Help for Targeted Individuals, and how to begin a gang stalking lawsuit

You are here because you found this website while searching for help and relief from your gang stalkers. So, let me give you some hope, ok? Look: the lawsuits against gangs of stalkers are starting to happen, and I advise you to read through this blog you are now reading, and too if you want truthful information about gang stalking.

Study this case, where an actual gang of former police investigators and their minions actually gang stalked a couple people and then, got prosecuted by the Department of Justice for it. The two people who they were gang stalking turned the case over to the feds, but only AFTER getting good, solid evidence of who was stalking them, and the feds took it from there.

No police force will take your claims seriously if you say ANYTHING about satellites, electronic weapons, aliens, etc. You simply cannot be taken as a credible witness at that point. Also, if you are high on drugs or booze, or claim that its the FBI/CIA/etc alphabet agencies harassing you, you will sound nutty as f@ck, so don’t do that.

I do not advise that you contact your local police department, because quite frequently, it is them doing it, or one of their community assets. In rare cases, they will take reports, but ONLY IF YOU HAVE GOOD EVIDENCE, like the photo below.

The above photo is of an actual electronic device that was installed in a targets electrical outlet. That target was targeted by several different federal agencies whose goal was to entrap him into becoming an informant. His story was covered widely in the main stream press as the results of “manufactured terrorism” combined with modern police state tactics, aka “gang stalking”, and it is likely he became an informant after that.
I made this meme from an image I captured on a hidden camera, and submitted it to several friends and associates. I have even better ones than this, but I keep the originals in a safe deposit box.At that time, I was being stalked by several named persons, agencies, and their community assets, some of whom I sued and prevailed. In fact, I put one security company out of business, which enabled five others to win a round of lawsuits too.
This photo above is a perfect example of the type, and quality of photos that you should get if you want any agency to take your claim seriously. I found this one on the web, and it is indeed what you want to get.

But generally, avoid websites that do not have evidence, and instead, involve you in endless discussion about brain zapping technology and mind reading locusts, or other pure garbage. The internet is full of those, and often these are indeed actual attempts at “mind control” when you factor in the amount of time you could waste reading them, while under the pressure of gang stalking

Especially do not waste time with ANYTHING and ANYONE who is affilliated with the following groups, all of which were started by actual government spies, military contractors, military and other intelligence agents, and they are full of current and former police, and others who will NOT HELP YOU, they have not helped anyone EVER, and in fact many of them are connected directly to several mass shooting events. And, I have found links between these sites to various ultra-right religious groups and causes, not limited to “save the women!” Save the Children!” Satanists are Everywhere!” etc. You get the picture. They are big budget, and huge time wasters.

Targeted Justice is a relatively big budget operation, designed to create a net to entrap actual targeted individuals, and then spin them off into endless psychobabble of the type described here.

-OSI Informers is an actual US Air Force operation and what is called a PSYOP in military jargon

-Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS)

-Anyone on PeacePink, which is full of military PSYOPs trained personel

-Dr. Robert Duncan

-Richard Lighthouse and his accolytes (he is a relic from earlier era “mind control” social engineering, and unsurprisingly is part of Targeted Justice mentioned above. He refused a legitimate main stream media interview, refused to answer the journalists questions, and then he and a few right wing nuts including women who psychobabble about debunked CIA technology filled her comments forum with lies and gibberish. You can see that here, and here, and here.

There are literally a hundred garbage websites, videos, and other time-sucking crapsites to every legitimate website I have found online in over 15 years of research, as I endured organized gang stalking. I advise you to stick with the fact and evidence based sites online, and avoid any and all that talk about electronic weapons, satellite brain beams, etc.

So: if you have the resources to buy a camera, and a small tape recorder, DO IT! And start collecting evidence, because your situation is partially blackmail, partially coercion, and 100% illegal. So document it, get good evidence, and sue later, regardless of whatever consequences you fear. And, get witnesses, and support from other actual victims if you can.

…check back later, this post is in progress

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