent immigrants to America know that the Democratic political machine is currently run by the ADL, or that it recruits these young people as gang stalkers? Because it’s no small coincidence that Sagar Ghimire was murdered by a man who claimed that he was being gang stalked.

Its not even a secret that the man who murdered Sagar was being stalked by various agents in his community, and that he was so appalled and shocked by that activity that he sued the FBI for “gang stalking.” SO my question to Sagar’s relatives is this: was your nephew/son/brother ALSO part of that stalking?

His bio fits a few categories of gang stalkers, and gang stalker “recruits” for example. Let’s examine that, from Sagarje’s own website, and please notice how he was sucked into the United Negro College Fund and its Anti Defamation League coopted narrative–gang stalkers are most frequently affiliated with NGO’s and all of those are co-opted, as we see with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and all of the murdered social activists, as others in that “movement” buy multi-million dollar houses.

My Name is Sagar Ghimire

In summary: I want to support others to succeed. I am passionate to work on a meaningful and impactfull project and make a difference. I love to learn from others and I am open to new ideas.

In details: I am a junior studying computer science at the Claflin university. I have more than two years of experience of working as a undergraduate research intern. During my research, I have used different database tools such as MYSQL, Postgresql, and sqlite3. Similarly, I have utilized different python libraries such as Numpy and Pandas, and have interacted with databases using python programming language.
In addition, I have been working as Creative Research Intern at Career Pathway Initiatives, United Negro College Fund (UNCF) as a Blockchain Technology Researcher; I have been researching about having covert communication by embedding Steganographic technology in Blockchain technology. In addition to research, I also do full stack development. I have worked on web programming projects using Html, CSS, JavaScript, and Python . I am very passionate about technology and very enthusiastic to learn new technologies.

Related Story: The Walk of Death, America’s first mass shooting, also involved a neighborhood dispute–with Jewish neighbors.

I get letters. My latest fan says “Fuck You!” I couldn’t have asked for a better letter, from a stalker.

OK, so it wasn’t exactly a letter, it was a comment in my comments section, posted to my analysis of the Everton Brown case, where a guy shot up a few neighbors whose property shared a wall with his property and they “played loud karaoke” EVERY Saturday(!), and banged on his walls as gang stalkers are known to do. The poor guy waged an unsuccessful lawsuit by suing the wrong party–the FBI–to end his gang stalking.

This comment brilliantly highlighted a few things I might have overlooked, like Freudian Projection in the gang stalking dialectic, for example. Go over to my post about Everton Brown, and read the comment in its proper context yourself:

Gang stalking lawsuits: Everton Brown seeks relief from the wrong party, later goes on shooting rampage. The gang stalking program seems to drive people crazy

Also see this piece that I wrote about El caso del Everton Brown: ¿Fue el racismo la motivación detrás del triple asesinato de tres personas en Baltimore? No es tan simple, for my audience in Ecuador and Peru, which makes my position a bit more clear. In no way is “racism” the only issue here, and certainly new arrivals to America have no place defining the effects of that on black men.

So, this, from an anonymous coward named “Fuck You” who writes

Fuck you 11 hours ago

“You’re a fucking psycho and should consider swallowing a bullet to make the world a better place”

Notice three key features of that comment that also dovetail into the often repeated claims of gang stalking victims: like Everton Brown

  1. The gang stalkers will try to get you to kill yourself.”
  2. the gang stalkers utilize pop psychology terms to harass and intimidate
  3. the gang stalkers are all cowards,” who, like cockroaches, avoid being seen for who they are.

Conspiracies that turned out to be true: Bill Gates and “Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile Island.” Democrat gang stalking cabal soon to follow, as Israel murders Palestinian babies?

I thought that the whole “Bill Gates and Pedophile Island,” thing was just more right wing psychobabble when I first heard it a few years ago.The right has a way of lie-truthing that is every bit as despicable as the left wing #crybullying, and #fakerape hoaxing, utilizing hyperbolic proportions that render their subject matter in absurdist ways. See here for evidence of that in the case of “child kidnapping and human trafficking” narrative from a right wing gang stalking victim*.

Related Story: Bill Gates slides a cool 3 BILLION in “hush money” to soon-to-be-ex-wife “Frenchie” as his PR firm rakes in cash trying to control the narrative of his “image.” Its always identity, identity, identity with these people.

Yet the nuanced discussion about answering “who are the gang stalkers,” takes on new meaning when we see actual conspiracy after actual conspiracy revealed before our eyes, most recently the fact that Gates’ wife is divorcing him BECAUSE of his lies about his association with Jeffrey Epstein, and the fact that he routinely stayed at Epstein’s New York townhouse. Absurdity taken to new heights as Gates lies meet the truth machine of the internet he helped create.

Absurdism is a philosophy about chaos v order, as much of the gang stalking dialectic is. We see this expressed in many ways, including the cosmic symbolism of chaos–the number 1 (also here, and here and here too.).

Those of us who have been watching are well aware of how one Bill Gates conspiracy theory after another has been carefully “brand managed” in the press, starting with how he enabled the government to put backdoors in his products several decades ago. Even China knew what a honeytrap Windows 8 was, and banned it from operating in the Microsoft issued strongly worded statements that they would fight “tooth an nail in court,” if the government demanded a backdoor to access users privacy.

But what they did instead, was to work directly with American spooks from the NSA, DIA,FBI etc. to give “pre-encryption access to” its products, ranging from Outlook to Skype, and more.

And, “you might be wise to recall that Caspar Bowden, the man formerly in charge of Microsoft’s privacy policy for 40 countries, claims he no longer trusts Microsoft or its software; he added that Microsoft’s corporate strategy is to grind down your privacy expectations and that the company’s transparency policies are nothing more than “corporate propaganda.”

So, if anything we see that Gates is in fact a liar, along the lines of President Clinton, who famously said ” I did not have sex with that woman!” or something similar. So who can take him at his word? The fact that he has patents on COVID, and the “conspiracy theory” timed with these revelations that Gates did indeed consort with Epstein certainly are credible. All in all, the guy looks like a typical billionaire weasel, doing what these people do. These are facts, not theories, but indeed, his lies invoke conspiracy at every turn.

The nuanced discussion goes even deeper when we watch how Epstein–like his madame Ghislane Maxwell– was alleged to be an Israeli spy, and how the Mossad and its sloppy operations in the USA spill into every suspicious event. Here is Epstein the spy, and Epstein the “Israeli influencer,” oozing into Israel.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, ‘ex-handler’ claims

Well, no surprise then that Israel is bombing babies again, because Israel is where where all of these discussions have a spiritual center, regardless of your politics–Jewish and Israeli intelligence agents, blackmailers, spies, and mafia are everywhere in these discussions about gang stalking. So much so that they form a formidable core of all gang gang stalking reports and events. Yet it is safe to say that the entire co-dependent western Jewish-christian narrative depends FROM Jewish sociopathy, as christians rely upon their narration of historical events, rather than trust science–and strange facts like the underground city of Giza( read through that post for evidence of how media is at all times controlled so that media consumers eventually become numb to facts, and dismiss evidence), which throws their historical narrative into the trashcan, where it rightly belongs.

We saw this most clearly with the gang stalking of Rose McGowan by Israeli spies from Black Cube , and then again, in the cozy relationship that Gavin deBecker’s spy firm has with the DHS too. Its quite clear that Israeli spies are at the center of much gag stalking. In fact, a major search engine reports nearly 10 million requests for “mossad gang stalking,” but only 24,300 results for “Jewish gang stalking.” Food for thought….

The Intercept took this topic on while Glenn Greenwald was at the helm, but they seem to have gone to the dogs since he left. There is something severely toxic about radical Zionism enabled by vicious spy networks across the globe, and their inherent racial supremacist narrative, and the fact that Israeli’s are not required to register as foreign agents in the US is a troubling sign that American democracy is broken at every turn. Just saying the word “Zionism” feels painful, much as “Naziism” or “virus” inherently make us cringe, like a cricket, at the sight of a horsehair worm.

So, no big surprise when young Jews wake up to the fact tat their entire tribal narrative is a racist shit show based on their own tribe bombing babies and chopping of penis foreskins, as Yahoo reports: “Gaza Conflict Stokes ‘Identity Crisis’ for Young American Jews.‘ As in “What?! You mean that Judaism is all about racism being cast upon the other** in the form of biblical/Torah spying that ALWAYS leads to mass murder, slavery–and yes indeed–sex with underage girls?! No way!”

I experienced harassment and stalking from all sides of the political spectrum, and I can and have named those stalkers. A large portion of them were Jews, but also variants of the christian sects too, frequently hiding behind some NGO or another. I am especially appalled by the Anti Defamation League and its spying, and see no hope for an America free of their toxic influence, but also am quite aware of how other religious tribalists compete with them for federal “crisis PR” placements.

Look that phrase up online for an eye opener about how the international media mafia operates, and “runs narrative,” which they get paid to do. Its a large part of “what is gang stalking,” as we see case after case of gang stalking being framed as “mental illness” i.e., rendering all who refute official media mafia narrative as “crazy.” See the case of NYPD whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft for evidence of how this works.

In the meantime, there is some hope, as the world watches yet again as Khazarian mafia, assisted by Zionists of all religions, and especially the English crown murders women and babies in a huge land grab in Israel, akin to the genocide of the native American peoples that was supported by the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”; or the slavery of black American’s that was perpetuated by these same people. And, some 1000 employees of Apple have signed a letter urging Gates associate Tim Cook to make a statement condemning the genocide and apartheid of Israeli racists.

*That victim, Deb Matheny, could easily be a sockpuppet. I have never met her in person, but we exchanged email for awhile. She revealed that she is part of the “stalking alleged pedophiles” brigade of vigilante’s. I also know a literal “gang of stalkers” by name that is affiliated with her, including right wing religion based stalkers, actual police and an FBI agent or two, many political operatives, and I have a list of names for anyone interested, especially I invite researchers, psychologists, journalists and sociologists to take me up on that.

Also, oddly, they are linked to Asian American’s affiliated with the Asian Law Caucus. They are part of the “save the children” narrative that exploits family courts, #fakerape, etc. Interestingly, it is those issues where horseshoe theory has its best support, as we see both left and right wing people united in bizarrely framed narratives of saving women and children, all the while drawing on the massive funding pot of cash that the fed sits aside for domestic violence programs, women’s empowerment projects, etc.

**”The Other” is a concept from mystical Judaism and Kabballah. Many stalkings are Kabbalah related, much the same way that Scientologists are known gang stalkers, as we see in the recent case of Scientologists stalking Danny Masterson’s many rape accusers, including killing their pets.

El caso del Everton Brown: ¿Fue el racismo la motivación detrás del triple asesinato de tres personas en Baltimore? No es tan simple

Los medios de comunicación peruanos informan que el asesinato de dos latinos de Perú, y otra víctima de Nepal fueron motivados por el racismo. Pero nunca es tan simple en Estados Unidos, porque el racismo es mucho más complejo para algunos que para otros, y pocos han experimentado racismo tan profundamente como los hombres negros en Estados Unidos.

Como tal, es imperativo para la comunidad latina, pensadores e intelectuales críticos comprender cómo la policía en los Estados Unidos y sus esquemas asociados de control social e ingeniería social prácticamente son autores de estos homicidios masivos, con el fin de controlar las narrativas de la cultura, y seguir manteniendo el dominio racial y religioso.

En el caso del Everton Brown, había mucho más en juego en el campo de lo que la narrativa oficial te hará creer. Y aunque enviamos nuestras condolencias a las víctimas, también debemos rememecuerar que todas las partes involucradas fueron víctimas ANTES de que ocurriera este evento: fueron víctimas de un sistema policial roto,

Antes de que pueda entender lo que salió mal en este caso, primero debe investigar el tema conocido en todo el mundo como “acoso de pandillas organizadas”.Este sitio de noticias que está leyendo ha cambiado la narrativa en todo el mundo y ha aportado una visión de esta práctica, que es muy real.El acecho de las pandillas es la forma en que los gobiernos occidentales y sus élites mantienen el orden social, enfrentando las razas entre sí y explotando cada tema.

Así que, mientras leías este caso de tu país, ten en cuenta que antes de que el Sr. Brown se encontrara con sus vecinos, había vivido durante muchos años en un sistema disfuncional que prospera en el odio, y que trató a su manera de llamar la atención sobre la práctica del acoso de pandillas.

Por ejemplo, la historia del racismo en los Estados Unidos casi siempre estaba dirigida a los hombres negros, y la cultura blanca judío-cristiana del capitalismo alienta la opresión sistémica de las historias que estos hombres tratan de contar.

Ver aquí:

El racismo en Estados Unidos a través de la historia: de los esclavos del algodón a los ataques del Ku Klux Klan

Estas situaciones son manipuladas por muchas fuerzas políticas en los Estados, y muchos grupos racistas explotan las percepciones de “racismo” de los nuevos inmigrantes, de varias maneras. Por un lado están los europeos blancos, utilizando a otros para tratar de decir “bueno, mira, ese tipo negro es un racista” ciertamente no “nosotros” los blancos, judeo-cristianos! Y por otro lado, vemos grupos judíos despotricando constantemente sobre Hitler y el Ku Klux Klan.

Ambos lados de este debate político utilizan el acoso de pandillas para mantener su narrativa social, y tristemente, estas fuerzas a menudo están aliadas con supremacistas raciales judíos, o sus socios en el crimen, los racistas europeos blancos, católicos y protestantes que han sido presentados a través de la historia como opresores.El caso anterior es solo un ejemplo de cómo funciona el acoso de pandillas en Estados Unidos, pero hay miles más.

El Sr. Brown tenía conflictos con los vecinos, un hecho muy real de la situación en los EE.UU., donde muchas culturas se unen. Pero también trató de usar el sistema para dar a conocer sus quejas, habiendo llamado a la policía más de 120 veces por quejas de ruido y por vecinos que perturbaban la paz. Incluso trató de demandar al gobierno por espiarlo, lo cual es un hecho muy real de la América moderna, como vimos revelado por Edward Snowden.

Luego, la policía “enmarcó” el problema como una enfermedad mental, que es lo que le hacen a todas y cada una de las personas que se resisten a esta forma de opresión. Recuerde: los inmigrantes vienen a Estados Unidos para ser libres not no para que el gobierno los espíe y los hostigue por su protesta.Trágicamente, en estos casos, personas como el Sr. Brown y los vecinos que asesinó son víctimas de un sistema corrupto, donde la policía y las fuerzas políticas usan a los inmigrantes en un tira y afloja contra la gente local que está en un estado de resistencia a la opresión.

Y, mientras que el Sr. Brown demandó al “FBI”, que de hecho tiene un interés en el asunto debido a que sus agentes locales conocidos como” Infragard”, de hecho están espiando teléfonos y computadoras de la gente, es mucho más probable que otras agencias que dirigen inmigrantes y desarrollan” informantes comunitarios ” de los recién llegados a Estados Unidos estuvieran detrás de su caso. En particular, la Agencia de Control de Drogas (DEA) y el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE) y sus “activos en la comunidad”relacionados estaban detrás de lo que Brown estaba experimentando. Esto es lo que hacen estas agencias.

Utilizan el racismo como una herramienta de control de la población, y llevan a cabo operaciones ocultas para agitar el sentimiento racista entre la población. Es un arma poderosa en el arsenal del control social, y es antidemocrática en todos los sentidos. Pero tiene un nombre, y ese nombre es ” acoso de pandillas.”Así que mientras lloramos a las víctimas de esta práctica, Sara Alacote y Ismael Quintanilla, también debemos ver que todos los fallecidos son víctimas de un mal mayor y mucho mayor.

Gang Stalking Lawsuits and main stream media coverage: These cases are starting to get off the ground

Criminal defense strategy, criminology, criminal law, gang stalking case studies, predictive policing lawsuits, intelligence led policing lawsuits, case theory gang stalking

The Pasco county cases against sheriff Chris Nocco are clearly gang stalking lawsuits because they highlight how practices of law enforcement and police departments across the country and the west in general that use the “intelligence led predictive policing” scheme’s are controversial, even among officers, with former ILPP officers named as plaintiff’s and other ILPP named as defendants.

Here is the Tampa Bay Times news series “Targeted” that brought this practice to light, and here is the DailyMail’s take on those lawsuits. I also have been pushing this narrative for many years, and now see fruit. Here is my recent blurb about that at one of my blogs that at one point was hacked and attacked in many ways before they contacted WordPress and had it “de-platformed.” Cops and their any sycophantic hordes of flying monkeys really don’t want these stories out there in the public.

The case where we see that rift between ILPP officers was originally filed in 2019 by many officers who brought this practice to light. and here is more news coverage of this sheriff who is “intoxicated with power.

These cases also highlight the use of the phrase “targeted individuals,” and in the filing, “targeted children” specifically.

There are other cases, but this is the most high profile of them right now.

Here is a case that ended badly: Everton Brown in Baltimore was a very public voice about the abuses of the gang stalking program, and frequently was on record speaking about being gang stalked. He waged a sign carrying campaign in his city, sued the FBI for FOIA, and called police some 120 times to make npoise complaints against his neighbors, who blasted kaoraoke every weekend, and banged on the walls of their townhome. Both of those actions are known practices of “gang stalkers.”

So, in that case, the FBI’s Infragard program, combined with some military spying, and toxic “community policing” led to a man shooting his noisy neighbors and burning down his house after he couuld get no relief from the stalking. Keep in mind that in these cases, the police pick a side, and determine that one person is somehow worse than the other, and then, that the goal of the harassment, as stated in the Pasco filings, and as deputies are on record saying–the goal is to force the target to “sue or move away.”

Related Story: Engadget reports that the Pentagon is tracking US citizens without a warrant, or other due process. Is gang stalking actually domestic spying, in a military framework, directed at citizens, or is “NSA domestic spying” out of the bag now?

WE also see that most gangs of stalkers are in fact current and retired military, police, intelligence agents, and others in their orbit. ROGS Analysis, which is based in the scientific method and is a verifiable, falsifiable stratagem with which to analyze these cases, predicts as much. You can read more about ROGS Analysis of gang stalking complaints here.

Of the people in the “police and intel” orbit, we see this article titled “Gangstalking” by Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly to be instructive on that point. We see in that article anyone who challenges official police narratives come under fire from hackers, cyber stalkers, smear artists and worse. These scummy people include

  • Cold case investigators are featured in the piece by Teri Webster
  • County coroners, or coroners in general. In my own case, I traced a “gang of stalkers” to a single address in Temple City, CA, outside of Los Angeles. These people were all related by blood or marriage, and I was able to trace one of their “psycho-babbling nutcases” online directly to the coroners office. Two of those named went on to higher positions of authority too, one becoming an FBI agent, and the other heading up a retired police fraternal/sorority organization.
  • Organizations like, whose position is that gang stalking is ok, as long as it targets “bad people,” and whose main thesis seems to be “Look! these bad people got so tired of being stalked and slandered that they finally went on a shooting rampage!” That’s their “proof” that what they are doing is OK, apparently. Then, they focus on not naming the shooters, so that whatever led up to the shooting, including endless cyber-stalking and harassment is never revealed.
  • the minions and followers of these people include social workers, behavioral analysts, psychologists, threat assessment affiliated persons, and then, all of their relatives and other flying monkeys too. Again, this is who gang stalkers are.

So, these cases are starting to refine themselves, and the plaintiffs are getting smarter about “who are the gang stalkers,” and “how to file a gang stalking lawsuit” and also about where to look for evidence. Because so much of that evidence follows the pattern set by Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) across the country, and all of them going by different names, finding the databases these people use is difficult and challenging–but not impossible.

Again, in my own case, I had a few actual spies from intelligence agencies following me around the USA, online and offline too. There were USAF spooks and Mossad liason’s, and a host of parasitical types ranging from race gangs like the Anti Defamation League and their spawn, to many agents of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) or “empowered women’s groups” and NGOs, to Bush2 era far right wing religion based organizations that work out of the US state department too.

So, I am currently watching the case of Richard Moore v the Union County, MS sheriffs department (and also here, too) which has apparently tried to murder Mr. Moore on several occasions. Creepy local people have installed a camera pointed at his house from the volunteer fire department too, and we frequently see a form of perverted, inverted sexual voyeurism in these cases too, opening the possibility of new grounds to sue.

These cases are bizarre, and in fact those who gang stalk intent it to be that way too, in order to pre-nullify the claims of the plaintiffs.But as we see, these lawsuits will only increase, and a body of law will ensue, whereby smart attorney’s can draw upon for citations–and class action lawsuits can be waged in jurisdictions that utilize these practices.

Eau Claire Academy lawsuits: what is “torture, child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and drugging” in the online gang stalking dialectic? Start with the travesty of exploitative US foster care, and work your way out

Child protective services and the associated “medical mafia’s” that profit from these facilities across America and the west in general, are hotbeds of “gang stalking” narratives. The kids who get caught/entrapped in these systems are purely vulnerable, and at all times exploited. Read: The sordid case of Deb Matheny in Minnesota, which involves child exploitation profiteers extraordinaire!

Related Reading: “Violence, runaways a problem at residential centers across the U.S.” is a staple of bad journalism. Instead of confronting the “medical mafia’s” journalists target abstract concepts and “official source” narratives to find truth, rather than what is readily available from the victims of these facilities, much of which expresses itself in the online gang stalking narratives.

SO, rarely, others speak up for these child victims, as we see below, from a rare MSM piece about this form of “child exploitation.”

From the Chicago Tribune, in 2014:

Erica Heshelman, a former worker at the 135-bed Eau Claire Academy in Wisconsin, warned reporters not to trust what they read in the incident reports the facility is required to send state monitors whenever a resident is hurt or put in jeopardy.[Most read] Crowd limits eased, mask mandates likely next as Illinois enters next-to-last phase of COVID-19 reopening plan Friday »

“I would say any of the IRs that you guys have are total crap,” Heshelman said of the hundreds of pages of reports filed by the center since 2011 and collected by the Tribune-Medill team.

“It’s going to be really hard for you to get the truth, because a lot of the IRs are just handed back and rewritten,” Heshelman said.

One must read bizarre narratives online with this in mind.

Gang stalking lawsuits: Everton Brown seeks relief from the wrong party, later goes on shooting rampage. The gang stalking program seems to drive people crazy

Everton Brown tried for many years to end his “community sponsored gang stalking,” and failing that, he went ballistic, and killed a few noisy neighbors who “liked to sing kaoraoke on Saturday’s” and worked on their house all the time.

Examining the claims that “the gang stalkers will move in next door to you,” and “wage a noise harassment campaign,” in context to a mass shooting: main stream news is now adopting the ROGS Analysis of gang stalking cases, and some are asking “Crazy or a target?“in the case of Everton Brown, whose very public campaign to end his gang stalking ended badly for a few likely gang stalkers: his very noisy neighbors from Peru. Note that I have had a bit of experience with gangs of stalkers from Peru too.

He sued for relief and lost, and lost again on appeal, for failure to show subject matter jurisdiction, or to properly “name and target” his harassers (Infragard, community policing agents, town home association members, et al.)

If you want to sue gang stalkers, you have to start at the local level, like the Pasco county FL cases, and work your way up, not the other way around. And, try not to make your claim sound so crazy that a judge dismisses it–start by using facts, and naming names, and citing evidence like wireless environment captures from free wireless signal and internet monitoring software programs like Wireshark, and inSSIDer, or “Who Is On My Wifi” that show who is on your internet connection, a frequent occurence with gang stalking situations. And, these programs provide court room worthy evidence too.

Then, other things like hidden cameras, or using dash camera footage, and other photographic evidence of your claims help legitimate law enforcement see that your case is not the type of “fake targeted individual” cases that we see so often online, perpetrated by current and former police, military, intelligence agents and their associates in the “community policing” schemes online.

Mr. Brown did the opposite of collecting solid evidence–and his claim in his filing, while getting at the heart of America’s obscure secret policing methods and legitimately asking for records under FOIA requests, his filing in fact sounds like the rambling of an uninformed individualnot a crazy or delusional person. And the government even acknowledged that some of what Brown sought to discover did indeed exist, but as in most of these bizarre cases, the evidence “could not be located,” which is another way these agencies hide the ball in these cases. Official source gas lighting. So he is clearly swatting at phantoms in his filing, and the filing mentions that exact word.

He also goes on to name the exact groups of people who do this stuff, as documented by ROGS Analysis, and ample evidence that gang stalkers are ALWAYS “the FBI and its agents, the general public, Military and ex-military,” etc. Have a look at the case of the stalking and eventual murder of Ahmaud Arbery to see a gang stalking in action by those EXACT types of people, and also the Pasco county cases, and the infamous case of eBay executives using their “intelligence black ops” wing to harass and stalk a couple of writers too.

Gang stalking is really, really bizarre, and the people who do it are indeed criminals. Here is another link to Brown’s filing:

Then, Everton Brown called 911 some 120 times over several decades, and claimed that the FBI was stalking and harassing him. The problem though, is that while the FBI is very likely to be involved at some level as we see in each and every case of manufactured terrorism and mass shooters, where the after shooting narrative ALWAYS mentions that the FBI was following these guys, , it is not the sole party invested in these bizarre stalkings by far.

Because what gang stalking is is “parallel colliding investigations,” or “intelligence led predictive policing,” in any number of gang stalking programs that pass for “community policing.” These are designed as neverending harassment of people and they are hard to litigate, because they hide behind the catch me if you can police tactic of “police investigation privileged” information, and other loopholes in constitutional law, created by judges to shield criminal police gangs and their associates that utilize “targeted individual programs” in coordination with occulted communty policing tactics, and “intelligence agency led predictive policing” which is derived dirctly from actual spy agencies and their PSYOP related methodology.

Here’s more about Brown seeking relief through “normal” channels:

Woodlawn man who police say fatally shot 3 neighbors called 911 more than 120 times, records show

In these cases, police work covertly to wage dossier driven whisper campaign about the mental health, or police history of the targeted individual, and as the Pasco County cases demonstrate, they explicitly stated that they try to make your life a living hell, until the target” sues or moves away.” Purely psychopathic policing if ever there was such a thing.

And for my money? I am willing to bet that religious proselytization, and domestic violence, or criminal slanders and smears were behind it too. Stay tuned.

What is “domestic spying” and “gang stalking” in the online dialectic? Meet Anti Defamation League sponsored Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, a darling of the “disapora communities”–and the IMDB gang

Examining the gang stalking narratives online, and the cases that show up in court rooms ( here, here, here, here, here, and here too) we see patterns, clear as daylight. Racist gangs are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s meet a few Internet Movie Database gangsters.

Here is a recurrent theme in gang stalking narratives: there is probably a good reason why some people meet bad fates, generation after generation. Online in social media, Twitter, Facebook groups, Youtube–there is an undercurrent in the gang stalking dialectic that frequently makes inferences that “gang stalking is a silent Holocaust,” or that “well, at least its not a holocaust,” or “gang stalking is slow kille eugenics!”

SO, let’s Meet “the silent genocide” and the “well at least its not the Holocaust” oriented stalkers of the left.

I have encountered many of them, ranging from former Playboy bunnies, to a strange little Filipina who stalked me through Hollywood one summer. Both of them had entries in the Internet Movie Database, the IMDB. THese are what are referred to in many cases as “the Hollywood mafia,” and they are political, and “cause stalking” based. And, the Hollywood mafia uses women to carry out many of their strange stalkings, as did the Ku Klux Klan women’s auxilliary. So now, that the federal authorities have indicted a stalker, and I will examine that case.

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, a recently indicted cyber stalker and offline actual stalker, was indicted because she targeted young boys, not just for stalking, cyber stalking, and harassment. In fact, in the USA some groups and their stalkers usually get a free pass for stalking and harassing people. For centuries, the Ku Klux Klan, and its female auxilliary, the Kamellias waged poison squad campaigns against others, as did various women’s groups allied with right wing feminism, most notoriously Nikki Craft’s call to arms.

And we see the echoes of this in today’s #MeToo movement, where every man’s actions are cast as malign, and every woman’s actions wholly unaccountable. Perhaps this is the last gasp of white female privilege, or something deeper, like ultra-conservative religious narrative hiding itself in cultural co-option.

This historical form of gang stalking has millions of new subscribers in the digital era, and the left has weaponized these tactics effectively since the early 1990’s, at the emergence of the modern police and surveillance state: and all of that was predicated on “rape!” Pedophiles!” and “domestic violence!” in the Violence Against Women Act of 1993–President Joe Biden’s crown jewel in an anti-constitutional, gendered narrative that benefits primarily white women.

That power grab, by neocon’s and other religionists who derive benefits from sex/gender divisions also had at its heart a famous spy scandal, which set the trend for the modern total surveillance and police state that AMerica has inarguably become. Familiarize yourself with the Anti Defamation League networks of spies and stalkers (also here, and here too) for a glimpse of what it is that has built the modern police state.

So, not surprisingly Demirovic is part of the “diaspora community,” which on one hand are sometimes actual victims. but also, actual perpetrators too. ROGS, the author you are reading now, has extensive experience with these types, as well as their enablers in domestic terrorism and spy rings that run rampant across America today. So let’s dive a bit deeper into her story, and addto the “holocaust and genocide” narratives that permeate the online gang stalking dialectic.

Demirovic’s basic story is this–a “diaspora community survivor, ” genocide film maker, and genocide theorist, she stalked and terrorized a few teenage boys. Then, her Hollywood connections could not or did not stop the federal government from prosecuting her for her insane bullying. Here is more about her film Faces of Genocide. In the dialectic online, many of those who cyber stalk and bully and harass use such terms to create a false equivalence, and rationalize that their actions are somehow better than genocide, or at least are not genocide, as they target and slander, and harass people into poverty and worse.

So, Demirovic no doubt feels that she has “righteous anger” and was enraged, She was “mad,” and also, she was enabled by a well known political machine. She was “empowered!” by them and:

was so angry at the boys — listed in court records as Victims A-C — she sent them death threats, made up false allegations accusing them of rape and other crimes, and cyberbullied them with insults like “pig” and “dwarf,” or by making light of their parents’ divorce. She is also accused of threatening or harassing some of the victims’ parents.

Her goal was “sabotaging their personal relationships, social reputation, academic life, and work prospects,” the indictment alleges. And prosecutors say she succeeded; one of the victims, who was 14 at the time, became depressed and anxious after Demirovic allegedly arrived at his high school in 2016, asked where to find him, and screamed that she would “rip your f—ing heart out.”

So….patterns, yeah?

One of those patterns is that online, is that we see gang stalkers mentions of the “holocaust” or “silent genocide” fueling many gang stalking claims and narratives. But it is usually stated in passive aggressive, euphemistic terms, never directly or overtly. Lets take a look at that claim:

  • a search of the phrase “silent holocaust and gang stalking” in popular search engine returns 149,000 results
  • a search for the phrase “holocaust and gang stalking” returns almost 15.000 results

These results are significant for many reasons, not least of which is that they clearly provide evidence that there is a “false narrative” of genocide being built online, and that is clearly and definitively tied to the issue of gang stalking.

Here is one religion oriented* website/result for example, but there are thousands more that use such terminology, not surprisingly it includes right wing religionist’s like Ramola D and Targeted Justice.

The false equivalency as a narrative ploy allows those who spy on, or cyber-stalk, or offline stalk and harass people offline to cover their crimes with the idea that somehow, gang stalking is not worse than :”holocaust, and genocide”. As polarizing narratives go, it is pretty slim cover and rationalization for crimes, and a lie of great magnitude as well. And as we see in the outliers on the Bell curve, mass shooters are taking lives, so these are not harmless dialogues, and agents provocateurs proliferate in them, using military grade “influence operations,” tactics aka “mind control”.

So, let’s look at modern, ongoing genocides for clues about the subtlety of language expressed online. Lets search for the term “silent genocide,” for clues about who uses such terms, and why they do it:

  • The first hit in that search engine brings us to a post about genocide in West Papua, a silent genocide that “Australia doesn’t want you to know about.” It reads in part “

Estimations of over 500,000 indigenous West Papuans have been murdered over the last 54 years. This also includes reports of wide spread torture of women and children.

The United Nations, European Union, and associated governments have received ample evidence of atrocities, massacres, torture, and crimes against humanity and chose to remain silent and complicit.”

All of the above results are genuinely serious situations, and arguably are genocide. But then, a deeper dive into results starts to flesh out how easily this term is applied by political interests of both the right AND the left:

Right wing narrative:

Left wing narrative:

So, as we see above, “genocide scholars” and Hollywood affiliated film makers like Demirovic are highly active in the propaganda outlets waging battle over this term, but also, occasionally, we see them indicted as stalkers too.Sadly, the federal prosecutors have only taken an interest in cases where these conscienceless psychopaths target children, but other gang stalking lawsuits are starting to come forwards too, in local jurisdictions.

All of that, without irony, as one of my own followers at this blog is also part of the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) gang, which I briefly mentioned in other writing about Demirovic. So, yeah, the Hollywood mafia and all that is a real thing too.

*In case after case of these bloggers, we find either the christian or the Jewish narrative of “G-d” being frequently hinted at or outright exclaimed. Some are clearly Zionist fanatics and Mossad affilliated writers, and others are clearly and christians. Most are unashamed of that fact, and as I state repeatedly, and as ROGS Analysis of gang stalking proves, nearly 100% of all the people online in the community and also the “fake TI’s” are current and former police, military and intelligence agents and their relatives and associates.

Gang Stalking Case Study: Deb Matheny. Eau Claire WI “child abduction” facility and the family courts

A HUGE portion of online narratives of gang stalking involve the “school to prison pipeline,” an octopus of programs that incentivize states to use kids for profits, until those kids grow up and become prisoners in for profit prisons. All US states derive federal financial incentives to continue these practices, but other interests are indeed using children for cash all along the way, too.

Child exploitation–“its for the children” indeed.

Phrases like that above are a hot button topic, and like all “plastic words,” and phrases, is designed to polarize people’s opinion’s while never exactly defining a problem. What exactly is child exploitation? It depends upon who you ask.

Have a look here, at the case of little Christopher Bowen, reported in the main stream media. He was literally sliced open, and diced in many ways with knives, and abused in other ways that defy logic and law. His mother was his primary abuser, but she operated within a child abuse ring, which is a classic example of how actual for-profit child exploitation flies under the radar, because she did what she did in plain sight of “the authorities,” who were indeed “in on it.”

She derived multiple sources of revenue in the form of state and federal funds to abuse her child, with the full complicity of doctors and others in the medical community as they forced her eight-year-old son to have 13 completely unnecessary surgeries, and indeed, the boy endured a life of actual torture for many years because of it. He will likely suffer his entire life from the literal scars of this horrific abuse.

This is what is spoken of online as “torture”–most legitimate complaints of torture in the gang stalking dialectic use that word to describe: Fusion Center assisted computer and cell phone wiretaps; medically unnecessary surgeries that are performed on kids like Christopher Bowen; drug prescriptions that are forced upon people without their consent, and children taken into the custody of the system.

Related Story: How some Jewish immigrants like the Sackler family created the “opioid crisis” that has claimed well over 400, 000 lives in America alone. And, how they became the world’s premier public relations operatives in the medical mafia, before they plead guilty to federal criminal charges. But will they ever see a day in jail?

These “medical mafia’s” operate in every state across America, they operate with impunity, and states are truly complicit in every aspect, taking kickbacks one way or another. In the OxyContin case above, we see states set to gain either way: on one hand doctors prescribing the drug after having taken kickbacks; and on the other hand, states getting profits after the lawsuit was settled. Like the infamous cigarette settlements, the federal government and the states stepped in and effectively denied individual lawsuits, and co-opted the monetary gains in the “name of the people,” but not in fact, acting on behalf of the individuals harmed. So, the victims and the dead will not be financially compensated.

Many claims online about gang stalking are indeed related to “mental health,” if only because of the insanity of the western medical systems, and the complicity and actual conspiracy of others like that of child protection are all financially incentivized, politicized, and completely broken. They are systems designed to fail the children, but to benefit those who sell drugs, surgeries, and other products.And, at each and every preventable point along the pipeline, many of these kids, like little Christopher, are made mentally ill with “manufactured mental illness.”

Imagine that boys nightmares, as he faces a life where he will realize that his childhood was stolen. and actual memories of abuse were virtually handed to him by the child abuse ring that caused his pain? Well, at least he is not alone, right?

Gang stalking case study: What is “child abduction” and “child abuse rings,” in the gang stalking dialectic? Deb Matheny, Minnesota, Eau Claire Academy, child rape and drugging, and state fraud on the courts in foster care, and the affiliated DVIC

Deb Matheny is a mad mom, and she is all over online as a gang stalking target (search: Deb Matheny and gang stalking and Minnesota), and she does in fact provide many interesting pieces of evidence, and examples including screenshots of her devices as she is under “electronic attacks” from Fusion Center and other hackers. And she provides some evidence of how she has been cyber-stalked and harassed, by named police and others. What makes her case interesting though, is that she looks like a classic ALL CAPS COOCOO, until you dig down into it, and separate her more bizarre and colloquially expressed claims into the necessary interpretation, using ROGS Analysis.

Extra points for the fact that she is in regular contact with the FBI and its “human trafficking” narrators.

Related Story: Ma’Khia Bryant was shot dead by police in front of the foster home that was exploiting her. The “responsible guardians” were not home at the time.Child foster care in America and elsewhere is a racket, full of scumbags who exploit children for state dollars.

I have previously criticized Matheny and her group of similarly situated women who have had interactions with Child Protection Services, or with the many tentacles of state government that prey upon their children. I am not a fan of how they use language–their semantical flourishes and exaggeration do nothing to help people understand the issues, and in fact, make things worse. Examples include:

  • They are hitting me with electronic weapons! As we have consistently observed in the press and media since 9/11, and especially after Edward Snowdens revealing testimony, federal and state level actors are using an unimaginably huge arsenal of wiretap devices, internet routing schemes, and more types of “electronics” than most citizens know about. Its a huge “Catch Me if You Can” scheme of illegal, political, “investigation privileged” policing
  • They kidnapped my child! Many online claims of child kidnapping involve state “mafia’s” that work together to actually steal children. The Zappalla crime family, and the state of Pennsylvania was notoriously documented in the Kids for Cash scandal
  • The aliens have abducted my_____(fill in the blank.) This is a common claim in cases where the state steps in for guardianship of an elder, a child, or a spouse, and farms out the “health care” to sordid lots of contractors
  • Human trafficking! Child sex slavery! All of this has the ring of truth when we shift our paradigm to one where exploitation takes place in state systems.
  • Pedophiles!!! Satan!!! A huge portion of thee cases online stem from the Satanic Panic era, where the ultra-conservative factions of the FBI participated in a huge hoax, using carefully crafted media messaging, and infiltration at all levels of court rooms and social services. Here’s more about that from the Daily Beast, and their court room character assassin Kee McFarlane, and other key figures whose lives were destroyed by these sociopaths in government.
  • Who is your handler? In many narratives online, we see one or another fake TI ask another about a “handler.” In intelligence agency speak, a “handler” is someone who directs the actions of an “asset.” Matheny, and many other “targeted individuals”online are actually in frequent contact with the FBI, aka, they are “informants.” Here is evidence of that:
Source: My Story of Organized Crime, Organized Stalking, Public/Political Corruption and Domestic Terrorism on, image by Deb Matheny

Strong claims require strong evidence, and like most of the bizarre hyperbolic “conspiracy theories” online, the FBI isn’t exactly doing itself a great service to have these clowns ranting incessantly, using bizarre language. Unless….

Like all FBI and other countering violent extremism programs (CVE) online, for informant led operations, especially in the manufactured terrorism, bizarre is the order of the day, because these operations are based in “psychological operations,” aka military derived PSYOP, whose goal is to literally re-order the perceptions of the individuals they target with these “black operations.”

As such, these operations are part investigation, part “directed conversation,” i.e. a neverending interrogation of a persons narrative, and 100% illegal when brought into the disinfecting light of a court room. The lawsuits against these PSYOPs related online-offline stalkings are now coming into court rooms across the country, as we see in the Pasco county cases, and the eBay gang of stalkers, and a recent lawsuit by a so-called sex-offender who was entrapped in one of the nefarious and prolific child pornography operations run from all western nations–ALL of these cases involve “intelligence led predictive policing,” aka domestic spying under color of law, and other plainly bizarre :police investigation privilege” claims.

Do an internet search for the phrase “Eau Claire academy crime” and we begin to see parts of Matheny’s story from another angle; and this story linked, to many other peoples stories. And especially, read through this narrative where we see Satanic Panic era “child sexual abuse” claims too.

So, this case is interesting, and worthy of study for the reasons stated above, not least of which is the hyperbolic language used in her narrative.

Sarah is my 27 year old daughter, who in late 2010, early 2011, I reported as being kidnapped. A Fridley Minnesota police report exists (upon her release) as does a report to the Minneapolis FBI, prior to said release. In fact it was my acknowledgement to her (and them) that I had contacted the FBI that I believe led to the perpetrators releasing her. She was dropped off at the Menards in Fridley MN.

In her own words, read “The poet in my heart,” by Deb Matheny:

She texted me, sporadically, during this time. At first I believed her, that she sneaked these texts to me in secret, though it was my text to her that I had made a report of kidnapping to the FBI, and my belief that they read those texts that resulted in her release. I even at one point believed her to have colluded with these perps and still do, but believe it to have been fear driven. She did inform me threats to harm her family were made. The circumstances involved were strongly indicative to sex trafficking which upon our reunion, she confirmed to me. She was 23 when this nightmare began. To cut to the chase, I have always had my suspicions of people that were in her life. Older woman (40+), who were from out-state (North Dakota) as well as a random bunch of people I had little knowledge of. A person in common all these older woman had was Jodi L. Oborn Perrizo, also passed away suddenly last winter.

Is the 14th Amendment the way to fight gang stalking? Due process violations abound in the kangaroo courts where much gang stalking begins

As gang stalking lawsuits begin to address the uncivil, and anti-constitutional processes and programs put in place several decades ago to deliberately circumvent jury trials, the fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution is one avenue for targeted individuals to seek justice: a #Fakerape victim sues for 14th Amendment violations

You know the story: some flaky teenage girl from the sexually repressed or otherwise perverted conservative family gets high or drunk, and contacts a boy on social media for a “hookup.” Then, later, she claims that she “cannot remember what happened that night” and later, that she was “raped.” It happens all the time, and it seldom sees the disinfecting light of a court room, because there are so many institutional processes and procedural roadblocks put in place that these cases never see a day in court, because they are punted by political operatives at many levekls who are selling “a narrative.”

In the story below, we can garantee that the following groups of known gang stalkers are involved:

  • Women’s groups that masquerade as “equality and social justice” advocates, who are actually gender biased political assassins with a neocon agenda to sell the public, as real feminists have been co-opted at all levels by neocon pseudo -feminism. And, the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex derives billions in profits from these fraudulent industries, ranging from social workers to psychologists, lawyers, courts and police.
  • “#BelieveHer” oriented groups who swear–they just SWEAR!–that women NEVER LIE, or make things up for attention, or to ease their filthy consciences, as these types of women DO NOT HAVE a conscience whatsoever. These also coincidentally believe in “Virgin birth,” aka “parthenogenesis” sans evidence of anything ever happening in the human species. Unsurprisingly, wasps, bees, tiny brained ants, some reptiles, and some fish and other “sexless” insects CAN can produce such offspring. Lizard people, anyone? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is sure: female bullies and trolls populate gang stalking narratives.
  • Campus Rape “Crisis Centers”and their one sided, gendered and false narrative of sexual violence are central to these narratives. They are well known gang stalkers, and comprise a sizable and quantifiable group of persons who can be traced and tracked as “gangs of stalkers,” as we see early rape organizers actively advocating vigilantism. They also have been present just before, and during, and after many mass shootings too, as we saw in so many cases, ranging from the Hot Yoga Shooting, whose protagonist blasted some caps into a couple of his stalkers who could not bear the fact thart some men prefer younger women as opposed to theier white female privileged presenec; to Ian Long, who was pursued and harassed by “Warrior Sistah’s” for many years, those waging a false narrative of “sexual violence” after his track coach Dominique Colell had stolen his cell phone in high school. These are simply female bullies, who target men and boys.
  • Domestic Violence Industry Advocates, a billion dollars per year industry, are alsio central to these narratives as we saw in the The Thousand Oaks shooting and many, many others. They are allied with the campus rape and women’s empowerment types mentioned above, whose sole objective is to build a “herd” of women around a central narrative, and who insist on gendered, lopsided narratives of herd control…er….”social construction.” They routinely deny women’s capacity for violence. Be the shepherd, and not the sheeple and all of that, lol.

SO, in that light, as we see these gangs of female bullies and harassers stalking and harassing men ( just like this case here,of a female gang stalker enabled by Jewish Community Centers now being prosecuted by the US Attorney) invoking the 14th Amendment in gang stalking cases is a duty to law itself to document them as such, and bring the full power of federal law against them too.

UMass gender bias case for male student in sexual assault charge allowed to proceed

Ex-student was allowed just one hour to review the university’s investigatory file

“A female student, identified in court documents as “Jane Doe,” filed a formal complaint with the university in November 2019, more than a year after the alleged sexual assault.

The documents say the female student messaged a male student, identified as “John Doe,” via Snapchat on Oct. 20, 2018, asking to come to his dorm room to “hook up.” The two had sex in his dorm room and two days later, she told him she couldn’t remember what happened that night because she was “intoxicated,” the documents say.

Moldie Oldies: Remember this #Fakerape case, “Mattress Girl“? Reason magazine reports that it is likely she is a big fat liar. Most famously, Emma Sulcowitz paraded around campus grounds for several years with a mattress on her head, after she enticed a boy to have “butt sex” with her, and then, alternatively cajoled and then blackmailed him over it. He later sued the university, and won a seven digit settlement. She no doubt, will do it again, to another boy, as rates of #fakerape recidivism in these cases are extremely high.

Few of these nightmare sociopathic wpmen ever get properly prosecuted for their lies and crimes , because the DVIC carefully avoids jury trials at every point. Meet every man’s worst nightmare psychopathic “feminist” , TracyWest, who beat herself up, tied hersel;f up, and raped herself up in order to get custody of a child.