Terminology and dialectic tropes in the gang stalking dialectic online.

Most of the online dialectic of “gang stalking” uses words and phrases that are designed to confuse those of us who search for ‘”truth,”and obscure the police/military/intelligence agency vernacular associated with gamg stalking.

So, here we go!

See the Intercept Catalogue of Surveillance Gear that is used by military, police, and private contractors, and the cell phone and computer spy gear used by agencies to target individuals, and the NSA’s catalog of spygear (including electronic implants) for a clue about how the tools of spies, investigators, military contractors who are running amok in the western “democracies” and plain old small town harassers are one and the same, most of the time.

Directed Energy/ Microwave Weapons: Undoubtedly, this is the most common smokescreen term used online to occlude insight int police/military/intelligence agency/NGO affiliated gangs of stalkers. In fifteen years of research, I have found that term to mean everything from:

*actual microwave ovens (quite common complaint), with the door taken off, emitting radiation

*tape recorders playing static, rumbling, or “marbles rolling on a floor” types of noises in a loop, hidden from sight. One case had some creeps moving into the upstairs apartment and playing noise through a ventilator shaft; many other cases well documented by The Intercept and other major media have indicated agents and contractors using surveillance gear ranging from Stingray and Hailstorm devices to through the wall xrays, pointed at subjects, all of which are in fact “miccrowave/RF weapons.”

*illegal wiretaps of various kinds, most notoriously how Stingray’s and Hailstorm cell phone tower spoofer’s are in fact, used for sound capture wiretaps and more–much more. In fact, they can shut down an entire neighborhoods communications networks

*it cannot be understated that nearly ALL modern spy gear utilizes microwave signals and electronics

Then, there are the “noise” complaints of targeted individuals:

Noise Harassment: a notorious complaint, easily documented online, and documented in most blogs and verified accounts of agency/private detective/intel/police/military as stalkers.

*automotive harassment–investigators and pseudo-investigations-cum-harassment utilizing “community assets” often park muscle cars with a rumbling engine up the block from a targets house, running and revving the engine all night and day

*gossip/slander/defamation/libel is the most common form of “noise harassment”, famously utilized by the Women’s Ku Klux Klan “poison squads” but also used by police and their community assets, PIs, and others waving around a “dossiere'” of fake charges and other slanderous materials. All police, intel and PI firms use it in one form or another

*construction noise, documented by many activists of color, and famously documented in the case of Bob Deis, former Stockton City Managerer. He tried to scale back the triple dipping pension funds of that locale’s police and fire unions, and was soundly abused for it. These unionists moved into the house across the street from him, and waged a “noise campaign” where they ran jackhammers/drills/etc. at all hours of the day and night. He retired from that position after a short three year stint, having been harassed, stalked, and “blasted 24/7” with “sonic weapons,”

*fire trucks- regularly going by a targets house and blowing their horns, smashing their air breaks, and so on; very well documented in major media stories about gang stalking, and notoriously covered in the main stream news, was the case of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Ohio where the douchebag fire chief and his “gang” of “Small Town Terrorists” waged exactly that type of campaign. The scummy fire chief and his scummy band of local bullies included firefighters, the town police chief, and their friends and associates , many of whom were given five year restraining orders, and one of whom later plead guilty to embezzlement, and calling in fake fires, lol.

Then, there are many other dialogic devices in play whereby these actual gang stalkers signal to each other online and off, and the internet is literally polluted with these linguistic artifacts.

Here is a short list of words and phrases that have double meanings, aka double entendre’s used in the dialectic,that actual bullies, stalkers and harassers use to signal to each other online, but I prefer the cross-discplinary term term of “para-language” for various reasons, not least of which is that double entendre’s.are not sufficient to describe the nuances of these PSYOPs. I will discuss para-language in the gang stalking dialectic in later writing on this topic.

*demon sex

*demon rape

*electronic stimulation

*face orbs



*flat earth

*lizard people

Like any gang, anywhere, those who perpetrate OGS have their own secret language, and signs, and symbols. You can find evidence of that, with academic refernces, main sream media accounts, and more. The above is just the tip of the ice….er….raygun.

Check back later for an updated list!