Spot the Lucky Thirteen Contest: ROGS announces a contest for those who can spot the number 13

In news reports of mass shootings, and other strange events, frequently headlines in news reports declare “Thirteen people shot” or “the killer went on a 13 hour rampage” or “Five wounded and eight dead.” and so on*.

SO, the contest is this” documenting the number 13 (and 12) as it pops up in bizarre cases of mass shootings and other odd stories in the news. The person who submits the most cases of this odd “coincidence” will win a prize, as yet to be determined.

*ROGS has great sympathy for those who get killed in mass shootings. However, when we see that time, and time and time again the SAME people who “survived” one mass shooting pop up “surviving” another mass shooting, the narratives become less believable than a “coincidence.”

And yes, I am inferring that these people might well be part of gangs of stalkers, most significantly the people who “survived” the Las Vegas shooting popping up at both the Ten Thousand Oaks shooting, and ALSO the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting were likely stalkers, or are affiliated with them, far beyond the mathematical probability, or possibility of random chance.

….page in progress, check back later