What is “alien abduction” in the gang stalking dialectic? Start with Counterintelligence terminology, in re: “abduction”

When Targeted Individuals tell me: ” I have been abducted by aliens!” I say, “Read this!” Then, I watch them squirm, like rodents in a trap.

Abduction in counterintelligence jargon, and terminology:

CI Glossary — Terms & Definitions of Interest for DoD CI Professionals (2 May 2011) GL – 2

Abduction. [One of the four basic types of reasoning applied to intelligence analysis,] it is the process of generating a novel hypothesis to explain given evidence that does not readily suggest a familiar explanation. (DIA, Intelligence Essentials for Everyone, June 1999) Also see deduction; induction; scientific method. For additional information see Knowledge Management in the Intelligence Enterprise by Edward Waltz (2003) and Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis by David T. Moore, JMIC Press (2006).

Counterintelligence Terminology, below:


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