Credible narratives and true hero’s in the gang stalking dialectic

Dr. Stuart Bramhall helped some black people, many years ago. Then, she fled America, because she got gang stalked, not at all unlike myself.

Dr. Stuart Bramhall writes:

The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes how FBI harassment led a 54 year old psychiatrist, single mother activist, to close my 25 year Seattle practice to begin a new life in New Zealand. It begins by describing the fifteen years of covert harassment I experienced when I used my financial and social position, as a doctor, to assist two former Black Panthers who had occupied an abandoned school to transform it into an African American Museum. What began as unrelenting phone harassment and illegal break-ins, progressed to six attempts on my life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroaded me into a psychiatric hospital.

My main motivation for writing the book was the murder of a black postal worker and union activist named Oscar Manassa. The US government comes down hard on dissidents, whistleblowers and activists. As I recount in my memoir, Oscar also experienced extensive covert harassment prior to his brutal murder. Moreover immediately following his death, the US Postal Inspectors (an intelligence arm of the federal government blocked a homicide investigation by seizing the evidence file from the Seattle police.

  • Wanda Cooper-Jones: Ahmaud Arbery was a guy who got gang stalked for many many years, and at one point, police tried to electrocute him with a Taser–which happened two years before they finally murdered him. His mother, Wanda CooperJones got frustrated as the local district attorney refused to prosecute his homicide.

Then, she got mad. She traced a web of gang stalkers, using simple social media monitoring (SOCMINT) which anyone can use to trace gangs of stalkers. The people who killed her son in cold blood after stalking him for many years were all connected to each other. They were “friends” on Facebook, and other social media. And, they were all current and former police, prosecutors, military, and their relatives and neighbors--because that’s who gang stalkers ARE.

Now, she is suing them for millions of dollars. It won’t bring her son back, but it will bring “organized gang stalking” into the public limelight.

  • Stanley Cohen: It’s worth examining the case of Stanley Cohen to understand that all gang stalking arises from the Jewish-christian confabulation of the word–that it is Jews and their servile militant christians who do it.

Stanley is himself a Jew–but first and foremost, he is a human being, targeted by Jews and christians for allying himself with human rights, and using the law to uphold due process as it is described in the US Constitution. For that, he was targeted mercilessly by western religious fanatics.

He was jailed by the bankster’s after he got tired of fighting their IRS. He was bashed in the head with a concrete block while in America’s insane prison system. He is a hero to all TI’s–and he never once has complained about “directed energy weapons!!!” as the christian crackpots like to do online. The only electronic harassment that he endured was wiretaps, endlessly, and a few other forms of “electronic monitoring.”

What is a “targetd individual?” You can ask him.

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