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This blog you are reading is written for gang stalking study, gang stalking research, gang stalking blogs,documenting police stalking, gangs of police, gang stalking, research; NOT electronic weapons, NOT aliens, NOT lizard people, NOT “microwave brain blasters or inter-planetary satellite ray guns”.

ONLY THE FACTS and evidence of surveillance state abuses of targeted citizens. Wiretaps? Yup. Electronic computer and cell phone “implants?” Yup….microwave weapon attacks? Only those that have been verified by scientific inquiry, like the Cuba and China cases, where military, or military contractors are suspected of using them on US Diplomats; and lots more demystification of the “gang stalking dialogues online.”

Otherwise, its important to note that investigators and intelligence agency and their associates use related language to describe the various electronic “weapons” that they use ranging from cell phone signal interception, to various other devices which you can read about in the Intercepts catalogue of surveillance gear, all of which utilize “microwaves” and “radio waves” of some frequency.

Below, you will find highly reputable websites ranging from law firms to security industry workers and journalists that document the relatively new police tactic of parallel investigations, and intelligence agency “creeps” which use fraudulent, or illegal investigative tactics that trample constitutional guarantees and due process of law called “parallel construction” and this is known colloquially as “gang stalking.” Often we see political factions spying on each other, and on either side claiming they are targeted individuals.

They also use bizarre language and even more bizarre “Countering Violent Extremism strategies. aka “manufactured terrorism” to co-opt narratives in the press and elsewhere, and they use junk science, and pseudo-science in their discourses, such as this example here where one crackpot named Tiffany Fontenot rambles on about “reverse speech,” as she targets an individual..

Reputable sites are easy to sort out once you become aware of the religious/political/psychobabbling that is used in the fraudulent websites and blogs. Below is more discussion about that.

Start with Max Blumenthal. at “GrayZone,”which explores the gray area between constitutional civil liberties and due process protections, versus the intelligence apparatus civil rights/mo civil rights blur”that routinely destroys our “rights”around the world. And, in much of what he writes about, we can see and or infer that gangs of political stalkers are involved.

I follow reputable journalists like Glenn Greenwald, and Max Blumenthal,because they are this generations bold left wing that right wing christian owned outlets regularly throw shade at, because they cover’s topics like right wing interference in Venezuela, and actual stalking by “gangs” of US and British agencies, and other taboo topics. As is well known, as I and other journalists began the War On Terror era with targets painted on our ability to do journalism in the public’s interest, other carried the ball forward until there was an Edward Snowden, and many other whistle blowers along the way.

So, in the “gang stalking narrative,” I myself personally encountered military contractors, current and retired police, and actual intelligence agents who literally, overtly and covertly aimed actual weapons at me. One of those weapons was the closed loop narrative of gang stalking, where the individual becomes a perpetual target of psychopaths and their sociopathic enablers.

Disreputable and questionable websites comprise the majority of online materials that make the “bizarre” claims such as “electronic weapons attacks,” mind reading locusts and so on, are written by identifiable, nameable and traceable current and former military, police, security and intelligence persons who are actually CIA/other intelligence agency affiliated. Many are now working as private contractors, aka private spies, and their mobs of associates can be found and identified using simple SOCMINT and OSINT Analysis, working in “domestic capacities”such as forensic psychology, social workers, Fusion Centers, or as behavioral psychologists like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan et al., and armies of cold case investigators” and persons in related fields, such as this example where we see someone posing as a “targeted individual,” who is in fact a private investigator experienced in black operations.. These people ARE who gang stalkers äre.

There are many hundreds of thousands of inter-linked materials online just like it, all of them can eventually be traced and connected to current and former military and police, and in fact, that alleged “targeted individual” mentioned above is named John C. Frycek, who also sells rather excellent spyware.

So, that is part of my criterion for separating “fake TI’s” from persons who have been provably targeted by these people.

None of the blogs and websites below utilize psychobabble, or yammer on about electronic weapons, aliens, mind reading locusts, reptilians, or talking to the dead as we see here from a police darling, Eve Lorgren, whose crankery and conspiracy laden bio is found here, and also many other examples of this crackpot stuff can be found here, and especially here at Targeted Justice, which was started by a former NSA spy. Also review this pile of crap, Tiffany Fontenot.

In fact, of the latter types of websites nearly 80-90% are written by actual stalkers, and actual spies, all of whom are police/retired police/intelligence agency shills, ranging from any of the alphabet agencies and their armies of private contractors, to retired military and police and their networks of associates. And, unsurprisingly, many of them are directly connected to the FBI created anti-constitutional group Infragard, or other members only and police affiliated organizations.

I recommend the following websites and other links for legitimate gang stalking researchers.

Target Letter LawTarget Letter is a resource for those who are in need of practical information and valuable insights covering a broad range of government investigations and state and federal criminal and civil proceedings.”

The website is written by a former security and intelligence industry insider who was stalked and harassed by security industry goons, and is perhaps the most dependable, unbiased online source of information about gang stalking online. My readers note that I occasionally veer into right and left wing viewpoints (I am a moderate leaning far left) whereas FGS is apolitical, and he sticks with the facts known to him at the time he wrote it.

Similar to FightGangStalking, another blog was written by Keith LaBella Esq., an attorney who was targeted. His work contains only what is factual, and verifiable, with zero psychobabble.ANd, he documents how many mass shooters were coherent, and clearly gang stalked by police and their associates. Most telling is the affidavit of Myron May, who documented police interactions spanning several states, and provides license plate numbers, badge numbers and more.

Public Intelligence is a great source of publicly available information about the bizarre activities of the alphabet agencies, and their partners in crime in the security and intelligence industry, including information about gang stalking . They routinely get threatened by these coocoo FBI/DHS/ATF/DHS/FEMA/USAFOSID/NCIS/et alphabet agents and agencies who try to force them to hide information about industry “black operations,”and other “sensitive” stuff about these agencies bad behavior and policies.

One of my favorite “takedown” notices/threats is to their posting about the US Army takedown request of the U.S. Army Police Intelligence Fraudulent Law Enforcement Credentials and Badges Guide, which you can download here too as a .pdf file

The blog Goonlog was written by a person that the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) and othershad targeted for harassment during an actual investigation. It demonstrates the kookieness of the bizarre tactics that the alphabet agencies use to target a person with “psychological operations,” and is useful for any defense attorney, sociologist, or psychologist to understand gang stalking in the modern law enforcement context. It is no longer active, and that writer likely cut a deal of some kind or other, after the last post notes that he had talked to police “downtown.”

The context of “parallel investigation” is where elements of law enforcement, and any of its hundreds of tentacles coordinate efforts between administrative bodies and tax compliance, to workers comp, and other federal or state agents and agencies to target an individual for prosecution. Here is more about that from the law offices of Wilmer Hale, written around the time Goonlog was written.

Small Town Terrorism is the story of Rick Krlich, a man who bought a house next to the fire chief, and then, began to experience what almost every actual victim and targeted individual knows about gang stalking: constant harassment by the fire chief and his “gang: of police, retired police, and other associates. Krlich got restraining orders on many of them, and the judge signed off on many for five years or more. And, as an added bonus, one of those gang stalkers was later convicted of calling in fake fires, and milking the town funds.

Wikileaks is must reading for almost all journalists, but it also provides insight into many of the various gang stalking programs in use ranging from intelligence agency spying like the FVEYs alliance and its spawn, or the Fusion Center spying,that

The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics is an excellent resource to follow the inter-connected webs of alliances between the global monarchs, oligarchs, banksters (banksters are gangsters with banks) and their associates in politics, policing, and non-governmental organizations.

While the writer is a white male from Holland and he leans right, he is, like many such writers, an injured party after being gang stalked online and off by these psychopaths. He is an excellent, dedicated researcher, and his material is quite impressive body of study, linking the historical banking families and their networks in the various non-governmental organizations, government, and media.


There are only two sides to the gang stalking debate online: 1) actual gang stalkers who masquerade as targets, and 2) actual targets, who are frequently whistle blowers, dissidents, activists, and common citizens who criticize the modern surveillance state, which is in fact a police state, by definition in any dictionary anywhere. Gang stalking of actual targets, and the disinformation online about it is the cover operation that keeps it murky, and discredited in the public perception.

See this page for the story of civil rights criminal defense attorney Stanley Cohen, an actual target of these campaigns, or this Facebook page for the story of a low level sex offender targeted by vigilantes. These cases are real, and horrific, and demonstrate that democracy in the United States is a limited enterprise, over-ruled at every democratic chokepoint by these types of anti-democratic campaigns, which police routinely do not “police.”

The Florida Action Committee targets bad laws that target the perennial scapegoat of sexually perverse Jewish-christian western societies: sex offenders, most of whom are there because police and their allies in NGOs, etc., sought to compromise them in some way. And they target people in sex scandals too, but almost always confined to hapless individuals like Richard Moore, rather than this Florida sheriff who had his mistress arrested to control her narrative.

Most educated people know that sex offender laws are little more than a modern day scarlet letter, and do very little about recidivism, instead acting as anti-democratic performance and “security theater” at the expense of taxpayers. All the money spent on excessive policing of these people could easily be spent in each state by building a voluntary/mandated sex offender “colony” where they could self-support, and live in “tiny houses,” (and even then, those who exploit this issue have managed to profit from the homeless)but they don’t because the value of the “narrative” is so much greater. But states don’t do that, because police and their powerful political unions with bullshit narratives of “protecting women and children” make shitloads of money off of this issue.

I am very fond of Wikispooks, a wiki that is must reading for anyone who writes or studies the modern police and surveillance states of western democracies have become. It is open source, and covers “deep politics” which by their very nature are difficult to understand. They state “Deep politics, the primary focus of this website, is the business of deep states; clandestine groups who seek to exercise control over publicly acknowledged governments of nation states. These are directed by individuals who, for want of a better term, we call “deep politicians“. They use deep state actors to carry out their plans, organising and carrying out deep events to further their hidden purposes.”

Gang stalking is certainly that at all levels, as I and others have written about for decades. Especially have a look at their analysis of how British monarchists and their Rothschild banksters waged a covert war to “influence,” aka “mind control” people about “Russian propaganda.utlizing the nefarious “Institute for Statecraft,” and other “influence operations,” which is an eye opener into the lies that western governments tell to keep power, while maintaining a flase appearance of having ‘democratic instititions.’.

Because Wikispooks is open source, this means means that unlike Wikipedia, which is infested with military, police, and intelligence agency trolls from the “FVEYs Nations”, Wikispooks keeps all logs of comments and edits, so that spooks who try to manipulate data there can be traced. It is also a download! You can have the entire site capture for free, anytime you want it. Click here!

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