What is a targeted individual? Meet Stanley Cohen

“The government will target me until the day I die.” The reality of the parallel universe of targeted individuals

Genuine targeted individuals exist, and Stanley L. Cohen is one of them. In the parallel world of parallel construction, and parallel investigation, targeted individuals exist, and there is clear evidence that this is so. Parallel construction is a dubious, fraudulent practice now widely used across all law enforcement and other punitive institutions so much so that

Here is the definition, from Wikipedia:

Parallel construction is a law enforcement process of building a parallel, or separate, evidentiary basis for a criminal investigation in order to conceal how an investigation actually began. In the US, a particular form is evidence laundering, where one police officer obtains evidence via means that are in violation of the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, and then passes it on to another officer, who builds on it and gets it accepted by the court under the good-faith exception as applied to the second officer. This practice gained support after the Supreme Court’s 2009 Herring v. United States decision.

But its not just this constitutionally repugnant process of law enforcement breaking the law, and contorting the meaning of long held rights, in order to, ironically enforce some law, because often with these parallel methods, come parallel prosecutions.

Here is a bit about that from Janet Hoffman and Associates in Portland, OR:

“Government sources essentially define parallel proceedings as independent, simultaneous investigations, enforcement actions or prosecutions involving allegations and parties that are substantially the same.”

As such, this parallelism is the new normal in all law enforcement action, whether its a simple domestic violence case, or a major action against a drug cartel, the processes and results are the same.

Mr. Cohen is the attorney who defended Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law, and he has been targeted by fanatical Zionists since forever, which is an extremely common pattern amongst genuine “targeted individuals.” hear him speak about human rights, and the politics of oppression in the middle east.

And, he defends controversial clients not because he loves terrorists, but because he is a lawyer, who believes in the fundamental right to a trial, and the rule of law, due process, and the rest of the stuff that is written in the constitutions of free nations. Neo-conservative anti-democracy types, Zionists and other religious fundamentalists, fanatics, and radicals do NOT believe in the rule of law, and they comprise the vast majority of “fake targeted individuals”online and off.

Yup, that can surely paint a target on someones back. And target him they did with a “parallel investigation” that put him in prison for awhile after some trumped up tax charge was levied against him. Any attorney will note that parallel investigations of any kind indicate a prosecution based in malice.

As he told the New York Times (which is on record claiming that those who claim government targeting are “delusional”) “I have been singled out and targeted by a variety of people for political and personal reasons,” he said, adding that he decided to plead guilty mainly to end what he described as a tiring and expensive process.

Read: Stanley Cohen “The government will target me until the day I die”

The Jewish journal Forward noted at the time that “Cohen is famous, or infamous for some, not just for taking on controversial clients, but also for doing so because he feels a personal or political affinity for the accused.”

This acknowledgement–that an actual target is empathetic–lends credence to the many accusations that the thousands of online fake TIs are sociopathic, or psychopathic, and that they target people with genuine empathy. This is also a useful rubrik with which to gauge these online narratives.

So, in order to understand the term itself –targeted individual–as it is used in law enforcement, and in court proceedings, and as Mr. Cohen uses it–from those who are “fake targeted individuals” who pollute the internet with their endless blogs, video’s and podcasts full of gibberish and psychobabble about electronic weapons.

In extricating the use of the term from the law itself, we have a starting point in law and society from which to take the actual, legal use of the term and extrapolate into the “fake” use of the term which is designed by these harassers and bullies to pollute internet with conspiracy theories and other unscientific crap.

Below is a snapshot of the type of harassment that actual targeted individuals actually get, and while some might laugh, it is just one minute example in the bigger and actual scheme, which in Stan’s case, led to a prosecution and prison sentence that was preceded by decades of parallel investigations based in selective and targeted enforcement .

A Jew with a Nutsack Swollen with Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel and Anti-American Venom!

Stanley Cohen -- Haters LOVE him SO MUCH they MAKE ART!

Stanley L. (“Louse”) Cohen lives alone in his dingy New York City apartment. He’d have a roommate if Satan did not already have his own place!

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