Examples of the good, the bad- and the pure garbage gang stalking websites

There are thousands of gang stalking blogs, and many millions of other online artifacts ranging from videos, to memes, and podcasts that discuss gang stalking, and a simple Bing search of that topic reveals some 5,340, 000 million hits for that result(1).

Before you read any further, Please note that https://fightgangstalking.com is one of the most uncluttered and reputable sites about corporate-security-intelligence-NGO-religious gang stalking that you will ever find, which I regard as even better than my own work at https://researchorganizedgangstalking.org, which was de-platformed by WordPress after I named several actual gang stalkers who work or worked in federal agencies, police departments, police fraternal organizations, a few Department of Defense employees, an actual Mossad agent, and in various NGOs.

Then, thre is the narrative put forward by Keith LaBella, Esq., who was targeted with gang stalking and who writes the excellent blog Gang Stalking is Murder. He chronicles only the cases where we see extensive stalking and harassment by police, many of those cases leading to mass shootings or suicides. LaBella’s work is excellent, factual, and 100% verifiable, and he keeps a copy of the testimony of attorney Myron May who left an excellent record of the stalking and surveillance he endured from police departments across the country as he attempted repeatedly to file police reports.

My personal stalking was very bizarre indeed. I traced some of the people who wrote to me using simple SOCMINT analysis (which any lay person can use) and I discovered bizarre relationships that unfolded before my eyes. The son of an Austrian Nazi-ish fellow named Horst Ueblacker, who is also a major US infrastructure and military contractor. His sister, who works in “leadership development” and has close access to the top brass of corporate boardrooms–gang stalkers are that bizarre–and all of them, connected to police and FBI/DHS/CIA aspirants, who worked together to target me, personally , for any researcher or prosecutor who wants to take these cases on–(yes, I have evidence of those claims.)

Then, there are blogs written by people who are targeted with parallel investigations, and bizarre police related activity, such as the blog “Goonlog” which documented a Securities and Exchange investigation, and the bizarre, due process free methods of the investigators; or the well known story covered in main stream news, that of “Small Town Terrorism,” where a vindictive fire chief waged a vendetta against Rick and Cindy Krlich, using town resources, including the police chief, and their bands of small town terrorists. Fire personnel are MAJOR gang stalkers, and documented in blog after blog, and case after case.

Most famously, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Ison, one of my personal J-school mentors documented that many years ago. Another blog that documents firefighter gang stalking is run by Bonnie Calcagno, and she has excellent photos.

Then for comparison, have a look at the most highly organized and curiously wealthy disinformation site TargetedJustice.biz, and its spawn like TargetedOne.com, which are completely front end loaded with “psychobabble” and unprovable claims about gang stalking.

THen there are legions of total crackpots and “electronic brain zappers and lizard people“websites, Youtube sites, Twitter accounts, etc that litter the internet with total crap about “electronic weapons and mind control*” A large portion of those sites are produced by religious fanatics and crackpots like Dr. Stella Immanuel, whose 15 minutes of fame during the Trump administraton during the COVID-19 epidemic spotlighted her talking about having demon sex, and suffering from demonic electronic warfare.

In my 15 years of research, I estimate that over 80% of any random sample of gang stalking websites and videos, etc. are pure garbage, ranging from the bizarre to the pseudo-delusional narratives pushed by current and former police and actual spies, and the other 5-20% being the victims of these people, or targets of pseudo-legal police/FBI/ other alphabet agency investigations, which are in essence, punitive, third party punishment oriented quasi-investigations devoid of due process. See “Third Party Punishment: Retribution, or Deterrence,” by Fangfang Tan, and Erte Xiao for discussion about that.

These cases–and internet searches for answers–arose and increased heavily after the due process-free Patriot Act was passed, and generally are part of the ineptly named “Countering Violent Extremism programs” (CVE). The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and other influencers call these third party punishment scenarios “parallel colliding investigations**” which are waged by various administrative bodies and all of the CVE program benefactors that eat the federal budget every year.(2)

Good examples of such religion and politics tinged gibberish can be found on many religion oriented blogs about gangstalking, where we encounter the bizarre claims of “mind reading locusts“(2) and “electronic warfare,” “electronic weapons,” and other strange claims, devoid of any scientific, fact based evidence of those claims.

* There are many reputable accounts in mainstream news sources that document the use of electronic weapons, such as that which happened in Cuba, and which caused documented and major brain damage to several diplomats stationed there; and even “mind control,” such as we saw with the Nazi experimentation, and the extension of that into US and British intelligence services, via programs like MKULTRA and today’s modern incarnations of mass media “influence operations,” waged by nefarious actors like the RAND corporation, but also government and military bodies.

There is little irony then in the fact that the New York Times has on one hand, claimed that “targeted individuals” are “delusional,” and paranoid, and on the other, covered the targeting of diplomats with actual brain damage, caused by “microwave weapons.”

Update 5/6/2021: The Senate Intelligence Committee, the CIA and the Pentagon are now investigating attacks on state department personnel, having been forced to do so by this writer and others online.

** Parallel investigations of various types frequently involve administrative bodies, law enforcement, and any of many other agencies in the alphabet spectrum of agencies that police western cultures, ranging from the DEA/FBI/DHS/SEC and their hordes of “private contractors”, to U.S. state agencies that utilize the resources of government ranging from workers compensation investigators working with the state patrol, etc. These are well documented in the extant literature.

1 Bing search result, “gang stalking,” accessed 2/5/2021.


3-ATAP notoriously publicized this punitive investigation tactic that all agencies are deploying upon citizens in a talk given by Brad Carnduff, Russel Palarea, and Chuck Tobin at their 2018 conference, titled “Worlds Collide: A Fortune 100 Corporation, A Former Employee, A Paranoid Gang Stalking Delusion, and Colliding Parallel Investigations

These parallel proceedings have long been used by the Department of Justice and the IRS, the SEC, etc., and only after the last couple of decades have we seen the use of this tactic expanded into every law enforcement and policing model, including “community policing.”

Here’s more on that from the law firm of Burke, Meis and associates: Crossing the Line: Parallel Proceedings or Abuse of the Investigative Process