Trolled by the MSM? Fort Worth Weekly, journalist Teri Webster, and “Silence On the Wire”: a gang stalking case study

In the bizarre fake-democracy of the post-911 world of western democracies, parallel worlds exist.

Parallel construction, and its bastard progenitor, called parallel prosecution which Marcy Wheeler, aka emptywheel the “journalist” who is also an FBI informant who writes about targeted individuals in a highly politicized way, and who writes about conspiracy theories here in a “racially motivated ” way, was spawned in the President Bush era.

So, exactly what is a journalist anyways, if they are attached to the FBI and other narrative control agents like little pig sucklings to a sow?

Rampant, racially tinged police brutality are just the tip of a very larger bamboo shoot that encompasses the gang stalking narrative. And all of that is hidden behind “nice names” like community policing, countering violent extremism (CVE) programs, and the ubiquitous “saving the women and children” narratives of a feminist-religious conservative power structure: the very institutional vanguard of western Jewish-christian narratives is in fact, just talk, And talk is cheap.

Journalist Teri Webster, of the Dallas Morning News, and the Fort Worth Weekly is currently under attack, by unknown stalkers, and their minions. While she herself has boldly tackled the topic of “police and police organizations that stalk people,” it cannot be said that her web masters are similarly minded, and indeed, the FBI highly recruits web professionals to do the dirty work that J. Edgar Hoover only fantasized about. The organization that recruits these IT professionals is called “FBI Infragard” and they abhor the U.S. Constitution. History is our precedent in these cases, and both hardcore communists, and religious fascists oddly unite under that banner.

At first glance, that would be a strange claim, nearly impossible to verify, and even more strange, because psychiatric “narrative” does not address or acknowledge the widespread disinformation operations of the “intelligence community,” which is largely a hodge podge of self-righteous “do-gooders” comprised of current and former police and military intelligence operators. If you are unclear about that terminology, take a look at the infamous “Donald Trump Piss Tapes” that polluted the internet for most of the time President Donald Trump was in office, which even “raging gay” reportered as “fake.”

This post herein is, then, primarily a tribute to Michal Zalewski, who wrote ” Silence On the Wire,” a story about how passive surveillance can detect different attacks on free speech by utilizing the silence, rather than the chatter in ones social media, forum chats, and other internet spaces.

Military, police, NGO, and other intelligence agency trolls attack us in online forum comment sections, and other important places online, and off, and their work is indicated in every major discussion anywhere online. I am currently featuring the posts named above, and the author named above, because it is one example whereby we can gauge the veracity of claims that “organized gang stalkers” are present in dialogues online, as opposed to “absent from” dialogues online.

But also, I intend to demonstrate that ROGS Analysis is nearly 100% correct in analyzing these cases, and I provide scientific method based, falsifiable evidence that this is so.

Here is a review of that book, which can be found in both paid, and free websites, and I recommend that you pay the author for that book, because he deserves it.

Here is a review, from Openwall:

Clearly, a computer security book can’t be comprehensive. In SotW, Michal has provocatively chosen to leave out all the well known yet highly dangerous and widespread vulnerabilities and attacks being discussed and worked on today by most in the information security community. He will teach you about subtle keystroke timing attacks, but you will not be reminded that “trojan horse” software with key logging capabilities is currently both more common and easier to use than any of such attacks could ever be.

Why mention keystroke timings while leaving the trojans out? Because timing attacks are largely underappreciated and misunderstood even by information security professionals, whereas trojans are a widely known and obvious threat. Vulnerability to timing attacks is a property of the design of many components involved, whereas to implant a trojan requires either a software bug or an end-user error.

I write from easily hacked, easily tracked devies. My goal is to establish a platfrom of research, whereby we can target “threat actors” from the perspective of those of us who are targeted, So, with zero doubt, and zero loyalty to any agency, I document how the USA and its FVEYs alliance actors wage pre-emptive war on the rest of the world, targeting words alone–targeting the US Constitutional rights of free speech(which are contradicted by the United Nations version of speech parameters, which is a highly political discussion not fit for this blog). You can contact me at by commenting on any post on this blog, keyword “employ”.

Now: to examine the threat actor scenario, in the field context of “free speech suppression, ” please refer to this link at the Fort Worth Weekly, and targeted journalist Teri Webster.

My posts are variously named ROGS, and also “researchorganizedgangstalking” which is easily found at this link to that article called “Gangstalking,” and published in a main stream media outlet, and this link to Teri Websters other article titled “Targeting Targeted Individuals”, where my own posts were entrapped, and censored by that outlet, using tactical surveillance EXACTLY as outlined by “Silence On the Wire.”

My comments in that section were forthright, and journalistic, and my repoire with the author was notably agreeable, until I sent her screenshots of my various troves of evidence, which documented how police work with “retired police, military intelligence and others” to perpetrate gang stalking. Those photos showed examples of “brighting” which is well known in the gang stalking community online, and where police and others use their car headlights and spotlights to shine them on houses, cars, or people who are targeted, and also documented how other agents, agencies, and their collaborators (ranging from community watch persons, to NGO assets* and others)

*All local and international non governemental organizations (NGOs) ranging from the Rotary Club International (a western secret society, loaded with police and western intelligence agents) to the Lions clubs, Domestic Violence advocates, social workers alliggned with churches and state agencies, etc.) and more

Below: Parallel Prosecutions, and the undermining of Democracy by Big Government, and its enablers

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