How organized gang stalking undermines democracy

“Wisdom Begins with the definition of terms.”-attributed to Socrates

The internet is polluted with website after website claiming that “electronic weapons, aliens, microwave brain toasters, and lizard people” are who and what gang stalking is. And that is by design of every national, international, NGO, or military “influence operation” ever. In the context of an advertising campaign these operations are selling products and services to consumers.

But the parallel to these influence operations in a national security or military context are known as psychological warfare, or PSYOPS. Gang stalking dialogues online then, are in fact and practice, information warfare.Then, because the RAND Corporation has been implicated repeatedly in the gang stalking dialectic, take a look at their definition of IOs.

In the post Federal Reserve Act era, Svengali public relations operators Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were employed by international bankers, and corporations to help sell products, and some of those products were in fact, international wars, and the attached industries.

They blurred the lines between the ethical use of propaganda and deceptive repetitions of messages in the domestic sphere, as the military did in the overseas theater of war, and the United States and their allies have been under the often toxic influence of actual military PSYOPS at home and abroad ever since. Bernays, for example, famously organized white women by promoting cigarette smoking campaigns under the disguise of “women’s empowerment,”and like most of these toxic influence operations, they lead to one or another form of cancer, be it mental, physical, or other socially destructive ailments.

According to, these influence operations use:

three types of propaganda that are used to create these messages. They include White propaganda which is used in overt operations and Gray and Black propaganda which are used in covert PSYOP. White, Gray, and Black don’t refer to the propaganda’s content but rather the methods used to carry out the operation.

As any observer can note, these operations often take on dark implications as we see in the recent antifa v altRight clashes, and that’s exactly what we see in the online gang stalking chatter too. The notes this dark component also, stating that the ” purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to US objectives.”

And to give you an idea how much of that crap posting is online, a simple search engine query of “microwave mind reading locusts” returns 10,600,000 results. WTF…who can possibly have that much time on their hands to post such pabulum? Not surprisingly, the first result returns a website that derives its name from the famous and actual conspiracy of the CIA deploying drugs and actual attempts at mind control on unsuspecting, non-consenting citizens, which is the equivalent of a date rapist using a drug to rape a victim. The Abuse Wiki further eleborates the concept of PSYOPs as abusive:

Lerner’s categories of psychological warfare

Lerner divides psychological warfare operations into three categories:[9][page needed] White [Omissions + Emphasis]  Truthful and not strongly biased, where the source of information is acknowledged. Grey [Omissions + Emphasis + Racial/Ethnic/Religious Bias]  Largely truthful, containing no information that can be proven wrong; the source may or may not be hidden. Black [Commissions of falsification] Intended to deceive the enemy.

So who posts all the crap online about gang stalking, and why do they do it?

Well, for starters, there are people like these, all of whom are current or former military intelligence officers, police; relatives of these same, or are current agency operatives, which I will demonstarte herein.

There are the blurred categories of CIA and FBI and DHS agents and their affiliated political operatives who constantly threaten defamation lawsuits against each other, but never seem to get into a court room anywhere. And, informants, rats and snitches, who are well known to these agencies as drug addicts, prostituetes, ex-felons and so on, or what is called in the intelligence community “controlled assets,” one of whom made the news in the Trump presidency.

Then there are all of the various recipients of multi billion dollar handouts that fund the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and VAWA funding, who mask their right wing agenda in pseudo-feminism to hide their presence online. One well known example is Dr. Tomo Shibata, whose doctoral thesis was juried by none other than far right anti-pornography crusader Catherine McKinnon, whose father George was instrumental in setting up the anti-constitutional FISA court. On one hand, Shibata has been published in books, and in many scholarly journals, and on the other, she writes bizarre petitions, rambles on about psychotronic weapons, and microwave brain beams in everything she writes, and organizing rallies for “targets” –and then never shows up, in the ultimate form of gas lighting.

There are others, but these are the primary psycho-babblers online who ramble on about “psychotronic weapons, mind reading locusts, and sex trafficking” of targeted individuals. The latter is easy to suss out because the narrative itself has recently taken a turn in that direction.

Which leaves us with actual persons who are actual victims of these operations, which act as a huge firewall of “narratives” of the many and actual abuses that police, military, and military contractors are waging across western democracies. Stories like that of Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked by a “gang,” of prosecutors, police, retired police, and their “neighborhood watch group”and relatives–and then murdered by that gang of stalkers too.

So, weeding out the aliens, poop, UFOs and “talking to ghosts” crowd is essential to restoring democratic discourse around this topic, as we see these stories are just beginning to trickle into the media.

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What is an intelligence asset and why does it matter for those who are trying to understand gang stalking?

Asset. [In intelligence usage,] any resource–person, group, relationship, instrument, installation, or supply–at the disposition of an intelligence organization for use in an operational or support role. Often used with a qualifying term such as agent asset or propaganda asset. (JP 1-02 and JP 2-0) Also see agent; foreign intelligence agent; source.

Quoted from: Terms and Definitions of Interest for Targets of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Targeting Operations, embedded below

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