A note about the illustrator Thomas Nast, and the fear of “the other” perpetuated by Jewish-christians: trust me, if “the other” took over the whole world, it would be a good thing–because you suck.

There are so many crackpot sites online about gang stalking that it hurts my head just trying to explain them. You can look here, at actual lawsuits targeting gang stalkers ( and here, and here, and here, and here, and here) and then, look at the religion tainted psychobabblers that ramble on about “psychotronic weapons, mind reading lizard people, and reverse speech!.”

For my part, if the world were rid of the latter people, I think the world would be a better place, no doubt about it. So, who can help me make that happen–any volunteers?

Well, Thomas Nast grappled with this exact problem, a hundred and seventy years ago, and still no solution in sight. My idea is this: we get the western psychobabbling Jew-christians out of the way (hoever “we” need to do that, and then, forma new world with them as our lapdogs and belly dancers. Sound good?

Talk about historical context….Look! here we see how the “evil Chinese” are “tricking” poor illustrator Thomas Nast to do opium.

I mean–the British spent over one hndred years trying to subdue China with drugs, until China kicked them the fuck out of there, but….the “residue” remains in the pipe as we see in Hong Kong, and the Mi6 and CIA trolls running ramshod over true democracy by spiking the brew with cloaked Jewish-chiristian psychobabble about “democracy.” That democracy of course, guided by graft, corruption, and western “morality” expressed as “religion.” What a farce.

I mean…really. Check your own shit at the door, before WE have to. It makes for a safer world.But have a look here about some weird Catholic psychobabble. Trust me: Baptists, and Protestants are equally bizarre, and the gang stalking dialectic is full of their types, proselytizing the Jesus garbage. Just look at this chili spiced fruitcake for one example.

So: many Catholics are themselves gang stalkers ( The Pauline Sisters, and Opus Dei, etc. are likely behind several mass shootings, rape hoaxes, incel movement garbage as to defy logic or law enforcement) that we even saw the last president harboring criminals like Mike Pompeo (also and Opus Dei member) and the president before him harboring a child pornography distributing FBI chief, James Comey….I mean: at what point does law enforcement become law enFARCEment with these people?

Yup. Its one and the same with them, tossing “man’s laws” out the window as they leer into your bedroom over the windowsill, while calling YOU a pervert. Weird, junk science, predicted by the types of people who do these “gang stalking” things, as we see in this example of a “fruitcake.” Reverse speech indeed–right back o the dark ages, if these cunts get their way.

These real life trolls seek to put “Christ in culture, ” ala Reinhold Niehbur. They seek to undermine democracy at every access point, by distributing ” jihadist beheading videos,” and ” dog porn with legless Bosnian women.”

A sick game indeed, but very and sadly what they do. Because “Jesus loves you, “etcetera.

Look! Jesus Loves Cambodians Too! Just like National Endowment for Democracy hard right fanatics do too. They nearly loved Cambodia to death.

Cambodia is one of the most heavily land mined countries in human history. Even today, people stumble upon US military “ordinance” and get blown to bits. Jewish-christian, theological neocons and western military forces did that.

And Jews do it too. Have a look here at one of the now indicted “useful idiots” and a darling of diversity having been trained as a gang stalker by Jewish political groups, and now, indicted as a stalker by the feds. Its a good thing–because exploiting and terrorizing children is a really bad thing, unless you are a racist kabbalists and a Torah “believers,” that book itself noting that all races except Jews are unclean heathens; and condoning genocide, among other atrocities, as long as they are committed against “The Other.”

So–ANYTHING GOES! when targeting teenagers. What a bunch of scum, the whole lot of them. Because their “ancient religions” are little more than homicides and other mayhem, backed up by ” the Lord,” whoever the hell that is.

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