Gang stalking targets are frequently critics of police, and victims of one of “the narratives”being pushed by special interests. Meet Deb Matheny, “anti-human trafficking” critic

Gang Stalking Fast Fact: Of those who claim they are being gang stalked, we see many critics of police, social services, child protective services, and other Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) related stories.

” Human trafficking! Sex Trafficking! State Sponsored Child Kidnapping! GANG STALKING!!!” Making sense of the strange semantics of the gang stalking dialectic.

UPDATE 05-17-2021: Many of those who are aware of Deb Matheny’s story are peeking in here lately. 17 today alone. So, have a look at the meaning of ” child sacrifice,” and “child abuse rings,” “medical kidnapping” and related terms from the gang stalking dialectic online.

Gang stalking victims are not often pretty or dashingly handsome figures, sometimes they write in ALL CAPS!!, and their education level isn’t up to par with most third world school standards; but that doesn’t make them wrong in their outrage against the systemic corruption that they observe through the lens of gang stalking narratives. Deb Matheny is one such claimant: she comes off as kind of nutty, but at the base of her claims are four dead people, including an eight year old child.

Lets examine the claims of one “targeted individual” who for all practical purposes could be a PSYOP related sock puppet.* I invite the reader to follow the links and engage with this complicated gang stalking narrative, which is all over online, as Matheny is one of the more vocal persons online whose story can be fleshed out in any substantive way, and indeed, likely involves FBI informants and other sordid, but typical gang stalking narrative.

Many cases start with a mugshot of a person having a bad day in the “freedom loving” US.” Here is Sarah Matheny before her death. And below are some strange claims:

  • My daughter was kidnapped, and murdered!
  • a gang of corrupt FBI and police are enabling human trafficking!
  • I can name names!!
  • child kidnapping!
  • RICO Act! Human Rights! UN Conventions!

Oddly, upon researching Deb Matheny’s case, indeed, many of her claims can be verified to some extent, but we must apply less hyperbolic language to understand how “every day” these occurrences are, as we saw in the case of Little Christopher Bowen and the “medical mafia.” Medical mafia’s and their billion dollar advertising industry are very real, and are now being prosecuted by the Department of Justice, as we see with the Raymond Sackler crime family**, who fueled the OxyContin opioid crisis, with a death toll of over 480,00 people. Sackler is the known as the “father of drug advertising.”

So, here’s an introduction to Deb Matheny’s odd story. and then, the link to her deceased child Sarah, and here is one of Sarah Matheny’s obituaries. But compounding that, is the murder suicide of Sarah Matheny’s baby-daddy, who killed himself and his eight year old daughter as all of this swirled around their lives.

Then, parts of that story are told through the filter of locality–a myopic, controlled release of the story itself. From Audrey Kletscher Helbling, a Minnesota blogger:

HOW DO YOU WRITE an obituary for an 8-year-old, especially a child who was the victim in an apparent murder-suicide?

With grace, dignity and joy.

I didn’t know Lynnaya Espinoza Perrizo (listed in a Faribault Police Department news release as Lynnaya Stoddard-Espinoza). But I feel now like I do because of the words penned in her just-published obit.

She was a girly girl, a creative and giving soul who loved to give gifts, sometimes toys from her toy box. She danced. She loved—her dogs, her cousins, her brother,…Jesus.

But there’s more to her story. Little Lynnaya, at age five, endured the loss of her godmother, Jodi Oborn Perrizo, who had legal custody of Lynnaya along with her husband, Ryan Perrizo. Jodi reportedly died of a heart attack in January 2014 at the age of 39.

The official narratives often seek only to tell the minute details of the “its for the children” narrative, while never addressing the crushing social forces in the grey area between the two tiers of American society–that space where all of the state forces do in fact conspire, and do in fact break the law in order to get their hands on children, and the profits these children bring in the form of foster care paychecks, and state welfare dividends.

This is what “child trafficking” is in the gang stalking dialectic, and its what we saw in the Kids for Cash documentary too, where judges from a demographically Catholic area traded 3000 kids with impunity and received compensation. This is what “child exploitation is,” from each and every angle.

But WAIT! There’s more!….here is the woman that Deb Matheny claims was part of a human trafficking network, who ALSO died in an apparent” mysterious death”…..and all of that as issues such as prostitution, drug use, informants, and possibly even the endemically flawed Witness Protection Program and more hover in the background of the story.

Yup, many levels of exploitation, many levels of “narrative distortion,” and “disinformation,” and many levels of profit from human misery as hidden state and federal actors surround these cases like vultures. Again–see this about federal and state police informants. The narratives can ONLY be strange, BECAUSE of that fact.

The stories of gang stalking targets are not pretty either, and they often come from hard life experience in the margins of society stratified between cloaked Jewish-christrianity expressing itself in laws like the current lawsuit where women seek equality by going topless on beaches, the same as any man has a “right” to do, or the much exploited issue of abortion rights, where well known gangs of stalkers, including Westboro Baptist Church and others literally stalk women who seek to undo a pregnancy; and especially as we see with the “legalize marijuana” lobby that is just the same medical mafia framing itself in a new way.

The state has no real interest in prohibiting equality in such ways, until we enter the lunacy of religion, its powerful enforcers in government, and its attendant sexism and sexual tiers, dividing women from men, and using them as useful tools to perpetuate religious narrative. Its a tyranny of the majority at all times in so-called western democracies.

That doesn’t give the state the right to treat people in ways that are beyond the constitutional guarantees of civil liberty–but that IS what state’s are doing, incentivized by a massive influx of federal dollars that flow to a variety of agencies, but ALSO most strikingly in the private NGO and “foundation grants” that masquerade as “philanthropical interests” whose money also flows to states..

In every way, America is a two tiered society, with two sets of laws: one for the poor and marginalized who encounter state mechanisms pf power, and another for those who have the good fortune to be born on the right side of the tracks–or into families that participate in the two tiered system as state employees.

Related Story: the “black agenda” of those who finance modern “slavery by another name,” from National Geographic. Also, the documentary “Slavery by Another Name” demonstrates how slavery morphed into the privatized prison industry and its subsidiary “mafia’s” of lobbyists and police interests

This two tiered system is most evident in a string of laws such as those that involve action at the state court level–those courts whose purpose is to skirt jury trials by forcing plea deals, and its monstrous bail system, for profit prisons, and the armies of state asssisted “social workers” and psychologists who racketeer in the family courts, and similar administrative law courts that skirt jury trials at every opportunity.

So, gang stalking is in most occurrences, state activity by state actors directed at targets in a hidden and cowardly fashion, much as the slave catchers of the pre-Jim Crow era operated, but now, with full state complicity, as the federal power looks the other way. Those who become its targets are targets for life.

A Comparison: The case of Ramsey Orta

The classic example of a man who was gang stalked is the story of Ramsey Orta, who filmed the murder of Eric Garner, who was gasping “I can’t breaath” as a former NYPD officer choked him to death. After filming the viral video of the murder, “gangs” of New York police from several divisions hounded him incessantly, for publicizing their brutal act. He was eventually charged with a gun charge.

Regardless–his case offers a glimpse of how exploitative policing practices and fincially incentivized social systems do not solve problems, but in fact are just a quasi-slave catching system that destroys lives.

From the Verge, a case of “brighting.” shining a light on police gang stalking practices:

The cops had been following me every day since Eric died, shining lights in my house every night. You think I’m walking around with a stolen gun that now they say wasn’t even loaded?”

Orta says that when he was arrested on the gun charge, the officers told him it would be better to kill himself before they locked him up with their people. At the station, he began to have a panic attack and had to be taken to the Richmond hospital for a psych evaluation. There was a phone call to his mother, allegedly from the hospital, telling her that he was a suicide risk.

But Orta believes that the call was really from the 120th Precinct, that they’d allowed him to go to the hospital to establish a paper trail, so that when they killed him, they could make it look like a suicide. Orta posted bail, and as soon as he returned home, he made a video saying that if he died, do not believe that he’d done it himself, and know it was murder.

*I have never been able to fully discern whether Deb Matheny is an FBI/ other agency sockpuppet or a “real person” because she straddles the line between FBI informant type hyperbole, and an actual narrative that does in fact include mysterious deaths. Many of these cases are just time sucking rabbit holes, and the bizarre language and conflation of terms makes their narratives somewhat hard to follow, or believe.

**The term “crime family” is itself controversial and hyperbolic because the criminal actions of the Sackler family were hidden behind corporate structures such as Purdue Pharmaceutical. So we see time and time again that when a corporate “crime family,” aka a “mafia” is talked about in the media, it is always an Italian, or African American, or other race, but never do we see Jewish crime family’s discussed this way. This discrepancy in how media handles narratives is one example of racial bias in reporting. But mafias do in fact hide behind corporations, and even in government as we see with the “Kids for Ca$h” Zapalla crime family in Pennsylvania, or the Freeman family in Minnesota.

Police release IDs of man, girl found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Faribault

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