Gang Stalking Cases and Lawsuits: they are starting to happen, and the feds are indicting gang stalkers

Nearly 100% of gang stalking involves current and retired police, military, intelligence, and security personnel, violating the law. In my own case, I traced and tracked many of my personal stalkers, sued a few of them, shut down a security company, and won a settlement. These shitbags need to be in jail.

Most curiously, nearly 100% of my personal stalkers were current and retired police, military, intelligence agents and their flying monkeys in the community ranging from college professors to NGO’s from the right and left wing “save the whales, wimmin, and chillren!” foundations. All of them derive funding from the various “official narrative” schemes of western governments to socially engineer a “narrative of culture,” while hiding their crimes against humanity (the Iraq war, the prisons for profits scheme, the Total Surveillance state, etc. Silent Holocaust indeed.).

I have since spent two decades informing the public of the facts and intricacies of these cases, and have learned that the harassment, violence, stalking, and other completely bizarre activity is organized at a level beyond the reach of “the law,” although the recent Department of Justice brought a case against a “gang” of “stalkers” who are in fact current and former police, military, and intelligence related persons (spies)–and eBay executives. And, as can be expected–one of those executive level gang stalkers that has so far skated from prosecution, and gone forward to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in –of all places–Silicon Valley.

This uptick in prosecutions offers a bit of hope, as does the prosecution of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, who was murdered by a similar “gang” of police, and police affiliated stalkers–and nearly 100% of ALL gang stalking claims involve exactly that configuration–military, police, intelligence agents and their community assets.

All gang stalkers act with a sense of entitlement and impunity, imagining that they will never get caught or prosecuted, because of their “connections” in government and police. But that’s not the case, as more lawsuits are coming forwards every week now. Search my blog using the tag “gang stalking lawsuits.”

Here are a few more cases in the courts right now, some of them brought forwards by the Department of justice and others:

  • An IMDB gang stalker is indicted in California. She was indicted after she and her “unnamed” co-defendant, likely her daughter, harassed and stalked three boys. This is a typical left wing type of stalking, and that women’s friends and allies are also well known gang stalkers too.
  • the eBay Gang of Stalkers case is significant because it was led by executives from that company; and any personal injury attorney knows that eBay is a large target; but the feds indicted one case because it is a widespread practice on eBay. I am betting that it will be a flagship case.
  • a low level sex offender who was entrapped by the hidden practice of state police pornography distribution is suing several gang stalkers in northern Mississippi. Many state police, and state or federal investigative bureau’s,high level DHS employees, Pentagon employees, “war on terror” private contractors, and others regularly distribute child porn, while monitoring millions of internet users without a warrant, and there are many cases of other nations agencies doing this too, in an odd attempt to regulate morality, which is another topic entirely. But note the importance of the numerological display of the numbers 12 and 13 in these cases, which is quite striking This type of hidden distribution and its political implications is the very centerpiece of the “war on terror,” and speech taboos on the internet and other moral posturing in the west
  • Citizens including former police officers are suing the Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco over his spy racketeering, called “intelligence led predictive policing,” and he even targeted children in true pervert sheriff fashion. He claims that he is working for a “higher power” and that he is beyond the reach of the law itself–as gang stalking programs violate every single civil rights statute ever written, but because they do it in covert fashion under “color of law” and pseudo-law such as the judge created, never voted on, never challenged “qualified immunity” and “investigation privileged” claims. they anticipate they will not get caught, due to their “webs of connections, as we see below.
  • The case of Ahmaud Arbery is a 100% ROGS Bingo, and a validation of the utility of adopting ROGS Analysis of Gang Stalkers. He was murdered, and the local police and prosecutors literally conspired to NOT charge his murderers. But, his mother was persistent in using social media monitoring (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT) to track down the connections between seemingly random stalkers, and she succeeded in finding a prosecutor to pursue the case, because she linked that gang together, with evidence.

So, little irony is lost in the stories reported in the nation’s narrative gatekeeper, the New York Times, are contradictory, as they have a long history as a CIA and FBI disinformation and black propaganda. That outlet is on record flip-flopping about the legitimacy of targeted individuals complaints, on one hand gas lighting them in an infamous article about the “United States of Paranoia,” and on the other, reporting cases such as those mentioned above, or the case of “electronic microwave weapons” causing brain damage to United States diplomats in Cuba, a case now being investigated by a congressional task force, and the CIA itself.

Likewise, the Ahmaud Arbery, Pasco County, and Demirovic cases highlighted above are contradictions of the bad journalism we see in most NYT reportage, and the “paranoia” piece written at that time by the now discredited “journalist” Mike McPhate too.

Bizarre activity by police and those in the related fields of intelligence, state security, the prisons and other similar and related fields is the norm, not the exception ; it is very well documented, and a vast body of evidence exists that these types of persons feel that they are beyond the law. A recent case of prison torture, where a mentally ill man died from being blasted with 109 degree heat in an isolation cell in Alabama provides a glimpse of the sadism inherent in the “police personality,”: and the deviant and bizarre nature of their gang stalking activity:

Montgomery, AL — Tommy Lee Rutledge, 44, spent the last moments of his life shoving his face as close as he could to the window of his cell gasping for cooler air. Heat was being pumped into his prison cell in the mental health ward and he had no way to escape it, causing his body temp to skyrocket to 109, killing him from hyperthermia.

The Alabama Department of Corrections has refused to answer any questions as to why Rutledge’s cell was so hot given the fact that on the night he died, the outside temperature was 31 degrees.

So, in these cases, tracing gangs of police and police affiliated stalkers online and off, it is important to connect linguistic and other clues that are easily found in the extant literature, news stories and other data. In the case of the tortured and murdered prisoner above, we can easily connect the actions of the torturers to many blogs where claims of “heating up skin,” and other similar claims are made, and often, we find those claimants are not in fact actual “targeted individuals” but in fact, are police and others masquerading as victims, and bragging about their crimes in a bizarre fashion. The case above with Mr. Rutledge is one case where an actual gang can be traced, tracked, and prosecuted.

And again–there is no irony in the sadism of these guards who killed Rutledge either, because we see the crime of the state mirroring the crime of the man: he had murdered some people and burned them in a fire afterwards. These gangs can be monitored, tracked, and prosecuted for their crimes, and any savvy prosecutor or personal injury attorney will see the value of ROGS Analysis in these cases.

Use my search feature to find other writing about “gang stalking lawsuits,” “gang stalking case study” “elements of gang stalking lawsuit” and so on. And get those briefs before the judges–but not before you also study the vast network of current and former intelligence agents, military trolls, political operatives and others who have polluted the internet with garbage and “psychobabble” about gang stalking, flat earth, demon sex and electronic weaponry. Start here and here, and here to see a few bad sources from those groups.

Then, follow the Pasco Cty sheriff cases, and especially the eBay gang–each of them is a ROGS Bingo.

UPDATE: Apparently Mrs. Demirovic’s– one of the indicted stalkers above, from the IMDB gang, is very popular, and many people read this post every day. Only the case of Everton Brown in Baltimore rivals the number of hits that posts about this “Diasporess” gets every day.

You can read more about her case here, where she ruthlessly and mercilessly stalked a few young boys. Weird, I know, right? But middle aged white women stalking pubescent boys is a “thing” in western countries.

If you are reading, Mrs. Demirovic, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your side of the story. And be careful with those plea deals–the feds are going to try to have you entrap other people, and much of their current entrapment schemes involve “manufactured terrorism,” which is what mass shootings are.

I invite all of you who are concerned about Mrs. Demirovic’s to write or comment on this post, instead of just “stalking” here. What have you got to hide, right? Lol.

And, because you are affiliated with many of the Jewish groups via the Holocaust Industrial Complex, ranging from Hollywood billionaires to any of the many well known gang stalkers in their Octopus of nightmarish international cabals, please, try not to let them use you like a puppet with their hand up your….oh, never mind.

Please, Internationale’ Jewish gang stalking groups, leave me alone! DO NOT STALK ME!!! …This ain’t my first Purim, folks.

11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking Cases and Lawsuits: they are starting to happen, and the feds are indicting gang stalkers

  1. My name is Nolberto J Cales, I live in Berks county PA in the city of Reading. I am being discriminated by people in my hometown. Everywhere I go I am hearing voices in my head, i believe i am being tracked by an illegal implant in my body.

    1. Hi, Nolberto.

      Usually when people claim they have implants in their body, I write them off as total crackpots.

      In your case, I did some web research, and found that you are a “UFO sighting guy,” all of which borders on “ROGS Bingo crackpot.

      But I will acknowledge that a lot of gang stalking takes place in your area, an ultra-conservative, reigionist held territory of the USA.

      Good luck with that electronic chip–I hear you can fly to Cuba where the doctors are etremely capable, and have tem give you a CAT scan for about 1/100th of the cost in the USA.

      Then, they will likely diagnose you as a “crackpot” and kick you out of the country.

      But good luck anyways.

      1. @ROGS analysis
        I’m microchipped I have pics videos. Anyone who denies the microchip is a gov perp! They are covering up the victims forced into brain research brain mapping DOD and law enforcement weapons testing and political money laundering and crime rings.

        1. Um, no.

          It’s in your interest to simply prove your own case, not mine. As you see–I have made my case for over five years online, and the Tampa Bay Times won this years Pulitzer because journalists are taking on this topic PRECISELY because I do not ramble on with unprovable claims.

          That said–yeah, agencies do chip their own assets. Part of the job you signed up for.

          And if you don’t like it, well, foreign countries have excellent doctors, who can remove it cheaply and effectively.

  2. Hello. I am a victim of gang-stalking and have correctly Identified my tormentors who have conspired across the nation from doctors, directors, counselors of law, corporations, national hospital groups, lawmen, federal groups such as DHS, FEMA, Firemen, Sheriffs, random citizens, neighbors and their children as small as elementary age, and more. FBI local is aware, I would bet on it and win. Unlike your stories above of torture and murdering, I am not charged with a crime, case nor have I committed one. I am sure they are stating some investigative imagined need but this is a lie and out of context as people seek to frame, destroy me. I need help but cannot get any as they figure out my phone number and intercept the call or leave messages to route the call to a stalker with criminal intent. Telecommunications is in on the act. How many times have I heard the statement that local law enforcement is supported as a reason for the frame. Several times and entities. The state of Florida Bar Association is involved and aware as is the Health Care Groups here.
    As is the state Career Services group. All based in lies and no due process. I suppose all these persons enjoy pissing on the constitution of the US until it is their turn then they will scream due process but after all this corruption, I hope no one lends them an ear either as I have no voice and no rights and neither will any of them as this corruption knows no limits. They will not let me be as my case is truly horrendous for what they have done to me short of murder. I believe I am in hell surrounded by devil driven mindless minions. I am still here as I love my parent who still cannot believe the whole thing. Still I pray that we both will be delivered as only the just elite can be in this hellish time. God Bless those who believe and do not waste too much of your pearls as these are truly inspired devils and this is my experience. The law is indeed unjust today as is the Department of Human Services out of their element causing much harm to the innocent and the community having no talent for unbiased investigations as their following is comprised of criminal cruel and jealous persons who have no real education and should not be allowed to stalk. This is scary on a level I cannot fully explain. I will write about this and am thinking of a podcast as I am now keeping diary for some time and downloading pictures for instance of a man who I believe is an investigator who attempted to beach my debit card twice but did not once in the 7 eleven an once the post office, stalker and likely affiliated with local law enforcement. For some it takes only a hint to engage in cruelty legalized only in their very small, twisted brains. I will be writing decease letters as this is real and with criminal intent. I have a case because I am a true innocent victim of these idiots. I am a nurse of 25 years and use to be gainfully employed and I have a disability, breast cancer. They are really afraid of me and need to be punished before they kill me and my elderly parent. This is a true story.

    1. Well, slow down a minute, and count the many good things in your life.

      Then, have a look at my sections on how to fight back–document everything, and use calm, rational analysis of what is happening.

      As I have said, one photo of one random stalker means nothing–but five photos of that person following you adds up.

      Florida is a major gang stalking state–a throwback to the era where it was a leader in Klan activity, and that mindset permeates everything in that state.

      That combined with fanatical religious sects makes it tough for the targets, because these fanatics are easily activated. And yes, the FBI as a “political police” is heavily involved. I proved that linkage several times at my other blogs, one of which linked several police affiliated persons from the county coroners office who eventually rose in the police state ranks , and now have special positions within that organization and others.

      So: my guess is that you are a target because you are single, so, no witnesses–and your parent is a lucrative target for the state to suck in some federal dollars if they get you out of the picture, and dump your parent into state care.

      A very common scenario, and yes, health care groups are integral in this modern form of “slavery by another name.”They want the bucks that the fed dangle out there, and they use children and elders to get them. With you out of the picture, they can institutionalize your parent, and then overcharge all kinds of phony services.

      That said, help might be closer than you think, because nurses have some very covert stalking programs themselves. In fact, in cases of domestic violence and other situations, many nurses stalk men who are accused of DV (but not convicted.) Try to hook up with those groups–they are the special nurses associations that claim women and children as their causes.

      So–do you belong to a union? Or a nurses association? Sometimes talking about these stalking situations in those settings can get you some help there.

      And keep in mind: while men have zero resources with which to fight stalkers, women have TONS of resources. Women’s domestic violence advocates, and many programs deal with stalking.

      Its also very important to know that all the “hopes and prayers” in the entire world will not help you one bit–you need to take action against these people, starting with documentation of these events, license plate numbers, etc.

      There is a unique paradox in these situations: the religious are largely responsible for gang stalking, but anti-religious groups, the gay community, the ADL, black groups, antifa, and others are now very active stalkers too.

      So, get help where you can, but help starts with YOU, and what you can document. If you report to the police, avoid any and all discussion of “electronic weapons” unless it is specifically “computer hacking, wiretaps, cell phone tampering, lasers pointed at your windows, ” and other actual forms of electronic harassment.

      And good luck out there–Florida is a shithole state, full of shithole people, for the most part. If there was a god–and there is not–he would have tipped Florida on its side long ago, and dusted all of those shitbag people into the ocean and replaced them with decent human beings.

      More proof that there simply is no god. But you will have better luck proving that there ARE lots of gang stalkers, if you carry your camera at all times; get a front and rear dash camera for your car; and hide small hidden camera’s around your property. Some of them are as small as a screw head, or a button.

      That’s what I did, and it worked. And as usual F@CK THE POLICE–they are indeed “in on it”–and your video’s will show that fact.

      Then–go to the journalists if you want to get anything done.

      Lastly–are you in Pasco County or Pinellas? Both places, its the shreriffs directing these activities, the same as they did in the KKK era. The good news is that there are lawsuits ongoing, and these dirty rotten sheriffs are lucrative targets–join with their enemies and fight back.

    2. I too am a victim of these same things you speak of. I’m microchipped and have an autistic daughter. I believe we have been placed in Obama’s brain research programs. Search the below info on Facebook Twitter Google etc. GAB is full of info. Sending lover and prayers to you and all true TARGETS VICTIMS.

      see my story at
      GAB Social Jeanette Moore @MICROCHIPPED.

  3. I too, have been a victim of the phenomenon known as Gang Stalking, for about the last EIGHTEEN YEARS-it has become so bad for me that I believe they have had access to my place/house, when I am not there; they also constantly monitor me in EVERY ROOM I go, in my own house-and know when I fall asleep and when I awake-confirming this at times by driving by, making a loud noise with their motorcycles or cars or trucks or ATV’s, each and every time I awake from my sleep-and I sleep at different hours of the day-think about what this is doing to the neighbors also, making these disturbing noises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but they don’t care; their MAIN OBJECTIVE-NO MATTER WHO THEY HURT, RUIN OR DESTROY IN THE PROCESS, is to get at me-or anyone like me.

    How did all of this come about or start? I deal with a ‘Tourett’s syndrome-like condition-but more severe in it’s manifestation, because demons entered me a long time ago, which demons have NEVER been made to leave, on a permanent basis-but by the grace of God I have been able to live my life in a relatively normal fashion, in spite of this affliction. Sometimes also, when I am trying to fall off to sleep-I think my stalkers are also using ‘psychic invasion’ to know when I do so-I also believe my “neighbors are a part of this conspiracy(I have been at this present place of abode for a little over six years now-it wasn’t always like this-not at my present abode. Things just started up again about 2 to 2 and a 1/2 years ago, and I could say more about what they have done to me-and you are absolutely correct when you say this thing involves the CIA, FBI and local law enforcement(present and former personnel)-as well as the local drug dealers-and I hope whoever sees this will not be discouraged but on the contrary, be encouraged by my TESTIMONY regarding these things which I, and others have told you, regarding this phenomenon-one last word of note: this is a SATANIC world and these things are to be expected when you are trying to keep to yourself and do the right thing, as God and man would have you to do-but there are those in this world who will not let you live your life in peace-and I am not one that believes in ‘turning the other cheek’: I am not afraid of them, and am willing to die for what I believe is the right thing; they know this also, and I believe they consider me all the more a threat to their existence for it.

    1. Hi, and I hope you are well.

      Just a note: there IS NO GOD.

      The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get the wheels rolling on investigating and prosecuting the mob that is stalking you. Otherwise, you are just stuck in a rut of bad habits–jousting at phantoms, and praying for relief from the clouds–very primitive, I might add.

      I get quite a few comments from people who wish to get that word GOD onto my blogspace, which I tolerate only for the sake of making an example out of it.

      That said–isn’t it interesting what he/his/her/she/its followers are doing in regards to gang stalking? Can you imagine The Jesus slobbering on peoples window ledges, cyber-stalking folks, sneaking around following people, building up behavioral dosier’s and wiretapping their phones?

      “Go forth, and slobber on doorknobs! Peek into people’s computers,my flock! Stalk people in the public market, children of GOODNESS!”

      LOL! Yeah–The Mythical Jesus spoke directly against that.

      The Jewish-christian confabulation is more bizarre than anything that can be observed in atheist nations, which do not have a gang stalking problem–and of they do find a “gang”of “stalkers” they deal with them criminally.

      So, I recently stumbled upon an interesting link: in the 1920-1950’s “the masses”were waking up to the horrors that the GOD people unleash into the world, and started turning away from those thousands of years old lies, confabulations, myths and superstitions, and guess what?

      The GOD people hatched another diabolical plot: to marginalize the no-believers in various ways, because science debunks all of their lies and fakery. One or another version of the “biblical Moses”, the shroud of Turin, Virgin Mary in toast slices; golden plates in the desert–and so on are all hoaxes or unscientific, ahistorical lies.

      So, these religious deviants formed NGO’s, and wrote a new “bible” for the sheeple, which is the DSM-5 (the mental health assessment book) and crafted a narrative of “mental illness” for anyone who rejects the Jewish-christian confabulation. They created things like Alcoholics Anonymous and its satellite organizations–they labelled non-believers “sick”in many ways.

      A sort of re-scripting the narrative of “good and evil.”Interesting, huh?

      But perhaps even more interesting than that was how others formed other groups– like “the Satanists!” like Aleister Crowley; and L. Ron Hubbard formed Scientology as an attempt to overcome J-c brainwashing.Hubbard was the dianetics guy, you might recall.

      And guess what?

      The CIA and the FBI-ADL stalked him for many decades, even today, to get the secret’s of his brainwashing techniques–and apply those techniques to the masses.

      Its a sort of hilarious “revelation” that well known gang stalkers in the case of Scientology get stalked themselves–but far more interesting because it reveals the FBI as little more than a fanatical religious secret police if you will; and CIA-NSA as an “all seeing eye”that acts as the herdsmen to thine sheeple–and targeting anyone who jumps(or flees) outside the pen.

      Social media is also a huge part of their grand all-seeing-eye plan, and the Jewish-christian attacks on people who reject their psychopathic gang stalking-as-social-engineering scheme is striking.

      Here’s a few links you might want to look at to decide for yourself if what I say is true or not. But “god”cannot help you because it/he/she/they are the problem itself.

      So–no god figure can or will help you, but you can help yourself. I have a bunch of free tools sections on my blog, and lots of advice about how to “catch a gang of stalkers.”

      And, even the feds are taking stalking cases seriously, as we saw in the case of the eBay gang of stalkers–but you got to help yourself first and get good evidence to present.

      An, as usual, depending on the laws of your state, stand your ground, etc.– if you catch them on your property, well–you have a right to give them what they deserve. POW!

      “I was afraid for my life and safety, officer–and they were on my property!”

      And, foreign governments frequently are interested in the names of these people, their families and associates–for some reason–and so it doesn’t hurt to target the personal data of gang stalkers that you can name, and make a few foreign amigo’s. One person’s gang stalkers are another countries “curiosity” if you get my meaning.

      And so on;-)

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