Blogroll: The Online Gang Stalking Cesspool, interesting diversions, and competing parasympathetic dialectics

I use the medical word parasympathetic to describe some of the more bizarre twists and turns in the gang stalking dialectic, because so much of those dialogues are their own separate rabbit hole. Though the terms “gang stalking” and “targeted individual” up on both sides of the discussion, it is important to note that actual victims will be drowned in the psychobabble and gibberish that one or the the other side perpetrates online.

As such, the subsidiary discussion (is it the CIA-the FBI….the FVEYs alliance? The Freemasons? The Jews!? Is it Scientologists or Opus Dei??!–face orbs or aliens?!) are a huge time sucker, but also something that does indeed attach to the mind and its nervous system, like a cricket with a worm in its head, which is what they are designed to be, and hence the claim that some make that it is a “mind control” operation.

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For my part, I write about what can be verified with facts and evidence, using the scientific method. Nearly 100% are cases of actual gangs of current and former police, intelligence people, private contractors and security personnel, laced with various types of religious zealots, and their affiliates inside and outside of government and other institutional structures. Indeed, these act as gangs, are in fact stalking people in bizarre ways and using bizarre, discrediting language too. These people are quite powerful, and very highly organized.

As such, the a question widely posted online as to whether or not targeted individuals are “delusional,” or otherwise mentally impaired. The short answer is that, because one is dealing with actual spooks and intel agency funded or affiliated persons, religious zealots, non governmental organizations (NGOs), and more, yeah, they can indeed make you come off a bit cray cray if you fall into the gibberish.

That said, here are a few of the rabbit holes that I occasionally sniff around, for many reasons. One, they are interesting, and sometimes have cool “limited hangouts,” and two, they all contain “the kernel of truth,” but never quite get past that kernel into productive dialogue. As a whole, a different version of the facts appears when we look at them in totality.

So, unlike gang stalking, where we see case after case being explored in the news and even the Department of Justice prosecuting a case now, more citizens are recognizing what it is, collecting solid evidence of the harassment, and learning how to identify their stalkers.

I like the site because its written by a college professor, the guy writes really well, and has a relatively clear take on the right wing, religionist type of psychobabble, which always has the “kernel of truth,” but seldom gets the story right, i.e., he never produces evidence like we saw in the gang stalking of Ahmaud Arbery and others. My heart goes out to the guy, because he is estranged from his daughter, who he believes has been kidnapped by the Greatand Almighty Jewctopus or something, but really, it could be worse.

Heis a “recovered porn addict” as everything in the west is framed as an “addiction,” and he has friends who are former Playboy bunnies who apparently cannot fathom that they once had “free will” and freely chose to use that will to do porn (for which many sane young men have done the one handed clap and thanked them repeatedly, I assure you.)And I read it BECAUSE it is a garbage pit, not for facts about gang stalking. For example:


I myself was stalked by Playboy bunnies, as bizarre as that sounds, but unlike most people, I managed to get a phone number or two. Weird, I know, right? But anti-porn crusading former Playboy bunnies are a real thing, and the linked blog above does indeed provide evidence of how Hugh Hefner and other porn kings were at all times, CIA/FBI/DIA informants, and using women for the purpose of honeytraps.

And indeed, Rothschild/Bank of England is frequently and actually behind the gang stalking program, as we see in the Pasco County cases before the courts today, as the sheriff’s spokesperson is quoted as saying that “intelligence led predictive policing is based on a program that started in England….”.

To understand my position about blogs like that above (and why its here at this page), take a look at the blog of Norman Finkelstein, who was brutally gang stalked out of DePaul University. He is an unflinching critic of religious zealots, and like myself, he sticks with facts and evidence. From his Wikipedia bio: “an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the IsraeliPalestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust.” See the difference? Yeah–real, actual targets of these fanatics are easy to spot. On that note, here’s a free pitch for Finklestein’s book about the “Holocaust Industry.

Then, I follow how closely the various major religions compete in dialectic space, each subtly accusing the other of one thing or another, and all of it amounting to various forms of cultural co-option. A lot of gang stalking blogs are Catholics and Jews spreading lies and disinformation about each other in subtle ways, while others are “globalists elite”corporate or drug company shills, spreading disinformation, especially about fake conspiracy theories that mask actual conspiracies, like cell phone towers, satellites and “V2K!!”

Here is one example of this psychobabble, a common :influence operation,” in mainstream thought, which takes on an entire different spin in gang stalking blogs. The bold type is my own:

The term Jew is used in at least two senses in Scripture: to refer to those who are ethnically Jews and to those who are religiously Jews. Jesus was a Jew in both senses. In fact, he completed the Jewish religion by serving as the Messiah (Christ) whom the prophets had long foretold. The completed form of the Jewish religion is known as Christianity, and its adherents are Christians or “followers of the Christ.” Unfortunately, many people who were ethnically Jewish did not recognize Jesus’ role as Messiah and so did not accept Christianity, the completed form of Judaism. Instead, they stayed with a partial, incomplete form of Judaism. Other Jews (the apostles and their followers) did recognize that Jesus was the Messiah and embraced the new, completed form of Judaism.

Try unpacking that, from throw in a few Yazidi’s, and one or another version of the biblical Moses, and it might take you several thousand more years to arrive at something slightly resembling facts.


Debeausoleil is one such blog from a psycho-babbling Catholic perspective, that, while an interesting time sucker, is a never ending and never-gets-to-the-point of producing evidence of gang stalking, whereas blogs like Gangstalkingmindcontrolcults, is religion, non-unspecified, or “Hotel Auschwitz” written by a total fake-crackpot is an eye opener from the rabid Zionist side. There are many thousands and thousands of online artifacts that invoke terms like “silent holocaust” and “electronic genocide,” etc., and all are equally time wasting. This is one way I discovered that many/most of these gangs are proselytizing religionists.

Then, there is a large dose of agency informants, and recruitment oriented blogs, all of which are informative, limited hangouts. I am certain that NSA and other agency code breakers use these blogs to train recruits in spotting meaningless junk online.

Topping the list is the well financed spreader of psychobabble and disinformation outfit and its many spawn like These manage to get the words “psychotronic brain blasters and aliens, poop, and ghosts” into nearly the first paragraphs of anything they do online. And they occasionally get into the second string of “alternative journalism,” like DemocracyNow, with known intelligence agency asset Amy Goodman every now and again, but never comes off as credible to any thinking person because they are always rambling about satellite brain blasters, and worse gibberish; ad claiming to be whistle blowers without any whistle, unless you count dog-whistles.

And, nearly 100% of Targeted Justice’s members are current and former intelligence agents themselves, nearly all are boomer white people, including psychobabble practitioner Dr. Robert Duncan. Their group also includes Dr. Colin Ross, who notoriously failed the James Randi JREF challenge, because he claimed he could shoot laser beams out of his eyes.

Yeah, right? Put a PhD. in the hands of an insane person, and pretty soon even the crackpots make sense. The father of the El Paso mass shooter Patrick Crusius worked in the same office building as this guy. Absolute crackpots, but dangerous crackpots indeed.

Below are some more examples of disinformation websites created by people feeding at America’s counterintelligence pig trough, and I suggest you skip them all unless you are bored. I admit: I cut and pasted this entire list from one of the most credible gang stalking websites online,, and added my own commentary, based on my research. Feel free to add your own.   (FFCHS)   (OSI)   (OSI) OSI is listed in Wikipedia as an actual United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations operation. It is designed to cultivate snitches and informants, or to target people suspected of crimes   (“Eleanor White”) Eleanor White is one of those internet cutouts–an identity that anyone can assume online, and is part of the tradition of former CIA/NSA spies advertising their services as covert domestic operators. In the time she was online, it appears that she spent a lot of time hob-knobbing with other retired agents and police. These are who gang stalkers are, a bunch of old cops working off their hate boners. Also see below  (“E. White”) I actually know a person who posted there. SHe was a blind girl who I knew from college who is alleged to have killed herself after contact with someone from the well known stalking group Freedom From Covert Stalking and Surveillance (FFCHS or spmething like that) that was involved with the Myron May shooting, and a few other mass homicides.   (“Lissa”) aka (“Chris”) is a psychobabbler and time waster from Florida, whose work is religion toned and pure garbage, full of “aliens, flat earth, electronic brain zappers” and more. If anyone out there wants to reveal her, she is an easy mark. Start a blog about being gang stalked and make a comment on her blog. Then, she will contact you and read through everything you write, and then, you can email her. Talk about how you lost a kid to drug addicts in child services, and how you secretly spy on pedophiles. Watch what happens. Similar to Deb Matheny below   (anonymous) written by a fat lesbian troll, this site went “dark” after I wrote to several agencies and reported it as a troll operation likely connected to a mass shooting. It appears to be affiliated with the Las Vegas police department Metro, and also Rochester, Buffalo NYPD   (“Dr. John Hall”) Hall was suspected of raping several women in Texas, and his entire shitshow seems to be about hiding his cocaine use   (“Cliff Huylebroeck”)   (anonymous)   (anonymous)   (“Peter Mooring”) (Netherlands)   (anonymous)  (“Mark M. Rich”) a total flake and crackpot. Just look at the guy and you will know   (anonymous)  (This links to the site above.)   (“Vic Livingston”) a fake journalist, likely an FBI informant. I seem to recall a story about him and some drug use, and a Seve-11 store, but I would have to dig it up.   (“Bob S.”)  (“Andy Lewis”)  (“xkeyscore”) infamously wrote a piece about the FBI’s “Operation Pedophile” where they bizarrely coverup vigilante operations in the USA that target convicted sex offenders with vigilante activity. Many suspect that Intellihub is a limited hangout, likely FBI or DHS

QuWave is one of the bottom feeders that sells “electronic V2K” and anti-satellite zapper shielding technologies, and they exploit people who seek help.They also have either purchased certain search terms so that they get top Google ranks, or they have Google bombed to get that coveted spot. Unlike ROGS here, or, who frequently gets top ranked because people find us credible.

Deb Matheny in Minnesota is one of those crackpots who on one hand, ramble on about FBI harassment and satellite brain beams, and on the other secretly writes emails where she is spying on “suspected pedophiles.” Ask her about “Father Bergstrom” to see how she is stalking an old priest (who for all practical purposes is a suspected pedophile).

Rahul Manchanda is not a nice guy, but he is a real case of a targeted individual. Manchanda is an immigration lawyer who frequently works with US federal police and others. He was online doing the gang stalking talk show circuit awhile back, including conspiracy theorist Henry Makow. This was around the time he was arrested for feeding the drug habits of his flaky drug addict girlfriend Kate Bose, who he met on a sugar daddy website. His narrative fits into the well known domestic violence industry gangs of stalkers. The DVIC stalkers are women who stalk men who have been accused of DV, or rape. They HATE to bring cases to trial, where many so-called victims accounts can be fairly questioned and analyzed for truth. These stalkers are a curious mix of people, ranging from “Captain Save-A Hoe’s” allied with anti-prostitution abolitionists, to angry women who buy into the gendered boy/girl narrative that ALWAYS fails to recognize women’s accountability and complicity with DV.

Manchanda’s call for help also happened around the time that the Asian-American’s were building political power to combat the assault they had been under since 911, which labeled all Asian people suspects.


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