Is the #MeToo movement just another expression of white female privilege, supremacy, and protected status? If not–why are so many of their targets white Jewish men?

When The Brennan Center for Justice and the Mises Institute agree on anything, I tend to listen in. And one of the things they agree on is this: The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its star chamber FISA court is totally broken. And little surprise, because it was created by a literal and actual cabal of anti-democratic people whose main goal was to “beat the commies!” at all costs.

And in doing so, they established a shadow government that is still just coming to light, and that, which has stopped democracy at the door with its secret police, secret courts, and “non-governmental organizations.” It seems that democracy is a strictly cloaked thing.

With little surprise, the “design flaw” of the secret FISA court, which is tribal sectarian bias, shrouded in “fear of the others” and lots of “extreme vetting” was assisted by none other than George MacKinnon and his cabal of anti-communists (more on Judge George here).

With even less surprise, we see that it was his own daughter, pseudo-feminist Catherine MacKinnon who helped lead us to the many other forms of anti-democratic policing in America, and the secret courts and secret processes that rule them. This form of white supremacy-white female privilege–deserves a deeper look, because if true progress in any form is to be achieved, it cannot be achieved with these legacy, white, female power brokers.

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Papa George,commie hatin’ FISA court conspirator….
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…and Catharine MacKinnon, his spawn, who acuatlly looks best when fully clothed. I sometimes enjoy mis-spelling their names.You can read about this international stooge, bigot and zealot in French, here.(good G-D is she dead yet?!)

When I met “the Progressives,” in real life, I was floored by how their ideals of “feminism” mirrored the ideals of the antibellum South, or Queen Victoria’s jolly old high collared England. And how many of them quoted from “Little Women” and other pathetic tome’s to poor downtrodden white female privilege! That somehow, equality meant that the necessary pedestalization of (primarily) white women (who, for the good of society or something) somehow made them morally superior or something. What a bunch of saggy nipples!

Pedestrianization would have done them much better, I assure you, because I have met their gangs of stalkers head on, and not a single callous was to be seen on any of their lily white palms. Not a single one. And don’t even get me started on how their “lesbian-esque” gangs of female stalkers are documented in mass shooting cases! That would be a very long list, ranging from the Hot Yoga shooter Scott Bierele( go here, search “Bierele”, to the Thousand Oaks shooter(go here, search “Ian Long” or “Thousand Oaks”), we see these men blasting all kinds of caps into the asses of the “warrior sistah’s” and the NGO sponsored private contractors who gang stalk them.

The fact is women around the world are nothing at all like these other creations, of the bipolar white/black narratives, which are themselves relics of slavery itself, and that’s a real fact. These gibbering legacy loons go on and on talking about equality, but have seldom lifted a shovel of any kind, ever, while women in Africa haul water for eight hours a day from source to village (though that is improving,) women in the South American countries dodge CIA and Mossad financed bullets; women in Russia and China drive dump trucks and dig ditches in red high heels (because it’s how they earn their living, regardless of whether or not it is sexy), and women in the middle east and especially in Gaza, watch their daughters become doctors, only so that some Israeli IDF soldier can murder them. I was stymied trying to understand these women with pedestals on their feet.

Related Story: Florida teacher and Reagan Republican Scott Bierele shot up a yoga studio as a now deceased Democrat official sat in a bar across the street. He had a “mysterious gang of stalkers” following him around, and slandering him with heinous smears about his sexuality. It is likely that he killed his stalkers.

Then, I watched these “progressives” conflating rape with every single form of heterosexual touch or advance, which was was somehow equitable, in the long term, they reassured me. On one hand claiming to be all of the same issues that real feminists struggled with (abortion rights, equal pay, etc.), and on the other, claiming that white female privilege over and over by default, as if I was somehow supposed to be charged with protecting their “honor” which does not in fact exist.

Much later I realized that many of these so-called feminists were in fact just fronts for the military industrial complex (MIC), or other powerful people and institutions that transfer power inter-generationally to their own spawn and their gangs of associates. Its a pattern I began to notice: the exact women who scream the loudest about abuse, and rape, and inequity have never experienced any of it–they only fear loss of power– and are in fact the “chosen few” of the actual “New World Order” That Judge George embodied.

The tip of my iceberg of realization was uber-manhater Dr. Catherine McKinnon, whose religious fervor and crusader mantra’s echoed the worst of the third rise of the Ku Klux Klan and its female “poison squad” members. Using imagery of beaten and abused women, she pushed for policies like the Violence Against Women Act, and famously crusaded against porn broker Ferris Alexander in Minneapolis.

She helped establish anti-family, anti-democracy, and anti-due process all over the map in family courts, domestic violence courts, and other courts which due not respect or adhere to due process or civil liberty as outlined in the constitution. Wearing the mask of “feminism” these types shrouded our open discourse, public policy, and jury trials, in favor of a religious neoconservative expressed through secret courts in the “freedom loving, democratic USA.”

Here’s a few more that follow in this mold, but there are thousands of others(list is in progress):

Liz Cheney-daughter of Dick, the guy who bombed over 500,00 Iraqi’s

Naming Names: who to target with research order to understand “legacy” white, Jewish-christian supremacy in the FISA court:

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