I get letters. My latest fan says “Fuck You!” I couldn’t have asked for a better letter, from a stalker.

OK, so it wasn’t exactly a letter, it was a comment in my comments section, posted to my analysis of the Everton Brown case, where a guy shot up a few neighbors whose property shared a wall with his property and they “played loud karaoke” EVERY Saturday(!), and banged on his walls as gang stalkers are known to do. The poor guy waged an unsuccessful lawsuit by suing the wrong party–the FBI–to end his gang stalking.

This comment brilliantly highlighted a few things I might have overlooked, like Freudian Projection in the gang stalking dialectic, for example. Go over to my post about Everton Brown, and read the comment in its proper context yourself:

Gang stalking lawsuits: Everton Brown seeks relief from the wrong party, later goes on shooting rampage. The gang stalking program seems to drive people crazy

Also see this piece that I wrote about El caso del Everton Brown: ¿Fue el racismo la motivación detrás del triple asesinato de tres personas en Baltimore? No es tan simple, for my audience in Ecuador and Peru, which makes my position a bit more clear. In no way is “racism” the only issue here, and certainly new arrivals to America have no place defining the effects of that on black men.

So, this, from an anonymous coward named “Fuck You” who writes

Fuck you 11 hours ago

“You’re a fucking psycho and should consider swallowing a bullet to make the world a better place”

Notice three key features of that comment that also dovetail into the often repeated claims of gang stalking victims: like Everton Brown

  1. The gang stalkers will try to get you to kill yourself.”
  2. the gang stalkers utilize pop psychology terms to harass and intimidate
  3. the gang stalkers are all cowards,” who, like cockroaches, avoid being seen for who they are.

0 thoughts on “I get letters. My latest fan says “Fuck You!” I couldn’t have asked for a better letter, from a stalker.

  1. just dont do anything….i run my life like a sociopath or psychopath.

    which….thats pretty much gangstalkers…..

    ive lost care or concern for other people

    this is a good level to reach

    dont own guns anyway .

    as you know….zersetzung is run by the government that people will complain to

    at best i would expect a sidney gottlieb running experiments…as they have been doing forever

    now….im more def leppard or the grateful dead

    people self destruct….its their choice.

    but yes….they employee the self hating and jealous to project onto us.

    its all designed perhaps by a whole team of bastard transsexuals and rich misfits…..

    they would almost all commit suicide without cia intervention

    its like gay pride instead of correcting the homosexual behaviors

    nazis basically.

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