US Senate Intelligence Committee set to investigate “microwave attacks” on CIA and State Department personnel

A ‘bureaucratic power play’ as Washington swamp rats try to frame Russia for electronic attacks, fail to discuss factions in US FVEYs alliance, all of whom could also be suspects in targeting US personnel

The biggest problem facing targeted individuals is credibility, and it doesn’t help that the crackpots and their false claims online outnumber real TI’s 1000 to 1. Now, the Senate takes on the issue of “microwave directed energy weapons” that targeted US personnel, and blames the Russians.

From CNN 04/29/2021:

Another mystery surrounding “Havana syndrome” is how the US government is confronting the problem. Among those investigating the mysterious pattern of possible attacks are the CIA, the State Department and the Defense Department. Near the end of the Trump administration, the Pentagon sought to take the lead out of perceived frustration that other agencies were not doing enough to address the issue. “I knew CIA and Department of State were not taking this sh*t seriously and we wanted to shame them into it by establishing our task force,” Chris Miller, who was acting defense secretary at the time, told CNN last week. Pentagon leaders set up the task force to track reports of such symptoms hitting Defense Department personnel overseas, an effort that Miller said was intended in part as a “bureaucratic power play” to force CIA and State to take the problem more seriously in their own personnel. Miller said he began to see reports of these mysterious symptoms as a higher priority in December, after interviewing an alleged victim with extensive combat experience. “When this officer came in and I knew his background and he explained in an extraordinarily detailed but more military style that I could understand, I was like this is actually for real,” Miller said. “This kid had been in combat a bunch and he knew.” The CIA began its task force in December 2020, and expanded its efforts under new Director William Burns, who vowed during his confirmation hearings to review the evidence on the alleged attacks on CIA personnel overseas, which have long been publicly reported. The State Department named a senior official to lead the department’s response to the “Havana syndrome” attacks in March. The Defense Department’s effort is thought to be among the most robust, potentially explaining why a defense official, rather than the intelligence community or the FBI, briefed lawmakers on the incident

The case above highlights the difficulty that even spies encounter in having their claims taken seriously, but it also demonstrates the correct way to present the narrative of the “strange things” that happen to targets. So if the highest levels of our state security apparatus have trouble reporting these things, imagine how hard it is for the average targeted individual?

Historically, most claims of gang stalking mirror the types of vigilante activity waged by people like the FBI and its variants of the COINTELPRO programs such as to day’s Infragard, the Women’s Ku Klux Klan, or the stalking and smear campaigns of the Anti Defamation League, but increasingly since the Reagan era, gang stalking has been used to target a much wider range of people who encounter the two tiered justice system that exists in the family courts, domestic violence or drug courts, sex offenders, parolees, and others caught up in the anti-democratic court systems that carefully undermine all civil rights and due process for the lower tier of society.

But others have noted that there is a third tier in that structure, similar to the old “slave catching” enterprise that existed in the post Civil war era, having morphed into the “criminal justice system” and its related industries that replaced slavery. At that tier, there exists financially incentivized programs where federal funds are spent to create mental illness, and create the appearance of crime.

Here’s more about the predatory policing program from the Black Agenda Report:

TIER THREEPredatory prosecution and mass incarceration

In Tier Three, you see the most vicious and predatory prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law. The individuals in this tier are poor and working class and experience heavy policing, draconian drug laws, and mandatory minimum sentences. Black and Brown people (and sometimes poor whites) are usually targeted. Individuals in Tier Three do not receive the leniency that the folks in Tier Two enjoy.

Similarly, in gang stalking, we also see two basic tiers of narrative, where the various types of gang stalking range from neighborhood feuds that involve community policing, to upper tiers of more severe harassment such as malicious prosecutions or actual gangs of police stalking people like Ahmaud Arbery.

But then, there’s intelligence-counterintelligence level gang stalking as we observe in the case of a man targeted because agencies wanted to recruit him as an informant; or in the cases herein, where we see suspected electronic weapons used to target diplomats, CIA agents, and other State Department operatives. The only problem at this point is this: discovering who it is that targeted them? Because the current narrative is claiming it was the Russian’s when in fact it could have been one of our own allies.

0 thoughts on “US Senate Intelligence Committee set to investigate “microwave attacks” on CIA and State Department personnel

  1. Not a new problem. Most people who are victimized were never spies and U.S. diplomats assigned to foreign places. They are people like me who write petitions. Find nearly 50 of them at Change dot org alone that have attracted 40,000 or so signatures. Most who sign are probably victims just like Mr. Polymeropoulos. Search ‘ODNI Probe Into RF Terrorism’ and begin to modernize your thinking on the issue. Few folks do not need to modernize their thinking in reference to human microwave radiation torture.

    1. Unfortunately, there are so many fake TI’s spreading unverified crackpot claims around this issue.

      These crackppts range from various far right religious fanatics, people like Dr. Stella Immanuel who appeared in the early days of the Covid epidemic, and who goes on and on about demon sex and satellite rape, etc. all in the same breath; to organizations like the wmen’s empowerment crowd that stalk and harass men who got caught up in family courts/DV courts/parole, etc.

      These above are horrific people, and while I acknowledge these weapons, and am aware of military contractors using them domestically, I am a journalist, and I only document cases that have solid evidence.

      These cases of CIA/ state dept diplomats provide a template for others to gain evidence, but unfortunately, most never will because they are “fake TI’s”

    2. Also-the majority of those petitions are “fake petitions” written by people like Dr, Tomo Shibata (whose PhD was chaired by none other than hard right feminist theologian by Catherine MacKinnon) who is an anti-pornography feminist, and likely part of a group of women who use pornography entrapment schemes across the world.

      These people routinely make batshit crazy claims without evidence, and they always make sure to sound absolutely batshit crazy in the first two paragraphs of their fake petitions. Those who sign them are frequently fake TI’s and actual gang stalkers too.

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