Gang stalking lawsuits: Everton Brown seeks relief from the wrong party, later goes on shooting rampage. The gang stalking program seems to drive people crazy

Everton Brown tried for many years to end his “community sponsored gang stalking,” and failing that, he went ballistic, and killed a few noisy neighbors who “liked to sing kaoraoke on Saturday’s” and worked on their house all the time.

Examining the claims that “the gang stalkers will move in next door to you,” and “wage a noise harassment campaign,” in context to a mass shooting: main stream news is now adopting the ROGS Analysis of gang stalking cases, and some are asking “Crazy or a target?“in the case of Everton Brown, whose very public campaign to end his gang stalking ended badly for a few likely gang stalkers: his very noisy neighbors from Peru. Note that I have had a bit of experience with gangs of stalkers from Peru too.

He sued for relief and lost, and lost again on appeal, for failure to show subject matter jurisdiction, or to properly “name and target” his harassers (Infragard, community policing agents, town home association members, et al.)

If you want to sue gang stalkers, you have to start at the local level, like the Pasco county FL cases, and work your way up, not the other way around. And, try not to make your claim sound so crazy that a judge dismisses it–start by using facts, and naming names, and citing evidence like wireless environment captures from free wireless signal and internet monitoring software programs like Wireshark, and inSSIDer, or “Who Is On My Wifi” that show who is on your internet connection, a frequent occurence with gang stalking situations. And, these programs provide court room worthy evidence too.

Then, other things like hidden cameras, or using dash camera footage, and other photographic evidence of your claims help legitimate law enforcement see that your case is not the type of “fake targeted individual” cases that we see so often online, perpetrated by current and former police, military, intelligence agents and their associates in the “community policing” schemes online.

Mr. Brown did the opposite of collecting solid evidence–and his claim in his filing, while getting at the heart of America’s obscure secret policing methods and legitimately asking for records under FOIA requests, his filing in fact sounds like the rambling of an uninformed individualnot a crazy or delusional person. And the government even acknowledged that some of what Brown sought to discover did indeed exist, but as in most of these bizarre cases, the evidence “could not be located,” which is another way these agencies hide the ball in these cases. Official source gas lighting. So he is clearly swatting at phantoms in his filing, and the filing mentions that exact word.

He also goes on to name the exact groups of people who do this stuff, as documented by ROGS Analysis, and ample evidence that gang stalkers are ALWAYS “the FBI and its agents, the general public, Military and ex-military,” etc. Have a look at the case of the stalking and eventual murder of Ahmaud Arbery to see a gang stalking in action by those EXACT types of people, and also the Pasco county cases, and the infamous case of eBay executives using their “intelligence black ops” wing to harass and stalk a couple of writers too.

Gang stalking is really, really bizarre, and the people who do it are indeed criminals. Here is another link to Brown’s filing:

Then, Everton Brown called 911 some 120 times over several decades, and claimed that the FBI was stalking and harassing him. The problem though, is that while the FBI is very likely to be involved at some level as we see in each and every case of manufactured terrorism and mass shooters, where the after shooting narrative ALWAYS mentions that the FBI was following these guys, , it is not the sole party invested in these bizarre stalkings by far.

Because what gang stalking is is “parallel colliding investigations,” or “intelligence led predictive policing,” in any number of gang stalking programs that pass for “community policing.” These are designed as neverending harassment of people and they are hard to litigate, because they hide behind the catch me if you can police tactic of “police investigation privileged” information, and other loopholes in constitutional law, created by judges to shield criminal police gangs and their associates that utilize “targeted individual programs” in coordination with occulted communty policing tactics, and “intelligence agency led predictive policing” which is derived dirctly from actual spy agencies and their PSYOP related methodology.

Here’s more about Brown seeking relief through “normal” channels:

Woodlawn man who police say fatally shot 3 neighbors called 911 more than 120 times, records show

In these cases, police work covertly to wage dossier driven whisper campaign about the mental health, or police history of the targeted individual, and as the Pasco County cases demonstrate, they explicitly stated that they try to make your life a living hell, until the target” sues or moves away.” Purely psychopathic policing if ever there was such a thing.

And for my money? I am willing to bet that religious proselytization, and domestic violence, or criminal slanders and smears were behind it too. Stay tuned.

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  1. You’re a fucking psycho and should consider swallowing a bullet to make the world a better place

    1. And fuck you twice, with “Satan’s horns” one for each of your holes. You gang stalkers need to stop harassing people until they go ballistic–I mean, just look at your comment? How many of those did you leave on Everton Browns social media?

      As for your cowardly bullet comment, lets just say I have eaten a few before yours, so feel free to bring something heavier and more accurate next time, ok?

      And maybe, YOU can consider eating a few yourself? The world is tired of you anti-due-process scumbags who gang stalk people online and off.

      And, the buck stops here, Your gang stalking days are numbered, thanks to a few good journalists and the scientific method outing all of you as “current and retired military, police, and intelligence agents,” and their hordes of associated flying monkeys.

    2. p.s.
      I “liked” your comment so that your badly damaged ego can get an adrenalin and endorphine boost., and maybe relieve you of whatever racist hate leads people like you to gang stalk people like Everton Brown, who said “Black People Are the Tool Used to Maintain Racism.”

      And,so, I “liked” your comment so that even you might turn it around; and if you stop gang stalking people, your overall mental health will improve as well!

      Best Regards–

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