Is the 14th Amendment the way to fight gang stalking? Due process violations abound in the kangaroo courts where much gang stalking begins

As gang stalking lawsuits begin to address the uncivil, and anti-constitutional processes and programs put in place several decades ago to deliberately circumvent jury trials, the fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution is one avenue for targeted individuals to seek justice: a #Fakerape victim sues for 14th Amendment violations

You know the story: some flaky teenage girl from the sexually repressed or otherwise perverted conservative family gets high or drunk, and contacts a boy on social media for a “hookup.” Then, later, she claims that she “cannot remember what happened that night” and later, that she was “raped.” It happens all the time, and it seldom sees the disinfecting light of a court room, because there are so many institutional processes and procedural roadblocks put in place that these cases never see a day in court, because they are punted by political operatives at many levekls who are selling “a narrative.”

In the story below, we can garantee that the following groups of known gang stalkers are involved:

  • Women’s groups that masquerade as “equality and social justice” advocates, who are actually gender biased political assassins with a neocon agenda to sell the public, as real feminists have been co-opted at all levels by neocon pseudo -feminism. And, the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex derives billions in profits from these fraudulent industries, ranging from social workers to psychologists, lawyers, courts and police.
  • “#BelieveHer” oriented groups who swear–they just SWEAR!–that women NEVER LIE, or make things up for attention, or to ease their filthy consciences, as these types of women DO NOT HAVE a conscience whatsoever. These also coincidentally believe in “Virgin birth,” aka “parthenogenesis” sans evidence of anything ever happening in the human species. Unsurprisingly, wasps, bees, tiny brained ants, some reptiles, and some fish and other “sexless” insects CAN can produce such offspring. Lizard people, anyone? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is sure: female bullies and trolls populate gang stalking narratives.
  • Campus Rape “Crisis Centers”and their one sided, gendered and false narrative of sexual violence are central to these narratives. They are well known gang stalkers, and comprise a sizable and quantifiable group of persons who can be traced and tracked as “gangs of stalkers,” as we see early rape organizers actively advocating vigilantism. They also have been present just before, and during, and after many mass shootings too, as we saw in so many cases, ranging from the Hot Yoga Shooting, whose protagonist blasted some caps into a couple of his stalkers who could not bear the fact thart some men prefer younger women as opposed to theier white female privileged presenec; to Ian Long, who was pursued and harassed by “Warrior Sistah’s” for many years, those waging a false narrative of “sexual violence” after his track coach Dominique Colell had stolen his cell phone in high school. These are simply female bullies, who target men and boys.
  • Domestic Violence Industry Advocates, a billion dollars per year industry, are alsio central to these narratives as we saw in the The Thousand Oaks shooting and many, many others. They are allied with the campus rape and women’s empowerment types mentioned above, whose sole objective is to build a “herd” of women around a central narrative, and who insist on gendered, lopsided narratives of herd control…er….”social construction.” They routinely deny women’s capacity for violence. Be the shepherd, and not the sheeple and all of that, lol.

SO, in that light, as we see these gangs of female bullies and harassers stalking and harassing men ( just like this case here,of a female gang stalker enabled by Jewish Community Centers now being prosecuted by the US Attorney) invoking the 14th Amendment in gang stalking cases is a duty to law itself to document them as such, and bring the full power of federal law against them too.

UMass gender bias case for male student in sexual assault charge allowed to proceed

Ex-student was allowed just one hour to review the university’s investigatory file

“A female student, identified in court documents as “Jane Doe,” filed a formal complaint with the university in November 2019, more than a year after the alleged sexual assault.

The documents say the female student messaged a male student, identified as “John Doe,” via Snapchat on Oct. 20, 2018, asking to come to his dorm room to “hook up.” The two had sex in his dorm room and two days later, she told him she couldn’t remember what happened that night because she was “intoxicated,” the documents say.

Moldie Oldies: Remember this #Fakerape case, “Mattress Girl“? Reason magazine reports that it is likely she is a big fat liar. Most famously, Emma Sulcowitz paraded around campus grounds for several years with a mattress on her head, after she enticed a boy to have “butt sex” with her, and then, alternatively cajoled and then blackmailed him over it. He later sued the university, and won a seven digit settlement. She no doubt, will do it again, to another boy, as rates of #fakerape recidivism in these cases are extremely high.

Few of these nightmare sociopathic wpmen ever get properly prosecuted for their lies and crimes , because the DVIC carefully avoids jury trials at every point. Meet every man’s worst nightmare psychopathic “feminist” , TracyWest, who beat herself up, tied hersel;f up, and raped herself up in order to get custody of a child.

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