Horsehoe Theory for morons: The Kyle Rittenhouse photos

From the perspective of world citizens, what has been happening in America over the last couple of decades is pure lunacy, and Horseshoe Theory has accurately described the climate of the modern, post-constitutional America.

We can get a sense of that lunacy by examining horseshoe theory, which posits that the right and the left are essentially the same ideology, and there is truth to that.

For example, see the photo below:

Kyle Rittenhouse is the guy on the left of this picture, but he is actually from America’s far right. He is pro-police, no matter what. Blue Lives Matter! Guns! Free Speech means the second amendment for white people and cops! The first amendment is a threat to national security!! Everyone who doesn’t share those buhliefs is a terrorist!

The guys in the middle and on the right of this image are “leftists.” Free government cheese for all! White christians are all domestic terrorists! Words have consequences–fuck the first amendment!!

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, were both killed by gunfire and Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was shot in the arm as they were attacking Kyle Rittenhouse and bashing him on the head with a skateboard, and kicking him in the face. When the guy in the middle pulled out a pistol, and Mr. Rittenhouse shot him. The leftist position is “guys with guns are terrorists, unless they are us, using guns in a sneaky way while ganging up on other guys with guns!

Did you follow that? Yeah, me neither. That’s horseshoe theory for you in a true “nutshell”.

Above image courtesy of Sgtreport. Below images courtesy of varied.

Here’s a better shot of the guy holding the pistol, in case anyone doubts it. Never bring a pistol to a machine gun fight, kids!

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