Targeted Individuals in an international context, and the “TI” narrative in a proper iteration: “FBI warns state, local police about China targeting people on U.S. soil”

The FBI is warning local law-enforcement agencies to beware of cooperating with a Chinese government campaign to coerce U.S. residents to return to China to face criminal charges, according to a counterintelligence bulletin obtained by Yahoo News.

The United States has a long and sordid history of targeting individuals inside the US, and all around the world with investigations that derive from due-process and civil rights-free intelligence agency spying. Yet we see time and time again, other nations that seek to prosecute US individuals, and especially war criminals, are impotent to enforce the law, even of they do follow due process.

Worse, we see time and time and time again that “targeted individuals” are targeted by the US agencies in record numbers, and every year sees hundreds of thousand of internet search engine requests for information about that targeting.

Here from Esquire Magazine, we see US presidents and other officials tried and convicted of war crimes, yet no possibility of prosecution exists. Here, even from the notoriously co-opted media channel, Vice magazine, we see George Bush and Tony Blair being indicted of war crimes–yet no prosecutions ensue.

So, in “targeting operations” what matters is not so much how targeted individuals describe themselves, but rather, that the source of the complaint has a counter-narrative attached to it; a narrative of power v not powerful, and that is one indicator of the veracity of actual complaints. I mean, when was the last time you heard any of those war criminals complain of being “targeted?” It simply did not happen, because their targeting is impotent.

Contrast that with those who these same war criminals and sociopaths have targeted (and it is less than surprising how many of the recent MSM articles about Targeted Individuals come from Texas), and we are able to see the reality of the term “targets”.

In the headline above, we see this same paradox, as the FBI casts its slander and defamation machine onto Chinese scholars and others. This is how the term is used in the dialectic of gang stalking. We see gangs of white power FBI agents framing a narrative one way, and that narrative competing against “brown/black/other” narrative sources in that same FBI, which by tactic and tenor, is in fact what can be described by the dictionary definition of a “secret police” that has no respect for law, or civil rights.

SO, in media narratives, it is important to note how the term “target” is used, and who uses it.


Last month, the Justice Department announced charges against eight people for acting as illegal agents of the government in Beijing in connection with their attempt to surveil and coerce U.S. residents to return to China. In one case, according to the FBI, a U.S. resident targeted by the Chinese government was given the option of returning to China or committing suicide. In another, a note was left for a victim: “If you are willing to go back to mainland and spend 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be all right. That’s the end of this matter!”

Compare that with the case of Jabar Ali Refaie, which documents brutal psychological warfare aimed at a person that the DHS etAlphabet wanted to recruit as an informant. The Intercept’s Trevor Aaronson reported at the time that these recruitment tactics were indeed brutal, and included a staged car accident, which is very common in these cases.

The Peter Collins Show later interviewed Aaronson, and noted:

Jabar Ali Refaie is an American-born Muslim who lives near Tampa, and he shared videos and other evidence with Aaronson to back up his claims of a 2-year campaign aimed at pressuring him to become an FBI informant.  First, ICE agents visited him at work with a dubious claim the Refaie was a victim of identity theft.  This was followed by surveillance, and Refaie says he found GPS monitors on his cars, surveillance tools hidden in the electrical outlets in his home, and he noted that he was often tailed by people he thought were agents.

When Homeland Security agents told him his house was being searched, he drove home using back roads, and was in an accident with a minivan registered to the FBI.

So, apparently, one countries target is another countries asset, or something like that, according to the twisted logic of counter-terrorism programs. You can’t have your target and eat your asset too, or something like that, as the US had long criticized Communist nations for lack of due process, and things that the Americans were taught “only happen in totalitarian countries” are now every day occurrences in the FVEYs nations–that’s what gang stalking is (Hi, Australia! I really like that clever cable tap that runs to Peru).

“The Chinese government’s brazen attempts to surveil, threaten, and harass our own citizens and lawful permanent residents, while on American soil, are part of China’s diverse campaign of theft and malign influence in our country and around the world,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement following the arrests. “The FBI will use all of its tools to investigate and defeat these outrageous actions by the Chinese government, which are an affront to America’s ideals of freedom, human rights, and the rule of law.”

While the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty with China, the FBI bulletin states that two years ago, the U.S. gave China protocols for seeking assistance from U.S. law enforcement agencies, which involved first contacting the FBI’s legal attaché in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing or working through the FBI’s international operations division. The bureau warns that Chinese officials cannot enter into any kind of cooperative agreement with local law enforcement without first contacting the FBI.

The FBI declined to comment on the warning to law enforcement, but the bureau has been pointed in its previous criticism of Fox Hunt, even offering to help those targeted by it. “If you believe the Chinese government is targeting you — that you’re a potential Fox Hunt victim — please reach out to your local FBI field office,” Wray said during a press conference announcing the recent indictments.