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This blog documents anti-democratic agents working from within the security industry, military, police, and intelligence agencies, and their associates; who are “stalking” journalists, activists, dissidents-and common citizens on social media online, and offline in the real world too. Zero electronic weapons, aliens and brain moicrowaves, and 100% computer and cell phone wiretaps, and Fusion Center meddling in our online lives.

The practice of stalking activists, dissidents, and others is by no means a new way for the hidden “deep state” security apparatus to limit our abilities to create change, or uphold and enforce our constitutional, or other basic human rights. Groups ranging from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to police and intelligence related “investigators” such as Homeland Security private contractors, and retired police who are politically organized have been noted in the extant literature on this topic as waging what they call “parallel colliding investigations” on targeted citizens.

Examples of this are numerous and horrific, undemocratic and even anti-democratic, ranging from the various Law Enforcement fraternal organizations that coordinate as unruly mobs online and off*, much the way the Ku Klux Klan and its adherents organized in the past, or the infamous FBI Cointelpro of the earlier eras of American history; whereas today we have these groups masquerading as “threat assessment professionals” in the case of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) which coined the term “colliding parallel investigations.”

What IS new however, are the massive, interconnected and highly organized networks of citizen spies, “community assets” and easily discredited police informants that are used in everyday, “ordinary” policing, and how the police at the local level coordinate with federal level agencies to build dossiers of ordinary citizens who are targeted by them; and some of those organizations that target and track citizens are headed by former CIA (and other intelligence services) agents or others who worked in psychological operations, meaning that CIA tactics, tools, and practices are now directed at common every day citizens, including “psychological operations,” and the people who wage them on individuals from within Fusion Centers, such as Russel Palarea .

Many of these “targeted”operations are run directly from Fusion Centers, assisted by the FBIs Infragard agents, which are networks of powerful or well placed individuals that wage secret, hidden campaigns of online, offline stalking to disrupt the daily activities of citizens, and spy on them online from positions of trust These Infragard spies work in capacities wherein they can obtain the personal data of individuals who are targeted in these operations, in capacities such as internet provider service companies, corporate executives, and others who have access to databases wherein personal information is kept.

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* Noteworthy examples of how these police unions and fraternal organizations operate as cover for the actual “gangs” of police who wage “gang stalking” is the case of the murderous and illegal Harding Street Raid in Houston in 2019. In this case, we saw the following, predictable headline, laced with “official source narratives”:

Grand jury ‘indicted a hero’ with murder in deadly HPD botched raid, lawyer says

Then, when proper investigation was applied to this “gang of police” the headlines morphed into the more realistic and factual tale two years later:

12 Houston police officers have been charged in connection with a botched 2019 raid

That one case, which is exemplary of these types of cases, has seen an entire police force covering up the crimes and repeating the myth of “one rogue cop” which in fact, has now blossomed into indictments against 12 indicted murderers and fraudsters who were literally defrauding the taxpayers at the time of these homicides.

Two citizens were murdered because an actual gang of police targeted them with an anti-democratic, anti-due process, illegal, and fraudulent attack.

These cases are now informed by Fusion Center spying, warrantless phone and computer wiretaps, and community spies who work for the FBI, DHS, or in the case above, slimy and easily discredited police informants. These practices have been the case since the historically significant founding of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) that were formed after the FBIs Cointelpro was shut down by congress, and that have infected policing as a whole today.

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