Help for Targeted Individuals: first, help yourself, using the Krlich Method, and the courts if you can.

When you discover that you are a target of one or another group of stalkers, you will be under stress. That will be compounded in many cases by the realization that indeed, “the authorities are in on it,” as we see clearly in one of the most well documented gang stalkings on record- from, a story of city workers, police, firefighters, their families, and their associates stalked two people in Hubbard OH in absolutely cowardly fashion.

Gang stalkers are, first and foremost, criminals.

Stalking is a crime under many applicable statutes in any jurisdiction, yet hard to prosecute because it involves local to federal “webs of relationships” and especially the police. These range from various “officers of the court” in family courts, drug courts, domestic violence courts, and all of the anti-constitutional courts across the land. They are prosecutors, they are state workers and state unionists, they are the FBIs anti-democracy “Infragard” agents and more. And they are indeed the neighborhood watch groups and the friends and relatives of these people. So these webs are extensive.

Related Story: Ahmaud Arbery’s mother got her son’s state sponsored stalkers indicted. She used the ROGS Analysis methods to get her sons murderers past the usual wall of “gaslighting” by local prosecutors who all knew the murderers–and who refused to prosecute the case as a homicide because they are all good buddies.

She researched their webs of relationships online, in Facebook, and other places, using what is called “open source intelligence,” or OSINT, and tied them together as a “gang” who all knew each other. Ahmaud was murdered by a now-indicted and literal “gang” who had stalked him for many years. Ad now the state is prosecuting them, and she is suing the gang stalkers in yet another “gang stalking kawsuit.”

Not all police are gang stalkers, or criminals, and political factions in every department can be exploited, one against the other–and not all police are gang members, so good police WILL take reports, if you have solid evidence.That’s what Rick and Cindy Krlich did to prosecute their gang, all of who were police, firefighters, and their relatives and friends.

Take a look at how Krlich methodically, and consistently compiled police report after police report to document the gang that had stalked him, picking them off one by one much as a sniper would, but with civil process instead of a Sako TRG 42, or a Barret M82. He eventually got many restraining orders and one of his gang stalkers plead guilty to milking the town till, and calling in fake fires.

Here are the many, many police reports he filed in several jurisdictions. Sometimes it is necessary to go outside your jurisdiction when these corrupt towns are this incestuously stacked with the friends and relatives of people like the shitbag Fire Chief John Clemente, his dirtbag wife Mary, and their family members and friends who operate as gangs or syndicates, and here are the many restraining orders he obtained against a huge gang.

He writes: Because law enforcement, prosecutors, and elected officials have, for the most part, failed to protect him and his family from the round-the-clock torment he’s been subjected to for years, Rick Krlich has sought and received Civil Protection Orders in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court. When granted by the Court, the CPOs order the offenders to stay away from the Krilich’s home for a specified length of time.”

You can watch some of his stalking by police and others here on Youtube, and here is just one of the assclowns who was doing the stalking. The stalker, Rich Wittkugle eventually faced a trial for many petty offenses–these stalkers really are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, folks. So, don’t be a DickWitt!, right?

The Krlich method has proven itself in court, and really is a good “self-help”method too. He gained the support of some good police too, and eventually, the corrupt police chief stepped down. Remember: in that case it was the fire chief that started the gang stalking, and the police chief who collaborated in it–an actual conspiracy to stalk, harass, and intimidate.

The blatant police corruption and firefighter or union member involvement–or in many cases political parties, NGO’s and so on; and even intelligence agency level targeting is severe and scary. But don’t let that cloud your judgement, and remember that you have rights, including fighting back in legal ways.

The template that Rick and Cindy Krlich established at “Small Town Terrorism,” is a good starting place to learn how to document your harassment. It highlights the legal strategy necessary to build your case.

And, you will also need film and photo evidence too, and get that as soon as possible. I suggest you buy “wildlife camera’s” with cash*and place them strategically. Also, hidden camera’s that you can get delivered to your home, like wall clock, flower pot, and hidden “screwhole” camera’s and the like.

Patience is the next best tool, because those who gang stalk are sloppy, and your job is to catch them in the act–have fun doing it, not fear, and rest assured you will get good evidence eventually. So, while you are waiting to flip the light on these cockroaches, do some research into “what you can claim with evidence.

The internet abounds with free search tools and other things that can help you build a case, programs like Wireshark, and InSSIDer, which can help you capture the “wireless environment”around your home–the electronic fingerprints of wireless devices near you.

And because your stalkers all use cars, their license plate numbers can be traced too, which is what Krlich did as he captured these morons on film.

Lastly: because these are webs of relationships involved, simple social media monitoring is extremely helpful. Here are more tools you can use for free, and these are the same tools that journalists and private investigators use too

*Modern police gang stalking utilizes Fusion Centers, and CIA/FBI derived methods of tracking your purchases with credit cards. Local police are fed that data by corrupt agents. So I advise yo to use cash so that the stalkers do not know what you purchase. And, because modern gang stalking is indeed COINTELPRO 2.0, we need to look at how bizarre these cases can get, and ask ourselves how to document it. The story of Jennifer Dorhn, targeted for many decades by the FBI is illustrative on this point: the FBI Director, Mark Felt, also known as Deep Throat from the Nixon Watergate leaks, ordered many break-ins to her homes, and even stole a pair of her underwear which he kept in a glass case as a trophy.