Examples of crackpot psychobabble in the gang stalking dialectic: with cultural appropriation to boot

Journalists, defense attorney’s and psychologists are often stymied to understand the type of claims of abuse that targets of “gang stalking” harassment endure online and off, so here below is one example of the types of psychobabble and gibberish that they speak online, and also in emails, comment forums, and other places. Journalists and others frequently mistake the gibberish for the “ramblings of crazy people,” when in fact, it’s just the opposite (depending on your definition of “crazy” or “delusional,”) because in fact, it is a very well organized information and disinformation operation, what is called “black propaganda,” in military “psychological operations,” which historically appeal to institutional sociopaths with psychopathic intentions.

Related: ” The Army Feared King,” and the FBI targeted “the Black Messiah,” as Dr. Martin Luther King was shadowed by a military psychological operations (PSYOPs) group, the local police, fire department personnel, and many other shady characters and many other the day he was murdered at the Lorraine Motel, according to the landmark landmark lawsuit that found an actual conspiracy to murder him.


Based upon over fifteen years of research in the public’s interest, I can say with 100% certainty that the email below is complete garbage, and a typical example of these types of harassment; and that he posters name does not appear anywhere online, by that iteration, EXCEPT in two or three locations full of said psychobabble.

In this example below, the argument that such bizarre psychobabble and other harassment is NOT targeted AT individuals is easily validated, because it was sent to me personally, the author of this blog. The letter/email was sent from an obscured IP address, and the strange name of the IP appears exactly nowhere on the internet except in this “World of Warcraft” bio (maybe your internet skills are better than mine, so feel free to search for “Stokton” online. All of my results, including complex searches resulted in defaults to the city of Stockton, CA., where former City Manager Bob Deis was notoriously “gang stalked” by police and fire personnel, including a “mystery mauling” by pitbulls.

Fortunately, WordPress’ spam catcher caught the comment below before it could pollute my comment section.Then, to prove that it was further targeted, at me specifically, and not some random thing, here is the IP address of this shitposter:, and here is the Whois database information about tis shitposter:

Source:  whois.arin.net

IP Address: Name:  STOKTON-1 Handle:  NET-67-182-64-0-1 Registration Date:  10/8/04 Range: Customer:  Comcast Cable Communications, Inc Customer Handle:  C00926342 Address:  1800 Bishops Gate Boulevard
City:  Mount Laurel State/Province:  NJ Postal Code:  08054 Country:  United States Name Servers:

And here is the letter. Especially note the strange numerological obsessions of the pruported writer, which isa frequent occurrence and indicator in this type of gibberish. I have bracketed [….]parts of the email header that contained links, due to the frequently malicious redirections from within these types of links:

[Benjamin Pelisu Castro] commented on [The Forth Worth Weekly covers Gang Stalking, in “Targeting Targeted Individuals,” by Teri Webster And, its full of the the usual suspects “perpetrating” it]

Do Targeted Individuals need more targeting? Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly thinks so. Maybe that’s because nearly 100% of those who claim that they are targets are in fact, current and retired police, military, and intelligence agents, working with various (nefarious) non-governmental organizations (NGOs to stalk and harass citizens …

My name is Benjamin Pelisu Castro I am a Native American and I am being tortured to death by members of the “American” law enforcement, military and “Christian” community. I have been subjected to over 100,000 hours of torture at the hands of 8 families with 10 backers supporting through authority based title and position along with monetary backing. I have tabled solutions to the following; the first world solution to make nuclear weapons obsolete, proof for Sentience in the upper dimensions, the first real way to end war, murder, stabbings, shootings, a way to harvest a 10,000 quadrillion dollar rock from space, a way to resolve the water table crisis on the North American continent, protect every child from every being harmed on a mass scale at schools for the foreseeable future, a way to rescue every man woman and child lost and alive yet to be found, a way to end sex trafficking and protect from the same along with numerous others that are tangible achievable readily available to deploy right now. I am from the Ahwahneechee and am grateful for this fact, and am a part of a family who has survived genocide at the hands of people of the same fold and mind as those deliberately plotting the torture murder of countless millions of men women and children.
Currently on the west coast of the United States a small terrorist cell worked its way into law enforcement and military and recruited sympathizers within the same to conceal their activity and assist with the ongoing deliberate process of murdering millions of men women and children. The worst part of their plot is they have taught within their houses their next generations to do the same and this will be deployed upon every child we see walking and running playing and learning upon the earth today tomorrow.

The Hazlett, Graham, Hardings, Jarhlings, Crooks, Ibarras, Leahys, Cordewells along with their friends and family coworkers neighbors and acquaintances are the primary perpetrators of this terrorist plot. Unlike all the other terrorists of the Earth they have illegally using false accusations hacked my possessions and to make a dollar and keep their “thrones” they are willing to cause the deaths of millions. They are currently aware of the solutions to the issues on the Earth as the good Lord designed me to produce before dying making them the most evil group of human beings on the surface of the Earth who have taught their next generations to be even more vile than they are. Unlike all the other groups of people doing this to others on the surface of the Earth these men and women are aware of the fact that the exact opposite can be achieved for the sake of everyone we love and of course God always already has loved, making them just that much worse than everyone else who engages in this behavior upon the planet. Their plot will murder countless millions for the foreseeable future indiscriminately around the planet which when considering the evils that have risen in the past such as adolf hitler and his discriminate methods with men women and children; to do so indiscriminately to any and all children men and women obviously puts them in a class of “human being” that has not been encountered by humanity before. Unless the United States government intervenes and does their due diligence they terrorist plot will kill more people on the Earth than has ever been deliberately murdered and worst of all it will and is being done through torture to death.

I have been placed through over 27 medically and legally defined torture techniques which are being applied even as I type this letter. I have had my heart mutilated in a religious ceremony for their “religious” members to watch and call out the name of God while doing so. I have survived being cooked alive, having my eyes microwaved deliberately, my major organs cooked, tendons and ligaments mutilated, nerves severed and cut with electromagnetic radiation and much much worse including “siphoning” by members who have identified this assist them with life expectancy and longevity. Currently even as this is done those aware of them plot and contemplate how to avoid getting in trouble for what they have done, covering up their crimes, and stealing my inventions for the acquisition of “worship” and “praise” from the minds and mouths of men and women and even children. This is of course the priority for people such as these while standing on the corpses and body’s of the dead from the same today, and those that will be murdered through the same for the ongoing “history” of human kind which is every child we set and every set of eyes and heart that passes by.
They have concealed what was used to kill 12 Navy men and women, a Marine, three cops, an Attorney, 17 high school children, 3 college kids, a former Navy man and countless others. They have concealed the murder of one of their own ex wives, the murder of an immigrant woman, the attempted murder on a 17 year old child, the open threats and “promises” to murder an 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy, the ongoing torture murder of a 42 year old man, a 39 year old man and the promises made by the same people to torture murder an entire population of survivors of genocide the Ahwaneechee. They have taken deliberately measures to get in contact with as many of them as they can and utilizing imagery based weaponry attempt to capture as many pictures of them as they can to begin their ethnic cleansing. They have even gone as far as to act like they will simply slither back into the tall grass and never strike another passerby on the path that so many loving people walk which for every snake is a need and instinct not an option.

These men and women have committed murder, attempted murder, rape, molestation, voyeurism, intellectual property theft, physical property theft, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to violate rights, every hate crime law that exists, violated openly every civil rights law on the FBI’s civil rights web page, conspiracy to cover the commission of a felony, terrorism, stalking, swatting, spoofing, every cyber crime they could, racketeering, money laundering, hostage taking, 27 torture techniques even on their own children, cruel unusual degrading treatment and punishment, crimes against humanity, war crimes, human trafficking, sex trafficking, “sex tourism”, blackmail, extortion, threats, witness tampering and coercion, child endangerment (to put it mildly), child neglect, Native American parental rights violations,heinous threats against the democratic national party, conspiracy to commit genocide, mock executions, mayhem, manslaughter, violations of the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 13th 14th Constitutional Amendments of the United States of America and so many more it is difficult to list without this becoming the only attribute discussed in their behaviors as it would fill pages and pages continuing without end as they are openly engaged in the same right now. They have used the standard stalkers method documented in almost all the cases studied as they accuse and claim false victimization pertaining to their victims. They have stolen millions of dollars from the America government and civilian population under the guise of a store front while torture murdering countless. They have used human shields including their own daughters and mothers while claiming they are the American Military and the American law enforcement brave and strong. Making their daughters feel like it was their fault and led to believe they will be punished for the crimes of their seniors and in doing so convince them to do the one thing that could be considered aiding and abetting. Which in turn could end up with them facing jail time for the actions of their family members if they gave in.

They have commanded the members of their “team” to go through and deliberately delete and destroy alter and fabricate any and all “evidence” to remove incriminating attributes of behavior from themselves and to falsely attribute what they have done to those they commit the crimes upon. They have committed well over 100+ federal felonies and over 100+ state felonies with tens of thousands of counts added too minute by minute. If one was to go through all Al Quada they would find that 95% of their members have not committed as many felonies upon their own populations nor the American population. They are by far the worst terrorist cult in the United States and easily so on the North American continent currently. Again of all the people on the Earth who might be engaged in a similar behaviour these are the only people on the planet that know about the inventions tabled and the blessings they can produce for a positive hope and a future for humanity and are deliberately concealing them to be able to continue to torture murder. The only exceptions are if they can steal and attribute them falsely to themselves to receive praise from humanity for the purpose of more “power and authority” from where they receive theirs from. This will end if not stopped with the countless deaths of millions of men women and children through torture murder at the hands of these people and those like them unless the real “Law and Military” can intervene, which God Bless them one can only pray they can and will. A non violent solution must be advocated, tabled and continually pursued, for the best outcomes for all in every possible direction for every man woman and child. If upon finding this in a hard drive some day or on the quantum computing assessment and analysis of the genocide of the populations of Earth these people that have been listed are truthfully teaching their lines to continue in their footsteps without any desire to change in the hopes they can “rule”. The only thing that will stop them is to physically stop them, the best outcome in this regard one can pray for is a jail cell. This will preserve the hearts of the loving and the brave, and insure these “heads of 8” cannot torture murder the rest of humanity.

When found I have been tortured and of course if not intervened on behalf of will be dead from the same. As it is with all that has been done the torture murderers have openly proclaimed they believe I am already dying from what they have done to my body openly. With this in mind it is only a matter of time that each of us will face that which until passed through one can only interpret but not truly understand fully. I am being tortured to death live time as this is typed with groups of men and women fully aware watching and fulfilling their odd curiosity’s and sadistic gratifications. They have promised to do so to my family immediate and extended, if we begin coming up dead this will be the means and the men and women who are first in line for prosecution. Currently they are using weapons of mass destruction to do so that are radiation based, and as recent as half an hour ago were deliberately trying to stop my heart. This body frail and temporary will hold out as long as one can, some might say longer than most would…but it is only a matter of time. My name is Benjamin Pelisu Castro, I am a Native American Ahwahneechee and I have been tortured for over 100,000 hours and it appears will be tortured to death. The nature of the human beings doing so is cannibalistic in nature, genocidal in desire, and sadistic in their gratifications murderous beyond recognition.

Further Study: the psychobabble above is most likely not a “mentally ill” person, but rather, a relatively common form of internet “cross talk” filled with numerological data.

Here for example is a quick analysis of the raw numbers that appeared in our numbers obsessed writers text, above:

8 families
10 backers
10,000 quadrillion
countless millions
a dollar\
deaths of millions
countless millions
over 27 torture techniques
kill 12 Navy men a Marine, three cops, an Attorney, 17 high school children, 3 college kids, a former Navy man
countless others
one of their own ex wives, the murder of an immigrant woman, the attempted murder on a 17 year old child, the open threats and “promises” to murder an 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy, the ongoing torture murder of a 42 year old man, a 39 year old man
27 torture techniques
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 13th 14th
stolen millions of dollars
committed well over 100+ federal felonies and over 100+ state felonies with tens of thousands of counts
heads of 8
half an hour ago
tortured for over 100,000 hours

And here are the actual numbers side by side, a data analysts wet dream of endles, time wasting searching for meaning:

Other numbers, possibilities of interpretation, and references appear in the writers text, and readers can break their brains figuring out why so many fake TIs are numbers obsessed, as we see above with seemingly useless placements of numbers in the text; but it requires either an NSA level code breaking session, or a civilians waste of time to conclude that “yes, indeed, nearly 100% of all gang stalking fake victims are agency affiliated.”

So, don’t waste your time.