Weaponized social movements: from the altRight, to Ford Foundation sponsored BLM, “weaponized women” as honeypots, and “empowerment:” utilizing gang stalking behind noble sounding social goals and slick ad campaigns

Gatekeeping and goal tending are real things in the post-democracy talking points and gang stalking world of the west. And what we see now are gangs of ideologues, usually fueled by police and intelligence agency activity, causing social chaos. Chaos, or Operation CHAOS, it might be recalled, is the signature hallmark of the CIA working domestically to destroy democracy here in America. But also, a hallmark of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan poison squads too.

“the former employee…had been made to act as a honeypot”

Women in the KKK
The women of the Ku Klux Klan, aka WKKK, and especially their “whisper networks” is what propelled that organization into power, much like other “women’s empowerment” movements, and especially the #MeToo movement of today Image source: dailyjstor.org/ Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, chaos is the order of the day in the USA right now, as we see a country divided. In the Capitol riots, little surprise then that it was primarily white people rioting, and even less surprise that they upper ranks included all of the suspects that ROGS Analysis predicts as “gang stalkers” too: police, off duty police, retired police, firefighters, intelligence agents, and their associates. Just a glance at this USA Today list of arrestees reveals that the ROGS Thesis is correct.

If anyone needs proof that gang stalking is a real thing, just have a look at the predictive model of ROGS Analysis, which holds up across party lines, whether it is Ford Foundation sponsored Black Lives Matter being implicated in the homicides of prominent black, male activists, or the nebulous and morphing categories of the altRight/ Boogaloo/ Militia unspecified; Zionist/AIPAC/ Jewish Organization sponsored, or any of the pseudo-feminist causes withing the “women’s empowerment,”whisper networks, or the ever expanding LGBTQEtc. In each case of organized gang stalking, the gangs of stalkers will fit into the general model, though there is much crossover.

In former incarnations of the intel agency programs waged on the domestic front, the US literally imported Nazi’s, and had them mingling with the highest levels of society, and the KKK, which is much over-rated as a social force, because they were so infiltrated as “controlled assets” of the FBI; and there was the usual “organized crime” activity that was highly interactive with the CIA and FBI too, as we saw in the case of Whitey Bulger, who had the dual honor of having many FBI agents on his payroll, but also that the CIA had used him in Nazi-based and actual mind control programs, zapping him with LSD for a few years straight, long before he became a mass murder.

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And so, in our current era, we see the language and dialectic signatures of actual intelligence agency jargon appearing regularly in mainstream news sources too, words like “murder. suicided, honeypots and assets,” which make it into every news story about our current civil unrest. And, we see that such a dialectic space is ruled over by a new/old thing too: white women who themselves act as poison squads, no different than in the heyday of the KKK.

Here from the early days of the prosecution of Harvey Weinstein, we find his life infiltrated by women who act as “honey traps”:

Was Weinstein involved in more than sleazy Hollywood producer sexual assault? We probably won’t find out, but the last paragraph of the New Yorker article about Weinstein definitely makes one wonder.

“He’s been systematically doing this for a very long time,” the former employee who had been made to act as a “honeypot” told me. She said that she often thinks of something Weinstein whispered—to himself, as far as she could tell—after one of his many shouting sprees at the office. It so unnerved her that she pulled out her iPhone and tapped it into a memo, word for word: “There are things I’ve done that nobody knows.”

And we see powerful white women’s existential angst over Asian women’s beauty in the case of Christine Fang, who is alleged to be a “Chinese Spy,”by right wing media, and spooks, in lurid headlines like:

Christine Fang is believed to have been a Chinese agent reporting back to Beijing

Fang Fang scandal – China could have THOUSANDS of ‘honey trap’ spies bedding Americans for secret, ex-CIA officer warns

That the CIA* is actually seeding the press with such lurid sexual toned gibberish should cause concern for any rational person, but even in the obvious cases, the CIA bleed-over into the domestic space doesn’t seem to bother the current crop of power brokers in our institutions and organizations. Nor does the fact that the FBI/ICE/DEA/DHS monstrosity all take orders from CIA either.

That the word honey trap or honey pot appears in the MSM at all in context to purely domestic news should be appalling to anyone who depends upon facts and evidence, but for some reason, those who on one hand decry negative stereotypes of women, also use women as honeypots to get close to men like Harvey Weinstein, on the other are outraged when non-white women get close to other men. You can’t have your honey and eat it too, unlesss…

Enfranchisement, privilege, disenfranchisement and targeted ideologies all share at their heart the fact that they are financed by someone, somewhere. And as many note, the various NGO’s that hold billions of dollars are allied with CIA and in fact are often created by CIA, or in some cases, they are cross-financed by both CIA and other NGOs.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is the umbrella that forms the spokes of the umbrella of NGOs that are currently working against our own democracy. NED is anything but a democratic institution. Founded by Ronald Reagan during the “Moral Majority” Era of hyper-religious fanaticism, each NED backed NGO is actually just a closet proselytizer for far right religions, primarily those that claim they are christian.

But its not that simple because the very western argument is actually about co-option, and narrative control, which has the poor Jews eternally doing the bidding of majoritarian and fascist christians, or, depending on the speaker, you have christians eternally “protecting” their naughty, contrarian Jewish “brethren” in the hopes they will see the light. Regardless, this form of Jewish-christian led version of democracy is anything but. From Voltairenet.org, we have an analysis of the NED in just that framework.

And as we saw in Hong Kong, these NED funded fanatics only care about getting their version of western religious narrative a foothold in countries that are far more democratic than the US ever was, and as such, reveals the exact Hegelian dialectic that has been implicated in nearly ALL gang stalking cases.But where is the evidence that this is so?

the Democratic Party’s National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) and the Republican Party’s International Republican Institute (IRI), both in charge of colluding with left and right local parties and movements, respectively. All getting their funding from the same purse

The history of cooperation between the the various US domestic secret police-CIA and FBI, DEA, etc.,in undermining American democracy is everywhere you look, going back to the post-OSS days. Here we see CIA-FBI cooperating in stalking John Lennon.

Here we see brief sputterinsg from organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union addressing it, but also consistently refusing to assist non-Muslim, and non-Jewish targeted individuals, and the LA Times bringing forward data about how it isn’t just the CIA, its actually 17 different agencies operating in the domestic arena, and hence the description of their “parallel investigations,” and “parallel prosecutions,” lending merit to the claim of “gangs of police.”

And here is America’s oldest magazine franchise, the Nation, noting that the scourge of private contractors empowered by the malfeasance of our fake war on terror has created a “shadow NSA,” beyond the reach of the law, because they simply pass the data along, one agency to the next in a grand hide the ball and move the goal posts scheme of subverting our democracy.

Regardless of where you look though, all of this has a common theme:it has revealed America as a fascist nation, ruled by secret courts, secret interpretations of law, and secret police of all kinds.And, their gangs, many of whom work directly with, and for “retired” CIA/NSA/etc,

*ROGS Analysis predicts that retired intelligence agents, police, and security contractirs are who gag stalkers are, and gang stalking is what they do. In intelligence jargon they call it “going over to the dark side.” They are what modern manufactured terrorism IS.

Targeted Individuals in an international context, and the “TI” narrative in a proper iteration: “FBI warns state, local police about China targeting people on U.S. soil”

The FBI is warning local law-enforcement agencies to beware of cooperating with a Chinese government campaign to coerce U.S. residents to return to China to face criminal charges, according to a counterintelligence bulletin obtained by Yahoo News.

The United States has a long and sordid history of targeting individuals inside the US, and all around the world with investigations that derive from due-process and civil rights-free intelligence agency spying. Yet we see time and time again, other nations that seek to prosecute US individuals, and especially war criminals, are impotent to enforce the law, even of they do follow due process.

Worse, we see time and time and time again that “targeted individuals” are targeted by the US agencies in record numbers, and every year sees hundreds of thousand of internet search engine requests for information about that targeting.

Here from Esquire Magazine, we see US presidents and other officials tried and convicted of war crimes, yet no possibility of prosecution exists. Here, even from the notoriously co-opted media channel, Vice magazine, we see George Bush and Tony Blair being indicted of war crimes–yet no prosecutions ensue.

So, in “targeting operations” what matters is not so much how targeted individuals describe themselves, but rather, that the source of the complaint has a counter-narrative attached to it; a narrative of power v not powerful, and that is one indicator of the veracity of actual complaints. I mean, when was the last time you heard any of those war criminals complain of being “targeted?” It simply did not happen, because their targeting is impotent.

Contrast that with those who these same war criminals and sociopaths have targeted (and it is less than surprising how many of the recent MSM articles about Targeted Individuals come from Texas), and we are able to see the reality of the term “targets”.

In the headline above, we see this same paradox, as the FBI casts its slander and defamation machine onto Chinese scholars and others. This is how the term is used in the dialectic of gang stalking. We see gangs of white power FBI agents framing a narrative one way, and that narrative competing against “brown/black/other” narrative sources in that same FBI, which by tactic and tenor, is in fact what can be described by the dictionary definition of a “secret police” that has no respect for law, or civil rights.

SO, in media narratives, it is important to note how the term “target” is used, and who uses it.


Last month, the Justice Department announced charges against eight people for acting as illegal agents of the government in Beijing in connection with their attempt to surveil and coerce U.S. residents to return to China. In one case, according to the FBI, a U.S. resident targeted by the Chinese government was given the option of returning to China or committing suicide. In another, a note was left for a victim: “If you are willing to go back to mainland and spend 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be all right. That’s the end of this matter!”

Compare that with the case of Jabar Ali Refaie, which documents brutal psychological warfare aimed at a person that the DHS etAlphabet wanted to recruit as an informant. The Intercept’s Trevor Aaronson reported at the time that these recruitment tactics were indeed brutal, and included a staged car accident, which is very common in these cases.

The Peter Collins Show later interviewed Aaronson, and noted:

Jabar Ali Refaie is an American-born Muslim who lives near Tampa, and he shared videos and other evidence with Aaronson to back up his claims of a 2-year campaign aimed at pressuring him to become an FBI informant.  First, ICE agents visited him at work with a dubious claim the Refaie was a victim of identity theft.  This was followed by surveillance, and Refaie says he found GPS monitors on his cars, surveillance tools hidden in the electrical outlets in his home, and he noted that he was often tailed by people he thought were agents.

When Homeland Security agents told him his house was being searched, he drove home using back roads, and was in an accident with a minivan registered to the FBI.

So, apparently, one countries target is another countries asset, or something like that, according to the twisted logic of counter-terrorism programs. You can’t have your target and eat your asset too, or something like that, as the US had long criticized Communist nations for lack of due process, and things that the Americans were taught “only happen in totalitarian countries” are now every day occurrences in the FVEYs nations–that’s what gang stalking is (Hi, Australia! I really like that clever cable tap that runs to Peru).

“The Chinese government’s brazen attempts to surveil, threaten, and harass our own citizens and lawful permanent residents, while on American soil, are part of China’s diverse campaign of theft and malign influence in our country and around the world,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement following the arrests. “The FBI will use all of its tools to investigate and defeat these outrageous actions by the Chinese government, which are an affront to America’s ideals of freedom, human rights, and the rule of law.”

While the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty with China, the FBI bulletin states that two years ago, the U.S. gave China protocols for seeking assistance from U.S. law enforcement agencies, which involved first contacting the FBI’s legal attaché in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing or working through the FBI’s international operations division. The bureau warns that Chinese officials cannot enter into any kind of cooperative agreement with local law enforcement without first contacting the FBI.

The FBI declined to comment on the warning to law enforcement, but the bureau has been pointed in its previous criticism of Fox Hunt, even offering to help those targeted by it. “If you believe the Chinese government is targeting you — that you’re a potential Fox Hunt victim — please reach out to your local FBI field office,” Wray said during a press conference announcing the recent indictments. 

Victimology, criminology, Neo-Nazis in the DHS, and targeted individuals

Today’s news brings us a story of neo-Nazi’s in the Department of Homeland Security, and also validates ROGS Analysis with a “bonus 13″*; or, is it a case of the blind leading the lemmings?

The Marine Corps’ letters noted that Nazzaro was responsible for the deaths of thirteen “enemies.”

Since 2001and the George Bush, US Patriot Act era, America and the west in general has been ruled over, and under by pre-emptive war, predictive policing, and rampant voyeurism on the part of all intelligence agencies. Indeed, policing as a whole has undeniably adopted largely unconstitutional policing processes and procedures. Regardless, the DHS, like so many others, is home to some of the most extreme ideologists in the US, whether it is zionist, antifa or altRight extremism, it thrives under “cover of darkness” at the DHS.

The “If You See Something Say Something” sloganeering of the Department of Homeland Security was one such early mantra whereby those who sought to bully and harass others could hide their vindictiveness behind claims of fear and anxiety over terrorism.The only problem is, that extremism is NOT likely to find any strength or power in these individuals caught up in the various manufactured terror schemes that all agency contractors practice, but rather, extremism thrives within official positions at these same agencies, which we see once again in today’s story, from the DailyMailUK (and note how the lede fails to mention that he ALSO worked for the FBI as a contractor):

REVEALED: Rinaldo Nazzaro, the 47-year-old head of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Base, once worked for the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon

  • Rinaldo Nazzaro, 47, ‘once worked for the Department of Homeland Security’ 
  • Nazzaro posted letter with DHS letterhead on social media, Vice reported 
  • He reportedly received glowing letters of praise from DHS and the Pentagon 
  • Letter from Marine Corps ‘credited him with helping kill 13 insurgents’
  • DHS letter praised his ‘superb job’ in the field of ‘intelligence analysis’ 
  • New Jersey native is the head of The Base, a neo-Nazi terrorist organization 
  • The Base wants to replace American society with a ‘white ethnostate’ 
  • Nazzaro also ‘worked as a contractor for the Pentagon and analyst for the FBI’ 
  • He launched The Base in 2018 under the alias Norman Spear, aka Roman Wolf 
  • Nazzaro is running the organization from an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Last year, three members of The Base from Georgia ‘plotted to kill antifa couple’ 
  • Nazzaro has been trying to recruit members of the military into his organization

Ironically, the DHS has actually trade marked that SS,SS slogan, much like any corporate entity selling a product.

This highly visible and brazen, public trade-marking of an advertising slogan is incredibly unique in the history of government slogans, and lends credence to the idea that America is for sale, and that whoever has financed the monstrosity that the DHS is has a corporate sales model at its heart. It also lends credence to actual conspiracy theorists that America has been taken over by a secret cabal of investors who operate from a different set of rules, as Bush once said “we are an ownership society,”and it validates what targeted individuals complain of when they encounter these radicalized terrorists who work IN these exact agencies.

If You See Something, Say Something®
Note that little “R” with a circle around it at the end of this phrase. That indicates a “brand” that is “registered as a Federally protected trademark” and it is used by advertising slogans and other “products” sold to the public by corporate entities, no different than Walmart,McDonald’s, or Burger King.
See the source image

Then, the various web pages of that advertising campaign are slickly produced, and very up to date with modern advertising campaigns,with gameified interfaces and classic corporate advertisement sloganeering, like “how Observant Are You?” “Take the Challenge!”

This also lends credence to the conspiracy theorists who posit that targeted individuals are being bought and sold in secret databases, and traded like baseball cards or stock shares, as these radical elements of these agencies easily slip into and out of other agencies like oily fish. There simply is no catching them, or tracing back the dirt that they do as thy slip and slide from one agency to the next.

*ROGS Analysis is a scientific method based strategy whereby criminal defense attorneys, journalists, psychologists, sociologists and others can analyze the factionalism, criminality and the illegal activity within western intelligence agencies like the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA etc. Often, that criminality is expressed in the “gang stalking” dialectic, and ROGS Analysis predicts the use of the number 13 as both a sign and a signifier in this activity.

What is “alien abduction” in the gang stalking dialectic? Start with Counterintelligence terminology, in re: “abduction”

When Targeted Individuals tell me: ” I have been abducted by aliens!” I say, “Read this!” Then, I watch them squirm, like rodents in a trap.

Abduction in counterintelligence jargon, and terminology:

CI Glossary — Terms & Definitions of Interest for DoD CI Professionals (2 May 2011) GL – 2

Abduction. [One of the four basic types of reasoning applied to intelligence analysis,] it is the process of generating a novel hypothesis to explain given evidence that does not readily suggest a familiar explanation. (DIA, Intelligence Essentials for Everyone, June 1999) Also see deduction; induction; scientific method. For additional information see Knowledge Management in the Intelligence Enterprise by Edward Waltz (2003) and Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis by David T. Moore, JMIC Press (2006).

Counterintelligence Terminology, below:


Victimology and gang stalking: exploring narrative distortion in the dialectic

Victimology rules our narrative spaces both online and off. Are Palestinian people victims, or terrorist aggressors in the Gaza strip? Are black people to be suspects, while white people are seen as law abiding citizens at all times? Do women who batter men become victims when men fight back?

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The problem with victimology lies in the fact that it is narrated by policy, procedure, and institutional gate keepers of narratives, who are primarily police science indoctrinated persons, which includes scholars, psychologists, social workers, and even journalists; and because of the US bi-polar narrative is influenced by politicized think tanks and military grade influence operations( I myself have been stalked on Twitter and in real life by USAF-OSI, actual CIA and Israeli Mossad affiliated trolls, and even Department of Defense military contractors, who I identified using simple SOCMINT analysis , we easily see that one persons (or organized group of financially dependent parties) victim is another persons bogeyman.

Adding racialized and gendered narratives then, only further distorts the meaning of the term “equal before the law,” and casts doubt upon the facts of any case before the courts, or in the media. ANd we see a subtext of pseudo-feminist and pseudo-racial justice organizing in this way in the gang stalking discussions online, too.

From highly educated yet curiously psycho-babbling intelligence agency assets like Dr.s Tomo Shibata, Catherine Horton, Karen Stewart, and others, we see all of the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS operatives in action, obscuring actual cases of police gangs harassing and murdering people under mountains of gibberish about electronic weapons and unscientific flat earth theories and worse.

We see former CIA operatives very close to mass shooters, like the case of Patrick Crusius, the El Paso shooter and a curious like to Dr. Robert Duncan, a failed James Randi Prize challenger who once claimed he could shoot lasers out of his eye sockets. For reference, James Randi was a magician who practice the fine art of “lying to liars,” and he famously debunked claims of “para-normal” activity, spewed by exactly these same types of people.The gang stalking dialectic really doesn’t get much more weird than these same people, who fill up online forums with complete crap about “police and intelligence agency gang stalking.”

Unlike domestic violence court judgements which follow no eveidentiary rules, nor grant trials, or like parolees subjected to weekly interrogations, there are in fact cases where the Edward Bernaysian tobacco is cut and dried, and little doubt remains about who is a victim, regardless of who controls the narrative.

As an early proponent of advocating that police use body cameras, or dissidents and activists using cameras to document police abuses across America, I myself became a target of those abuses.

So, lets take a look at the case of Ahmaud Arbery, and watch as he is murdered by a gang that had stalked him for many years, claiming that he was a gang member of some type or other), and eventually ran him over with a vehicle, and then, shot him with a shotgun as he used his bare hands to remove the threat of a gun that was pointed at him. Then, we will take a look at how certain media outlets try to “frame him” as a possible gang member, using “anonymous tips” and “video’s from police surveillance,” much of which was taken long before he was murdered, in order to see how police stalk their victims for many years, without ever charging a crime.

Then, we must ask “what is a crime,” if not stalking, regardless of who is doing it? And, we must say that in this case, the evidence of pre-meditated murder, exacerbated by stalking is fairly compelling.

First, the video, which is hard to watch:


Britanica Online explores the term further:

Victimology, branch of criminology that scientifically studies the relationship between an injured party and an offender by examining the causes and the nature of the consequent suffering. Specifically, victimology focuses on whether the perpetrators were complete strangers, mere acquaintances, friends, family members, or even intimates and why a particular person or place was targeted. Criminal victimization may inflict economic costs, physical injuries, and psychological harm.

Atlanta Black Star has followed this case from nearly the beginning, and notes that victimology is at the very center of this case, asking us to decide if a person becomes a victim of homicide before, or after their murderer is found guilty.

Unlike the millions of other cases where gangs of prosecutors, police and their associates stalk and harasss their victims for many years, in Arbery’s case, we can clearly see the outcome of what many of the online psycho-babbling crowd frequently states as the outcome of gang stalking which is “institutionalization, incarceration, or death,” stated in blog after blog, and website after after website online.

Attorneys of Father-Son Duo Ask Court Not to Let Ahmaud Arbery Be Called ‘Victim’ at Trial, Also Want Incriminating ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ Jail Calls Excluded

Posted byBy Matt Bruce | January 5, 2021

Gregory McMichael is a former Glynn County policeman who’d investigated Arbery long before the deadly shooting, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He retired from the Brunswick District Attorney’s office in 2019. McMichael told police he recognized Arbery from surveillance video of a recent burglary in his neighborhood.

The McMichaels maintain their innocence and seem intent on advancing the narrative that Arbery was plotting a burglary homes when they confronted him. The motion to strip him of the “victim” label was one of 10 court filings made by the defendants’ attorneys in Glynn County Superior Court on Dec. 30 and New Year’s Eve.

Their legal team plans to present evidence that Arbery was “jogging as a cover to commit crimes,” according to a Dec. 30 notice of intent filing.

To prove that theory, they will attempt to introduce Arbery’s criminal past during trial to establish a modus operandi for acts of theft, burglary and “forcible felonies.”

The defense attorneys have requested an evidentiary hearing to have surveillance footage, witness testimony and phone recordings admitted for trial. That evidence would be used to paint a damaging picture of Arbery.

How organized gang stalking undermines democracy

“Wisdom Begins with the definition of terms.”-attributed to Socrates

The internet is polluted with website after website claiming that “electronic weapons, aliens, microwave brain toasters, and lizard people” are who and what gang stalking is. And that is by design of every national, international, NGO, or military “influence operation” ever. In the context of an advertising campaign these operations are selling products and services to consumers.

But the parallel to these influence operations in a national security or military context are known as psychological warfare, or PSYOPS. Gang stalking dialogues online then, are in fact and practice, information warfare.Then, because the RAND Corporation has been implicated repeatedly in the gang stalking dialectic, take a look at their definition of IOs.

In the post Federal Reserve Act era, Svengali public relations operators Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were employed by international bankers, and corporations to help sell products, and some of those products were in fact, international wars, and the attached industries.

They blurred the lines between the ethical use of propaganda and deceptive repetitions of messages in the domestic sphere, as the military did in the overseas theater of war, and the United States and their allies have been under the often toxic influence of actual military PSYOPS at home and abroad ever since. Bernays, for example, famously organized white women by promoting cigarette smoking campaigns under the disguise of “women’s empowerment,”and like most of these toxic influence operations, they lead to one or another form of cancer, be it mental, physical, or other socially destructive ailments.

According to Military.wikia.org, these influence operations use:

three types of propaganda that are used to create these messages. They include White propaganda which is used in overt operations and Gray and Black propaganda which are used in covert PSYOP. White, Gray, and Black don’t refer to the propaganda’s content but rather the methods used to carry out the operation.

As any observer can note, these operations often take on dark implications as we see in the recent antifa v altRight clashes, and that’s exactly what we see in the online gang stalking chatter too. The Abuse.wikia.org notes this dark component also, stating that the ” purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to US objectives.”

And to give you an idea how much of that crap posting is online, a simple search engine query of “microwave mind reading locusts” returns 10,600,000 results. WTF…who can possibly have that much time on their hands to post such pabulum? Not surprisingly, the first result returns a website that derives its name from the famous and actual conspiracy of the CIA deploying drugs and actual attempts at mind control on unsuspecting, non-consenting citizens, which is the equivalent of a date rapist using a drug to rape a victim. The Abuse Wiki further eleborates the concept of PSYOPs as abusive:

Lerner’s categories of psychological warfare

Lerner divides psychological warfare operations into three categories:[9][page needed] White [Omissions + Emphasis]  Truthful and not strongly biased, where the source of information is acknowledged. Grey [Omissions + Emphasis + Racial/Ethnic/Religious Bias]  Largely truthful, containing no information that can be proven wrong; the source may or may not be hidden. Black [Commissions of falsification] Intended to deceive the enemy.

So who posts all the crap online about gang stalking, and why do they do it?

Well, for starters, there are people like these, all of whom are current or former military intelligence officers, police; relatives of these same, or are current agency operatives, which I will demonstarte herein.

There are the blurred categories of CIA and FBI and DHS agents and their affiliated political operatives who constantly threaten defamation lawsuits against each other, but never seem to get into a court room anywhere. And, informants, rats and snitches, who are well known to these agencies as drug addicts, prostituetes, ex-felons and so on, or what is called in the intelligence community “controlled assets,” one of whom made the news in the Trump presidency.

Then there are all of the various recipients of multi billion dollar handouts that fund the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and VAWA funding, who mask their right wing agenda in pseudo-feminism to hide their presence online. One well known example is Dr. Tomo Shibata, whose doctoral thesis was juried by none other than far right anti-pornography crusader Catherine McKinnon, whose father George was instrumental in setting up the anti-constitutional FISA court. On one hand, Shibata has been published in books, and in many scholarly journals, and on the other, she writes bizarre petitions, rambles on about psychotronic weapons, and microwave brain beams in everything she writes, and organizing rallies for “targets” –and then never shows up, in the ultimate form of gas lighting.

There are others, but these are the primary psycho-babblers online who ramble on about “psychotronic weapons, mind reading locusts, and sex trafficking” of targeted individuals. The latter is easy to suss out because the narrative itself has recently taken a turn in that direction.

Which leaves us with actual persons who are actual victims of these operations, which act as a huge firewall of “narratives” of the many and actual abuses that police, military, and military contractors are waging across western democracies. Stories like that of Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked by a “gang,” of prosecutors, police, retired police, and their “neighborhood watch group”and relatives–and then murdered by that gang of stalkers too.

So, weeding out the aliens, poop, UFOs and “talking to ghosts” crowd is essential to restoring democratic discourse around this topic, as we see these stories are just beginning to trickle into the media.

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What is an intelligence asset and why does it matter for those who are trying to understand gang stalking?

Asset. [In intelligence usage,] any resource–person, group, relationship, instrument, installation, or supply–at the disposition of an intelligence organization for use in an operational or support role. Often used with a qualifying term such as agent asset or propaganda asset. (JP 1-02 and JP 2-0) Also see agent; foreign intelligence agent; source.

Quoted from: Terms and Definitions of Interest for Targets of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Targeting Operations, embedded below


Mental health, gang stalking, 5150, and the threat narrative of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC)

Double jeopardy is specifically discussed and defined in the United States Constitution, and it is anti-constitutional to deploy it as a weapon of state control of individuals. Yet every day, year in and year out, states across America have legions of individuals under state control,”24/7″ via the practice of double jeopardy.

From Project Censored, we get a glimpse of this unconstitutional practice:

Civil Commitment: The New Double Jeopardy

January 26, 2021

Civil Commitment: The New Double Jeopardy

After completion of a prison sentence, individuals considered a danger to society can continue to be held indefinitely under what is called “civil commitment.” Civil commitment, which has been instituted in at least 20 states, is a legal process by which criminals convicted of sexual assaults, and shown to have a  mental illness, are legally declared a danger to society and confined indefinitely in treatment facilities following their release from prison.

After  prison, individuals who are considered a threat to society are presented before a judge who makes the final decision of whether there is enough probable evidence for a civil commitment trial. Additionally, individuals sometimes receive treatment while awaiting trial and the information disclosed in confidentiality during these sessions has been used against them in the trial.

Though the U.S. Constitution specifically outlaws double jeopardy, it is practiced in every state of the union, and that started in the VAWA era of 1993, with the sex offender laws and so-called domestic violence laws of the post-Porn Wars, where we saw so-called feminists united with ultra-conservatives to eradicate pornography, and even sex itself, outside of marriage.

Further and more despicably, we saw the re-enshrinement of highly gendered discourse that “protects women and children” from “male violence,” and excused women from culpability for crimes of the domestic arena. Despite the courts having ruled against double jeopardy for juvenile offenders many on the sex offenders lists are juveniles whose alleged crimes took place before the legal age of maturity, and the double jeopardy of lifetime listing creates the false appearance of harmful individuals and denies any second chances.

The net goal of these fake Porn Wars era feminists, and their religion afflicted neocon supporters was that they further enshrined the sexism, and gender bias of pre-porn wars era’s, and in their quest for power, they allied themselves with the exact institutional and structural elements built by religious conservatives and police powers that have historically maintained gender separation, and gender inequality for all of time.

Here is what the constitution says about double jeopardy:

“The constitutional prohibition against ‘double jeopardy’ was designed to protect an individual from being subjected to the hazards of trial and possible conviction more than once for an alleged offense. . . . The underlying idea, one that is deeply ingrained in at least the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence, is that the State with all its resources and power should not be allowed to make repeated attempts to convict an individual for an alleged offense, thereby subjecting him to embarrassment, expense and ordeal and compelling him to live in a continuing state of anxiety and insecurity, as well as enhancing the possibility that even though innocent he may be found guilty.”39 A second “vitally important interest[ ]” embodied in the Double Jeopardy Clause “is the preservation of ‘the finality of judgments.’ ”

Beyond the unconstitutionality of this practice, what is revealed is the nature of how “third party punishment” is utilized to target individuals who have the misfortune of being caught up in this systemic abuse. And unsurprisingly, it is psychologists, social workers, parole officers and other state agents that act as de facto “Punishers” enacting post-VAWA and post-Clinton COPS era punishments that are termed as “community oriented policing,” but in fact act as a due process and civil liberty crushing mechanism in the hands of those who practice it.

All of that is documented in cases of “targeted individuals,” of “organized gang stalking,”that range from all of the well known complaints of being stalked by Citizens On Patrol, and other block club type of members as we saw in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, murdered in cold blood by one such gang; and daily harassment like garbage thrown in their yards, to the more heinous practices outlined in this article by Teri Webster, where we see the account of a so-called sex offender getting boxed in by semi-trailer trucks on the freeway, or as the local fire department records his house with a camera, “24/7.”

Related Story: Ahmaud Arbery was out jogging one day when a gang of stalkers murdered him in cold blood. That gang, like ALL gangs of stalkers, included a retired police detective, who was on the phone with police dispatch, and that detectives son. It also included a neighbor who tried to hit Arbery with a car, and a local prosecutor who had targeted Arbery for several years. That “bizarre” stalking included one attempt several years earlier to use an actual electronic weapon–a Taser–to assault Arbery without cause, which was captured on a horrifying video. His mother will be holding a vigil on February 23rd to mark the anniversary of his murder.

This practice of double jeopardy has expanded into other areas of law, particularly in cases that are settled with plea deals, and other administrative processes that cleverly avoid jury trials. And it has ballooned since 9-11 from merely targeting sex offenders to the wider social practice of what we see in the case of the eBay stalkers targeting writers and critics outside of the law. The practice is so widespread, that we see online search engines exploding with requests for data on “gang stalking” and its practitioners too, with hundreds of thousands of searches added each year.

Then, there is the complaint of complete gas lighting of this topic in main stream media too, though journalists are starting to see the light in pieces such as this, this, or this.

Again, from Project Censored:

Sarah Lazare of In These Times reports that after talking to numerous individuals with first-hand knowledge, including those held in civil commitment, this process does the opposite of what it has set forth to do. People confined under civil commitment statutes report enduring verbal abuse, inadequate care for their mental health, and an extension of the prison environments they came from with little rehabilitation. Moreover, the tests and evaluation tools used to assess whether an individual’s progress through their mental health treatment—such as polygraph “lie detectors” – are not “universally accepted as sound science.”

Those incarcerated as a result of civil commitment find themselves doing more time for the same crime. Lazare found that at one civil commitment treatment facility in Illinois, Rushville, 288 people – or half of the people being held in the institution—had been held for more than 10 years, including 76 people in custody at Rushville since it opened in 2006.

Here below is more about the Clinton COPS program, which was enacted in 1994 alongside the ultra pandering, incredibly paternalistic, sexist and religion tainted Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA:


Welcome to my new “follower” gerrera5150!

Hi gerrera5150! And thanks ( no thanks, really) for following me around the internet. Try to stay away from the target that you might one day find upon your own face. And, keep in mind the case of Officer Adrien Schoolcraft, who an NYPD “gang of police” (colloquially called gang stalkers) tried to “5150” for blowing the whistle on “gangs of police” who are “gang stalkers”. Trust me bro/sissy, I have been threatened before by others who use equally bizarre anonymous Gravatars.Feel free to comment if I am wrong about your creepy “nym.”

But I have discovered so many Anti Defamation League sponsored LatinX gangs who work in policing that your head would turn into a flat earth shaped Tijuana street tortilla, oozing chillaquilles with sour cream, if I disclosed all of their identities. But for now, lets stick with the “bastardized” versions of “Guerrero/ Guerra/Guernavaca” and its variants in Anglicized culture.

My recent and literal “follower”(you with your brand new account, to the casual observer) uses a “nym” that is subtle, yet threatening, an indicator of your impotence, to be sure. I mean, if you have a case for me to investigate or follow, please do tell. I promise you 100% whistle blower protections.

But as you know (and knew when you created your Gravatar, just the other day) anything with a “5150” is either a threat or a confession; it is how the modern police states of former “western democracies”subvert due process of law and civil liberties that are clearly, and irrevocably outlined in western constitutions.

Obviously (to these gangs of police and their associates) a “5150” is a threat at any level, the modern double jeopardy that pigs use to cover their pointy hoof prints in undemocratic and anti-democratic processes, and homicides that happen (murders) because pigs broke the law first, and tried to cover it over with “parallel investigations.”

It is the modern double jeopardy of prosecutors who cannot come clean on “evidentiary disclosure,” and its a bane to democracy: threatening journalists with cops framing a narrative, and trying to lock us up in a mental ward because we expose you. Whoever “you” are, Mr/Ms. 5150.

So either you, my recent “follower,” the bitch that you are, is either someone who has knowledge of the “5150” or is threatening me with that exact terminology, as documented here in a primer on the “gang stalking dialectic”.

ROGS Analysis urges the readers to decide, because, hey, I am just one dude online, tackling dirty pigs like a Chinese submarine tackles Taiwan’s incestuous, drug dealing, historical bandits. But who cares about civil rights, when gangs of police, funded by international finance and drug cartels influence how law is practiced in the west?

Here’s a little bit about that bastard name “gererra” most likely spelled by a Mormon, or white supremacist christian type of shitbag who never took the time to learn nuance in Latin culture, or, just another Jewishy-ADL, Israel trained “counter-terrorism dick sucker”:

Whitey says:

What does Guerro mean? Guerro refers to a blonde person of scandanavian decent, with yellow hair, blue eyes, yellow to very dark yellow skin. May have freckles on arm , body and face, thin eye brows and narrow head structure. This is a word used by White person of spanish decend to distinguish this type of person.

Brownie says:


  1. a state in southwestern central Mexico, on the Pacific coast; capital, Chilpancingo.

Meh. That’s not it….

Maybe, this idiot is searching for validation, via attempting to quote Saw Gerrera, in a Star Wars Trilogy/septilogy/sentilogy….

Your methods are soft, Jedi. We lost the last war because of you. I won’t lose this one… Our enemy shows no mercy. Neither can we.
Phuck, who knows? Maybe my recent “follower” that moron named above, is actually an acolyte of Chaldean Numerology, as most stooges are….

But, my guess is, its just “yet another stupid white person” trying to identify as a guerrero/a. And failing, at that, because the Guerra is waged by THEM against all of US, whoever “WE” are, bro bro/sis/sissy. See you in Valhalla, or at the bottom of the temple of Doom, there in Mexico City at the skull Temple, or, wherever you are. Because, I will find you….you cannot hide,.

See you at Ragnorak, Annwn, or in hell, they all work for me. Or maybe, your own 5150, courtesy of what you will shortly experience.

Qué pronto se olvida a las víctimas de una guerra….So soon do we forget the victims of a war


Trolled by the MSM? Fort Worth Weekly, journalist Teri Webster, and “Silence On the Wire”: a gang stalking case study

In the bizarre fake-democracy of the post-911 world of western democracies, parallel worlds exist.

Parallel construction, and its bastard progenitor, called parallel prosecution which Marcy Wheeler, aka emptywheel the “journalist” who is also an FBI informant who writes about targeted individuals in a highly politicized way, and who writes about conspiracy theories here in a “racially motivated ” way, was spawned in the President Bush era.

So, exactly what is a journalist anyways, if they are attached to the FBI and other narrative control agents like little pig sucklings to a sow?

Rampant, racially tinged police brutality are just the tip of a very larger bamboo shoot that encompasses the gang stalking narrative. And all of that is hidden behind “nice names” like community policing, countering violent extremism (CVE) programs, and the ubiquitous “saving the women and children” narratives of a feminist-religious conservative power structure: the very institutional vanguard of western Jewish-christian narratives is in fact, just talk, And talk is cheap.

Journalist Teri Webster, of the Dallas Morning News, and the Fort Worth Weekly is currently under attack, by unknown stalkers, and their minions. While she herself has boldly tackled the topic of “police and police organizations that stalk people,” it cannot be said that her web masters are similarly minded, and indeed, the FBI highly recruits web professionals to do the dirty work that J. Edgar Hoover only fantasized about. The organization that recruits these IT professionals is called “FBI Infragard” and they abhor the U.S. Constitution. History is our precedent in these cases, and both hardcore communists, and religious fascists oddly unite under that banner.

At first glance, that would be a strange claim, nearly impossible to verify, and even more strange, because psychiatric “narrative” does not address or acknowledge the widespread disinformation operations of the “intelligence community,” which is largely a hodge podge of self-righteous “do-gooders” comprised of current and former police and military intelligence operators. If you are unclear about that terminology, take a look at the infamous “Donald Trump Piss Tapes” that polluted the internet for most of the time President Donald Trump was in office, which even “raging gay” Slate.com reportered as “fake.”

This post herein is, then, primarily a tribute to Michal Zalewski, who wrote ” Silence On the Wire,” a story about how passive surveillance can detect different attacks on free speech by utilizing the silence, rather than the chatter in ones social media, forum chats, and other internet spaces.

Military, police, NGO, and other intelligence agency trolls attack us in online forum comment sections, and other important places online, and off, and their work is indicated in every major discussion anywhere online. I am currently featuring the posts named above, and the author named above, because it is one example whereby we can gauge the veracity of claims that “organized gang stalkers” are present in dialogues online, as opposed to “absent from” dialogues online.

But also, I intend to demonstrate that ROGS Analysis is nearly 100% correct in analyzing these cases, and I provide scientific method based, falsifiable evidence that this is so.

Here is a review of that book, which can be found in both paid, and free websites, and I recommend that you pay the author for that book, because he deserves it.

Here is a review, from Openwall:

Clearly, a computer security book can’t be comprehensive. In SotW, Michal has provocatively chosen to leave out all the well known yet highly dangerous and widespread vulnerabilities and attacks being discussed and worked on today by most in the information security community. He will teach you about subtle keystroke timing attacks, but you will not be reminded that “trojan horse” software with key logging capabilities is currently both more common and easier to use than any of such attacks could ever be.

Why mention keystroke timings while leaving the trojans out? Because timing attacks are largely underappreciated and misunderstood even by information security professionals, whereas trojans are a widely known and obvious threat. Vulnerability to timing attacks is a property of the design of many components involved, whereas to implant a trojan requires either a software bug or an end-user error.

I write from easily hacked, easily tracked devies. My goal is to establish a platfrom of research, whereby we can target “threat actors” from the perspective of those of us who are targeted, So, with zero doubt, and zero loyalty to any agency, I document how the USA and its FVEYs alliance actors wage pre-emptive war on the rest of the world, targeting words alone–targeting the US Constitutional rights of free speech(which are contradicted by the United Nations version of speech parameters, which is a highly political discussion not fit for this blog). You can contact me at by commenting on any post on this blog, keyword “employ”.

Now: to examine the threat actor scenario, in the field context of “free speech suppression, ” please refer to this link at the Fort Worth Weekly, and targeted journalist Teri Webster.

My posts are variously named ROGS, and also “researchorganizedgangstalking” which is easily found at this link to that article called “Gangstalking,” and published in a main stream media outlet, and this link to Teri Websters other article titled “Targeting Targeted Individuals”, where my own posts were entrapped, and censored by that outlet, using tactical surveillance EXACTLY as outlined by “Silence On the Wire.”

My comments in that section were forthright, and journalistic, and my repoire with the author was notably agreeable, until I sent her screenshots of my various troves of evidence, which documented how police work with “retired police, military intelligence and others” to perpetrate gang stalking. Those photos showed examples of “brighting” which is well known in the gang stalking community online, and where police and others use their car headlights and spotlights to shine them on houses, cars, or people who are targeted, and also documented how other agents, agencies, and their collaborators (ranging from community watch persons, to NGO assets* and others)

*All local and international non governemental organizations (NGOs) ranging from the Rotary Club International (a western secret society, loaded with police and western intelligence agents) to the Lions clubs, Domestic Violence advocates, social workers alliggned with churches and state agencies, etc.) and more

Below: Parallel Prosecutions, and the undermining of Democracy by Big Government, and its enablers


FBI/DHS informants and organized gang stalking: what and who is a “target? What is “political policing,” aka “anti-democratic policing” and who does it?

Informants: they are who targeted individuals ARE, and the anti-democratic US-FVEYs agencies are who targets them, mostly.

Meet Jabar Ali Refaie, FBI informant, here below. And, I have screenshots and other data and evidence about that man if anyone is interested.

I had the pleasure of corresponding with Trevor Aaronson for awhile He and I both covered the story of the FBI informant/provocateur Mohamed Warsame. I wrote it first, he wrote it later. But then, between 2003-20018 when I last corresponded with him, things got weird, and political.

As a non partisan journalist, I had been targeted by both federal agencies, and NGOs, whose (racist) goal is cultural co-option of narrative. You can read more about cultural co-option here, in an academic paper analyses how white females replicate and spawn their power here, though there are many examples elsewhere describing this practice .

And, we both wrote about a man many years later who went by the internet “nym” of



who later became an actual “rat” aka, an informant.

But, we wrote from different angles: me, a targeted individual, and Trevor Aaronson, a complicit journalist, who, despite his amazing credentials, is still likely a collaborator with the modern police state on some level, for obvious reasons: SOURCES are the key to good stories, and you cannot work in modern journalism if you do not “collaborate” on some level, as all journalism heavily depends upon “official source narrative.”

Perhaps I am idealistic, or simply a relic of journalism’s bygone era, but I do not allow anyone to steer my narrative of facts, based in religion, politics, or other biases. That’s right out of the code of ethics for the Society of Professional Journalists. And for that I was soundly crushed, lol. I will never forget the day two things happened, nearly simultaneously: one, a “manufactured terrorist” stumbles into my newsroom, and two, quickly after that, I get the Anti-Defamation League flier asking me to join the fight against “hate” led by the Kings of Garbage, the ADL itself. So goes it in journalism, lol.

Regardless, here below is a story about a half Jewish, half not-protected species–a person who eventually became an informant, and this story indicates and validates that the narrative of Targeted Individuals has a lot of truth, once we weed out the obvious psychobabble, disinformation and “mind reading locusts,” “aliens” and “talking to the dead” via current and former and actual spies, and cops, and military intelligence officers. Many targets, like myself, are cultural hybrids, and we easily pass between many different ethnic and tribal areas.

This piece is stellar, and exemplary of the way that we need to write about “targeted individuals” and “gang stalking” by hordes of federal agencies working their dirt with state and local police.

By Trevor Aaronson, www.theintercept.com October 15, 2017 | Educate!

Above photo:

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Florida – A bailiff pushed Jabar Ali Refaie’s wheelchair into a federal courtroom in Tampa, Florida, on September 20. Dressed in an orange jumpsuit and looking weak from not having had the drugs he takes to treat his multiple sclerosis, the 37-year-old Refaie was here for a bond hearing after being indicted on felony charges that allege he sold counterfeit BMW logos and diagnostic software on eBay.

Refaie’s case seemed by appearances to be about a lot more than selling shady car parts on the internet. That much was obvious from Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlton C. Gammons’s stiff bond requests — $25,000, a GPS monitoring device, the surrender of his passport, and the removal of all firearms from his residence — as well as the six U.S. Homeland Security agents who packed into the courtroom for Refaie’s hearing.

Refaie’s 30-year-old girlfriend, Felicity, was present in the courtroom. She and Refaie had been married before; after their divorce, when Refaie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, they rekindled their relationship and live together again but never remarried. Felicity told U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas McCoun III that Refaie wasn’t a flight risk. They have 4-month-old daughter together, she said. The government knows all about their lives. “The government has been monitoring us for the better part of two years,” she told the judge matter-of-factly. McCoun agreed with the suggested conditions from the U.S. attorney’s office, and Refaie was released from jail that evening after posting bond. Prior to this charge, Refaie had no criminal history.

For two years, the FBI has followed and harassed Refaie as part of an apparent effort to recruit him to become an informant or cooperate in some way with counterterrorism investigations. The FBI has more than 15,000 informants today, many working because they have been coerced or threatened by criminal prosecution or immigration enforcement. Classified FBI policy documents published by The Intercept in January revealed the often heavy-handed methods used by the government to recruit informants, including so-called threat assessments as “a means to induce him/her into becoming a recruited [informant] mainly through identifying that person’s motivations and vulnerabilities.” What’s unique about Refaie’s interactions with the FBI is that he recorded and documented the conversations and events that led to his indictment. The FBI did not respond to a request for comment or a list of questions about Refaie’s case.

“I don’t believe they are representatives of the government; they’re misusing the government with their badges,” Refaie said of the federal agents he’s come to know. “They’re breaking oaths that they swore to uphold.”

Click here to see video on original source:

Federal agents raided Jabar Ali Refaie’s home in Riverview, Florida, on September 6, 2016. Security cameras on the outside and inside of the home recorded the agents’ actions. Video: Jabar Ali Refaie

Refaie’s story begins in September 2015, when agents claiming to be from Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed up unannounced at the offices of a web hosting company where Refaie oversaw data center operations. A Muslim U.S. citizen whose mother was Jewish-American and father a Jordanian citizen, Refaie brought the agents to a conference room, where they told him he might be a victim of identity theft and then showed him a mugshot of an Arab man.

“I was staring at the picture, and I said, ‘I know a lot of people who look like him. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy,’” Refaie told the agents. As the months passed, Refaie began to grow suspicious. He saw cars that he suspected were following him. A camera appeared to be mounted on the light pole near his house, so he took pictures of it. On August 17, 2016, he found a GPS device on his girlfriend’s Toyota Camry and filmed himself removing it. A week later, he found another GPS device on his BMW. He also found electrical outlets in his house that he says were replaced with ones that looked identical but seemed to have listening equipment on the inside. He took pictures of those too.

He called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office to document what he’d found. A police report written on September 1, 2016, described how Refaie “provided us with a wrapped-up towel containing several electrical outlet plugs and a device that appeared to be a GPS.” In another report from that day, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Detective John McDarby wrote: “Mr. Refaie is not aware if he is being followed by a law enforcement agency or a private corporation. He is in fear.”

Less than a week later, Refaie had the answer to the question of who was following him. Agents with the Department of Homeland Security came to his office. They were at that moment executing a search warrant at his home, they told him. “I’ll see you at the house,” he told the agents.

Security cameras inside and outside of Refaie’s house in Riverview, Florida, south of Tampa, recorded the raid. At 12:27 p.m. on September 6, 2016, a black Homeland Security armored vehicle and a large blue van parked on the cul-de-sac in front of Refaie’s driveway. Wearing body armor and carrying a large shield, agents broke down the front door. An inside camera recorded two of Refaie’s six cats scurrying for safety as the front door flew open. The agents then walked slowly back down the driveway, their movements captured by an outside camera.

At 12:29 p.m., Felicity, who was pregnant at the time, walked downstairs from her bedroom and saw the front door busted open. She was then instructed to walk backward to the middle of the driveway, lift her shirt above her waistline, and turn around in a circle. She then was ordered to get on her knees and crawl backward to the end of the driveway, where she was detained by two agents. About 15 minutes later, the agents sent a bomb robot into the house; it went around the first floor and then struggled to get up the stairs, all while being recorded by the inside security cameras. Agents, guns pointed forward, finally entered the house using tactical formation at 1:54 p.m. A few minutes later, one of the agents noticed a security camera mounted high on the wall by the stairs. He grabbed a piece of the door’s trim molding that they’d busted off and used it as a makeshift club to strike the camera.

The search warrant, which a magistrate judge signed based on alleged government evidence that Refaie was selling counterfeit car parts on eBay, suggested that federal agents were particularly interested in Refaie’s computer activity and provided authority to collect all computer equipment and storage media.

As federal agents searched Refaie’s home, he was desperately trying to get there. Thinking that agents might have blocked off the main entrance to his neighborhood, Refaie took a back way to his house. As he did, a 2013 Dodge Caravan crashed into the side of his car. He said he got out to check on the driver, fearing he’d just been in an accident with a neighborhood soccer mom. An FBI agent knocked him to the ground, he said. Later, Refaie discovered that the minivan was registered to the FBI and was driven by FBI Special Agent Candace C. Calderon. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office faulted Refaie for the accident, based on the eyewitness account of another FBI agent, according to a traffic crash report, which identified the FBI as the owner of the van. (The traffic charge against Refaie was later dismissed after he went to court to fight it and the FBI agents did not show up to testify.) Refaie said the federal agents left his house at about 9 p.m. that evening. According to a receipt of what was seized, agents took much of Refaie’s electronics and even Felicity’s designer purses.

Click here to see video on original source:

Jabar Ali Refaie met with FBI Special Agents Moises Quiñones and Retzilu Rodriguez outside a Wawa gas station on March 16. He recorded their meeting with the agents’ consent. Video: Jabar Ali Refaie

Months passed, and Refaie was not arrested. The government returned some of his belongings, including the purses. Refaie said that Homeland Security agents suggested he could improve his situation if he’d work with them as an informant — something he wasn’t willing to do.

Then, in January, Refaie received a call from FBI Special Agent Moises Quiñones, who told Refaie that Homeland Security agents had found some ISIS videos on a USB flash drive, and now he was the subject of an FBI counterterrorism inquiry. Refaie said Quiñones also told him that the FBI was in possession of the GPS device and electrical outlets that he had given the local sheriff’s office. Quiñones sent out agents to interview Refaie’s friends and family. Agents asked these people if Refaie was known to have any connections with ISIS.

In a subsequent call, Refaie told Quiñones that he would be recording their conversations. “With me, if you want to record our conversation, I don’t have a problem with it,” Quiñones replied. In the phone conversations, Quiñones assured Refaie that he hadn’t committed a crime, but they needed to meet in person to discuss the ISIS videos. “We cannot waste time. We have a job to do,” Quiñones said.

Refaie agreed to meet with Quiñones in a public place, and he told him in advance that their conversation would be recorded. On March 16, Refaie met with Quiñones at a table outside a Wawa gas station. Another FBI agent, Retzilu Rodriguez, accompanied Quiñones.

“The reason I called you is I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt,” Quiñones told Refaie.

“The benefit of the doubt for what?” Refaie asked.

“To what I’m going to ask you about right now,” Quiñones answered.

Quiñones told Refaie that the Homeland Security search of his home had uncovered ISIS materials. “They’re videos about recruitment, ISIS recruitment,” he told Refaie. “Propaganda videos.”

“I don’t believe that,” Refaie said.

“No, they are,” Quiñones followed.

Quiñones asked Refaie if he knew Neil Prakash, an Australian ISIS member who was arrested in Turkey in November 2016. After Refaie said he didn’t know who that was, Quiñones told him that a video of Prakash was among those they’d found.

“I’m not aware of that,” Refaie said.

“I’m fully aware of that,” Quiñones retorted.

“But anyway, it’s not something illegal if it’s —” Refaie said, shaking his head.

“I’m not saying it’s illegal,” Quiñones said, interrupting. “But it’s very concerning.”

The FBI agent also told Refaie that they’d found a video of Moner Mohammad Abusalha, a Florida man who went by Abu Huraira al-Amriki and had died in a suicide attack in Syria. These videos are “red flags,” Quiñones told him. Quiñones said during the meeting that Abusalha fought for ISIS; in fact, he was with the Nusra Front.

“These things were on YouTube, my friend, OK?” Refaie said. “So don’t tell me I have them.”

“You had ’em on a thumb drive,” Quiñones said.

“Show me. Show me the evidence. Where’s your evidence?”

“Let’s go to the office, and I’ll show it to you.”

“Fuck you and your office.”

The conversation continued this way, until Quiñones seemed to threaten prosecution if Refaie did not cooperate with their investigation. “It’s not a threat. I’m just going say this. I know Mr. Joe Durand, OK?” Quiñones said, referring to the Homeland Security Investigations agent who led the raid of Refaie’s home. “And just in case you didn’t know, he has a very good case on you.”

“Oh, really, for counterfeit car parts?” Refaie asked, laughing.

“Again, you can laugh all you want. But you know what? He has a good case on you. He just wanted me to convey that to you.”

Quiñones also told Refaie that he was present for the search of his home, which would suggest that the FBI’s counterterrorism interests in Refaie began before the agents had found the purported videos.

“Why were you at my house?” Refaie demanded to know.

“Because sometimes we work together,” Quiñones said.

“Why would the Joint Terrorism Task Force work together with Homeland Security in order to raid my house for counterfeit car parts?” Refaie asked incredulously.

Toward the end of the interview, Refaie grew frustrated. “Listen, I intend to waste your time, your resources, OK, and your people, if they continue to harass me over and over and over again, because you’re going to come up with cero, zilch,” Refaie told the agent. He then ended his statement with the Arabic word for zero.

“Probably because you stopped what you were doing,” Quiñones told him.

Click here to see video on original source:

Jabar Ali Refaie began to confront cars he suspected were following him, including the driver of this Ford Fusion on April 25. With the driver cornered, Refaie whistled to get a security guard’s attention. Video: Jabar Ali Refaie

In the weeks that followed this meeting, Refaie said he witnessed increased surveillance. He began to confront the people who were following him and recording his encounters with a camera mounted on his BMW’s dashboard.

April 25 was particularly intense. He found himself being followed by a Chevy Malibu. At one point, in a shopping mall parking lot with the Malibu directly behind him, Refaie stopped his car in the lane and hopped out to confront the driver. “Who are you?” he demanded. “Open your door. I’ll call the police. I’ll call the police right now. You got a warrant?” The driver, whose car had a large radio antenna mounted on the trunk, just backed up slowly without engaging Refaie and left the parking lot, as Refaie drove behind him honking the horn.

Later that day, while at a county government office, Refaie cornered a Ford Fusion he’d seen following him. As the driver attempted to back out, Refaie walked in front of the car. Blocked in by a curb and Refaie’s body, the driver stayed put but would not get out of the car or put down the window. Refaie whistled, and a security guard came out to assess the situation. Still, the driver would not exit the vehicle. As the security guard called local police and Refaie went back to his car so it would no longer obstruct traffic in the parking lot, the Ford took a quick turn and left the parking lot. “Did you see this shit?” Refaie can be heard asking the security guard.

When he returned home, a frustrated Refaie called Quiñones to ask him about the surveillance.

“Let’s make a point clear right now,” Quiñones told him. “If you’re calling me to find out what I’m doing, I mean, then I think we’re wasting our time because I’m not going to tell you anything as to what we’re doing. So we’re clear.”

Quiñones then told Refaie that he could make the investigation go away. “Mr. Refaie, you have the way out. I gave you —”

“Oh, you want me to confess to your crimes? You want me to confess to your crimes, your manufactured bullshit?” Refaie answered angrily.

“We’re not talking about any crimes here, Mr. Refaie,” Quiñones said.

Refaie took this to mean he was being asked to cooperate with FBI investigations and possibly serve as an informant. “Moises, that’s called extortion,” Refaie answered.

“You can call it whatever you want.”

“No, it’s called extortion.”

Quiñones again told Refaie that he believed he was communicating with people overseas. “You have the way out, Mr. Refaie,” Quiñones said. “Tell me why. Just tell me why you were in communication with those guys overseas. And you know the ones I’m referring to.”

“I don’t know who you’re referring to,” Refaie said.

“You have the way out,” the agent said again.

By this time, Refaie had already been indicted. He just didn’t know. On April 13, a grand jury charged Refaie under seal with filing a false income tax return, alleging that he did not report his eBay earnings for the 2010 tax year. Over the next five months, as Refaie refused to cooperate with the FBI, federal agents and prosecutors continued to work on his indictment. On September 6, 2017, in another sealed indictment, a grand jury added the charges of wire fraud and dealing in counterfeit goods based on allegations that Refaie was selling fake BMW parts and diagnostic software.

Evidence collected by federal agents from Jabar Ali Refaie’s home included computer storage media and BMW emblems. Photo: Jabar Ali Refaie

Refaie and I had been in contact for a few months, starting well before his arrest. I had initially suspected that he would be like many others who have contacted me with claims of FBI harassment and surveillance. I had assumed his claims, like theirs, would be impossible to prove, but Refaie turned out to be different. By recording his conversations with federal agents and filing local police reports, Refaie had effectively run a one-man counterintelligence program against the FBI.

Refaie and I had agreed to meet one last time in mid-September before I’d write an article about him. Then Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and up the middle of Florida. We rescheduled our final meeting for September 20.

Two days before our scheduled meeting, around 10 p.m., Refaie sent me a series of long messages on Signal describing the FBI surveillance, and he expressed some concerns that his story, once told, might embolden conspiracy theorists who are being followed not by real agents but by ghosts in their heads. Refaie ended his series of messages with the kicker: “Enjoy. Talk soon!”

I did not respond until nearly 5:30 p.m. the next day. I noticed that a second checkmark, which indicates in Signal that the message has been delivered, had not appeared next to my reply. The next morning, as I was headed to Refaie’s house, I wrote again: “Leaving here soon. Not sure you got my messages from yesterday (Signal shows only one checkmark next to them).” Again, only one checkmark displayed next to that message.

Refaie and his girlfriend feed the outdoor cats in their neighborhood; in the entryway to their two-story, concrete-block house are bowls of food and water. I rang the doorbell, and Felicity answered. She was holding their 4-month-old daughter in her arms. “He was arrested yesterday,” Felicity told me.

At his bond hearing, Refaie gave me a friendly nod. Felicity was there with their daughter in a stroller. “She wants to see you,” Felicity said softly, as she held up the infant and turned her toward Refaie.

Refaie and I met at his home two days later. He said he was suspicious of me after he’d sent me those Signal messages, I hadn’t responded, and then he had been arrested. It was weird, he said. “I think I’m at 70/30 that you’re not working for the FBI,” he told me.

I pressed him: “If you’re only at 70 percent on this, why are you even talking to me?”

He conceded that it was unlikely I was working with the FBI. In turn, I’ll concede that it appears unlikely Rafaie is involved in terrorism. But I don’t know about the allegedly counterfeit car parts. Refaie said he intends to plead not guilty to those charges.