Some people probably SHOULD be targeted–with understanding: Timothy Trespas, psycho babbling bullying victim with occasional “Jesus outbursts”and end times prophecy: Gang stalking case studies

The New York Times went on record in 2016 claiming that some people who talk about electronic weapons are probably delusional, and they chose a crackpot and an enabler to be the “voice of gang stalking.” And, there was fallout on the internet, which included well known cyber stalkers and others threatening each other. Here’s more about that from Kiwi Farms, and especially take a look at the comments section.

. Meet Timothy Trespas, their “star”interview–and the usual suspects who spread bizarre and false information about gang stalking,

We were Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Covert Drugging, HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION, Morgellons Microwaves, Energetic, Entomological, and Genetic weapons, the silent warfare of Mind Control in America & abroad. Illuminating darkness: By Timothy Trespas, innocent human victims of the New World Order.

Mr. Trespas writes:

I have a primary care ‘doctor’ as required by my insurance and as most people do.
My psychiatrist simply wrote me off as schizophrenic-affective- disorder
Even though I do not present with several of the qualifiers in the dsm4 because my story and experience contain several points that they simply can’t seem to believe even though they are
I have PTSD
Panic attacks
Social phobia
Memory loss
Alzheimer’s like symptoms
Visual disturbance
Audio disturbance (loud ringing whistling screaming in my head)
And strange experience designed to make those who report it appear ‘crazy’

Bizarre claims like his can sometimes have merit when we view it through the paradigm shift of ROGS Analysis in dialectic analysis of gang stalking., because we see state and federal actors behind many of the complaints, wholly unaccountable for their methods. And NONE of the psycho babble crowd discusses the real world cases of “gangs” of “police and their associates” who comprise the vast majority of “online mobs and cyber stalkers” who say plainly bizarre things.

Real world cases of gang stalking include cases like:

  • The recent Pasco County FL cases (one, two, three, four, and counting) filed against a dirty sheriff and his “gang” of law breaking deputies. These suits were initially filed by other deputies, but now the class of plaintiffs includes others targeted with “intelligence led predictive policing,” which does in fact include threats to kill peoples pets, and “24-7 harassment.”
  • The years long stalking of Ahmaud Arbery, where a literal “gang of police” targeted him for many years, including trying to Taser him with an “electronic weapon” in an unprovoked attack caught on camera, two years before they finally tried to run him over with a car, and murdered him in cold blood. You can see the unprovoked Taser attempt here, but be warned, it is sadistic and brutal psychological torture.”
  • The now infamous case of the eBay Gang of stalkers that includes all the usual suspects: corporate executives waging a smear campaign, retired police, corporate intelligence units, etc, and lots of women in those organizations working AS stalkers, doing BIZARRE things to targeted individuals

In the commentary above by Mr. Trespas, we see a few interesting things pop out immediately, not least of which are what look like burns from a crack pipe on his lip:

My job is not t o pile on this moron or add to the strange narrative, but it is important for the journalists who are starting to cover this topic to recognize how these types of “TIs” are nearly all part of “the narrative” of discrediting others who fall into the endless cycles of “police and their associates in social work and mental health AS gangs, stalking.”

So, it’s important to “sourcewatch” gang stalking narrators, and their chosen crackpipe mouthed fake TIs.For better or worse, these peoples stories give us clues, and the “kernel of truth feeding their narratives,” but none of these stories give us lawsuits, or reliable sources.

Just sayin.

Read through that guys blog, and see for yourself that he is what is called a “controlled asset,” in intelligence circles, not a real TI per se. And then, compare his case to that of Stanley Cohen, or Keith LaBella, or Stuart Bramhall, who was harassed out of the US after she helped black American’s fight cases of discrimination.

They make the guy above look like exactly what he is: a sock puppet of the medical mafia, and the psychiatric meta-narrative that some seek to place on top of real stories, of real targeted individuals.

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