Victimology, criminology, Neo-Nazis in the DHS, and targeted individuals

Today’s news brings us a story of neo-Nazi’s in the Department of Homeland Security, and also validates ROGS Analysis with a “bonus 13″*; or, is it a case of the blind leading the lemmings?

The Marine Corps’ letters noted that Nazzaro was responsible for the deaths of thirteen “enemies.”

Since 2001and the George Bush, US Patriot Act era, America and the west in general has been ruled over, and under by pre-emptive war, predictive policing, and rampant voyeurism on the part of all intelligence agencies. Indeed, policing as a whole has undeniably adopted largely unconstitutional policing processes and procedures. Regardless, the DHS, like so many others, is home to some of the most extreme ideologists in the US, whether it is zionist, antifa or altRight extremism, it thrives under “cover of darkness” at the DHS.

The “If You See Something Say Something” sloganeering of the Department of Homeland Security was one such early mantra whereby those who sought to bully and harass others could hide their vindictiveness behind claims of fear and anxiety over terrorism.The only problem is, that extremism is NOT likely to find any strength or power in these individuals caught up in the various manufactured terror schemes that all agency contractors practice, but rather, extremism thrives within official positions at these same agencies, which we see once again in today’s story, from the DailyMailUK (and note how the lede fails to mention that he ALSO worked for the FBI as a contractor):

REVEALED: Rinaldo Nazzaro, the 47-year-old head of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Base, once worked for the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon

  • Rinaldo Nazzaro, 47, ‘once worked for the Department of Homeland Security’ 
  • Nazzaro posted letter with DHS letterhead on social media, Vice reported 
  • He reportedly received glowing letters of praise from DHS and the Pentagon 
  • Letter from Marine Corps ‘credited him with helping kill 13 insurgents’
  • DHS letter praised his ‘superb job’ in the field of ‘intelligence analysis’ 
  • New Jersey native is the head of The Base, a neo-Nazi terrorist organization 
  • The Base wants to replace American society with a ‘white ethnostate’ 
  • Nazzaro also ‘worked as a contractor for the Pentagon and analyst for the FBI’ 
  • He launched The Base in 2018 under the alias Norman Spear, aka Roman Wolf 
  • Nazzaro is running the organization from an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Last year, three members of The Base from Georgia ‘plotted to kill antifa couple’ 
  • Nazzaro has been trying to recruit members of the military into his organization

Ironically, the DHS has actually trade marked that SS,SS slogan, much like any corporate entity selling a product.

This highly visible and brazen, public trade-marking of an advertising slogan is incredibly unique in the history of government slogans, and lends credence to the idea that America is for sale, and that whoever has financed the monstrosity that the DHS is has a corporate sales model at its heart. It also lends credence to actual conspiracy theorists that America has been taken over by a secret cabal of investors who operate from a different set of rules, as Bush once said “we are an ownership society,”and it validates what targeted individuals complain of when they encounter these radicalized terrorists who work IN these exact agencies.

If You See Something, Say Something®
Note that little “R” with a circle around it at the end of this phrase. That indicates a “brand” that is “registered as a Federally protected trademark” and it is used by advertising slogans and other “products” sold to the public by corporate entities, no different than Walmart,McDonald’s, or Burger King.
See the source image

Then, the various web pages of that advertising campaign are slickly produced, and very up to date with modern advertising campaigns,with gameified interfaces and classic corporate advertisement sloganeering, like “how Observant Are You?” “Take the Challenge!”

This also lends credence to the conspiracy theorists who posit that targeted individuals are being bought and sold in secret databases, and traded like baseball cards or stock shares, as these radical elements of these agencies easily slip into and out of other agencies like oily fish. There simply is no catching them, or tracing back the dirt that they do as thy slip and slide from one agency to the next.

*ROGS Analysis is a scientific method based strategy whereby criminal defense attorneys, journalists, psychologists, sociologists and others can analyze the factionalism, criminality and the illegal activity within western intelligence agencies like the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA etc. Often, that criminality is expressed in the “gang stalking” dialectic, and ROGS Analysis predicts the use of the number 13 as both a sign and a signifier in this activity.

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