Gang Stalking Lawsuits and main stream media coverage: These cases are starting to get off the ground

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The Pasco county cases against sheriff Chris Nocco are clearly gang stalking lawsuits because they highlight how practices of law enforcement and police departments across the country and the west in general that use the “intelligence led predictive policing” scheme’s are controversial, even among officers, with former ILPP officers named as plaintiff’s and other ILPP named as defendants.

Here is the Tampa Bay Times news series “Targeted” that brought this practice to light, and here is the DailyMail’s take on those lawsuits. I also have been pushing this narrative for many years, and now see fruit. Here is my recent blurb about that at one of my blogs that at one point was hacked and attacked in many ways before they contacted WordPress and had it “de-platformed.” Cops and their any sycophantic hordes of flying monkeys really don’t want these stories out there in the public.

The case where we see that rift between ILPP officers was originally filed in 2019 by many officers who brought this practice to light. and here is more news coverage of this sheriff who is “intoxicated with power.

These cases also highlight the use of the phrase “targeted individuals,” and in the filing, “targeted children” specifically.

There are other cases, but this is the most high profile of them right now.

Here is a case that ended badly: Everton Brown in Baltimore was a very public voice about the abuses of the gang stalking program, and frequently was on record speaking about being gang stalked. He waged a sign carrying campaign in his city, sued the FBI for FOIA, and called police some 120 times to make npoise complaints against his neighbors, who blasted kaoraoke every weekend, and banged on the walls of their townhome. Both of those actions are known practices of “gang stalkers.”

So, in that case, the FBI’s Infragard program, combined with some military spying, and toxic “community policing” led to a man shooting his noisy neighbors and burning down his house after he couuld get no relief from the stalking. Keep in mind that in these cases, the police pick a side, and determine that one person is somehow worse than the other, and then, that the goal of the harassment, as stated in the Pasco filings, and as deputies are on record saying–the goal is to force the target to “sue or move away.”

Related Story: Engadget reports that the Pentagon is tracking US citizens without a warrant, or other due process. Is gang stalking actually domestic spying, in a military framework, directed at citizens, or is “NSA domestic spying” out of the bag now?

WE also see that most gangs of stalkers are in fact current and retired military, police, intelligence agents, and others in their orbit. ROGS Analysis, which is based in the scientific method and is a verifiable, falsifiable stratagem with which to analyze these cases, predicts as much. You can read more about ROGS Analysis of gang stalking complaints here.

Of the people in the “police and intel” orbit, we see this article titled “Gangstalking” by Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly to be instructive on that point. We see in that article anyone who challenges official police narratives come under fire from hackers, cyber stalkers, smear artists and worse. These scummy people include

  • Cold case investigators are featured in the piece by Teri Webster
  • County coroners, or coroners in general. In my own case, I traced a “gang of stalkers” to a single address in Temple City, CA, outside of Los Angeles. These people were all related by blood or marriage, and I was able to trace one of their “psycho-babbling nutcases” online directly to the coroners office. Two of those named went on to higher positions of authority too, one becoming an FBI agent, and the other heading up a retired police fraternal/sorority organization.
  • Organizations like, whose position is that gang stalking is ok, as long as it targets “bad people,” and whose main thesis seems to be “Look! these bad people got so tired of being stalked and slandered that they finally went on a shooting rampage!” That’s their “proof” that what they are doing is OK, apparently. Then, they focus on not naming the shooters, so that whatever led up to the shooting, including endless cyber-stalking and harassment is never revealed.
  • the minions and followers of these people include social workers, behavioral analysts, psychologists, threat assessment affiliated persons, and then, all of their relatives and other flying monkeys too. Again, this is who gang stalkers are.

So, these cases are starting to refine themselves, and the plaintiffs are getting smarter about “who are the gang stalkers,” and “how to file a gang stalking lawsuit” and also about where to look for evidence. Because so much of that evidence follows the pattern set by Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) across the country, and all of them going by different names, finding the databases these people use is difficult and challenging–but not impossible.

Again, in my own case, I had a few actual spies from intelligence agencies following me around the USA, online and offline too. There were USAF spooks and Mossad liason’s, and a host of parasitical types ranging from race gangs like the Anti Defamation League and their spawn, to many agents of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) or “empowered women’s groups” and NGOs, to Bush2 era far right wing religion based organizations that work out of the US state department too.

So, I am currently watching the case of Richard Moore v the Union County, MS sheriffs department (and also here, too) which has apparently tried to murder Mr. Moore on several occasions. Creepy local people have installed a camera pointed at his house from the volunteer fire department too, and we frequently see a form of perverted, inverted sexual voyeurism in these cases too, opening the possibility of new grounds to sue.

These cases are bizarre, and in fact those who gang stalk intent it to be that way too, in order to pre-nullify the claims of the plaintiffs.But as we see, these lawsuits will only increase, and a body of law will ensue, whereby smart attorney’s can draw upon for citations–and class action lawsuits can be waged in jurisdictions that utilize these practices.

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