Taking on “the narrative” at its root: How the CIA and other agencies use early recruitment of children to “manage perception.” Gang stalking case studies in eutrapilia

A simple fact: most targets of intelligence agency, police oriented recruitment and other forms of gang stalking have no idea that they are being tracked. A case study in narrative formation, and early media recruitment: The curious smearing of comedian Gavin McInnes, on National Public Radio. He is being smeared as a”white supremacist,” but the man who created Vice magazine says otherwise. My guess is he didn’t kowtow to other well known racists.

How Extremists Weaponize Irony to Spread Hate, via NPR

When approaching main stream media narratives, as the public, we are clueless as to how and why the talking heads are chosen–but they are indeed chosen. We have some vague idea that the media has a liberal and a conservative side, but that’s about it. Only those who have worked in journalism though, know how infiltrated it is by various political, sectarian, tribal and religious operatives, many of who have “deep state” intelligence agency ties. This is what the deep state is.

And, sometimes these talking heads and journalists are tossed aside after they are expended as useful idiots– long after they have been used in media as pundits. Most strikingly, in media studies of the fringes and the outliers, in these cases we see early recruitment of “narrators,” who can be used to carry certain messages that corporations, government and other powerful agencies then manipulate as the “person on the ground” narrative.

Have a look at how close media personnel and “official source narrative” control agents are to events and people who make the headlines in bizarre ways:

  • Then have a look at how close fake-bomber Cesar Sayoc was to media narrative too. He is alleged to have sent 13 fake bombs to 13 people, and who was also involved in crafting media narratives. Keep an eye on “the thirteens” in these whacky stories too
  • and look especially at how close to the narrative was Seddique Mir Mateen, the father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen. So close in fact that he was an FBI informant, as so many of these cases now reveal. And, Omar Mateen was the target of two FBI “threat assessments,” in the lead up to the shooting. Read more about the brutal tactics of those assessments and recruitment schemes.
  • and also the curious case of reporter Anna Conkey, who had grown severely aware that media trolls and hard right christian church trolls had infiltrated her real life, as the headlines blare “Woman Waves Gun Around Church, Holding Baby!!” Video here.

So, let’s take a look at a part of the “official narrative” around “white supremacy,” and how it is in fact a carefully crafted and definitely CIA and other intelligence agency involved narrative. In doing so, I will provide tenuous links to that agency via an ordinary person who won a spelling bee in the USA.

As I writer, I am fortunate that I am irreligious, non-sectarian and apolitical, a rationalist by trade and teaching, and well aware of the racists and religionists in and outside of media who are on each and every curve of the political horseshoe. I especially note how white supremacist women like these in the Women’s KKK, and Jewish supremacists from groups like the Anti Defamation League have worked together over the last century to spread a different, but powerful form of hate; and a hate that slides from one side to the other of the horseshoe nearly un-noticed.

Weaponized humor wasn’t invented yesterday. Have a look at what democratic laughter is, via John Lombardini’s analysis of Aristotle, and why certain non-democratic, anti-democratic, and fascist elements of our society fear humor in discourse, or deploy it as a one way weapon, while decrying the use of it by others. Read it here: Civic Laughter Aristotle and the Political Virtue of Humor

With that in mind, there is no evidence that Gavin McInnes is a racist, but there is evidence that he is being smeared by racists, whose basis is in primitive books known as the Torah, and the Bible. Indeed, there is so much racism in those books that Jewish-christians have taken up that issue and littered the internet with links pre-emptively disputing it. If you search “examples of racism in the bible” you are redirected into 22, 000 proselytizing sites that seek to dismiss the claim, rather than answer the question, in typical christian fashion, aka “psychobabble.”

But from the tree, goes the fruit, and predictably, we find a similar “misinformation” campaign about racism in the Torah, which is the Jewish book. A search for the terms “examples of racism in the torah” returns a slightly different result: there are nearly 13 million sites attempting to do the same thing as the christian sites! Let me know if you start seeing patterns with propaganda operations and disinformation, and hey–can anyone help me with the math on that? Its like 1/591 christian ‘splainers to Jewish ‘splainers, right? Food for thought….

SO read this, about racism enshrined as law in Israel, much like Jim Crow laws in the USA. To so-called* brown, yellow, red, and black people, who have been systematically genocided over the centuries, it must seem absurd to watch these wealthy white Jewish-christians bickering across the centuries, much less arguing about the term genocide.

Well, enough about all of that, what’s important here is the story that NPR ran, and I will skip the part about the smear on McInnes, and go right to the point. I will look at who NPR chooses as a “source” in their story about weaponized irony, and that source carefully handled in media narratives for many years BEFORE this story ran.

Note that the story veers from humor and political speech, straight into a cloaked narrative, using a deliberately race-neutral speaker as “local narrator” of an event that could be called “contrived,” that of the Capitol Hill riot:

Concern on campus

In early 2020, Oona Flood started getting more and more worried about a classmate at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The classmate, a 22-year-old named Christian Secor, was already well-known for his self-proclaimed “love” of guns. Around that time, he was also posting racist and antisemitic memes and tweets, attacking immigrants online and publicly supporting Fuentes. Often, Secor adopted the kind of “trolling” style that’s prevalent on the internet.

When one student called Secor out for a tweet that the student found offensive, Secor responded that he was using “post irony.”

“It’s called a joke and the fact that you think that these posts are anything more than that is telling,” added Secor.

Flood, who is Japanese American, said they wanted to speak up.

“I definitely felt that sense of threat,” Flood told NPR recently. “And, like, I really hate to say, [because] it sounds so much like, overblown, ‘snowflake,’ that we’re just overreacting, you know?””

The average observer in the general public is never made aware that these narrators are “handled” for long periods of time before they ever become sources, or pundits, but we see their presence in the media, and they are especially traceable and identifiable after mass shooting events, as I chronicled above and elsewhere. In this narrative, we also see “politcal policing” that starts by targeting and monitoring a white male in a college setting, and a few other points from ROGS Analysis too.

So, like we see in this story, where a diaspora refugee” was handled for many years by named groups, deep political operatives are used in these politicized, and racial narratives by other racists. Their survival, they have come to believe, depends on this complicity with certain portions of racist narrative, while rejecting other portions of racist narrrative, usually out of sheer ignorance, or due to media messaging known as “influence operations”.

So, lets go on an internet journey, and take a look at the narrator above, Oona Flood, whose name suggest Scotch Irish or Irish heritage and possibly East Asian or Japanese heritage–but who knows for sure, right? I write what I write below, because she has made herself a public figure.

Here is Oona Mary Nikko Flood as the Vc of Student Affairs at UC San Diego

Here is Oona Flood many years ago, competing the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and here she is winning it’s 46th incarnation.

And here is Oona stating that she wants to one day work for the CIA: “Oona may be a speller today, but she hopes in the future to put her interest in language and politics to work by becoming an agent for the CIA

And here is the email I wrote to Ms. Flood asking for comment:

Hi. I am writing an article about the NPR piece where you were quoted as a source. You made comments about a fellow student, Christian Secor, who eventually attended the Capitol Riot.

I read what is available online about you, and I take note that won a major spelling bee, and that you wish to be a CIA agent.

Do you have experience as a spy, or other “intelligence” gathering related groups and organizations? Do you come from a military or police family?

In your experience at school, were you in an official capacity to keep tabs on the Capitol Hill rioter, on behalf of any school related groups or institutions, or was that just your personal choice to follow him online?

Would you care to comment?

Best Regards, and thanks in advance–

I will update this post if she responds, stay tuned.

*Malcolm X perfected a way of saying “so-called” in a deliberate drawl that signified to any listener that he knew what kind of racist, or other cloaked wordplay was in action. I use that drawl a lot myself;)

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